Top 10 Best Wakeskates

Wakeskating is not a new water sport since people have been wakeskating since 1970. However, it wasn’t a popular activity way back then, so many people are not familiar with it today. On the bright side, people are starting to explore and love it these days. Plus, brands are beginning to offer numerous wakeskates in the market.

As the number of brands offering wakeskate boards grows, it’s becoming a hassle to choose which one is better among numerous options. If you’re one of those who struggle to look for an exceptional board for your wakeskating journey, these are some of the best wakeskates you can check out before buying others. This collection is outstanding, especially in quality.

Top 10 Best Wakeskates Reviewed

  1. Hoverboard 42″ Wakeskate White by Ronix
  2. YouGo Board by ZUP
  3. Rove Karver Wakeskate by Ronix
  4. HL Stylus 41″ Wakeskate by Hyperlite
  5. Electric Collective Wakeskate by Ronix
  6. Fx2 V2 Wakesurf Board by O’Brien
  7. Keen Wakesurfer by Liquid Force
  8. Pure Wakeboard by Connelly
  9. Hi-Fi Wakesurfer by Hyperlite
  10. Bucket Chucker Wakesurfer by Hyperlite

1. Hoverboard 42″ Wakeskate White by Ronix – Best Overall Wakeskate

Hoverboard 42" Wakeskate White by Ronix

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  • Core Material: Wood
  • Top Material: Grip Tape
  • Rocker: Late Arc
  • Weight: 35 pounds

Ronix is one of the famous brands when it comes to wakeskates. If you need an exceptional one, you can never go wrong with the Hoverboard 42″ Wakeskate White. Customers admire it because of its excellent performance. From flipping to gliding, this board gives optimum stability.

This board’s deck comes from an excellent quality wood material, assuring its durability regardless of frequent usage. The top part of the board uses high-quality Grip Tape, making it easier to execute tricks as you ride the board. You don’t have to worry about losing the board because it has an exceptional grip.

Controlling it is never an issue because of its Late Arc rocker. You’ll love how hassle-free it is in doing an ollie on water. Plus, it only weighs 35 pounds, making it easier to maneuver, regardless if you’re on a pro or an intermediate level.

Aside from that, it comes with two fins, which measure 0.80 inches. Installing both will give you a boost as you glide on the water. Also, it features a meek yet striking style on the bottom deck in white and black color combinations.

Features compression moldingNot for beginners
LightweightNo Bi-Level

2. YouGo Board by ZUP – Best Wakeskate Board in Versatility

Wakeskates YouGo Board by ZUP

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  • Core Material: ABS Molded Plastic
  • Top Material: EVA Foam
  • Weight: 18 pounds

There are numerous wakeskate boards available online. If you’re looking for an all-rounder, you should check out what ZUP has to provide, such as YouGo Board. It’s suitable for all ages, so many beginners use this board to practice their skills.

It’s more than just a wakeskate, and it’s one reason why customers love it. You can use this board for kneeboarding, water skiing, and boogie boarding. It’s multi-purpose, which you’ll find handy if you’re active in water sports. Plus, this board is also suitable for kids.

The deck comes from an excellent quality ABS molded plastic material, guaranteeing sturdiness even if you use it daily. It also provides exceptional floatation, which is a plus point for safety. Plus, it’s favorable to beginners who start to enhance their balancing skills.

Aside from that, you can assure comfort as you ride it because of its EVA foam padding. Regardless of whether you’re using your knees or feet while gliding on the water’s surface, this board will provide relief on every move.

Excellent floatationNot suitable for tricks
Multi-purposeNot for competition

3. Rove Karver Wakeskate by Ronix – Best in Agility

Rove Karver Wakeskate by Ronix

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  • Core Material: Wood
  • Top Material: EVA Foam
  • Rocker: Blended
  • Weight: 8.82 pounds

If you’re looking for an agile wakeskate board, Ronix offers the best boards, like the Rove Karver Wakeskate. You can install up to three fins to give your board a boost, which is 0.80 inches in size. However, it’s suitable for intermediates to professionals because you’ll need excellent balancing skills while riding it.

Stability is one of the edges of this board, thanks to its blended rocker. It keeps your stance stable as you maneuver the board. Plus, this rocker maintains your balance well despite the boost.

Another advantage of this board is that it’s very durable. The deck comes from excellent quality material, keeping it long-lasting even when it gets wet. Aside from that, the top part uses a high-quality EVA pad, which provides an excellent grip for basic tricks.

You’ll love its design because the top part comes with a bird’s graphic art with Ronix’s logo. When it comes to the bottom part, features a wood design, adding more appeal to the board’s overall look.

Agile due to three finsExceptional balancing skills needed
AffordableDifficult to execute pro-level tricks

4. HL Stylus 41″ Wakeskate by Hyperlite – Best in Performance

HL Stylus 41" Wakeskate by Hyperlite

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  • Core Material: Wood
  • Top Material: EVA foam
  • Rocker: Continuous
  • Weight: 11 pounds

If you want to be a pro, you’ll need a top-performing wakeskate. Hyperlite is one of the famous brands for these boards, and the HL Stylus 41″ Wakeskate is what you should check out.

Customers love it because it meets their expectations when it comes to sturdiness. The deck uses a premium-quality of 9 Plywood material, which is ideal for water use. Also, the top deck comes with an EVA traction pad.

This board will give you a convenient time to maneuver it because it’s lightweight. It only measures 11 pounds, which makes it better for executing tricks. Also, the Beveled Edge and True Skate Top Continuous features boost the board’s performance, especially during release.

It may not use Grip Tape on the top, yet it doesn’t compromise balance and stability. Regardless if you’re gliding with full acceleration, driving this board is convenient. Plus, the traction pad keeps it within your reach as you do tricks.

Aside from that, it comes with a striking bottom-deck design with vibrant colors. It looks modern and appealing, which makes it a head-turner.

Uses a 9 Plywood materialNon-resistant on damp areas
Features a beveled edgeIssues on the deck's seal

5. Electric Collective Wakeskate by Ronix – Best in Stability

Wakeskates Electric Collective Wakeskate by Ronix

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  • Core Material: Wood
  • Top Material: EVA foam
  • Rocker: Hybrid
  • Weight: 8.82 pounds

Do you need a reliable wakeskate board? If you can’t decide where to get one, you can check out what Ronix offers, such as the Electric Collective Wakeskate. You’ll love its quality and performance, which is suitable for intermediate to advanced users.

The Hybrid rocker makes it hassle-free to maneuver, even when you’re moving with a boost. You can drive the board with exceptional stability because it’s lightweight, weighing less than 10 pounds. Also, it’s one of the reasons why beginners love using this board.

Aside from that, you can execute basic tricks with this board because of its EVA-top deck. It provides the right grip you need while gliding. Plus, the compression molded deck, with Obese technology, comes from an excellent wood material quality, which is not a drag in the board’s performance.

Customers also love its 41-inch length, which helps in controlling the board with full convenience. Also, it can accommodate a rider that weighs up to 180 pounds.

Uses Obese Technology on constructionNot ideal for novice users
Has two sizes availableUneasy to ollie

6. Fx2 V2 Wakesurf Board by O’Brien – Most Stylish Wakeskate Board

Wakeskates Fx2 V2 Wakesurf Board by O'Brien

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  • Core Material: Hand-laid Epoxy
  • Rocker: Modern
  • Weight: 8 pounds

If you can’t think of an exceptional wakeskate to buy, you can never go wrong with the Fx2 V2 Wakesurf Board. O’Brien’s board doesn’t fail to meet its customers’ expectations regarding its overall look. It features a stylish deck that you’ll find very appealing, especially for skating.

This board is available in two sizes, which are 54 inches and 59 inches. Regardless of any size you prefer, you can count on its optimum performance, which is suitable for all levels. Also, it uses high-quality materials to make them very durable.

It’s best for enhancing skills because the rounded-out rails let you maneuver it with ease and stability. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into keeping balance because the board provides a smoother gliding.

The full nose limits nose dives, which makes it favorable to users. Plus, the concave contour gives a smooth rail-to-rail transition despite acceleration. If you want to make it more agile, you can install five fins, which pros love.

Features a Vector Net traction padNot recommended for beginners
Comes with Carbon StringersUneasy for tricks

7. Keen Wakesurfer by Liquid Force – Best Wakeskate Board for Pros

Wakeskates Keen Wakesurfer by Liquid Force

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  • Core Material: Carbon/Innegra Reinforced
  • Top Material: EPS Foam
  • Weight: 9 pounds

If you’re an aspiring pro, you’ll need the best wakeskate board you can find. You should check out what Liquid Force has to offer, like the Keen Wakesurfer. It’s one of the best boards because the deck uses Carbon/Innegra Reinforced Technology, which provides exceptional floatation as you ride it.

Aside from that, the EPS Foam-top pad comes with a Skim Stringer. There’s no need to worry about the board’s grip because this material will let you execute tricks without any hassle. Plus, it’s lightweight, providing convenience during rides.

It also features an appealing style, from top to bottom. It comes with styles, providing options to customers as they decide which one to pick.

The board features a single concave hull and a round tail for optimum maneuverability. Even when you move at full speed, you can control this board with stability. Also, the 52-inch sizing adds ease to users as they touch it around.

When it comes to acceleration, you can install up to three fins. It will give your board a boost, especially if you’re practicing your stunts.

Features Fiberglass Hand LaminationNeeds excellent balancing skills
Comes with a Skim Stringer
Longevity of deck

8. Pure Wakeboard by Connelly – Best Wakeskate Board for Beginners

Wakeskates Pure Wakeboard by Connelly

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  • Core Material: System 80 Core
  • Rocker: 3-Stage – Continuous
  • Weight: 12 pounds

Connelly provides an exceptional wakeskate board. If you’re a novice who needs a reliable board, you should check out the Pure Wakeboard by Connelly. It doesn’t disappoint, from durability to performance. Plus, a lot of customers admire it because it’s easy to ride.

The 3-stage rocker provides exceptional performance, letting you ride the board with optimum control. If you want to make the board more agile, you can use four skater fins, which measure 1.9 inches each. Regardless if you’re a novice or a professional, this board will never be a disappointment.

When it comes to softening landings, the board’s full spine advantage transfers water to the heel and toe edge. As you ride it, you can assure exceptional stability while riding it, even when you’re a beginner.

It comes from an excellent quality of materials, from the core to the fin set-up. You can guarantee its durability. Also, it offers different sizes for riders that weigh 155 pounds to 165 pounds. You can choose which is the suitable size for your skill level.

Uses removable finsNo traction pad or Grip Tape on deck
Easy to useToo weighty

9. Hi-Fi Wakesurfer by Hyperlite – Best in Durability

Wakeskates Hi-Fi Wakesurfer by Hyperlite

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  • Core Material: EPS with Carbon Composite
  • Top Material: EVA Traction Pad
  • Rocker: Minimal
  • Weight: 35 pounds

Another exceptional wakeskate is the Hi-Fi Wakesurfer by Hyperlite. A lot of intermediate to pros prefer it because of its maximum performance. Even when you’re speeding up, you can drive this board with stability.

What makes it exceptional, among other boards, is its sturdiness. The deck comes from a premium-quality of EPS core material, featuring Dura-Shell and Carbon construction. Plus, it makes it damage-resistant, and it doesn’t cause any hassle during the ride.

It can accommodate up to 110 pounds or more, depending on the sizing you prefer. It’s available in 53 inches or 56 inches, yet both sizes can improve your skills.

If you’re practicing stunts, the EVA traction pad on the top deck will make it easier for you to execute tricks. Regardless if it’s a basic or a hard one, it has an excellent grip on the feet despite being wet.

Aside from that, you can install up to three on this board. It’s best for acceleration, which professionals admire because it helps them do the tricks effectively.

Comes with a pintail-designNot for novices
Features a minimal rocker
Too heavy

10. Bucket Chucker by Hyperlite – Handiest Wakeskate Board

Wakeskates Bucket Chucker by Hyperlite

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  • Core Material: EPS, Carbon, Wood, and Polyurethane
  • Top Material: EPS, Carbon, Wood, and Polyurethane
  • Rocker: 1.25-inch tall and 3.875-inch Tip

Hyperlite is one of the respected brands when it comes to performance and versatility. If you’re looking for a handy surfboard, you should buy the Bucket Chucker. It’s one of the most versatile boards because you can also use it for surfing.

This board measures 5 feet, and it comes with a boxed tail design, which assures stability to the user while riding it, Regardless if a jet ski is pulling you or you’re riding waves, maneuvering the board is hassle-free. Also, the single concave contour of the board works well even when you speed up.

It features a quad-fin configuration, letting you install two to four fins. It can make the board agile, whether you use it for wakeskating or surfing. Plus, it features Futures Fin boxes with a substantial base advantage.

You can also guarantee its durability as the board comes from Polyurethane, EPS, Carbon, and Wood materials. It’s long-lasting, and lightweight making it favorable to intermediate or pros for tricks.

Can accommodate up to 230 poundsNo traction pad on the top-deck
Uses boxed tail-design for agilityToo lengthy by sizing

Top Pick – Hoverboard 42″ Wakeskate White by Ronix

The Hoverboard 42″ Wakeskate White by Ronix is satisfying when it comes to maneuverability and sturdiness, so it’s the top pick.

The Late Arc Rocker of this board makes it convenient for users to maneuver even when it weighs 35 pounds. It provides stability as you ride it, especially when you do stunts while moving at full acceleration on the water. However, it needs excellent balancing skills, so it’s suitable for intermediate to pros.

You can also install up to two fins to further boost your board, which is necessary for mid to complicated tricks. Plus, the top deck of this board provides the grip you need while doing stunts.

Aside from that, the deck comes from a premium-quality of wood material. Even when you use it frequently, you can assure that this board is long-lasting.

If you want a board worth your money, you can never go wrong with this board.

Getting the Best Wakeskates – Buyers Guide

Before you buy any wakeskate, here’s a quick guide to help you decide well on which board to buy.


Most boards will use wood as its primary material, which is best for Bi-Levels, Concave, and Flat decks. Besides that, composite is another material that brands use to make boards, and it’s best for buoyancy. Both have different impacts once you put these in water, yet either of the two primary materials is reliable.

When it comes to fins, which wakeskates also have, these come from various materials, depending on the brand. Most come from Fiberglass, Aluminum, and plastic.


Material has something to do with the board’s durability because its sturdiness depends on where it came from. The quality also depends on who made it as well. Most board from wood guarantee durability to riders because it comes with coating and other features.


The construction also affects the board’s performance, and it’s tied to the material. There’s a Polyurethane foam inside to create the core of the board, and there are different wrapping techniques to keep the board sturdy, including Carbon/Graphite or Fiberglass, which most brands offer. Plus, the surface comes with Epoxy Resin. On the other hand, some companies don’t use other construction since It’s cheaper.

Top-Deck Material

Aside from these things, you also need to consider the top-deck material. You should buy boards with deck surface, EVA foam, or Grip Tape since you need a rough pad for grip. Without these, you’ll have a hard time practicing your stunts.

Wakeskating vs. Wakesurfing and Wakeboarding

A lot of people get confused about wakeskating, wakesurfing, and wakeboarding. It’s essential to determine the differences between these three water sports to know whether you can use your board on any of the three.


This water sport is very similar to wakeboarding, yet the rider is not assured to the board. Most boards use Grip Tapes and EVA foams for security. Also, crashing is typical even when there’s a rope to hold on to.

You’ll need shoes in wakeskating, mainly if your board uses a Grip Tape. You’ll also need a boat for towing.


In wakesurfing, you ride the board and trail behind it, yet you don’t cling to any rope because the ski or vessel doesn’t pull you. Riders can only use the cable after losing balance while wakesurfing, but it’s only to get up. They will move through the wake as if they are surfing.


This sport is also riding a board on the water’s surface, similar to wakeskating. You’ll need a motorboat to tow you at 30 mph to 40 mph speed. Plus, you can use wakeboards for wakeskating too.

These are not far different from each other, yet the only thing you need to keep in mind is that only wakesurfing doesn’t need towing. What’s excellent about it is that you can use one board for any of these activities.


The versatility of wakeskates is exceptional because you can also use them on wakeboarding. Most riders will buy a multi-purpose board, which they can use on both water sports. Regardless if you want to try both games or stick to wakeskating, finding a board with exceptional performance is essential.

These brands offer the best wakeskates you can find in the market, from speed to maneuverability. If you can’t decide what to buy, these brands will help you out. The crucial thing you need to keep in mind is choosing based on your skill level to effectively improve your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do I need to wear shoes during wakeskating?

A: It’s best to wear shoes, primarily if your board uses a Grip Tape on the top deck. Even if your board is using an EVA Foam, you should still wear a pair.

Wearing shoes is highly advisable for your feet’s protection. You can use athletic shoes if you’re a newbie, yet you’ll need to invest in wakeskate shoes sooner or later.

Q: What do I need to prepare before wakeskating?

A: You’ll need exceptional balance if you want to give this sport a try. Wakeskates don’t have board bindings, which is why your feet should prepare for an excellent stance. You’ll fall most of the time, so you need to enhance your skills to prevent slipping off the board.

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