Jack’s Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off? + Guide

Last Updated January 27, 2023

Anyone hailing from Huntington Beach (surfer or not), must have heard of Jack’s Surfboard at least once or twice. Not only is their name associated with the store that is popular for being the #1 place to go to for newest surfing products, but they are also known for running a yearly event for pro-surfers for 4 years now. 

Aside from retailing popular surf brands like Quiksilver, Billabong, Volcom, Nike SB, Channel Islands, Surftech, Nixon, and many others, they also market their brand that has lines ranging from Men, Women, Kids, and Sportswear. 

Of course, surfboards are included, too. In this write-up, we’ll find out more about Jack’s Surfboards and how they are worthy of that spot in your quiver. 

Jack’s Surfboards Review

Aside from expanding the business into 10 different locations across Southern California, Jack’s Surfboards also extended their market into not just retailing popular surf brands but by offering surfboards that their experts have shaped and designed. 

Their line of surfboards comprises of longboards and shortboards. Overall, they released 20 different surfboards – 4 longboards and 16 shortboards. 


Jack’s Surfboards Ranchero 8’0

Jacks Surfboard Ranchero 8'0

Ranchero 8’0 features a low entry rocker with rails that are beveled all around. Its little belly by its nose blends to flat to Vee in its tail. Its hue – dark red will stand out on the waters with its front and back Jack’s Surfboards’ logo. Underneath is a label that will tell you of the information you need about the board. 

  • Fins: Included
  • Material: Epoxy
  • Dimensions: 8’ x 21.5” x 3”
  • Volume: 59.1 L

Jack’s Surfboard Nomad 9’2, 9’4, and 9’6”

Jack’s Surfboards Nomad series, just like the Ranchero 8’0 features a low entry rocker with a bottom that is rather flat and slightly rolled to get that Vee through the tail. You will recognize this surfboard from the shore with the Jackson’s Surfboards’ logo in front and the Nomad logo at the back. 

  • Fins: Included
  • Material: Epoxy


Jack’s Surfboards Comet 5’4, 5’6, 5’8, 5’10, 6’0

Jacks Surfboard Comet 5'4 Surfboard 2020

Jack’s Surfboards Comet Series comes in 5 different sizes, all of which feature low entry rockers and a somewhat wide nose with a forward wide point. This works well in swells with the generous single to double concave through the fins. The tail rocker itself is moderate but is not entirely flipped up. 

  • Fins: Included
  • Material: Epoxy

Jack’s Surfboards Falcon 5’7, 5’9, 5’11, 6’1, and 6’3

The Falcon Series comes in 5 different sizes, just like the Comet Series. These variations all feature a single concave to moderate vee out by the tail. Its nose has a wide point that is to some extent forward and a tail that is marginally pulled in. 

  • Fins: Included
  • Material: Epoxy

Jack’s Surfboards Ranchero 7’2 and 7’6

Jack’s Surfboards Ranchero series covers both longboards and shortboards. The 7’2 and 7’6 are the shortboards version. Just like the longboard version, features a low entry rocker with rails that are beveled all around and a little belly in the nose that merges well to level to vee in the tail. 

  • Fins: Included
  • Material: Epoxy

Jack’s Surfboards Starchief 6’6, 6’8, 6’10, and 7’0

The last series from Jack’s Surfboards line – Starchief is pretty much similar to the Ranchero. The rails, the belly in the nose that runs to a single concave in the middle, and flat to vee in its tail is just like that of the latter. Its relatively flat rocker is the only thing that sets it apart. 

  • Fins: Included
  • Material: Epoxy

Jack’s Surfboards Story

What started as a first-class surf retailer in 1957, is now a company that offers the widest selection of anything that a surfer may need. Jack’s Surfboards opened its first store in Huntington Beach and since then has continued to grow and expand. 

Their passion for waves and surfing has been their motivating force to improve and be better. For the longest time, they have been popular for retailing popular brands. Over the years, they pushed their passion to the limits and had their employees spend countless hours in research, testing, and learning. 

Intending to bring the consumers the best level of service as well as the widest selection of products to fit their needs, they have come a long way from being just a surf store to a brand that a lot of pro surfers are proud to associate their names with. 

Every year, since 2016, Jack’s Surfboards hold a Jack’s Surfboards Pro where WSL Men’s Qualifying Series returns to Huntington Beach. It is an event that they are very proud to put up, especially that it is being held in their turf. 


To the guys at Jack’s Surfboards, the first day they opened their first store still feels like yesterday. They feel so nostalgic that they can still almost smell the fresh materials the items they were selling were made of. 

The company has gone a long way, from being a retail shop to adding their lines of products to sell. It tells a lot about just how passionate they are about their passion and craft. Otherwise, they would not have stayed this long. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How does Jack’s Surfboards guarantee my purchase?

Jack’s Surfboards is committed to providing the kind of level of service that every consumer deserves. They want to make sure they satisfy you not just with the popular brands they sell, but their stuff as well.  They have a return policy that allows you to return the items within 30 days from the order delivery date. In the event you feel like returning a product you purchased, the refund will be credited to you in the original form of payment. The items must be unused, unwashed, and should be in marketable condition.

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