Gul Wetsuits Review | Epic Suits or Rip Off?

gul wetsuits review

We’ve put together an in-depth Gul Wetsuits review to help you consider if you need a better-quality wetsuit for your next surfing, triathlon or watersports adventure.  If you’re thinking of surfing this weekend, you should think about the wetsuit you’ll …

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Sharkskin Wetsuits: Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off?

sharkskin wetsuits review

Sharkskin Wetsuits is an Australian brand that specializes in the manufacturing of performance watersports gear, including wetsuits. Sharkskin wetsuits are known for their innovative designs and use of advanced materials to enhance the comfort and performance of water enthusiasts. Specially …

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Neoprene Allergies | Wetsuit Caution Explained

neoprene allergies

The American Contact Dermatitis Society awards a dubious distinction designed to draw attention to prevalent allergens every year. These under-recognized allergens merit more attention as they cause significant allergic contact dermatitis and should be well understood. In 2009, a chemical …

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