NRS Kayaks Review: Everything You Should Know

nrs kayaks review

Kayaks allow for maximum maneuverability through the narrowest streams but are tough enough to let you outlast the most challenging whitewater. Their highly versatile frame enables you to go from gently cruising calm lakes to slicing through massive waves, guaranteeing …

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AIRE Kayaks Review | Epic Kayaks or Rip Off?

Kayaks allow for maximum maneuverability on any water form with its narrow construction, optimizing every paddle’s energy allowing more speed. These benefits, along with its excellently lightweight frame and compact storage size, make it the perfect companion for its portability. …

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Top 8 Best Ocean Kayaks

best ocean kayaks

If you have already experienced dealing with mild winds, waves, and currents, you may feel that you are already ready to head into and explore the largest body of water. You may venture through the open sea already as long …

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Top 12 Best Family Canoes | For Family Fun

best family canoes

Canoeing is one of the most exciting water activities that you must share with your family. It can be a fun family bonding to teach your sibling or kids the skills for the great outdoors while building up beautiful memories. …

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Top 7 Best Kayaks Under $300 | Reviews

group of friends on water paddling in best kayaks under $300

If you are tired of renting a kayak for yourself or your family and also want to stop borrowing from a friend but are under a tight budget, this article can help you find the best kayaks under 300 dollars. …

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Top 16 Best Whitewater Kayaks (Aire, NRS)

best whitewater kayaks

Kayaking in itself is an adventure. And blend it with the whitewater and it becomes a highly invigorating and thrilling sporting activity. It requires dedicated learning and a lot of practice to perfect the art of kayaking in the whitewater. …

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