Top 5 Best Surf Foils | Reviews (Slingshot, Cabrinha)

Surfing has been a popular water activity these days, especially for younger generations. A lot of surfboards are available on beaches, and these come in different types. While most people spend time in enhancing their skills, some are trying a challenging watersport, foil surfing.

Top 5 Best Surf Foils in Review

Foiling needs exceptional control and balance. Aside from these, you will also need a reliable foil board. They’re not widely available in the market, but if you’re looking for some of the best surf foils, here are some of the top brands to consider.

  1. Hover Glide FSUP Paddleboard Surf Foil by Slingshot
  2. Hi Rise Varial Large Surf Foil by Cabrinha
  3. Formo F27 SUP/Surf foil kit by Carbon Innovation
  4. S24 Sabre Foil Set by CLOUD IX SURFFOILS
  5. Generic Carbon Fiber Hydrofoil

#1. Sports High Roller Surf Foil by Slingshot – Best Overall Surf Foil

Sports High Roller Surf Foil by Slingshot


  • Material: Aluminum, Carbon Composite, and Neoprene
  • Mast Length: 28 inches
  • Front Wingspan: 34 inches
  • Rear Wingspan: 19 inches

The Hover Glide FSUP Paddleboard Foil by Slingshot one of the most recommended brands by professional surfers because of its optimum pump-ability. You’ll love how it provides maximum lift as you paddle on your board.

The wingspan of the rear functions as a stabilizer every time you move while your board is above the surface area. Furthermore, the front wing contributes to the board’s optimum speed, making it favorable during big waves.

The Hover Glide FSUP Paddleboard Foil’s mast comes from an aircraft-grade aluminum material, which assures sturdiness. The four-bold platform mount keeps the surf foil connected to the surfboard well to make sure that nothing will hinder its performance.

Plus, this surf foil’s set includes a travel bag and wing covers to safe-keep after you uninstall these.

Set includes a bag and wing coversIdeal for intermediate to pro levels
Optimum stabilityOnly available in one style

#2. Hi Rise Varial Large by Cabrinha – Most Versatile Surf Foil

Hi Rise Varial Large by Cabrinha


  • Material: Basalt Fibers and Aluminum
  • Mast Length: 26 inches
  • Fuselage Length: 29.5 inches
  • Front Wingspan: 35 inches

If you’re looking for a surf foil with exceptional performance, the Hi Rise Varial Large by Cabrinha is what you should consider. A lot of surfers want this surf foil because it adapts well to different activities. You can use it for kitesurfing and wake surfing as well.

Durability was never an issue with this surf foil. The wings come from a premium-quality of Basalt fiber and wood materials. Plus, the mast uses an anodized 6061-T6 aluminum material to make long-lasting.

The wings of this Hi Rise Varial Large provide an excellent drive and lift as you use the foil board on any wave-size. You’ll love how you can adjust the rear part to enable a locked-in trip, and boost its aptitude to carve.

The extended nose fuselage features enhanced hydrodynamics and stability, which makes the surf foil’s performance desirable. Aside from that, the Hollow-core mast provides better floatation despite having a minimal weight.

This surf foil is perfect for turbulent waters. It also comes in a set, which includes wing protectors and grease.

Apt for different water sportsOnly available in a few colors
Maximum drive
Only available in large and medium sizes

#3. Formo F27 SUP/Surf Foil Kit by Carbon Innovation – Best in Durability

Formo F27 SUP/Surf Foil Kit by Carbon Innovation


  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Mast Length: 26 inches
  • Front Wingspan: 27 inches
  • Rear Wingspan: 14 inches

The Formo F27 SUP/Surf Foil Kit by Carbon Innovation is well-known to many surfers because it comes from an excellent quality of carbon fiber, or CF material. You can guarantee its durability, thanks to the two-layered CF material. You’ll even love how it comes with a UV-resistant coating as its finish.

Surfers admire how it carries a meek, yet appealing style in black and white color. It blends well with any surfboard type and design, which is a plus for most people.

There’s no need to worry when it comes to the surf foil’s steadiness, thanks to its sturdy mast and mount. You can install it on any board-type with full security. Moreover, it’s not weighty, unlike other ones.

Customers admire how the wing adds exceptional effects during the lift. It provides excellent agility without compromising the surfer’s safety. Furthermore, it adds ease to surfers when it comes to controlling the board during turns.

Suitable for stand-up paddleboards or SUPsThe kit doesn't come with a travel bag and wing covers
Has a UV-resistant coating
Requires at least intermediate surfing-skills

#4. S24 Sabre Foil Set by CLOUD IX SURFFOILS – Best in Performance

S24 Sabre Foil Set by CLOUD IX SURFFOILS


  • Material: Carbon Fiber, and Military-grade Aluminum
  • Mast Length: 27 inches
  • Front Wingspan: 24 inches
  • Rear Wingspan: 14 inches

If you’re looking for surf foil that’s advantageous in all turns, you can never go wrong with the S24 Sabre Foil Set by CLOUD IX SURFFOILS. The fuselage features a modifiable rear wing mounting choice. You can adjust it to a shorter length for tighter turns. You can also extend it if you want to control and stability.

Customers love how this surf foil doesn’t look too dull, unlike most brands in the market. The white wings add an excellent effect on their overall look. Moreover, the black mast and fuselage blend well on any board style.

The S24 Sabre Foil Set is ideal for beginners since it’s easy to use. It’s also handy, making it more convenient for surfers to bring it along during travels. Plus, its features provide optimum performance, regardless of whether you’re a novice or not.

You can count on this foil board’s durability. The mast comes from high-quality aluminum material. As for the wings and fuselage, these come from quality Carbon fiber with multiple layers. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about loose mounts because the stainless steel-screws will assure that this foil and board connect securely.

Easy to learnOnly available in white and black color
StylishDoesn't include wing protectors

#5. Generic Carbon Fiber Hydrofoil – Tough and Nifty

Generic Carbon Fiber Hydrofoil


  • Material: Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Alloy
  • Mast Length: 34 inches
  • Front Wingspan: 26 inches
  • Rear Wingspan: 13 inches

The Carbon Fiber Hydrofoil by Generic is one of the suggested surf foils when it comes to toughness. The mast comes from a premium-quality of carbon fiber material, while the fuselage uses a high-quality aluminum alloy to hold the wings securely. And, the sides use carbon fiber materials as well.

It’s one of the best entry-level surf foils because it’s apt for any activities. You can use it for surfing, which provides a satisfying performance. Moreover, you can also utilize it for paddleboarding and kiteboarding.

The Carbon Fiber Hydrofoil is not distress when it comes to maneuverability because the front and rear wings help surfers to speed up while gliding along waves. Also, you can use it with ease, making it advantageous for newbies in the sport.

You can guarantee that the mount will secure the whole surf foil to your board when it comes to its security. Regardless of if you want to install it on a surfboard or paddleboard, it will not wiggle as you ride the board.

Apt for kiteboardingOnly available in black color
Too plain in style

Top Pick – Sports High Roller Surf Foil by Slingshot

The top pick as the best surf foil is the Sports High Roller Surf Foil by Slingshot for its exceptional control and agility. Both wings influence the performance of the surf foil, especially on turbulent water conditions.

The durable mast uses an aircraft-grade aluminum material, and it will assure that you get your desired lift as go for a ride. Moreover, you can guarantee that the four-bold mount will secure the surf foil’s full set to prevent unwanted accidents. You can even choose from two available mount options, depending on the performance you desire.

This surf foil never fails to provide satisfaction when it comes to full turns. Whether you’re a mid-level or a newbie in this activity, you can get the ease you need as you make turns while riding it.

Aside from this surf foil’s performance, it comes in a great deal. If you purchase a set, use the inclusive wing protectors for your front and rear wings. Moreover, it comes with a bag to keep the items once you uninstall it.

As you browse different brands in the market, you’ll need a trustworthy one that will assure you a dominant performance and outstanding durability. Hence, the Sports High Roller Surf Foil is the best option that you should also check out.

Getting to Know What Foil Surfing Is

Have you heard about foil surfing? We are all familiar with surfing, being one of the trendiest water activities. However, foil surfing is something that people are still trying to explore up to now.

There are various foils for different activities, and the foil board is the main thing you use for foil surfing. It’s a set that surfers attach at the bottom of their boards. Furthermore, it can make a surfboard float a few inches from the surface of the water.

A foil board mainly consists of two wings, which are the front and back, and these are on the fuselage. The parts that connect this assemble to the surfboard are the mast and the mounting plate. On the other hand, some foil boards include a vertical back fin on the fuselage aligned to the rear wing.

If you’re wondering whether these are available in spare parts, some manufacturers already offer these in the market. However, it’s always best to buy these as a set for further convenience.

Brief Overview of the History of Hydrofoils

Some people call foil surfing as hydrofoiling back in the 60s, where it was best for waterskiing. Bob Woodward, an aerospace engineer, invented and patented the design until he continues to develop it further.

After some years, Laird Hamilton began to rid an improved Air Chair, functioning as a wakeboard. Some of the surf pioneers referred to its invention as “The Strapped Crew.” Thanks to his design, it inspired Kai Lenny to develop foil boards.

After the success of Lenny’s experimentation, foil boards continue to become a hit in the surfing industry. It even became a new watersport today.

How a Foil Board Works

Most people can’t contemplate how a foil board moves. If you want to understand it better, here’s a hack for you; It’s similar to birds or airplane wings.

When a surfer leans their back foot, the wing will tilt upright. It’s how it lifts it from the surface area. On the other hand, when a surfer applies more weight on the front foot, it will dive further underwater.

Balancing is crucial, especially if you’re beginning to ride waves. It’s how you can control the foil board.

Why Some People Love Foil Surfing

There are a few reasons why foil surfing is advantageous than typical surfing. It may look awkward because surfboards are typically laying flat on sands, yet here are some excellent points to consider.

  • While surfing needs waves, even the smallest ones, foil surfing doesn’t need any, as long as you have a well-ordered aquaplaning.
  • The usage of foil boards is versatile because you can use it to cruise or race around, aside from surfing. The fuselage that holds the wings lifts the surfboard out of the water’s surface at any speed.
  • Another good point of foil surfing is that you can go for offshore surfing or try out new waves that you haven’t experienced before. It’s redefining the so-called rideable waves.
  • The wings of a foil board can alleviate the wind-effects on the water’s surface area. You get lesser friction, letting you angle the surfboard at 90 degrees in milliseconds.

Despite the fun experience that foil surfing provides, you have to consider safety. There are a lot of things you have to consider aside from foil board-parts. You have to understand how to set it up. Moreover, you also need to practice your stance and some riding procedures.

Some Handy Tips for Beginners Before Foil Surfing

Foil surfing can be complicated at first, especially if you have little experience in surfing waves. If you can surf well on small or mid-level waves, it’s an advantage. However, you don’t have to be a pro to get into foil surfing. If you’re a newbie, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

Board Setup

Don’t blindly attach the foil board without considering your height and weight. Another thing you need to consider is the waves that you might ride.

Small surfers will need an additional lift.  Hence, you must place the wing onward in the box. It’s the same set up you’ll use if you’re a large rider. On the other hand, bigger waves might require you to move the plate backward on the tracks.


Foil boards are suitable for any wave-size, even the worst ones. If you’re a beginner, it’s better to start with small waves, ranging from 1 foot to 2 feet.

Your main objective is to paddle to whitewater rollers. Once you stand up, you’ll have the power to need as you foil surf.

Another tip is to bring a companion and let him or her ride a boar or a jet ski. It’s one way to practice the basics of foil surfing. All you need is a rope to hold and let the ride drag you until you adapt to your board.


If you’re starting to enhance your foil surfing skills, it’s ideal for placing traction pads on your surfboard. It will guide you on where you should put your feet as you improve your stance.

Find the sweet spot, where your back foot is over the foil boards mast, or somehow behind it. Once you’re ready to pump or make a turn, you can step back further until it lands on the kick-tail.

Also, as you stand, target a shoulder-width stance and add pressure on your front foot.

Getting the Best Surf Foil – Buyers Guide

Foil surfing is starting to be popular these days because people are always up to exploring different watersports. Many manufacturers are developing their trademarks, which makes it challenging for newbies to decide which board to purchase. Here’s a guide to help you determine what you need before purchasing.

Foil Design

The design is impactful because it’s one thing that can lift your surfboard on the surface water. There are various profiles to consider, yet you should choose foil boards with thicker ones. These deliver more power if you’re riding at a slower speed.

Thinner profiles will let you move quicker. You can also control the foil board with ease. However, these are more suitable for kiteboarding.


Considering the length of the mast is also crucial because it can change a foil board’s performance. It helps in shriller and bigger turns while retaining the rails of the foil board off the water.

On the other hand, if you use a lengthier mast, you’ll need a more profound sport for the proper launch. It adds more fun to your foil surfing experience, yet it can get tricky when it comes to controlling.

Wing’s Shape

In determining the shape of the wing, get the ratio of the chord and the wingspan. High aspect wings are thinner and broader compared to low aspect shapes. As for low aspect ones, these are fuller and shorter.

You need to consider as well whether to buy curved or flat wings. The stability of curve-shaped arms is not desirable, yet these wings will let you carve more. As for flat ones, these are less drag and can lift the board higher from the surface area.


A foil board is not the only thing that can give you excellent foil surfing experiences. You need the best surfboard that’ll suit your foil board. Some board-types are apt for foil surfing even though selecting a surfboard varies on the surfer’s preference. You can choose from a longboard, stand-up paddleboard, or shortboard board-types.


Foil surfing is a watersport that you should try, especially if you know how to surf well. As you consider this sport, you’ll enhance your balancing and controlling skills more.

If you’re curious to know more about the sport, this article is enough to let you understand the basics of foil surfing, as well as the overview of its history and how it works. It’s essential to know a little before jumping on different surf foil reviews.

Furthermore, the availability of foil boards in the market is not as much as surfboards. On the brighter side, it’s easier to find reliable brands, such as these top foil boards. Regardless if you’re a newbie in the sport, or you have a pleasing experience from surfing, you can consider these as options in buying. Moreover, the provided guide will help you decide on what surf foil to buy.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is it hard to learn foil surfing?

Foil surfing is not as meek as the rest of the foiling activities. It will need a lot of your time if you want to master the basics of this sport. On the bright side, you can effectively learn it with jet skis or boats. After enhancing your balancing skills, you can do it alone.

Q: Where should I practice my foil surfing skills?

Before you surf, make sure there are no other surfers in the area, or else, you’ll end up hurting them. You can start practicing in small waves, where catching the whitewater will help you speed up until your board pops out of the surface area.

Q: Can I use my customized surfboard for foil surfing?

It depends if you want to dedicate your board to foil surfing. It’s best if you buy a separate board for foil surfing as an alternative. However, you can request shapers to install a foil board on your old surfboards.

Q: Is it dangerous to use foil boards?

It can be dangerous since foils are sharp. However, it provides better performance when these are sharper. Nonetheless, expect some risks if you are to give it a try. You can wear a helmet and a full wetsuit if you’re starting to practice your skills as a precaution.

Q: Is it advisable to use a leash during foil surfing?

It depends on your activity. If you’re inside a swell, you should use a leash for other’s safety. However, if you’re hauling into huge ones, you don’t have to use a strap.

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