5 Top Q&A | Electric Longboard Skateboards

electric longboard skateboard

Over the last decade, electric longboard skateboards have become significantly popular globally as they are an incredibly efficient, fun and safe mode of transport. For generations, traditional skateboards have been a form of transportation for millions of people; however, electric …

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Longboard Skateboards: You Need To Know

Longboard Skateboards

Although longboard skateboards originated in the mid-1900s, they’ve gone through popularity booms and busts. In recent decades these weirdly proportioned skateboards saw a resurgence but usually face a lot of negative publicity. For those interested in learning more, we’ll delve …

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YOW Surfskate Review

Yow Surfskate

While there has long been an overlapping community between surfers and skateboarders, nothing has made that more visible than the growing interest in surfskate. Yow is one of the leading brands at the forefront of this new revolution, and we …

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