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Welcome to Surf Hungry, where our mission is to inspire, guide, and support you on your surf-hungry journey.

Our mission is to be the one-stop place you can come to ‘feed your stoke.

Our team is made up of surf experts, surf groms and even ex-pro surfers, all on a mission to share their passion and experience with you.

We love all things to do with surf, whether it is surfing, foiling, e-surfing, SUP, wake surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, surf travel, diving, jet skiing, kayaking or much more – we’ve got something here to feed your kind of surf stoke!

Let’s get salty!

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rach is the owner of surf hungry her sons at torquay victoria australia just after a surf near bells beach on a DHD surfboard
My little groms throwing some shakkas at Bird Rock, Jan Juc Beach, Victoria, Australia


Sunset sess on the foamie at Swanbourne Beach, Western Australia
rachael, owner of surf hungry at the rip curl pro surfing event watching pro surfers take out big prize money at bells beach, australia
Taking the kids to the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia
Surf check with the kids at Contos Western Australia
Surf check with the kids at one of our favourite surf spots: Contos Springs, Western Australia
how to repair a surfboard
An all-too-common-scene at our house (expensive hobby when the shore break is gnarly)

G’day, my name is Rach Taylor and I’m a mother of two young surf groms, a former Australian Olympic athlete, and the proud founder of Surf Hungry.

My own love of the ocean and passion for surfing and surf sports has well and truly rubbed off on my two young sons, who are now both little blonde-haired surf-stoked groms 🙂 

We live in beautiful Western Australia, home to some of Australia’s best waves and greatest surfers (also home to Australia’s most notorious great white sharks and the some of the most remote surf spots in the world). 

I’ve also been lucky enough over the years (pre-kids) to live at several of Australia’s best surfing locations: Torquay, Victoria (home of the very famous Bells Beach) and Currumbin on the Gold Coast, Queensland (home to D-bah, Snapper Rocks and the Kirra superbank).

In Victoria and Queensland I worked for the surf company Quiksilver, where I was surrounded by people at work who lived & breathed for surfing.

It was working for Quiksilver and living in these epic surf spots that I definitely found ‘my tribe’.

I’ve also spent countless hours on the beach keeping people safe whilst volunteering as a Lifeguard on Surf Patrol at my local Surf Lifesaving Clubs.

I have patrolled the beaches of Torquay and Jan Juc in Victoria, Currumbin on the Gold Coast (QLD), and Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia. 

I don’t actively volunteer as a Lifeguard anymore, these days I spend most of my time hanging out at our local beaches with my two young surf grom sons who both LOVE surfing, foiling, SUP, bodyboarding, skim boarding, coasteering and surf-skating.

Having started a bit later in life, I’d consider myself to be a beginner to intermediate level surfer, and these days I prefer to cruise on a longboard.

A confession: my first board-riding love is actually snowboarding, but since we live in one of the VERY hottest places in Australia, and a VERY long way from the snow, I am 1oo% a lover of all things surf, swell, saltwater, sunshine and sand (as well as snow).

Surf Hungry is a passion project that stems from my own personal Lived experiences as an avid surf enthusiast.

Like many of you, I struggled to find authentic expertise, guidance, and advice online covering all the surf sports I loved in one place, especially as a beginner.

That’s why I created this website, to provide a reliable source of information for anyone like my kids and I, who love nothing more than getting our SURF STOKE ON!!

The boys and their mates out surfing on a boat near Rottnest Island Western Australia
My boys and their mates out on a boat seaching for waves, just off Rottnest Island, Western Australia
My eldest sons first short board just in from a surf at Curl Curl beach in New South Wales Australia
First shortboard! Freshwater Beach, New South Wales, Australia
rachael taylor, owner of surf hungry, working as a lifeguard surf rescue surf patrol cottesloe beach western australia, under lifeguard flags
Lifeguard duties at Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia
My brother Luke swimming out to congratulate us at the Sydney 2000 Olympics!
rachael taylor sydney 2000 olympic games rowing
Showing off the silverware! Sydney 2000 Olympics

Long before I fell in love with surfing and surf sports, I had found a similar level of connection with nature, sense of adventure, and physical and mental challenge as a professional athlete traveling the world racing internationally as an elite rower. 

For many years I was a representative on the Australian Rowing Team, with a career culminating at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games where my rowing partner and I won an Olympic silver medal in the women’s coxless pair.

After retiring from Olympic-level sport I was done with the serious stuff; I was looking for some fun and excitement.  

This first led me to the next decade spent competing in surf boats, again representing Australia, but this time in the ‘extreme sports’ version of rowing, racing surf boats in huge waves on beach breaks throughout AustraliaNew Zealand and Europe. 

Finding surfing next, albeit somewhat later in life, was an absolute gift.

Surfing is the perfect mix of challenge, nature, excitement and adventure; but best of all, I get to share this epic surf lifestyle with my two little grommet sons!

As a former Olympian and professional athlete, I know the importance of having a solid foundation when it comes to any sport.

That’s why Surf Hungry offers a range of resources, including instructional guides, equipment reviews, and personal experiences from some of the world’s top surf spots and destinations.

Olympic rower Rachael Taylor winning a race at the Manly Surf Carnival on an enormous wave in surf boat rowing Australia
The biggest wave I ever caught in a surf boat, at Manly beach in New South Wales, Australia (we won the race too, phew!)
Rach and her team mates winning a surf boat contest at Dee Why Beach NSW
Surfboat racing at Dee Why Beach, New South Wales, Australia
Glassy winter swell in the surfboat, cracking waves off Torquay Point, Victoria, Australia

Whether you’re still a bit of surf kook (like I feel like I still am!) or you’re an experienced surf or wind-sports pro, Surf Hungry is here to inspire, guide, and support you on your sand, sunshine and salt loving journey.

Thanks for visiting our site, and we look forward to helping you FEED YOUR STOKE and catch some awesome waves! 

rachs sons checking out the line up at bells becach for the rip curl pro surf content
Surf check with the kids during the Rip Curl Pro contest, Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia

Why trust Surf Hungry?

→ At Surf Hungry, we are real people who are passionate about helping you have the best surf experience possible.

→ Our team of experts research, test, and evaluate surf gear across various categories, providing reliable, unbiased, and informative reviews to help you make informed purchasing decisions.

Our reviews are based on hands-on testing, research, and analysis of customer feedback.

We continuously update our reviews based on changes in product availability or new information to ensure that you’re getting the most up-to-date recommendations.

We are here to FEED YOUR STOKE!


rach taylor owner of surf hungry 22


Hi, I’m Rach Taylor and I’m the proud Founder of Surf Hungry. I am a former Australian Olympic athlete and Australian representative surf sports athlete. I’ve worked in the surf industry and lived at several of Australia’s best surf spots, sparking a life-long love of the ocean, surf sports and all things salty!

Dan Harmon writer surf hungry


Dan Harmon is a content writer and full-time surf travel enthusiast. He travels the world full-time while creating surf content, traveling to the world’s best surf destinations, and hunting out some lesser-known corners. You can follow more of Dan’s travels over on his YouTube Channel, website, and Instagram.

Torsten Bird


Torsten Bird is a talented and adventurous waterman from Western Australia, passionate about surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, hydrofoiling, skimboarding, snowboarding and skateboarding. Torsten has spent hours mastering his skills and his dream is to represent Australia in the Olympics.