Top 9 Best Wake Foils Reviewed (Slingshot, Liquid Force)

Last Updated March 17, 2023

Wake foiling is a new sport that is starting to become famous. It gives you the same snowboarding experience, but you only have to do it in the waters. The feeling was also the same when Marty used a floating skateboard to escape the bad guys in “Back to the Future.”

The experience it can give is priceless, and you do not have to exert much effort to feel it. You can do it behind any kind of boat or in any water condition. That is why if you want this sport, you need to have the right gear.

In this article, you will find out the best wake foils on the market. You will know what makes these products become the customers’ favorites. Since wake foiling is a new sport, you will know more about it and the gears you have to use.

Top 9 Best Wake Foils Review

  1. Slingshot Sports Hover Glide WF-1
  2. Phase Five Gizmo Wake Foil Package
  3. Liquid Force POD Foil Package
  4. Liquid Force Galaxy AK Foil
  5. Wakefoil 2.0 Wakefoil Package
  6. Slingshot Sports Hover Glide WF-2
  7. Phase Five Chip Wakefoil Package
  8. Slingshot Sports 2019 Hover Glide WF-2
  9. Slingshot Sports Hover Glide Foil Ignition

#1. Slingshot Sports Hover Glide WF-1

Slingshot Sports Hover Glide FSURF V3 Foil Package Complete


  • Ability level: intermediate to advanced
  • Number of fins: two
  • Construction Material: foam
  • Mast length: 28 inches

If you want to feel like the Silver Surfer from the Fantastic Four movie, the Slingshot Sports Hover Glide WF-1package will allow you to experience it. This product will give you a levitating experience as you wake foil.

It has a foil mount track that allows you to adjust the lift that you can get from the foil. It also allows you to wakesurf without the foil. This product includes two classic fins and a board with a fast rocker line.

You will have the best of two worlds when you have the Slingshot Sports WF-1 package.

Wake foiling and wake surfing are possibleNo compatible foot straps
Includes two classic fins
Adjustable lift

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#2. Phase Five Gizmo Wakefoil Package

Phase Five Gizmo Wakefoil Package 2020


  • Ability level: advanced to expert
  • Number of fins: one
  • Construction material: fiberglass, carbon fiber, and foam
  • Mast length: 28 inches
  • Foil surface area: 1,534 square centimeter

Phase Five is famous for its high-end, cutting edge gadgets. That is why it is not surprising to see these characteristics to its Phase Five Gizmo Wake Foil Package.

The materials used for its construction will leave your jaw dropped open.  It has carbon inlays that help speed up the board’s performance. These materials also make this wake foil package durable.

This product uses ribbed vacuum technology to add to its sturdiness and to enhance pop. The mast is 28 inches long, which provides a challenging and thrilling experience to its riders.

28 inches mast for better wake foiling experienceUnstable for beginners
Durable and high-end construction

#3. Liquid Force POD Foil Package

Liquid Force POD Foil Package 2020


  • Ability level: advanced to expert
  • Number of fins: four
  • Construction Material: foam
  • Mast length: 27
  • Foil surface area: the front wing is 1,250 square centimeter, and the rear wing is 370 square centimeter

If you have used the Liquid Force POD before, you will agree that this board can provide a quick and impressive performance. Imagine if you can take this experience into the next level when adding a mast and a foil. That time might become the best day of your life.

The Liquid Force POD Foil Package is durable because of the durashell construction with single to double concaves for better speed. Despite its enhanced performance, you can still have control because of the tail part’s usability that allows you to get through the rough waves.

Jimmy Redmon designed this product.Not advisable for novice riders
Durable construction

#4. Liquid Force Galaxy AK Foil

Liquid Force 2020 Galaxy Foil Board


  • Ability level: advance to expert
  • Construction Material: Foam
  • Mast length: 27 inches
  • Foil surface area: 1,100 square centimeter

If you are up for a product with stringerless EPS foam, you will love the Liquid Force Galaxy AK Foil. It has a Deep V Hull that makes releases and touchdowns easier. It has a concave deck that provides you more control over your performance.

What makes this product more appealing is its quick-release system that easily stores the mast, wing, and board on a boat.

Double concave bottom
We got nothin'
Comes with foot straps
Durable construction
Better foot placement

#5. Wakefoil 2.0 Wakefoil Package

WAKEFOIL 20 Wakefoil Package


  • Ability level: intermediate to advanced
  • Number of fins: two
  • Construction Material: wood and fiberglass
  • Mast length: 24 inches

If you think that you are not ready to use any of the mentioned products because you do not have advanced skills, try the Wakefoil 2.0 package. This product provides better pump and control because of its shorter mast of 24 inches. Although it is not the shortest length that you can find on the market, this mast length can lift at a low speed.

The carbon surf wing attached to this mast provides better and smoother performance because it allows you to ride even in rough water conditions.

This product comes with removable foot straps that allow you to learn wake foiling.

Excellent wake foil for intermediate riders
We got nothin'
Includes foot straps
Reasonable price

#6. Slingshot Sports Hover Glide WF-2

Slingshot Sports Hover Glide FWake V3 Foil Package Complete


  • Ability level: beginner to intermediate
  • Mast length: 24 inches
  • Construction material: EVA foam
  • Foil surface area: 960 square centimeter

If you are a beginner, you might be frowning because most of the products listed here are for advanced and expert riders. Fret no more because you can reach your dream to wake foil too with the Slingshot Sports Hover Glide WF-2.

This product allows you to have an easy way to foil behind your boat. If you are a wakeboard rider, you can experience the best of both worlds. You just have to remove the foil and start wakeboarding.

The top deck’s construction is a soft EVA which is durable and feels comfortable. It comes with a half strap that provides better control.

Usable for wake foiling and wakeboardingWe got nothin'
Comes with half-straps

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#7. Phase Five Chip Wakefoil Package

Phase Five Chip Wakefoil Package 2020


  • Ability level: advanced to expert
  • Construction Material: foam
  • Mast length: 28 inches

The Phase Five Chip Wakefoil Package is the best for you if you are looking for the best one with futuristic design. It has a board with a short length that provides a fun and thrilling experience that advanced and expert riders will love. It has a long mast and large wings that offer better maneuverability and lift.

It has a turned-down rail that helps you bounce up.

With this product, you will feel the strength of the foil more than the board. It claims to be the wake foil with the lengthiest mast but with the shortest board.

Accurate pump speedNot for beginners
Thrilling experience
Footstraps included

#8. Slingshot Sports 2019 Hover Glide WF-2

Slingshot Sports 2019 Slingshot Hover Glide Foil FWake Wake Foil Complete Package (incl. WF2 SoftTop Board), 19236025


  • Ability level: intermediate to expert
  • Mast length: 24 inches

If you think that you are an experienced wakeboarder with an intermediate wake foiling skill, you will love the Slingshot Sports 2019 Hover Glide WF-2, because it allows you to enjoy both activities. You can attach the foil for wake foiling or remove it and attach the fins to enjoy wakeboarding.

This product has a soft-top board that is user-friendly. The wing is large but light, which is useful for providing stability and lift.

A complete package includes the wing and rear stabilizer, pedestal, standard fuselage, wing, protective cover, travel bag, etc.

Excellent for intermediate ridersFins sold separately
Usable for wakeboarding too

Check Price on Amazon

#9. Slingshot Sports Hover Glide Foil Ignition

Hover Glide Foil Wake Package Complete - Slinshot Sports


  • Ability level: beginners to advanced riders
  • Mast length: 15-inch and 24-inch

If you are a beginner, looking for a wake foil package with a short mast, you will love the

Slingshot Sports Hover Glide Foil Ignition. This product is fantastic because it comes with two masts of different lengths: the 15-inch and the 24-inch. Thus, whether you are a novice or an advanced rider, you can enjoy wake foiling using this.

The company also claims that the package now comes with FCS II fin boxes that allow you to use this product for wakeboarding, too, if you want.

Usable for wakeboardingWe got nothin'
First-class construction
Comes with two masts

Check Price on Amazon

Top Pick – Our Favorite Wake Foil

If you want the best wake foil, you can select these products, the customers’ favorites. However, what stands among these products is the Phase Five Gizmo Wakefoil Package. Although it is not the best wake foil for a beginner, advanced to expert riders will love its features.

First of all, it is a famous brand’s creation that is famous for producing cutting-edge products. That is why it is not surprising that many customers trust it. Aside from a trusted name, the Phase Five wake foil uses high-end technology and construction materials for its innovation.

Thus, the customers can guarantee the durability of Phase Five and the enhanced experience it can give to its riders.

What Is Wake Foiling?

Because wake foiling is a new sport, although you might already be familiar with it, knowing about it on a deeper level can help you get the right product because you will know what makes it the same or different from the other sports.

Wake foiling is another way you can have fun using the waves of the water. It is not your ordinary wakeboarding that you only have to ride at the back of the boat. It takes your sport to a higher level.

Unlike the ordinary wakeboards, the gears that you use here utilize hydrofoils by attaching it to the board with a mast. With a hydrofoil, it takes the riders’ experience to the next level.

Although foiling sounds new to your ears, it has been around for quite some time in an air chair. Nowadays, some companies helped take it in the world of wakeboarding, kiteboarding, and surfing. The leading brands of wake foiling products are the Wakefoil and Slingshot Sports.

What makes wake foiling wonderful is that you do not need the right boat to use it. Although there are ideal boats that you can use, these are not necessary that can stop you from wake foiling.

Once you master this skill, you will realize that speed does not matter in wake foiling. The boards used in wake foiling are almost different from the ones you use for wakeboarding. The wake foil boards can withstand any water conditions that allow you to ride the waves smoothly.

It is all possible because of the foil. The foil is an essential part of the gear that looks like the wings of an airplane. Instead of allowing it to fly in the air, the foils work by submerging in the water first.

The mast, the one that connects the foil to the board, is like a control stick. It allows you to control your board no matter your body’s position and how heavy or light you are. It enables you to act as a driver to a car or as a pilot on a plane.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, you will love wake foiling. It works at a low to high speed. Novice riders do not have to worry about getting injured or having their face planted because this sport is forgiving.

Heavy foils provide more stability, while the lighter ones give faster and enhanced performance. For this reason, if you are a beginner, you should start with a heavy foil, if you are an advanced rider, you know that you will enjoy this sport more if you use a light foil.

Wake Foiling vs. Surf Foiling

Wake foiling and surf foiling provide a different kind of experience than normal surfing and wakeboarding. Once you experience being on a wake foil board, you will feel as if you are flying and floating in the air.

That is why these activities are the best when trying to unwind after a stressful event or work. This experience will allow you to feel like you are a superhero.

The foil allows you to rise from the waters and give you a smooth ride. It does not matter what the condition of the water can be. If you cannot surf or wake because of the waves, you can try to wake foiling or surf foiling.

Even though this sport is new in the industry, you can already count on the already available products. You can ride with it behind your board or through a jet ski.

Although it provides almost the same experience, wake foiling and surf foiling are quite different. The main difference between these sports is the design on which speed they will work. Work foils tend to work on faster speeds, at approximately 8 to 12 MPH. Surf foils, on the other hand, are for slow speeds, which are four to six MPH.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Wake Foil

Because wake foiling is new, you should learn the basic features about wake foil, such as its main components, the boat to use, and more.

Foil Main Components


If you are a surfer or a wakeboarder, you know what the board is crucial. You know that it is the most vital part of surfing. It is also one of the main components in wake foils because it is where you will stand to enjoy your ride. The foil board size typically has a length of 3’6″ to 5’0.”

What makes the board in wake foiling different from those you use in surfing and wakeboarding is that the foil board’s construction, shape, and style do not matter. It is because the part that will carry your weight is the wing.

Although it may not be an essential consideration as in wakeboarding, it does not mean that you should disregard it. Remember that you will use it to be able to stand on the water surface. Therefore, you must also consider the board’s construction, especially if you are new to the sport.

If you are a novice, you should buy a board that is foam-coated or compression-molded. These kinds can help you learn the sport quickly. It is because they are heavy. Thus, boards made from one of these provide more stability and less twitchy tendencies.

Take note that there are two types of foil boards. One is the surf style, and the other is the wake style. The surf style is for slow-speed riding, and it is less twitchy. The wake style is for quick-speed foiling.

You can choose to buy a board with additional features, such as hooks or foot straps. This feature provides you better control.


If the board is the most vital part of wakeboarding, the wing is the crucial part of wake foiling. Without it, you will not foil at all. Thus, it is one of the most vital elements that you should consider when shopping for a hydrofoil.

The wing comes in various sizes that affect the performance speed and riding style.

Surf foil tends to start a lift at 4 MPH, while wake foil begins at 8 to 10 MPH or more. Thus, you should consider learning surf foiling first before jumping into wake foiling immediately if you are a beginner.

If you want to wake foil without using a rope, it is advisable to buy a large wing. A surf wing will also do. It will allow you to have a lift at 11 MPH.


As mentioned, the mast is the one that connects the foil and the board. If you are a beginner, choose a short one, because it performs slower than the longer ones. The lengthy ones are for advanced riders because of the high speed that it can achieve.

However, note that masts with significant size are better at withstanding rough water because they eliminate the board’s chances to touch the water.

If you are a novice, you should choose a mast that is 15 to 18 inches in length.

If you think you are ready for some thrill, you can go for a wake or surf mast up to 24 inches.

Types of Boat for Wake Foiling

As mentioned, you do not need a specific type of boat to do this sport. As long as you are riding with a rope, you can ride behind with any kind. You may choose to ride on a ski, pontoon boat, and the like. The goal is to have something that will pull you out to get a lift.

However, if you are going for a rope-less ride, wake foiling behind a small wake boat is advisable.

Safety Gears

Now that you know the wake foil items that you should buy from a store do not forget to buy the additional gears for your safety. Along with your wake foil paraphernalia, you should also consider investing in a rope, helmet, and floatation vest, especially if you are a novice rider.

How to Set Up Your Wake Foil

For Beginners

Set the foil at the back as far as possible. Learn to adjust your feet as you use it.

For Advanced Riders

The following method only works on foil boards that are more than 4 inches long.

You have to balance the foil and the board by setting up the wing on the ground toward the sky. Put the track screws, but let them loose so you can adjust the mast’s position later. Use the lift’s center to pick the setup on the wing’s front.

Make sure to balance the foil and the board by adjusting the position of the foil.


Wake foiling is new in the world of watersports. If you have been a wakeboarder for some time, it is worth trying. To get into this sport, you need to have the right equipment.

You can start searching for the right products among the mentioned wake foils here, or you can find the best wake foils on your own, based on what you have learned.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is It Alright to Purchase a Wake Foil Even If I Do Not Have Any Water Sports Experience?

A: You should have at least an intermediate-skill if you want to experience wake foiling. You can try wakeboarding, surfing, or kiteboarding first. If you do not have any experience, you can start with wakeboarding, which will be a helpful skill once you are ready for wake foiling.

Q: What Is the Difference Between Hydrofoil and Wake Foil?

A: The hydrofoil or foil refers to the wing-like device commonly used in boats to speed up the boat sailing by providing a lift to a ship. It is also a device, usually a part of the package that offers the elevation when you wake foil. Wake foil is a water sport that is almost the same as wakeboarding. What makes this sport different is that it uses a foil and a mast to lift the rider.

Q: Where to Buy a Wake Foil?

A: You can commonly buy a wake foil in a complete package that includes everything you need. You can buy it in large e-commerce stores or sports shops online or in a physical store. You may also buy it from foil shops where you can select a wide range of products.

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