Top 8 Best Foil Surfboards | 2023 Reviews (Slingshot)

Last Updated January 27, 2023

If it is your first time in foil surfing and looking for the best board, you probably have learned from foils surfers how exciting and fun this activity can be. You might also have seen how cool the foil surfers are. It reminds you of the Silver Surfer from the “Fantastic Four” movie or the futuristic levitating skateboard from the “Back to the Future.”

Foil surfing gives a different feeling that takes your surfing experience to the next level. If you have seen some foil surf gears before, you will realize how different they are from regular ones.

If it is your first time, do not jump out of your chair and head to the nearest store. There are still many things that you should know, including the best foil surfboard products and how to buy one.

Top 8 Best Foil Surfboard Review

  1. Slingshot Sports High Roller Foil Surfboard
  2. KT Surfing Drifter Pro Compact Foil Surfboard
  3. Cabrinha Double Agent Foil Surfboard
  4. KT Surfing Drifter Pro Foil Surfboard
  5. Naish Hover Surf Ascend PU Foil Surfboard
  6. Slingshot Sky Walker Foil Surfboard
  7. Takuma ZK Foil Surfboard
  8. JP Australia Prone Foil Surfboard

#1. Slingshot Sports High Roller Foil Surfboard

Slingshot Sports High Roller Foil Surfboard


  • Length: 4’0, 4’6, 5’2
  • Volume (liters): 29, 32, 39
  • Board weight (pounds): 6.6, 7.4, 8.2

If you are looking for a compact and buoyant foil surfboard, you will love the Slingshot Sports High Roller. Its buoyancy makes paddling works like a breeze, and its compact design makes it fast and responsive as your foil.

Its S-rail is high in volume; that is why you can paddle it comfortably even if it is not bulky in size. The deck is concave that provides leverage to the toes and heels that makes carving and turning an easy task.

Because of its compact design, traveling with it is not much of an issue.  It has carbon reinforcements that give added support and strength to the strategic board parts. The underside has chined rails that prevent edge setting and provide more accessible release from water when you foil.

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#2. KT Surfing Drifter Pro Compact Foil Surfboard

KT Drifter Pro Compact Foil Surfboard


  • Length: 4’8, 4’10, 5’0
  • Volume (liters): 30, 35, 40

The KT Surfing Drifter Pro Compact Foil Surfboard is available in three new sizes, which are short but substantial in volume. It is available in shapes that allow quick paddling and bouncing from the water. It has a durable double-concave bottom that is responsible for its quick-paddling feature.

Its tail kick pad pushes your knees to assume the proper surfing stance for better cutbacks. It has the right rocker and foil distribution to allow the board to glide correctly.

It is much the same from the Drifter Pro, but this compact variation has a deck pad that provides a better grip.  This product is available in white color.

It comes with a TwinpairTM Carbon Exoskeleton construction, which is the same as its Drifter Pro variation.

#3. 2020 Cabrinha Double Agent Foil Surfboard

2020 Cabrinha Double Agent Foilboard


  • Length: 4’5, 4’9

If you like to foil and surf but do not like taking two separate boards with you, you will appreciate the 2020 Cabrinha Double Agent Foil Surfboard. This product takes away your tasks of bringing two boards with you just to fulfill your two passions at the same place.

This product has a wooden construction that is perfect for surfing. If you change your mind and decide to level-up your surfing experience, you can install the Hi-Rise hydrofoil system.

The Double Agent comes in three different mast sizes: 40 cm, 65 cm, and 85 cm that allow you to customize your foil surfing experience. It also has a UD carbon or glass construction that provides better control and stability.

Although you have to buy the straps separately, it still provides you a choice to go for strapless or with straps.

#4. KT Surfing Drifter Pro Foil Surfboard

KT Drifter Pro Foil Surfboard


  • Length: 4’10, 5’0, 5’5, 5’10
  • Volume (liters): 24, 26, 35, 45

According to Keith Teboul, foiling allows you to do some things that you cannot do in regular surfing, including the capacity to ride boards with smaller volumes. It is because of the foil that keeps it stable. The Drifter Pro can provide you with the same experience because of its flat rocker and foil at the surfboard’s 90-degree position.

For this reason, this product provides a neutral lift and excellent bounce off from the water. It also has beveled rails that are responsible for these features. The beveled rails offer you the opportunity to surf at a longboard without causing it to touch the tail.

The bottom part is concave and has a kicktail that provides extra leverage once you turn and pushes your back knee into the right stance.

#5. Naish Hover Surf Ascend PU Foil Surfboard



  • Length: 4’4, 4’8, 5’0, 5’4, 5’8
  • Volume (liters): 32, 36, 41, 45, 50

If you are the type of foil surfer who prefers a compact gear with a high volume, the Naish Hover Surf Ascend PU is probably the one that you want. This product allows you to paddle and take off without breaking a sweat. Despite these features, it is compact, but still capable of catching the waves because of the large volume.

This product has a flat rocker that enhances the board’s paddling power. Compared to the Comets variation, the Surf Ascend is wider, squarer, and more parallel, which are essential features for catching the waves without exerting much effort.

The concave bottom makes paddling comfortable. It also provides a better pop by allowing the feet to be in its right position.

#6. 2019 Slingshot Sky Walker Foil Surfboard

2019 Slingshot Sky Walker 5'10" Surf Foilboard


  • Length: 5’10
  • Volume (liters): 51

The Slingshot company claims that its Sky Walker foil surfboard is for serious foil surfers who want to experience this product’s unique dynamics and foiling forces. The company’s Hawaii Surf Division was the one who created this board, and it takes pride in its capacity for an early take-off because of the tail’s design.

Aside from the take-off, the Slingshot also brags about the quick paddling this board gives. It can harness the power of the waves so that you can foil.

The deck is a concave that provides better stability and maneuverability when you paddle. Also, the product can catch the waves, even the small ones.

Sky Walker’s construction materials are bamboo and carbon reinforcements. It comes with movable mounting hardware that allows you to adjust the position of the mast.

The foil academy supports the use of this board.

#7. Takuma ZK Foil Surfboard



  • Length: 5’6
  • Volume (liters): 50

If you are looking for the best foil surfboard that can be versatile enough to handle almost all kinds of water conditions, why not try the ZK Foil Surfboard?

According to Takuma, its ZK Surf is its most compact board among its line, making it an ideal carving option. It is also durable and rigid, providing the surfer the feeling as if the foil and the board directly connect.

Aside from these impressive features, the ZK Surf also has rails with bevels that aid in a fast carving, while eliminating the board’s water contact.

Because of the board’s compact design, it makes this board travel-friendly. It also has a straight rocker that improves the board’s ability to catch waves and to paddle.

#8. JP Australia Prone Foil Surfboard

prone foil


  • Length: 4’5, 5’0, 6’0
  • Volume (liters): 35, 39, 49

If you are looking for a versatile foil surfboard compact but maneuverable, you can try the JP Australia Prone Foil Surfboard. It is an excellent option for surfers who want to transition from surfing to foil surfing. According to the company, it is not like any ordinary surfboard because the JP Prone’s design is for foiling, allowing you to perform at your best.

Despite its compact size, the JP Prone has a high volume that allows a smooth take-off and quick paddling. The deck is flat, which gives excellent control.

The product’s availability in different sizes aims to meet the diverse needs of foil surfers based on their surfing background.

Our Favorite Foil Surfboard

Although foil surfing is new in water sports, more and more people are starting to feel interested. It is not surprising because looking at the foil surfers perform their maneuvers. You cannot deny that they look cool, not to mention that they probably feel floating in the air.

If you are one of these people, you cannot grab anything in the store and get started. You have to pick the right product that goes well with you.

You can start with the lists of these products, which are most of the users’ favorites. Among these foil surfboards, the top pick is the Slingshot Sports High Roller Surfboard. You can already tell that it is a high-end product from the name itself because of the Slingshot brand.

As you know, Slingshot is a famous brand that offers high-quality watersports products.

The High Roller is available in three different sizes and has a high-volume S-rail. It is best for foil surfers looking for a compact product but still has an impressive buoyancy.

Best Foil Surfboard Brands

You now know the best foil surfboards on the market, but if you cannot still find the best board for you, you may start searching by knowing where to look first. You can begin viewing through the best brands that cater to water sports products, including foil surfing.

Slingshot Sports

Slingshot Sports started in 1999. Brothers Jeff and Tony Logosz founded the company. They claimed that they had been exploring to find a new adventure and searching to find a new product for an adrenaline rush.

One of the brothers claimed that he and his brother always find something that can work. It is the spirit that the brothers taught and incorporated in the company. The Slingshot Sports team continuously innovate products for new adventures.

KT Surfing

This brand is from Hawaii. A famous design, fin shaper, and watersport legend from Hawaii founded the KT Surfing in 2012. Its primary goal was to create the most advanced board.

Since then, it has successfully pursued this goal because it applied technology by using foil.


Cabrinha has been in the business for almost 20 years. A waterman from Maui named Pete Cabrinha is the founder and inspiration of the products it produces. Initially, the company’s focus was kitesurfing equipment.

The brand joined forces with Neil Pryde in 2000 and also started selling windsurf sails and yachts.

In 2020, Pete Cabrinha and Water Bound Investments led by Jon Modica purchased the brand and started producing products for other watersports, including foils.


Naish has been selling watersport products since 1979. It has been creating products that enhance the users’ experience to create unforgettable moments in the water.

The brand claims to fine-tune products to ensure thorough construction. It also claims that Naish created products because of its passion and its aim to innovate. The Naish team comprises athletes and engineers who joined together to create high-end watersports products using premium materials.

JP Australia

JP Australia stands for Jackson Polakow, a Wave World Champion and a windsurfing legend from Australia. The guy’s riding style affects the JP boards’ shapes that are available today.

JP Australia has been in the industry since 1997. It started as a brand producing windsurfing products exclusively.

The brand started penetrating SUP markets and foil watersport markets.

JP Australia’s goal was to strive to provide the best, most competitive, and innovative boards. It claims to receive several awards, trophies and mentions in magazines because of the way it designs its products.

What Is a Foil Surfboard?

When you see the gears that foil surfers have to use, you will realize that it needs more than the board. In regular surfing, all that it takes for you to do the sport is an excellent board and wave.

However, in foil surfing, you know that it uses other gears. Aside from the board, it uses gears that look like an airplane wing and a shaft.

The surfboard is a platform where you stand. It seems like the typical boards that also come in different sizes and shapes by looking at it.

Aside from the board, it also uses a hydrofoil or foil, which is the most crucial part of foil surfing. It is the equipment that looks like an airplane wing. It is the main reason the foil surfers seem to be levitating in the air.

Hydrofoil can float on water and utilize speed. Unlike the board, foil surfing allows you to surf in any water conditions from ripples to overhead barrel waves.

Aside from the foil, it also has a shaft that connects the board from the foil. This rod-like equipment is the mast.

History of Foil Surfing

Although hydrofoil surfing seems like a new water sport craze, it popped into history in the early 1960s. At that time, the water sport was the hydrofoil water ski, and the designer of its gears was Bob Woodward, an aeronautical engineer.

Since then, his design started to improve over the years until it evolved into a sit-down foil waterski.

After a few years, Laird Hamilton modified the gears for sit-down foil waterski and used it at Kauai’s north shore. He changed it by removing the chair and strapped his feet using snow boots. From there, he started the wake foiling when a boat towed him around.

The Strapped Crew, a group of surfers who love surfing the big waves, started innovating the sport by using foils on their boards and started taking on enormous waves, such as the jaws. For this reason, people are beginning to take an interest. Manufacturers began to innovate foil surfboard products to become available to the public.

Kai Lenny was the one who pioneered the foil boards that you know now.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Foil Surfboard

Even though foil surfing provides you the liberty to surf on any type of water condition, choosing the right product can still be challenging because of the added parts.

Now that you know how different foil surfing is from the ordinary one, it is time to learn the essential considerations when buying your gears.


In foil surfing, the board is not as crucial as it is in regular surfing, where it is the only one that you have to use in that sport. In foil surfing, although it is still essential, it places secondary from the most useful.

It is still an essential part because it is the platform you have to use to stand on it and paddle to catch waves. To find out the best foil surfboard, you should follow the process that is still the same as when you are searching for the right board for regular surfing. You have to consider your weight, the board’s volume, and the like.


As mentioned, it is the one that connects the board to the foil. When it comes to the mast, the essential consideration is its length.

Longer mast provides responsiveness and sensitivity for making turns. If it is your goal, it is best to pair it with a longer board. The only problem with longer masts is that it pushes the foil deeper underwater.

Thus, if you are using this kind of mast, you should go to the area where the water is deeper to gain the power to launch.

Also, longer masts are harder to control. The short ones are excellent for beginners because of the greater control it offers.


As mentioned, it is the heart of foil surfing. Thus, the vital part. In choosing the right foil, the surface area and the profile thickness are the most significant factors to consider if you want to have an excellent lift.

Many stores and manufacturers measure the surface area in square centimeters.

Foils with full profiles tend to provide better lift and more low-speed power.

Those with thin profiles tend to get power rapidly, but it is sensitive and responsive. As a result, you will get better control using the ones with slim profiles. However, thin foils need high speed to give a lift.

Aside from the foil’s thickness and surface area, you should also consider its wing shape that comes into two types: the high and the low aspects. Manufacturers and stores measure it from the wingspan ratio to the chord.

The low aspect has thicker and short characteristics, which is useful for generating speed and lift. However, it is unstable.

The high aspect provides better control at high speed, which is excellent for popping. The problem with this aspect is that it tends to drop quickly, and it is difficult to control at a low pace. The curved down wing provides more stability.

Some foils come with a back wing as a stabilizer. These are smaller wings that provide less lift. It needs more pressure at the back of the foot to balance it with the front one.

The short back wings make a looser board that generates easier pimp and turn. Some foils allow the hind wings to be adjustable.

Differences Between Surf Foils and Wake Foils

With hydrofoils, you can upgrade several ordinary water sports to the next level, such as the wake foil, surf foil, SUP foil, kitesurf foil, and windsurf foil. In this article, you will learn the difference between foil surfing and wake foiling,

In foil surfing, the masts length range from 20 to 30 inches. Masts this long enable the surfer to ride the small wave without touching the water. They have a fastpitch adjustment and short fuselage.

The wing size for foil surfing ranges from large to massive. The size of the board varies from 4’5 to 7’7 and has an added volume for paddling. Most boards do not come with foot straps.

On the other hand, with wake foiling, the masts tend to be shorter. They range from 15 to 30 inches, which are useful for handling steep and choppy water conditions.

The wing sizes focus on adapting for the speed, wake size, and riding style. The boards used tend to be smaller, which typically ranges from 3’6 to 5’0. Most products come with foot straps and hooks.


Foil surfing is an exciting hobby that takes surfing to the next level. It allows the surfers to feel like they are flying above the water.

If you want to be one of these foil surfers, you need to use the right gears. You should know the proper measurement and shape to buy for a mast, foil, and board.

If you do not know where to start buying your product, you can start by researching more about the products mentioned here. If not any of the mentioned products suit your taste, you can start finding more products from the best brands or decide to choose for yourself using what you learned here manually.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why Foils Surfboards Are Expensive

A:  The production volume of foil surfboards are scarce, while the foil designs keep improving. Because the production amount is lacking, there are more demands than supplies, causing the price to go up. Also, because of the continuous innovation in terms of the foils’ design, it needs money for thorough research and development, including buying materials and prototypes.

Q: Can I Buy a Foils Surfboard Even Without Any Knowledge in Surfing?

A: Nobody can stop you if you want to buy a foil surfboard because you want to learn this skill. However, foil surfboards are not a cheap investment. You will end up wasting money if you decide that it is not for you. Honestly, starting to learn foil surfing is difficult. It is best to learn surfing and choose later to take this sport to the next level. Foil surfing is dangerous for amateur riders. It may cause permanent, irreversible damages, like what happened to Yu Tonbi Sumitomo.

Q: Where Can I Buy a Foil Surfboard?

A: There are plenty of places where you can buy your foil surfboard. You can start from the manufacturers’ website or physical store. You can also buy from e-commerce stores, although there are only a few of them. Physical surf shops may also offer this product. There are some dedicated foil shops where you can also go. They have an extensive range of products available.

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