Torq Surfboards Review | 2023

Whether you’re looking for a surfboard to be used just for fun or for competitions, Torq Surfboards has got your back. In our Torq Surfboards Review we will cover their five surfboard types on each surfing level, including the shortboard, hybrid, fish, longboard, and fun board.

The most loved feature that marks the Torq Surfboards is the combination of strength and performance. Torq Surfboards has fantastic value and is also highly durable.

Come and learn with us about the all-time favorite boards made by Torq Company.

The Top 10 Surfboards by Torq

Below are the most recommended surfboards under Torq that you should try. Read each product review carefully to pick the right board for you.

#1. TORQ Surfboard Softboard Longboard 9’0

TORQ Surfboard Softboard Longboard 9'0

The Torq company prides itself on comfort, which is typically what most surfers want on the water. And, a soft top is an obvious choice for achieving that goal. The Torq company uses up TET materials to create lightweight surfboards, just like the Torq Softboard. To make it tougher, Epoxy molding is applied on its soft surface even on its bottom portion. Plus, PE foam is made on its deck and rail skin to add more safety for the user.

This soft board is a longboard that is suitable for up to a 200-pound surfer. It comes with three soft fins for better maneuverability and turns on the waves.

The price is slightly expensive. Its overall design is best for both beginners and pro-surfers. It is easy to paddle, to catch waves, and has a firm grip to support standing surfing tricks. Wide turns and noseriding are to be experienced with this board.

Well-constructed board
Sorta expensive
Soft deck

#2. Torq Surfboard Epoxy TET 7’2 Funboard

Torq Surfboard Epoxy TET 7'2 Funboard

This is another type of board offered by Torq Surfboard, which is under the funboard category. This is a bit shorter in size than the prior. Like the other Torq Surfboards, it has a touch of TET technology on the materials used in the making of the board. When it comes to pricing, this one is pricier by a decent amount, but it doesn’t come without reason.

The included accessories upon purchase are three fins. These help you to control the board in all conditions easily.

The Epoxy TET 7.2 Funboard is made of super lightweight EPS cores through the TET technology. Additionally, there’s a biaxial glass fiber fabric on its top with a shield skin surface to protect the board from scratches. High-Quality epoxy resin is added too. That ends up with an all-level surfing board.

To surf at every season is what this board is made. It might appear shorter than the other boards yet can perform huge surfing transformations.

Ultra-lightweight board
Very expensive
Offers a discount
All-season structure

#3. Torq Surfboard Tet 6’6 Fish New Classic

Fishes are the creatures that can conquer any water condition, except for polluted water areas of course. Therefore, having a surfboard that is shaped like a fish is very much appreciated by most surfers out there. Fish surfboards are also known for offering high speeds on high waves, and this board is no exception.

As Torq continues to create surfboards using the latest EPS and epoxy materials, they’ve come up with a unique design TET 6.6 Fish New Classic surfboard. It comes with the future fin system for performing further surfing skills. This can carry a weight of up to 187-pounds despite its lightweight construction.

Scratches and other external damages are avoided with the help of its shield skin outer case protector. It has enhanced sturdiness with its EPS core design with fiberglass biaxial and epoxy resin coating. It is shaped with high precision so you can expect a more precise movement while surfing.

Well-designed surfboard
Not great for taller surfers
Increases surfing speedPretty expensive

#4. TORQ Surfboard Epoxy TEC Hybrid 6’4

TORQ Surfboard Epoxy TEC Hybrid 6'4

Many fins are a plus, especially for pro-surfers. When customizing your board, you should consider the number of fins you need to install. This Epoxy TEC Hybrid Surfboard by Torq offers five future fin boxes. You can either set up a thruster or quad fin positioning. However, it doesn’t come with additional fins so you have to buy them.

With this hybrid surfboard, you can expect higher prices. Though the price is high, it’s high performance elevates this surfboard to a new level. We recommend this surfboard for more advanced surfers.

As with the previous Torq Surfboards, this surfboard has a touch of epoxy technology mixed with fiberglass layers and carbon fibers. This combination results in an ultra-light hybrid surfboard with perfect flex. It’s a lot easier to paddle with compared to fish boards. Speed during a critical performance is enhanced because of its design. It has a wide-angle lens with a rocker for better control.

Plus, the board’s design is so beautiful to be seen in the water.

Improves speed and maneuverability
Pricier than other surfboard types
Hybrid board
No included fins
Ultra-light construction

#5. Torq Surfboard Epoxy TEC Shortboard Hybrid 5’6

Torq Surfboard Epoxy TEC Shortboard Hybrid 5'6

Now, let’s move into the shortboard offered by Torq Surfboards. Shortboards are sized in between the ranges of 5’4 and 6’8. They are designed shorter and wider than the other board types. This shortboard in particular can go with three fins or quad. The Shortboard Hybrid is considered as the “quiver killer” among the other boards.

This board has a mixed fish board look. Its front half is a fish-shaped for easy paddling and enhanced speed. The tail design is located at the mid-point back. This handles wild waves and maneuvers.

Similar to the other hybrid boards, it has five fin boxes to place thruster or quad fins. This helps surfers who skate on critical surfs or doing some difficult tricks. Surfers executing a front foot flow and back foot attack are the ones whom this board is for.

It can go for all-day surfing without being scrawny. You won’t pay a great priced surfboard that isn’t performing well. You’ll never go wrong with this shortboard hybrid.

A combination of shortboard and hybrid boardPretty expensive
Suitable for advanced surfers
Can hardly handle waves

#6. Torq Surfboard Epoxy TET Longboard 8’6

This is the second-longest board on the list next to Softboard Longboard 9.0. The only difference is that this one has no EPS foam added on its surface. Longboards are suitable for surfers with a great height as well as for shorter surfers. It is easier to control as it has a larger supporting surface. This is more affordable than the previous boards, and yet you can experience surfing like a pro.

Another advantage of a longboard is the versatility. It can be suitable for all ages and surfing levels. In other words, this board can grow with you. It can carry up to 120-kilogram of weight.

It has three fins set up, one on the US box and the other two on the future sides. Three fins are included upon purchase. The construction is made of Epoxy EPS molding with fiberglass biaxial, epoxy resin coating, and shield skin protector. With that, the board’s weight is super lightweight about 67-liters.

Surely, with proper maintenance, no scratches will be found on the board’s surface.

High-weight capacityMight be hard to control for the beginners

#7. Torq Surfboard Epoxy TEC Go-Kart 6’8

Torq Surfboard Epoxy TEC Go-Kart 6'8

When it comes to acceleration, Go-Kart is your best option. After all, it’s named after its ability to offer super-fast acceleration. The Go-Kart is under the category of shortboards, but it isn’t limited to a normal shortboards’ performance. It’s a lot better than what you’d expect. The price is somewhat higher than any shortboard offered by Torq, but we think it’s worth the extra buck.

However, this product is delivered without fins. But, you can separately purchase board fins on the market. The good thing is that this board comes with five future fin boxes so that you can customize the positioning of the fins in the future. Such a feature helps to enhance the board’s maneuverability.

This board designed with a narrow nose and a single concave with a medium entry rocker. A combination of hard and soft construction is built on its base. Thus, it can go for overhead waves as controlled by an intermediate surfer.

Other skills it portrays are turns, barrels, and airs.

Good for intermediate surfersMight not work well for beginners
Five future fin system
Delivered without fins
Accelerates surfer’s speed
Well-built board

#8. Torq Surfboard Mod Fun Soft Deck 6’8 Package

Torq Surfboard Mod Fun Soft Deck 6’8 Package

This Torq surfboard offers a combination of stability and progression. As with the other soft deck boards, it comes with soft fins, specifically a standard thruster fin set. The fins are manufactured in California, so you can be sure you’re getting fins that are surf worthy. The board is appropriate for beginners up to intermediate surfers weighing up to 80-kilograms.

The product comes in a package that includes a leash, wax, padded board bag, and the three fins. All are offered at a reasonable price that is relatively affordable. Its construction is composed of an EPS foam core with fiberglass and Epoxy resin coating.

First-time surfers are benefited by its stability for easy paddling. Intermediate surfers can quickly turn and headway with the board’s rocker and tail shape.

This surfboard could last you for years to come because of its full laminated core design. Essentially, it remains tough in all conditions. The board is also available in larger dimensions such as 7’2 and 7’6.

Complete packageWorks well only for intermediate surfers
High-quality fins
Soft deck board
Reasonably priced

#9. Torq Surfboard ACT Pre-Preg Performance Groveler

Torq Surfboard ACT Pre-Preg Performance Groveler

ACT stands for Advanced Composite Technology, which brings the Pre-Preg surfboards. This technology ensures zero surplus resin on the construction of the board to resist flex and added weight. The glass fiber weave is pre-impregnated, resulting in minimal wastage as it is 100% controlled during the curing process. This board is one of the most expensive surfboards on our list.

The board is designed wide with a single concave in the middle. It has a low entry and exit rocker. It can go on the knee to overhead waves to be used by the surfing experts.

No matter the condition, this board can bring you through it. This groveler offers progression and stability during big turns or airs. You can also generate speed in every take-off.

Included in the package are five fin boxes. However, the board doesn’t come with a fin. You can choose smaller and bigger sizes than 5’10.

For advanced surfersHighly-priced
No fins included
Performs well

#10. Torq Surfboard ACT Pre-Preg Multiplier 5’8

The multiplier model is another surfboard designed by Torq under ACT. It is the same as the prior when it comes to the materials used during the production. This one is slightly more affordable than PG 5’10. It’s good for intermediate surfers as well as for the pro-surfers. You can overcome waves up to 6ft high with this monster of a board. This also happens to be the smallest among the other available Multiplier board model.

No fins are included in the package. However, the construction provides five future fin boxes to potentially add some when you get a grip on your surfing skills. The board is a bit wider than the PG model with a lower rockered nose. Besides, the rail and foil are also low.

Catching waves is what this board does best. Plus, it gains speed with the help of its razor-sharp responsive tail. The board is indeed a high-performance surfing tool, especially when in a thruster mode.

Good for pro-surfersNot suitable for the beginners
Improves speed and performance on waves
Doesn’t come with fins
Well-designed hybrid board

Types of Torq Surfboards

Here’s to give you an overview of how Torq Surfboards came up with the best surfboards in the world. The following are the best categories of every surfboard made by the company:


These boards range from 8’0 to 9’6 that uses up thruster, single fin, or 2+1 fin. Torq Longboards include retro cruisers, mini-longboards, and thin longboards.


The size of shortboards ranges from 5’4 to 6’8 that can go with thruster or quad fins. They are perfect for intermediate to pro-surfers.


These boards offer versatility for easy surfing performance. They range from 6’6 to 7’6 in size and are best for beginners as it performs at a great paddle speed and doesn’t quickly turn.

Hybrid Boards

These contain more fin boxes. They cost more than the other Torq Surfboards but are the best for more advanced surfers out there.

Fish Boards

These boards are shaped like a fish with a swallow tail and low rocker as well as a straight railed template and have a wider dimension. Plus, this model is extremely fast and versatile. They range from 5’6 to 7’2 which can go with twin, thruster, or quad fins.

Torq Surfboard: Company & History

Seven years ago, Torq Surfboards was created. Torq Surfboard is the first-ever surfboard company that creates the new standard of surfboards in the market. Torq Surfboards uses Torq Epoxy Technology or TET in producing their products. This is the reason why new shapes, new graphics, and innovated surfboards are being made.

The world’s first EPS surfboard is the Advanced Composite Technology or ACT. It is the pinnacle of all constructed composite technology. This brings surfboards that are more accurate, eco-friendly, and massive production.

Another is the Torq Epoxy Composite or TEC. This is responsible for a variety of surfboard shapes using vacuum epoxy lay-up. It is also responsible for the durability of the board by adding a mixture of weave fibers and carbon materials into the boards.

For today’s surfboard, Torq created X-Lite with Epoxy technology touch. These boards are usually for performance surfers, as they are built stronger with polyester material.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Here are five frequently asked questions from the existing users and future buyers of Torq Surfboards:

Q: Are there any other products do Torq Surfboards manufactures aside from surfboards?

A: Torq Surfboards only offer surfboard products. However, the said products are available in different sizes and types, depending on the user’s needs. Each surfboard is worthy of putting your trust in due to the way it is built.

Who would’ve thought that someday Torq Surfboard would produce other swimming tools too? Just keep in tune on the Torq Surfboard Website and wait for further product developments.

Q: Are Torq Surfboard products eco-friendly?

A: Torq Surfboards assures every buyer earth-friendly products. But, not all of the Torq’s surfboards are eco-friendly. The ones that use up EPS materials are considered eco-friendly. And, there are plenty of those to choose from at Torq.

Q: How about the pricing of Torq Surfboards?

A: As you have seen on the reviewed products, Torq Surfboards offers products that are highly-priced yet have a high-quality performance. That is understandable due to the materials and technology-aspect used. Their surfboards come at a costly price, but it is better to pay extra than to have not long-lasting purchase, in our opinion.

Q: Why should I choose Torq Surfboards?

A: Torq delivers very high-quality surfboards in the market. Despite being lightweight, the boards can endure unpredictable ocean conditions. The company doesn’t only focus on using new standard epoxy surfboards but also added an epoxy coating. Their surfboards are truly evolving year after year. They use up carbon fiber to deliver a maximum surfing performance to the surfer.

Strength and flexibility are found on every surfboard, which makes this company positioned at the pinnacle of innovative surfboards.

Q: Which Torq Surfboard is right for you?

A: Since Torq continues to innovate their surfboards, choosing which the best is crucial. First, you should consider your height and weight before looking for the available options. Second is to know your level of surfing skills. If you’re a beginner, you can pick one of the Torq’slongboard range, laminated products, and soft deck boards. These models will help you to learn the art of surfing quickly.

Below are the five innovative technologies used by Torq Surfboards:

Advanced Composite Technology (ACT): This uses up high-performance components that could last for years. It offers flexibility and strength to weight ratio.

Torq TEC: Lightweight boards are made of carbon and plain weave fibers. This assures durability due to the advanced epoxy lay-up.

X-Lite Technology: This is exclusively available on Torq’s Channel Islands models with molded Epoxy Technology construction. It is more durable and eco-friendly than polyester boards. It is also known as the rich board.

Torq Epoxy Technology (TET): It offers the highest quality of strength and performance. The primary material used is quality Epoxy materials.

Torq’s Soft Deck Range: Soft deck boards benefit the surfing learners. It has PE deck skin for safe learning.


Torq Surfboards is becoming more popular in the market. As time goes by, Torq will soon be at the pinnacle in the market of surfboards.

The technology used in creating Torq Surfboards is more than advanced than the other surfboard companies. They crafted high-quality, eco-friendly, versatile, and well-designed surfboards. So, we’ll give an A+ to Torq Surfboards.

In addition, they produce surfboards at a very reasonable price. They might not be as affordable as the other surfboard companies but they still render the best surfboards you’ll ever need. Paying a bit extra is not bad for a high-quality product like Torq Surfboards.

We hope all of the provided information will help you in picking out the best Torq Surfboard for your next surfing adventure. Check out the video below for more information!

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