Top 10 Best Surfboard Travel Bags

Surfing has been THE beach sport for as long as anybody could remember. But when you start to love pursuing the life of surfing on beaches, it is necessary to start looking for the best surfboard travel bags in the market.

The surfboard travel bag is a must-have carrier in the world of surfing, and it is essential to order an appropriate bag for your board. 


The Top 10 Surfboard Travel Bags

Of all the surfboard travel bags available in today’s market, we’ve selected the most reviewed and picked surfboard travel bags online. Check it all out to find which bag suits your needs. Let’s get it started!

  1. Curve New Supermodel Longboard Travel Bag
  2. Wave Tribe Eco Surfboard Travel Bag
  3. Pro-Lite Smuggler Surfboard Travel Bag
  4. SurfStow SUP Deluxe Transport Board Travel Bag
  5. Dakine Regulator Triple Surfboard Travel Bag
  6. Channel Islands Travel Light CX2 Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag
  7. Ocean & Earth Double Travel Compact Shortboard Travel Bag
  8. Pro-Lite Travel Double – Longboard Bag Rhino
  9. South Bay Board Co. Premium Surfboard and Paddle Board Travel Bags
  10. Dakine Daylight Surf Thruster Travel Bag

#1. Curve New Supermodel Longboard Travel Bag

Do you have a surfboard that is up to 23.5-inches wide or categorized as a longboard? This Supermodel is not entitled to its name without proof. It fits exactly that surfboard size and still has allotted space for the other surf gear.

The Curve Travel Bag is a lightweight bag with an adjustable and padded shoulder strap. The design provides comfort in carrying the bag throughout the surfing escapade. In addition to its sophisticated look are the reflective silvers on both sides for more visibility, especially at night. Size ranges are available in the middle of 7’6 to 26” wide. The surfboard bag isn’t compatible with Infinity Secret Weapon Boards due to its 4-inches thickness.

The big tooth zipper with added Delrin slider is responsible for enclosing the bag with improved security. Wetsuits and other swimming gears can be stored in a pocket stash for easy access. It also includes Velcro close features with different appropriate sizes from 7’6 to 10.2′.

Plus, you can easily carry the bag from place to place with its lightweight construction.

Key Features

  • 3mm foam core
  • Reinforced 600D nose and tail design
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap
Oversized surfboard bag
Too big for smaller sized surfboard
Good price
Good stiching

#2. Wave Tribe Eco Surfboard Travel Bag

One surfboard isn’t enough for the whole squad, and so you’ll need another piece of a surfboard to let everyone enjoy the waves. Wave Tribe created a travel bag that can contain up to two surfboards at once. The design is based on over ten years of research and development just to ensure the highest possible protection for the boards. Their bags are used by thousands of surfers from Bali and South Africa.

The company applies rebound technology on its interior design such as the rebound foam dynamics with padded board separators. Additionally, the nose and tail sections have a 13mm foam insert. It has two sides, which are made of quality hemp that supports the green surfing movement. The Outside A is made of Rugged Eco Hemp with rebound foam dynamics, which acts as a high impact padding protection. Reflective Energy Shield works for protecting the surfboard from the direct sunlight.

This travel bag is surrounded by an easy flow zip system made of nickel-plated zippers that never rust and break. The total padding construction is 25mm thick and so considered as the most padded surfboard bag in the industry.

The bag can be held through a shoulder strap or carrying handle. And it has additional pockets for the other materials. Every size and shape of surfboards like hybrid and retro shapes fit on this travel bag.

Key Features

  • Interior leash pockets
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Made of ecological materials
  • One size fits all
  • ESPN reviewed
Well-built travel bagCustomer complaints upon Velcro defects
Slightly expensive

#3. Pro-Lite Smuggler Surfboard Travel Bag

This surfboard travel bag might cost more than the previous bags, but it comes with high-performance in keeping not just one but three boards. One board is out of sight as the bag has a false bottom that hides the board even when the bag is wide open. It can store up to 24” wide surfboard. This feature saves you money as you don’t need to buy another travel bag for the other boards your friends or family might have.

The bag is built with 10mm Air Lite Foam Protection and 600 Denier Poly top and bottom to secure the boards from scratch or breakage fully. The non-corrosive zipper is used so that it won’t be easily destroyed. Moreover, it has an exterior pocket to store wetsuits and other accessories. There’s an additional internal accessory pocket. It’s well-ventilated to keep the boards cool while being stored.

The two-point entry system is built with this bag to insert the surfboards separately. The two boards will smoothly slide inside the bag because of its top zip flip-top opening feature on the tail of the bag. Another entry is on the tail of the bag, which is used to insert the third board. So in short, the boards are easy to get from the bag.

There are two handle options, including molded rubber handles and a padded deluxe shoulder strap. Both give extra durability as three boards are contained within.

The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association nominated this travel bag as a reasonably priced board bag because of its high-quality construction and reasonable price.

Key Features

  • Hidden bottom storage
  • Several extra pockets
  • Rail guard around the zipper
  • Two entry point
  • Rubberized handle
High-capacity surfboard bagHeavy
Stylish design

#4. SurfStow SUP Deluxe Transport Board Travel Bag

If you’re looking for a lightweight surfboard bag that’s heavily padded, look for no other than the SUP Deluxe Transport Board Bag by SurfStow. It makes traveling easy, whether through land or plane. The bag is simple in design with Velcro fin slots, hold-down straps, and luggage tags. It is enclosed by a large and molded noncorrosive zipper which assures the security of your board. We recommend this bag for standup paddleboards.

Apart from the mainboard storage, there are extra interior and exterior pockets for the other stuff. The interior pockets are designed with drainage so that placing a wet board inside the bag will not cause any lingering smell. Besides, the board paddle has a place on the bag’s exterior pocket, where it will be fully secured. Plus, the whole bag is foam-padded, which serves as the protection on the board.

This transport cover isn’t supposed to stay outdoors 24/7. It’s recommended that you use this one for storage. When damage inevitably happens due to the incorrect use of transport covers, there’ll be no warranty given.

When it comes to pricing, you’ll spend over 200 bucks in one travel bag. Not too much for a quality surfboard bag.

Key Features

  • Interior and exterior pockets
  • Rubberized handle
  • All-sided Velcro fin slots
  • Fully-padded travel bag
Adjustable carrying strap
Flimsy over-the-shoulder strap
Durable construction
Slightly expensive

#5. Dakine Regulator Triple Surfboard Travel Bag

This travel bag by the renowned Dakine is simply fabricated, yet it gives all-around protection for your surfboard. It has a three surfboard capacity which is safely separated by padded dividers. The Regulator Bag might lack some unique features the other bags have, but we still consider it an excellent bag option for surfboards.

The bag’s entire construction is well-built. For one, it’s designed with a 3/8 thick layer of foam padding and 600D Polyester top. The bottom portion is made of heat-reflecting material that keeps the bag away from moisture which may result from too much heat. Additionally, the noncorrosive zipper will last you years as it won’t be corroded by the salt from the sea.

The specially fabricated interior design adds to the durability of this bag. The two padded dividers, we believe, is the best feature on this bag because its much thicker foam-padding adds security to the boards throughout the trip. You can also find internal fin and wax pockets.

The padded shoulder strap is removable and has a stash pocket for extra easy to access storage. You can choose not to remove it anymore to avoid the strap being misplaced.

Key Features

  • Triple surfboard capacity
  • Tarp lined wax pocket
  • Velcro mesh sleeve pocket
  • Foam-padded board dividers
  • Extremely padded construction
Well-design surfboard travel bagPricier than the other travel bags
Foam-padded features
Lacking features
Removable strap
Extra pockets

#6. Channel Islands Travel Light CX2 Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag

The previous travel bags might still be bulky for you, so we searched for a lighter surfboard bag. The Channel Islands creates a surfboard travel bag that is both lightweight and durable. According to Stefan, a Cleanline Staff member, the bag is perfect for carrying shortboards for long-distance beach travel.  The overall weight of the bag is lightweight yet made tough with its extra padding design.

This CX series of travel bags can contain up to two surfboards and can carry three shortboards boards if they’re all standard size shortboards. The travel bag is super light and slim in shape like a coffin, which is where its name originally comes from. It can be easily brought to the airport if you plan to have a surfing competition abroad. We recommend this surfboard travel bag for groveler and fish style boards.

The boards won’t be crashing into each other with the help of the padded internal dividers. The boards are also fully protected by the corrosion-proof zipper. It has 10mm overall padding, including the nose and tail portions. These features protect all the boards inside the bag effectively. Its shell design is watertight heck rip-stop, so the bag remains dry even when touched by the water.

The bag can be put on wheels by connecting it via the straps, making it easier and quicker to transport. It is compatible with the CI Carry-on Bag. Most surfers even use this bag as a sleeping bag for long time travel.

Key Features

  • Custom Hex D-rings
  • Expandable paddle compartment
  • Comes in a series (CX1, CX2, and CX3)
  • Compact design
Easy to transport
Less costly than the prior bags
Only two boards can be carried
Easy to transport

#7. Ocean & Earth Double Travel Compact Shortboard Travel Bag

The Surfboard Warehouse offers several designs of travel bags for all types of surfboards. One of which includes the Double Travel Compact Bag by Ocean & Earth that is suitable for shortboards between 6’0” and 7’2” wide. In our opinion, the best feature of this bag is the 40” waterproof shock absorbing foam, which is also the thickest padded bag on the list. Plus, this travel bag can hold up to two shortboards. It can also hold the fins and other accessories in the extra space.

The bag is designed to be compact and is available in two colors, black, and navy. Its exterior is made from 600D nylon material and is accompanied by a noncorrosive nylon zip. This results in a tougher bag. Within the actual bag lies a large internal paddle bag to keep the paddle more secure. Lastly, there’s also removable hook storage for your indoor storage surfboard needs.

Storing a surfboard with or without fin can be easily accomplished with the help of the included foam gusset and zip out tail gusset.

Apart from being compact, the travel bag can be carried in three ways with full convenience because of the load compression straps. It can be held via a detachable shoulder strap or a rubberized handle. Whichever one it is, both are for easy transport.

The price is very affordable for every surfer in the world.

Key Features

  • Waterproof design
  • Internal paddle bag
  • Made of tough nylon material
  • Removable hook storage
  • Shock-absorbing foam design
Simple yet sturdy
Only suitable for limited shortboard sizes
Only two color options are available
Very affordable

#8. Pro-Lite Travel Double – Longboard Bag Rhino

Travel Bag Rhino is appropriate for longboards. It can hold up to 2 longboards without fins and accessories and one longboard with other accessories. Two longboard sizes between 7’2” and 10’6” fit inside the bag. However, the bag can only contain one longboard that is sized between 10’0” and 10’6”. It can, therefore, go for the single or double board during travels, whether on a plane or in the car.

The materials used in the production are 10mm foam padding and 600D polyester. It has a reinforced nose and a flip-top opening to easily slide the boards in and out of the bag. It is sealed off with top zip opening surrounded by rail guard to fully protect the boards. As an added protection, there are Velcro closures around the rails with a collapsible gusset.

Bag Rhino is full of additional interior and exterior pockets. One is a large external pocket for wetsuits and other accessories and one pocket for the keys. Another one is the strap pocket to store the padded shoulder strap when not in use on the inside area mesh storage pocket and a vent that allows airflow to keep the surfboard cool.

Plus, the material is stormproof.

Key Features

  • High-density foam material
  • Several interior and exterior pockets
  • Deluxe padded removable shoulder strap
Suitable for longboardsSlightly expensive
Extra pocket storages

#9. South Bay Board Co. Premium Surfboard and Paddle Board Travel Bags

South Bay Board Co. offers the most affordable surfboard bag on the list. Most surfers like these bags so much not just because of the price but also because of its specs. It was simply designed with extra durability due to its high-quality materials. This lightweight board bag is made of tarpaulin material that is heat and water-resistant. Both of its sides are composed of UV resistant foils for maximum protection against the dangerous effect of too much sun rays.

It is built with 1/5” foam protective layer so that when you accidentally drop the bag off, the boards inside will not break into a million different pieces. Moreover, this bag doesn’t only contain surfboards but also paddleboards that are sized between 5ft to 11ft. It is, therefore, a complete package during trips. For extra storage to hold other accessories, there’s a Bungee Rope System.

The bag’s zipper enclosure is sand-resistant, and so it can’t be easily destroyed by the beach sand. The bag has a built-in carrying handle and a removable soft-padded shoulder strap for easy transport and therefore perfect for travels.

The company offers a risk-free purchase for up to 30-days wherein the product can be returned to the manufacturer without any fees.

Key Features

  • Additional paddleboard storage
  • UV resistant foil on both sides
  • Made of heat and water-resistant materials
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Available in different sizes
  • Foam protective layer
Most affordable price on the list
Not clear on offered sizes
Variety of sizes available
Well-padded construction

#10. Dakine Daylight Surf Thruster Travel Bag

Last but surely not the least surfboard travel bag among the list is from Dakine. The manufacturer has already proven itself in producing high-quality bags for surfboards. They continue their stride in the surfboard travel bag industry with the Daylight Surf Thruster Bag, which comes with good features at a very reasonable price.

This bag can be carried all day long with the help of its padded shoulder strap that eases pressure on your shoulders. You can go on a trip with only one bag as it has wax and a fin pocket. This adds convenience for every sea wanderers out there.

Daylight Surf Thruster Bag is very versatile for most boards’ shape fits in it. Its ¼ inches foam padding renders maximum protection to what it contains which is a great deal. Also, the bag is made of heat and waterproof tarpaulin materials which provides superior protection for the board.

Its heavy-duty construction enhances its durability and usefulness for a longer period, so you won’t have to worry about having to buy another bag for a while. This bag comes in several different sizes but only one color: white. It’s only offered in white because it looks cleaner than way and can easily blend to other beach apparel.

Key Features

  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Stash pocket
  • One size fits all board’s shapes
  • Thick foam padding
  • Waterproof and heat-resistant materials used
  • Coiled zipper designed
Long-lasting usefulness
Zippers easily rust
Very affordable
Classic design

Our Favorite Surfboard Travel Bag

Among the listed surfboard travel bags, we pick the Wave Tribe Eco Surfboard Travel Bag as the best board carrier. Click on the link to check out the price.

The bag is popular to most surfers from Bali and South Africa because of its 10-year in the making design. Its interior and exterior design are both made of rebound technology. Within is foam-padded with board separators to provide maximum protection for the board. Its exterior design supports the green surfing movement. Rugged Eco Hemp and Reflective Energy Shield are the designs for its side A and B, respectively. Other features such as flow zip system, shoulder strap, carrying handle, and additional pockets are all present.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider in Buying a Surfboard Travel Bag?

Now that you have a bit idea on the best surfboard travel bag products, which among the list is your best pick? To know whether your prospected surfboard travel bag in the market is a good buy, we provide the following key factors that need to be considered:

Size and Shape

There are different kinds of surfing boards, such as hybrid, short, and longboards. Therefore, knowing the size and shape of the travel bag is the first step in buying a surfboard travel bag.

First is considering the shape of your surfboard before buying a suitable bag for it. This is to avoid further inconvenience in properly fitting the boards into the bag.

Picking the right size of the bag will prevent some parts of the board from sticking out of the bag. It would be better if the board fits snugly inside the bag you’ll choose.

Every buyer must know both of these factors to pick the right product surely.

Materials used

The primary materials used in the production of surfboard travel bags are nylon and polyester. These are known for durability in all accounts. The kind of travel bag for surfboards is 100% exposed to outdoor elements like water, sunlight, and salty beaches. Therefore, it is important that the materials used are water and heat-resistant.

Check out this factor to be able to know when a product can last long or not. The useful life of a travel bag depends upon its production.


If the materials used are all well, expect the bag to be tough in carrying surfboards. It must not break, especially the carrying strap which is prone to damage. Its overall design will determine the sturdiness of the travel bag. So, keep your eyes towards its features.


Determine how many surfboards it can contain. There are product models that are capable of accommodating only one board and up to several boards. This depends upon the need of the buyer, whether it has several boards or only one. You can buy one board bag for the whole team.

Zip quality

The zipper is the part of a travel bag that is most prone to damage that’s why choosing a quality-made zip is necessary. It is responsible for securing the board when stored so the zip must better not fall apart. The life of the zipper also depends on how careful the user in fastening the bag.


The primary goal of having a surfboard bag is to bring the board from one place to another easily. And so, being lightweight and sturdy must come together to consider the bag a good buy still. Different carrying techniques, such as via carrying handle or shoulder strap, are needed for the movability of the product.

Some models can be connected to wheels for easier transport.


Since the primary purpose of a surfboard travel bag is to protect the board, foam-padded construction is necessary. This is to secure the board from getting damage in all situations.


Consider buying a board bag that is within your budget. No need for breaking your pocket just to have the best product. Other above-products are very affordable yet perform very well in securing a surfboard. You can look for more inexpensive bags online or in retail stores.

Other features

There are still other unique features you’ll encounter in looking for surfboard travel bags. One of the features is the extra pockets both on the outside and inside the bag. This is so beneficial, especially for those surfers who bring a lot of stuff during a trip. Another is the Top Zip Flip Top feature which helps for the proper fitting of boards inside the bag. The containing boards can also be separated by the padded dividers to avoid marks among the boards. A paddle holder is also important to keep the paddle secure and not be misplaced.

How to Pack Surfboards in a Travel Bag

After having the surfboard travel bag with the best features, the next step is to know how to pack up. Making sure that surfboards are packed away safely inside a travel bag is somewhat challenging if you’re not doing the proper way of packing. Here is the step-by-step process on how to pack surfboards within a travel bag:

Step no. 1: Prepare travel bag

You can choose from the above products depending on the number of boards you’ll pack.

Step no. 2: Separate the fin off your board

The paddle is separately stored inside the bag. Wrapping the fin with a soft towel helps to keep it secure. The other way to store a fin is by buying a fin box with a separate cost.

Step no. 3: Protect the rails

This is to avoid further injuries. By using foam pipe insulation, it’ll provide a little extra precaution for anyone not to be hurt. Another way to protect the rails is to wrap it with plastic wrap.

Step no. 4: Extra protection on nose and tail

Bubble wrap or thick towels work in securing the nose and tail of the board. It is extra protection in addition to the prior for the betterment of your board.

Step no. 5: Wrap up the entire board

After protecting the rails, nose, and tail, now, wrap up the whole board with a bubble wrap. Add more layers to ensure full protection for the board.

Step no. 6: Ensure evenly distributed weight

Storing the other accessories in an even manner will keep the weight of the bag more balance and therefore easier to carry.

Step no. 7: Pay careful attention to luggage attendants

Perhaps, you’re planning to go on board with a fully packed surfboard. Remind the luggage attendants to give extra care to the bag because it is fragile, unlike other baggage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

After knowing these and that, you might be still asking queries inside your mind. We have collected some popular questions asked by most consumers of surfboard travel bags. And we’d end up having these five (5) helpful statements you might depend on:

Q: Are surfboard travel bags washable?

The answer depends on two factors: the manufacturer’s instruction and the materials used in producing the bag. Make sure to know those factors before making an action. This would save you from further expenses and adds life to your travel bag.

Q: How important are vents and meshes on a surfboard travel bag?

Vents and meshes are so important in a surfboard travel bag for two reasons. First, it keeps the surfboard highly ventilated and so it stays cool even when it’s inside the bag. Second, this prevents bubbling caused by the excess water on the board. Overall, these two lengthens the usefulness of your surfboard as well as the travel bag itself.

Q: Does surfboard travel bags come with warranties?

It depends upon the manufacturer if they add years of warranties on the product. But, you can look for surfboard travel bags that have included warranties and guarantees. This results in a hassle-free buying experience.

Q: Should the board be put a shine on when stored in a bag?

It depends upon the travel time. For shorter trips, it would be fine to wax the board as heat will not affect it. But, for longer trips, it is highly recommended to remove the wax as it would surely melt inside the bag. Can you imagine how annoying it is within the bag?

Q: How to make a surfboard travel bag last longer?

With proper care and usage, a surfboard travel bag will surely last. The way it is washed must be full of care. The way it is carried must be full of gentleness. Regularly wipe down the bag with a cloth to remove excess sand and water. Don’t let any wax to stay inside the bag for a long time and so check it more often. Please avoid drying the bag with direct sunlight; it could shrink.

The Bottom Line

The surfboard travel bag that you should get depends on your needs. Those reviewed brands of board bags are some of the best solid bags out there that we recommend for picking. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced surfer, a good investment of board bag can save you from tons of expenses and worries. We command you to carefully read the Buying Guide Section to know which bag is the best buy fully.

For more questions, don’t be shy, leaving a comment below and wait for a quick response.

Now, get your board bag and enjoy surfing!

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