best beaches in the Philippines

Best Beaches in the Philippines [Infographic]

by Joshua Francia and Jonah Villanueva

The Philippines has no shortage of white sand beaches. Nor does it come far from water bodies with intricate details like underwater rivers and cave formations. There is just so much to visit that you’d have a hard time picking which beaches to visit.

Deciding which Philippine beach to add to your itinerary can be a challenge, but here’s a list of the best beaches in the Philippines that should help you.

The Most Popular Beach in the Philippines – Boracay

This write-up wouldn’t be complete without the most popular beach in the Philippines and around the world – Boracay.

For anyone who loves beaches, Boracay competes with the world’s best beaches in more popular destinations like the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Facts about Boracay

  • The name is derived from the local word “borac,” which means white cotton with characteristics closely similar to Boracay’s white sugary and powdery sand.
  • The influx of tourism started sometime in the 1970s when the movies Nam’s Angels and Too Late the Hero used filming locations on Boracay and Caticlan.
  • In 2012, Boracay had been named the world’s second-best beach after Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands.
  • The island’s most famous stretch spans four kilometers.
  • Boracay offers different activities that people of all ages can enjoy – windsurfing, parasailing, kiteboarding, ziplining, cliff-diving, swimming, running, jogging, shopping, partying.
  • Boracay is loosely divided into Boat Stations, commonly referred to as Station 3, Station 2, and Station 1.
  • American actress Elizabeth Taylor received a bracelet of puka shells from Boracay. Its beauty so took her that she had to go where the bracelet was from.
beaches in the philippines infographic


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