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Surfing is one of the most enthralling and exciting water sports activities. But it can soon turn into a highly irritating and disappointing experience if you do not have the right kind of surfboard.

There are so many specifications to look for in your surfboard to keep alive your thrill and excitement. Over and above, the quality of the surfboard plays an even more important role in deciding the suitable surfboard.

So, how to ensure a good quality surfboard?

Well, selecting the right stores and selecting the right brand are the two most important factors in ensuring good quality surfboards.

Global Surf Industries (GSI) takes care of both these important aspects while offering the best quality of a wide variety of surfboards. They are highly reliable stores that offer some of the well-known brands of surfboards in the most reasonable price range.

Top Models of Surfboards and Paddles by Global Surf Industries

From the above list of surfboard and paddle brands, it is pretty evident that GSI deals only with quality and class. Each of these brands offers a variety of watercraft catering to different styles and skill levels of surfers.

We are sharing here some of the most popular models of these renowned brands of surfboards and paddleboards offered by GSI.

1. 7S JetStream+ – PU

Global Surf Industries Review 7S Jetstream - white surfboard

7sJetstream+ is one of the best boards from 7S so far. The board is highly versatile- thanks to its unique design, the watercraft can perform equally well in the sloppy as well as in the high water waves.

The surfboard can move with great speed due to more surface area in the front part as compared to most shortboards. The board offers a smooth rail transition due to the conventional design of the tail portion of the craft.

The board provides optimum performance of speed and movement in flat water terrains. Besides, it responds perfectly to hollow water waves, as well.

The rocker designs enable high pick-up while still allowing enough space to fit into the irregularities of the waves. Moreover, it also allows you to drive the craft without cutting down on velocity and acceleration even while turning on the curves.

The ultimate design of the rail offers extreme responsiveness to the shortboard and takes the surfing experience to a different level.

Overall, Jetstream+ is a performance model that makes surfing look much easier. Even if you are new to surfing you won’t fear riding the waves when you see the hybrid surfboard over the water’s surface.

2. Adventure Paddleboarding All-Rounder – MX

Global Surf Industries Review Adventure Paddleboarding All Rounder - yellow and white stand-up paddleboard

Adventure Paddleboarding All Rounder – MX lives perfectly to its name. It is an all-rounder stand-up paddleboard (SUP) that not only is ideal for flat water but also offers great thrill in the high waves.

The paddleboard is available in a variety of sizes to cater to paddlers of different age groups and body sizes. The affordable board boasts various performance features that make it one of the most worthwhile paddleboards in its category.

The board has enough width in the center. Besides, it has a low rocker with an optimum outline. All these design features combined together to allow the boat to remain flat on the fluid surface. This makes the boat pretty balanced and encourages even the new paddlers to try out the waves without apprehension.

The flat-double concave bottom allows for a quick pickup and a smooth float over the water. The slight upward tail facilitates easy maneuvering of the board even in the high-rising waves.

The one reason that you can attribute to its high popularity is its size-to-volume ratio. With a high size-to-volume ratio and extreme buoyancy, the board is highly versatile and can be driven to a variety of water terrains in multiple water conditions.

The boards feature highly convenient handles for easy carrying, a single fin to support beginners, and extra nose plugs for more storage.

In total, the All Rounder – MX is easy to use paddleboard having very high versatility with several convenience and performance features.

3. Creative Army 5 Sugars – PU

Global Surf Industries Review Creative Army Five Sugars - PU - saffron

The Creative Army 5 Sugars is ideal for those who are short boarders and want the board to be able to ride at top speed. It is also a perfect board for those who are longboarders and enjoy nose riding coupled with the high-velocity turn while paddling.

It is a highly versatile board. The board comprises a modern rocker. With its high volume, it is a highly enjoyable experience to paddle the board in any water condition.

The board has a 2+1 fin arrangement. Besides, the bottom of the boat has a slightly rounded Vee shape at most of the back portion. Both these features offer very smooth transitions between rails. The board has a very smooth outline. The design of the tail facilitates speed and acceleration during the turns. 

The paddleboard has a medium rocker. Besides, it is flat in the midsection. Both these design features make it easy to paddle the board without much effort. The board offers superlative nose riding- thanks to multiple design features. The nose of the board has a long and deep concave. It causes the nose to lift to offer effective riding on the waves.

Overall, the highly versatile paddleboard has high speed, high acceleration, and high maneuverability. And all these characteristics of the board make it one of the best paddleboards in its category.

4. Modern Golden Rule – PU

Global Surf Industries Review Modern Surfboards - The Golden Rule yellow and white longboard

Another all-rounder and highly versatile longboard in the list of best surf and paddleboards offered by GSI, the Modern Golden Rule is a highly reliable board, as well. Balance and control were the focus point while designing the board. The emphasis was also given to the stability of the board.

The board has enough foam on the seat. It allows for easy and quick paddling. Besides, it also allows for foiling the tail out for the best performance during the turning.

The outline of the board is very balanced. The pulled nose, the flat midsection, and the tapered tail all combined together offer very high maneuverability to the board.

The rocker is designed low through the entry. It allows for quicker paddling and, in turn, faster entry into the waves. A flat midsection with some curve allows for a smooth round turning on the rising waves. The tail has a bit more lift that helps enhance the performance of the surfer a great deal.

The board has a subtle concave nose. The midsection isn’t rounded but has a simplistic Vee that enters the double concave to touch the tail smoothly. This design helps a very smooth transition between the rails.

The nose and tail are much thinner compared to the earlier versions. They also are smoother towards the rails. This special design feature offers much more stability to the longboard thus allowing very easy riding even for the newbies.

The volume of the board is spread so nicely that it offers maximum stability to the board. It gives absolute enjoyment while riding the waves. The beginners and the pro-surfers equally find this longboard special for the kind of fun it offers in any water condition. The board is highly reliable in all types of water waves and perfect for those who intend to go distances over the board.

5. Salt Gypsy Mid Tide – PU

Global Surf Industries Review Salt Gypsy Mid Tide - PU - hard white

The mid-length watercraft, Salt Gypsy Mid Tide, is a highly reliable board. You can ride any wave in the water- the board will not disappoint you any time during your ride. It is highly versatile, as well, and can see any water surface with absolute clarity.

The tireless board can perform for the whole day and for days together without losing on its performance a single bit.

The shape of the board is absolutely fascinating and not only in its appearance but also in offering high performance in different water conditions. The paddleboard is super easy to ride, absolutely stable, and has ultimate maneuverability to respond smoothly even to the trickiest turns.

Its most simplistic yet professional design makes it suitable for all age groups and all sizes of paddlers. The all-around board is also ideal for both male and female riders making it one of the very few paddleboards suitable for both genders.

The board apart from offering such super versatility also shows its concern for the environment. These boards are packed in 100% dust cotton instead of plastic packaging most prevent packaging material for these surfboards.

6. Tom Carroll Outer Reef – MX

Global Surf Industries Review Tom Carroll Paddle Surf  Outer Reef - blue and white stand up paddleboard

The Tom Carrol Outer Reef is a highly affordable Standup Paddleboard. The board is suitable to ride on flat water as well as on large surfs. The MX construction offers very high durability to the board. The board is built with extra volume all across. The paddleboard is suitable for paddlers in the beginner to intermediate category.

The main attention while designing the board is given to the speed and power to ride Oahu’s North Shore outer reef. Designing the board thus offers some complex bottom contours. They are made softer again to offer an easy ride over the Outer Reef. It increases the surface area thus improving the efficiency of water flow and in turn, provides very high volume stability with no loss of flow.

The rocker of the board is rather relaxed. This allows for super flow on flat water. Besides, it allows for high speed on waves. The rocker design further helps in providing the smoothest of turns giving very high maneuverability to the watercraft.

The board is available in four different sizes and offers a highly comfortable ride over the Outer Reef.

About Global Surf Industries

GSI is an Australian establishment that was incorporated in 2002. They are one of the most renowned stores that offer the most popular surfboard and Stand-up Paddle (SUP) boards in various countries across the world. They have fully-owned distribution networks in Australia, Newzealand, and the USA. Besides, they also have distribution networks in many other countries, as well.

GSI works on the philosophy of enhancing your life by offering ultimate fun and enjoyment while you are in the water. Each and every step that they follow from selecting the surfboard brand to delivering the desired watercraft to the customer, they always keep this philosophy at the center of all their activities.

And for this reason, each brand that they select is meant to serve a specific type of surfer based on their respective style and skill level. They also put a lot of emphasis on the use of the latest technology that can be helpful in further enhancing the experience of the surfers in the water.

So, whether you are a newbie or a pro surfer or paddler, with GSI you will find the best quality brand and the perfect model to suit your specific surfing or paddling requirements.

Top Brands of Surfboards and Paddlers at GSI

GSI deals with some of the most popular surfboards and paddlers in the world. They include,

Things to consider when buying Surfboard

Buying a branded surfboard from a renowned store ensures a genuine and high-quality watercraft. However, you need to select the board as per your style and skill level. For that, you need to know the different factors that suit you the most. The following are some of the factors that you should consider when buying a surfboard.

Type of surfboard

Depending on your skill level you should choose between a longboard and a soft board. If you are a beginner, go for a longboard. So, a board with more than 9 feet will be perfect for a beginner to learn the basic traits of surfing.

If you are a pro surfer, a shortboard will challenge your skills and offer extreme thrill and enjoyment in return.


The volume of a surfboard is a factor in its length, width, and height. Multiply these parameters to find out the volume of the board.

The volume of the board should match your volume which is a factor of your age, fitness, age, and skill level. Select the surfboard that matches your volume.

It is advisable for beginners, to select a board with a higher volume to get more control and stability.


The size of the board has two determining factors;

  1. Bodyweight and
  2. Experience level

If you have low body weight you should select smaller boards compared to the heavyweight surfers.

From an experience point of view, you should select long-size boards if you are a beginner. If you are a professional go for the shorter boards.


All waves are different and so are the surfboards for different types of waves. So, selecting the right surfboard will also depend on the type of wave that you want to catch.

If you are interested in catching small waves, the groveling type of board will be ideal for your hunt. The Advance and Advance Plus, on the other hand, will love to have a high-performance surfboard in their kitty.


Getting the surfboard with the right specification is easier if you know the factors that determine the board for different styles and skill levels. In the buyer’s guide above, we have tried to explain these factors in detail.

When one of the most reliable stores like Global Surf Industries offers your favorite and one of the most renowned brands at a highly affordable price point, you only need to consider your style and skill level to decide the exact model among the best ones.

We hope that the reviews of some of the top-rated models available in GSI along with the buyer’s guide were helpful to you in buying the most suitable model for your purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I look after my Surfboard/SUP?

A: SUP and surfboards are not made with highly rugged material. For this reason, they need extra care to get high durability. You should wash your board with fresh water after your surfing adventure. Either wipe down the board with a clean, dry, and non-abrasive cloth or allow it to dry naturally away from direct sunlight. Also, make sure that you do not keep your board under direct sunlight. Do not also leave it in a vehicle, particularly in hot weather conditions. Exposure to heat can cause irreparable damage to your board.

Q: How Can I Pay for the surfboard if I buy from GSI?

A: You can pay via VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, and Paypal. However, payments through AMEX are acceptable only in Australia and the US.

Q: What are the different accessories available at GSI?

A: Apart from selling Surfboards and SUPs, GSI also sells many different accessories. These accessories include a variety of Hang up Systems; Storage bags for different types of boards; Leashes; Tail Pads; Fins; Paddle accessories like Lever lock cables, handles, and pins; and the Swllinfo Mobile App, etc.

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