Lost Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

People can’t get enough of surfing these days. As beginners start to surf or pros continue to enhance their skills, Mayhem makes sure every surfer gets the best out of the surfboards they use.

Mayhem is famous for offering a variety of exceptional surfboards for any level. Most of the surfboard-types it offers are fish, shortboard, hybrid, and gun.

If you’re wondering why surfers love everything that Mayhem has to offer, some of the best features are performance and style. Sturdiness is also one thing you can assure from this brand.

You’ll end up undecided on what Lost surfboards to buy because there are numerous options. Professional surfers prefer these because they can choose any surfboard, depending on the performance they need for the competition or training.

Are you a newbie in the sport? It’s time to explore the wonders of Mayhem and its Lost surfboards.

Top 10 Lost Surfboards Review by Mayhem

Mayhem has over 10 surfboards that you’ll undoubtedly consider, especially if you want a reliable one. Here’s a Lost surfboards review for some of its exceptional entries in the market.

#1. Lost Sword-Fish Surfboard


Mayhem is famous for establishing a line of outstanding fish surfboards, and the Sword-Fish surfboard is one to consider. This surfboard comes with a full prevailing tail, making it very aggressive as you ride it along waves. The long, pointy nose adds an impact on its overall speed.

Kolohe Andino requested this surfboard’s design, inspired by the RNF-Retro surfboard. He knows that it can get better, which is why they added an upgrade to it. You’ll find the new gradual nose rocker interesting, which measures 3 inches long.

Designers retained the double side-cut, despite making the whole board narrower. The “Pelagic” structure makes it very appealing. The design may have a minimalist look, yet you can count on it as you surf on waist-high waves.

If you need a speedy one for your practicing or competing, the Lost Sword-fish surfboard will not be a disappointment. The sturdiness of this board is also a plus-factor why customers love it.

#2. Lost Sub Driver Surfboard


Are you looking for an exceptional surfboard to keep up with your surfing skills? The Lost Sub Driver surfboard has every feature you need to game up your performance. Also, the technology of Carbon Wrap suits well with this board.

Consistency is the key advantage of this competition board. It acts as a special weapon because of its optimum performance. Mayhem made this surfboard for Andino, where he won five World Qualifying Series or WQS. Aside from him, Mick Fanning gave it a try, which made him win several times in 2013.

Unlike other boards with typical sized-nose, the Lost Sub Driver is a little fuller. The hip is strikingly fuller as well. Furthermore, it comes with a tail block behind the back fin, which has a curved vee.

If your concern is stability, the full nose for landing airs is exceptional. When it comes to great turns, the bump on the fins angles well to the squash tail of this board. Most surfers admire if because it pushes back, especially in small waves.

#3. Lost RNF Retro Surfboards

Who says retro is out? Mayhem introduced a product that retro lovers will enjoy using, such as the Lost RNF Retro surfboard. It’s one of the best fish-type surfboards because it features the technology of C4 Surfboard Technologies.

This surfboard comes with a double side-cut structure as its noticeable feature, along with side-cut grips. The color of the bottom part of the board follows a vintage color while the other side is white. Furthermore, it has a broad spit tail.

If you’re not aware of what RNF means, it’s “Round Nose Fish.” This surfboard is one of the best options for surfers because the deck is thinner. It provides further convenience as you use it. Furthermore, you can anticipate sharper turns, as well.

Aside from comfort, you can go faster as you surf without compromising the board’s glide. With the split keels’ set up, most surfers find the board’s agility very handy, especially during competitions. Furthermore, the side-cut grips will let you ride this board smoothly despite direction changes.

#4. Lost Cobra Killer Surfboard

Finding the firmest surfboard can be tricky, especially if there are numerous options available. Mayhem makes it easier to decide which board-type to choose. One of its best entries is the Lost Cobra Killer surfboard.

The leading edge of this surfboard is that it doesn’t need a trailer fin to perform well. The pulled in-pin on the concave behind the fins is enough to satisfy pro surfers. It has exceptional responsiveness, providing convenience on every sharp turn.

The design of the Lost Cobra Killer surfboard is an upgrade from a Twin-fin style. Customers love its color. Moreover, they admire the double concave bottom, which promotes a lot of drive. You also don’t have to worry about your feet’s stability because it’s reliable.

If you’re looking for another distinct feature, this surfboard flexes its 0.50-inch gap between the wooden stringers lessens undesirable turning or twisting as you ride it. Moreover, a lot of customers love the tail and fin patches.

#5. Lost Party Crasher Surfboard

Can’t find the best hybrid surfboard? Mayhem makes sure to include one in its list for your consideration, like the Lost Part Crasher surfboard. Surfers compare it to the Lost Smooth Operator and Crowd Killer surfboards, yet it has something more to offer.

This board features a shortened rail line, reducing 6 inches from the tail-size of the Crowd Killer. This feature is ideal for far-reaching and quicker turns. Gliding is also smoother with its reduced nose rocker.

The Lost Part Crasher surfboard’s tail rocker is very suitable for short beach breaks and tight pockets. Surfers will not find it too hassle to turn. It’s the main reason why they find this board controllable.

This board comes with a concave structure, along with a low rail volume. Its outline lifts the board during smaller surf. It also boosts the rail line rocker for tight-turning. When it comes to its size, it’s a part of the mid-length hybrid models. Moreover, surfers love how the color blends with the water.

#6. Lost Tube Pig Surfboard

Mayhem collaborates with some of the renowned shapers. The reason is to provide improved surfboards to both newbies or pros. It teamed up with Taj Burrow to develop the Lost Tube Pig surfboard, which was in 2014.

This surfboard’s style has exceptional effects in the ways as you ride it. The nose is thicker than the board’s tail, promoting a desirable control on the rider’s front foot. Moreover, the structure can boost the board’s paddling power.

As you notice the features of the Lost Tube Pig, Mayhem focused on this surfboard’s drive. The fuller nose and narrower round pin tail make it favorable for professional surfers to control it well, regardless of any wave-size or condition.

You can count on this surfboard when it comes to durability as it can withstand wind-buffed barrels. It may be thick, yet you can guarantee that it also doesn’t affect your performance as you train or compete.

#7. Lost Hydra Surfboard

Surfers go to Mayhem to get the best competition surfboards, and one of the top picks is the Lost Hydra Surfboard. You’ll love the deck’s stained orange-design, giving it a tropical vibe. It also comes from the styles of the latest RNF-Retro, Bottom Feeder, Pelagic, and Puddle Jumper.

Flexibility is the main advantage of this surfboard, among other boards. It has a flat deck with exceptional rails. Furthermore, it retains the volume, unlike dome or vee decks. It also makes it very useful than a swallow or fish-type when it comes to radical surfing.

The Lost Hydra surfboard features a split diamond-tail, which blends the characteristics of a diamond and swallowtails. The uneven centerline lessens the surface area behind the surfer’s rearfoot for better control. Furthermore, the double diamond-tail reduces the rail line for power-retaining and quick turns, making it more manageable for surfers.

When it comes to this surfboard’s structure, it’s similar to the hull style by Bill Steward. The bottom curves have a double concave-style, which makes it easier to turn. The curves over the rocker make it more agile, unlike other boards, and it’ll help you more in making proper turns.

#8. Lost Puddle Jumper Surfboard

Mayhem is famous for its minimalist styles, yet it doesn’t fail to provide satisfaction to all surfers. One of the surfboards that have meek yet appealing design is the Lost Puddle Jumper surfboard. It comes with a color combination of blue, yellow, and white, which looks good with the water.

Surfers admire this surfboard because it’s agile, making it ideal for competitors. It’s also apt for beginners because it’s suitable for small waves. As per Matt Biolos, a shaper in Mayhem, it’s one of the best board he rode.

The Lost Puddle Jumper features a con-coved structure, based on the Bottom Feeder’s outline. However, it carries a reversed rocker and bottom curves. It’s an improved version, where its overall structure makes it ideal for wave-catching. Aside from that, stability is what makes it in-demand.

You’ll love using this surfboard because of its maneuverability. Thanks to the tail’s vee and straight rail line, the board continues to move forward despite any wave circumstance. Furthermore, it comes with Lib Tech’s technology for optimum performance.

#9. Lost Quiver Killer Surfboard

Do you need an exceptional competition board? One of the killer boards of Mayhem is the Lost Quiver Killer Surfboard. It comes with Lib Tech’s technology to guarantee a satisfying performance. It also comes from the Short Round model, which is why a lot of pro surfers recommend it to aspiring competitors.

The rounded tail of this surfboard adds rocker and lessens the nose area to avert excessive rail from being wet. It also lets surfers control the board with ease for power surfing.

The Lost Quiver Killer surfboard comes in a meek style, yet it’s alluring in the eyes of newbies because of Mayhem and Lost logos. It provides you the option to design it, depending on your preference. Regardless of any way you want to style it, this board is a top performer.

This surfboard is lengthier because of the additional overall rocker. Despite the pulled nose, its structure doesn’t compromise its agility for better performance. If you’re looking for a versatile brand, you should consider it for training or competitions.

Getting the Best Surfboard – Buyer’s Guide

Mayhem offers a lot of surfboards, depending on every surfer’s needs. There are ideal board-types for different surfing conditions. Furthermore, your performance as a surfer determines what the best surfboard is for you before buying one. Here’s a buying guide to consider, especially if you can’t decide which one to buy.

Types of Lost Surfboards

Before you choose a surfboard from Mayhem, you have to figure out which the best model is suitable for you. Here are some surfboard-types that it offers:

Gun Surfboards

This type is ideal for pro surfers because the structure is suitable for big waves and complicated water conditions. The length of this type ranges from 7 to 12 feet, and it’s thin. Furthermore, it has a narrow tail and nose, letting the rails to have a full wave-contact.

Mayhem offers a limited option for this type, where one is the Retro Gun and Smooth Operator surfboards.

Fish Surfboards

Mayhem is famous for this type of surfboard. You can quickly tell this type because it features a swallowtail. Aside from it, this type has either 2, 3, or 4 fins. Moreover, it’s best for small waves, which is advantageous when it comes to buoyancy and control.

Some of the best Mayhem surfboards include Sword-Fish, Hydra, and RNF Retro.

Hybrid Surfboards

This type of surfboard is also one of the trademarks of Mayhem. It’s 50% fish-type and 50% groveler-type, which promotes exceptional stability and maneuverability. It has a broader structure with a low rocker line. Furthermore, it has medium rails.

One of the Mayhem’s top picks for this type is the Sub-Driver Swallow.

Shortboard Surfboards

Aside from fish-types, Mayhem also offers a variety of shortboard surfboards. This type is apt for medium-big waves, and it assures optimum performance despite any condition. It has a narrow width, shorter length compared to the gun-type. Also, it features an energetic rocker.

Some of the best Lost surfboards by Mayhem includes the Cobra Killer, Sub Driver, and Tube Pig.

Lost Surfboards by Mayhem: Company and History

Lost Surfboards started developing boards in 1985 in Irvine, California. Even up to know, it’s one of the biggest manufacturers in the United States of America. It focused on cutting edge technology and innovation to provide the needs of their customers. It’s one of the reasons why the company is going stronger up to now.

Matt Biolos, also known as Mayhem, founded the company with his school friends. They went snowboarding at Mt. Baldy to compete. Their group lost, which is where the name of the brand came. Moreover, he adopted the name “Mayhem,” which was from the second surfboard he shaped.

By 1987, Mayhem started sanding boards after high school, at Surfglas and Herbie Fletcher Surf Shop. He called the first board he developed “Ratz Ass.” After his first year, he shaped 20 surfboards. From there, he continued to shape boards as much as he can. He also makes sure he leaves a mark; the Lost and Mayhem logos.


Mayhem had a humble beginning. From shaping typical surfboards back in 1987 to developing some of the most competitive boards, it earns its spot as one of the most recommendable surfboards.

You’ll love every Lost surfboard from Mayhem’s collections because of advanced technologies. Mayhem’s group of experts makes sure all surfers get the best board for their surfing skills. The quality materials that it uses for all boards, from deck to fins, are guaranteed sturdy. Furthermore, it offers a variety of types, such as shortboard, fish, gun, and hybrid.

Aside from the performance, these boards carry exceptional designs. You’ll find some boards with minimalistic styles. On the other hand, Mayhem also offers stylish ones if you want your board to be colorful.

It also provides customization services if you want your surfboard to have a specific feature that other providers don’t offer. Furthermore, there are more surfboards you can explore from its collection, and everything is on their website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why are Lost gun surfboards ideal for massive waves?

Gun surfboards are famous for their speed, which you’ll need for giant waves. These big waves break away immediately, unlike smaller-sized waves. Hence, you need a quicker surfboard to paddle away. This board-type is more agile, unlike the shortboard-type.

Q: What fins should I set up on my Lost hybrid?

There are various fins for the hybrid-type, and one provides a big difference from another. Some of the best fins are quads, thrusters, and twins. Quads boost speed, thrusters offer excellent control, and twins help a lot in maneuverability.

Q: Are the bottom shapes crucial on shortboard surfboards? How?

There are different bottom shapes for shortboards, which include channels, concave, vee, double concave, flat, and more. It’s essential to choose which shapes suit your needs or skills because each has distinct features. One form can provide optimum speed, while another is ideal for control.

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