South Bay Board Co. Surfboards Review 2024

Chances are, you have at one point come across South Bay Board Co. They are very hard to miss. You will see them on the displays of local surf shops. You have probably seen a fellow rider smashing it in the waves riding one. Or their name must’ve appeared when you looked for selections of softboards. 

After all, that is what they are popular for – mini mals, softboards, longboards and foamboards. Not that they don’t have other boards than these, but they are what South Bay Board Co. is synonymous with. You may also consider it one of the best surfboards for beginners

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South Bay Board Co. Surfboards Review

South Bay Board Co. has a wide range of sticks that you can choose from depending on the kind of ride you want to have. Since they are most popular with the soft top, both entry-level and hybrid, here’s giving you a glimpse of which is the best SBBC board for you before we proceed with surfboard reviews. 

Which Entry-Level Soft Top Surfboard Is for You?

Entry Level Sof Top Surfboards 7′ Ruccus  8′ Verve 8’8″ Heritage
Dimensions 84″ x 22″ x 2.85″ 96″ x 23″ x 3″ 104″ x 22.5″ x3″
Recommended Beginner Surfer Weight 20 to 150 lbs 70 to 180 lbs 100 to 210 lbs
Recommended Experienced Surfer Weight Up to 200 lbs Up to 230 lbs Up to 260 lbs
Ideal Wave Conditions 1 ft < – > 6 ft Whitewash <-> 5 ft Whitewash < – > 5 ft
Best Known for Soul and Style. For that fun and smooth turns with comfortable speed for all skill levels to enjoy. Speed. For that quick and precise ripping with comfortable hauling down the wave’s face.  Logging. For that thickness of a longboard that can cruise in style. 

South Bay Board Co. Beginner Soft Boards

1. 7’ Ruccus Surfboard


Ruccus has been many times recognized by surf sites because of all the winning features it showcases. This includes the IXPE fingerprint wax-less deck, HDPE (high-density polyethylene) slick double concave bottom, integrated GoPro mount, and tapered rails. 

A foot smaller than Verve, Ruccus is ideal for smaller surfers. The weight-bearing capacity of up to 160 lbs is perfect for younger and lighter riders to familiarize the same wave-riding feels of the longer version, Verve. 

The squash tail and the pointed nose allow for better maneuverability than other SBBC boards. Although, the real price to pay for excellent control is the challenge of learning how to use them more than other traditional foamboards. 

2. 8’ Verve


A high-performance foam surfboard, South Bay Board Co., made sure it has the ideal shape and size for getting whitewater waves. With dimensions running at 8’ x 23” x 3” and with its rounded rubber tails, it offers superior stability especially when you are just starting how to turn. 

The best foamie for beginners, it features IXPE (Irradiated Cross-linked Polyethylene) Fingerprint surfaced foam that allows you to ride it wax-free. No need to clean off and reapply wax, for every single use. 

8’ Verve’s core is from compacted close-cell EPS (expanded polystyrene), a technology that keeps water from being absorbed despite dents and scratches. Foamies are notorious for absorbing water over time, making it heavier day by day. Not 8’ Verve. 

3. 8’8″ Heritage

South Bay Board Co. Surfboards 8'8" Heritage

The iconic 8’8″ Heritage is another beginner-friendly surfboard from South Bay Board Co. This stick kicks things off on a stable footing equipped with all the right materials, blended with an effective shape and appearance for every beginner’s needs. 

With the 8’8″ Heritage’s soft top, you can be sure to experience comfort and ease on the waters. The same confidence that you just can’t get in a more advanced board. 

As if the construction is not enough, South Bay Board Co. finished this surfboard with its wax-free ‘fingerprint’ foam on the top deck. This leaves you worry-free about applying wax before riding and cleaning right after. That means more time for you to enjoy your ride. 

Which Hybrid Soft Top Surfboard is Right for You?

Hybrid Soft Top Surfboards 5′ Big Betsy 6′ Mahi 6′ Razzo 6’8″ Casper
Dimensions 60″ x 20″ x 2″ at 30L 68″ x 21″ 2.75″ at 38L 72″ x 20″ x 2.5″ at 35.5L 80″ x 21″ x 2.75″ at 45L
Recommended Maximum Surfer Weight Up to 170 lbs Up to 200 lbs Up to 200 lbs Up to 200 lbs
Ideal Wave Conditions 3′ to 5; Wakesurf Wave 2′ to 7′  3′ to 7′ 1′ to 6′
Best Known For As a beginner wakesurf board or burner on a proper wave.  Quick and loose in the pocket Standard shortboard-shaped high performing board with the benefits of being a floaty soft top. Focused on fun and fluid feel on the wave. 

South Bay Board Co. Hybrid Soft Top Surfboards

1. 5’5 Big Betsy


While most foamies seem like a toy made to look like a surfboard, 5’5 Big Betsy comes along. A very well-made surfboard that features an extra-wide and blunted nose, with enlarged chest areas for that amazing paddle power. 

Shaped with a custom tail, it allows for an epic release during your turns. The expansive tail section also offers great stability and floatability in thicker sections. As with most South Bay Board Co. surfboards, 5′ Big Betsy features a FingerPrint Texture Foam Top Deck. 

This stick is CNC machined from heavy-duty, hard-wearing, high-density EPS (expanded polystyrene) closed-cell foam. Ideal for advanced surfers, this board can support up to 200 lbs of weight.

2. 6′ Mahi


6′ Mahi is an impressive surfboard from South Bay Board Co. for all-around surfing. It combines power and performance to make it the savage stick you can ride. Its recipe for success is added with that traditional fishtail that lets you pull off bigger turns as you fly down the line, despite not having enough shortboard experience. 

One of its distinctions is its effortless paddling, all thanks to the added volume it has. Showcasing a single concave down the bottom, it is perfect for any ride, even in smaller conditions. This characteristic won’t affect just how easy it is to paddle. The speed you get as you cut it down the line is also uncompromised. 

3. 6′ Razzo

One of the fastest boards shaped and manufactured by South Bay Board Co, this surfboard lives up to its name. Razzo is a “rocket” in Italian. No wonder, it was named as such. 

6′ Razzo has a thruster nose, combined with an expanded chest area, and a squash tail. At its length of 6’, it delivers the ability to go fast and build incredible downturns. All of these while keeping its fun-size feels. 

While it appears to be smaller than most surfboards that riders find easy to learn on, this surfboard should mislead you. Its wider deck and EPS (expanded polystyrene) soft foam top make it the ideal surfboard for kids and for beginners, too. 

4. 6’8″ Casper


The main goal of South Bay Board Co. for 6’8″ Casper is for the rider to experience all the fun while riding. The best step-down shredder from a longboard, it is built with a thruster-style nose, combined with a swallowtail. 

Its lightly smaller shape and dimensions do not compromise the board’s responsiveness and stability. This board is what you should have if you need one to practice on for high-performance turns with enhanced speed. 

6’8″ Casper has hand-tapered rails. This feature allows you to cut deeper into the face of the wave. The swallowtail that is pulled in is perfect for learning the basics of turning, curving, and doing tricks. Do not mind the volume as its rounded nose and tail rockers make up for it by being more reactive than longboards. 

Who Is South Bay Board Co.?

South Bay rings you of scenic beach spots of California, particularly the South Bay of Los Angeles. This must be where the company took its name. Their passion for getting out and enjoying the waters of the beautiful Pacific Coast didn’t just get them the exhilarating ride on the waves but ride on their business ventures, too. 

Being based in Southern California, right in the heart of Manhattan Beach, the South Bay Board Co. team is immersed in the surf culture. Thus, the birth of the company. Their passion for the waters made them dedicated to creating the most fun, durable, and versatile board in the market today. 

The immersion they have in surf culture in LA makes them know first-hand what makes surfing great – the love for the sport and the love for the ocean. These two are the company’s foundation in building high-quality performance soft top surfboards as well as durable stand-up paddleboards.

South Bay Board Co. Surfboards’ Anatomy

True to their word, South Bay Board Co. makes boards that are far more hard-wearing than other brands. While almost every surfboard has the same makeup: stringer, inner core, and upper and lower skin material, theirs are guaranteed to be made from the best resources they can use. 

The Stringer

The stringer is that thin strip of wood that runs from the nose to the tail, down the center of the surfboard’s foam blank. Its main purpose is to add stiffness and rigidity to the stick. It can either be a wooden or fiberglass piece that is holding the board together to keep it from snapping in half. 

The majority of surfboards have one wooden stringer, while the others have two or three. What makes South Bay Board Co. stand out are its boards that have two wooden stringers along with an additional fiberglass center rod. This setup gives the board thrice strength and stability. 

The Inner Material

Surfboards’ elongated platforms, especially the modern ones are made of polyurethane or polystyrene foam that is covered with layers of fiberglass cloth, polyester, or Expanded Polystyrene. Polyurethane is the earliest used material and is the easiest to shape even with hands. The downside with this material is that it is very fine-textured that it can get ripped or dinged easily. 

Polystyrene is lighter but stable. The good thing about it is it’s recyclable. Its environmental compatibility made it more common and accessible to the market. Unfortunately, at the sacrifice of quality. 

The third and most popular is Expanded Polystyrene. This material has gained popularity as the lightest and longest-lasting. Not to mention they are eco-friendly and recyclable. 

The best thing about South Bay Board Co.? All of their boards are made from EPS foam

The Outside Material

What you see when you look at a surfboard is the actual outside material of a surfboard. Usually made from resin, this can either be epoxy, polyester, or polyurethane. The healthier alternative to Polyester is Epoxy Resin since it has up to 75% fewer chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment. 

South Bay Board Co surfboards apply at least a couple of layers of Epoxy resin to keep the board against dings and dents. 

With the triple stringer, EPS core, and 2+ sheets of epoxy resin, South Bay Board Co.’s surfboards are guaranteed to be one of the strongest surfboards in the market today. Aside from the scrutiny of the materials used, once assembly is done, SBBC’s engineers place the end goods into a vacuum chamber to compress and heat the materials. 

Compression and heating allow the epoxy resin to reinforce and harden. This process is the strongest among the many methods of board construction. This leaves you confident that you have a surfboard that is not just durable but environmentally friendly, too. 


South Bay Board Co. has almost everything you need to fill in your quiver. They carry a surfboard lineup that is full of versatile and handy sticks that you can use for probably as long as you want to surf. 

Being Cali natives, they know every rider’s love and respect for our planet. Thus, they use the most sustainable, hard-wearing, and environmentally friendly materials. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What accessories does South Bay Board Co. include with every purchase of a surfboard? 

Every purchase of South Bay Board Co. surfboard includes the basic needs of a surfer, like a leash, the set of screw-in fin set that is appropriate for the surfboard you bought, a stomp pad, a surfboard paint lens, and a board bag.

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