BIC Surfboards Review: Epic Boards or Rip Off? + Guide

No, that guy riding the sick board didn’t get the BIC sticker anywhere. It came with the board and has been there since day one. 

Obviously, some people who are new to surfing don’t know the involvement of a pen company in watersports. When they do, they get amazed at how a rider with a BIC Sport surfboard effortlessly glides along with every clean set. 

Only then when they realize that BIC Sport Surfboards aren’t bad for a pen company. That if you surf any one of their surfboards, you will ride the waves into the shore and paddle back out with a rush of adrenalin. 

Top 5 Best BIC Surfboards Reviewed

BIC Sport has that concept after concept for the surfboards they make. Their manufacturing includes constructing surfboards with unique technology like Dura-Tec, Ace-tec, Soft, G-board, and Custom Epoxy. 

1. BIC Sport Dura-Tec

BIC Surfboards Sport Dura-Tec

Dura-Tec is what you need if you need to accelerate through cut-backs, off-the-lip, and mid-face maneuvers. This performance-driven and durable shortboard will take you to new heights that will leave you stoked. A tough board that you can wear out but still pass on to your next of kin. 

BIC Sport made sure they don’t use cheap components in the Dura-Tec series. Every single component of Dura-Tec has been tried and tested by their engineers and shapers to make sure it will work as a whole and that it will last. 

The unrivaled toughness and buoyant nature make it a great choice for any riders who need an easy paddle and stable craft to give them assurance when learning to surf and making tricks

Surfboards from this line come ready to ride with a set of FCS fins. They can be your best starter surfboard, great looking, cleverly designed, durable, and all at a low cost. 

Dura-Tec series of surfboards are described as indestructible and bulletproof. They are constructed with the core of a regular polyester surfboard but are draped in a substantially sturdier technology. 

Such construction done in Dura-Tec boards results in a surfboard that is lightweight, sturdy, and resistant to constant knocks and dings that would leave a regular PU (Polyurethane) surfboard in need of an expensive restoration. In short, Dura-Tec is unbeatable in durability and performance. 

  • Dura-Tec Surfboard series sizes: 5’10”, 6’7”, 7’0”, 7’3”, 7’6”, 7’9”, 8’4”, 9’4”
  • 100% Made in France
  • Consistent and quality-proven shapes by Gerard Dabbadie and Peter Pan
  • Built-in nose guard to enhance product lifetime
  • Modern surfboard shapes: Fish, Egg, Wahine, Mini Malibu, Noserider, Magnum
  • Standard FCS fins come standard with every board
  • T3+ reinforced graphics for a great look
  • Comes with hassle-free 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Features a soft top that guarantees stability and safety, especially for beginnersMay present issues in turning and maneuvering because of their length
Bottom contour that allows for paddling without effort
May be a bit too bulky to lug around
Great buoyancy and balance that helps catch wavesMay warp when under the sun
Thicker than most longboards
Ideal for family use

2. BIC Sport ACE-TEC

BIC Surfboards Sport ACE-TEC

ACE-TEC may not be the fastest board out of the different surfboard construction lines of BIC Sport, but it is an amazingly stable, durable, and all-around solid board. 

ACE-TEC Technology is a product of precision-engineered steel molds hand-finished by skilled production teams. It is lightweight, has performance, and has durability, and the fact that it is 30% stronger than a traditional PU surfboard makes it the legendary go-to board for anyone who wants to start strong. 

While it doesn’t perform well in the maneuverability department, it can handle rough waters and wakes without missing a beat. Its buoyancy and stability are astonishing. You may complain about how heavy the durable plastic construction can be for transport but, that construction makes it take a beating quite seriously. 

Surfboards from the ACE-TEC line are usually large and hefty but aren’t bogged down by waves like most surfboards with the same characteristics. It allows you to take full advantage of every paddle even in choppy conditions, gliding more per paddle and requiring less energy expenditure. 

You won’t question its stability, high-carrying capacity, and high level of confidence it brings to beginners. It can handle shifting conditions with ease, barely rocking for wakes and waves that would have knocked down other boards. 

The durable plastic construction keeps the BIC Sport ACE-TEC surfboards from serious damage like scuffs, scrapes, and scratches. Most of the consumer reviews claim the surfboard sustains damage with only minor scratches during rough rides. 

Overall, the BIC Sport ACE-TEC is particularly stable. It is perfect for first-timer or anyone who is still trying to get the hang of balancing. The plastic construction is exceptionally resilient and can take a fair bit of abuse. 

The price tag is of decent value, retailing in the middle of the price range for comparable surfboards. But, its durability is enough to ensure it will last for a really long time. ACE-TEC is the perfect mix of lightweight, durability, and performance. 

  • ACE-TEC Surfboard Series sizes: 7’6”, 9’0”, and 9’4”
  • Exclusive ACE-TEC Technology for an excellent blend of efficiency, lightweight, and durability
  • Proven longboard shapes for performance
  • 30% stronger than conventional PU surfboards for greater product lifetime
  • FCS fins included (2+1 setup)
  • Finished with traditional longboard EasyTrans graphics
  • Modern epoxy construction
Super durable and lightweight solid constructionPaddle, leash, and all other extras are not included
Decent performance board for larger riders
Hard to move, a tad challenging to maneuver
Perfect for intermediate to advanced riders
Extremely heavy
Glides well in rough and choppy waters
Excellent volume and forgiving shapes

3. BIC Sport Soft (Paint Series)

BIC Surfboards Sport Soft (Paint Series)

Available in different sizes, BIC Sport Paint Series is crafted for beginner surfers who would want to keep the board to use as they progress in their respective surfing journey. A soft, non-slip deck finished with colorful details makes the surfboard especially cool. 

Its length gives the most volume surfers will need for catching waves with ease. Of course, you may also go for the shorter version if you are an immediate rider. This line of construction from BIC Sport is regarded for its versatility and durability. 

BIC Sport Soft-Paint Series is designed with unique features that first-timers and intermediate riders can maximize as their skill levels progress. The Paint Series has been tested and tweaked for stability and user-friendly performance. BIC Sport’s shapers, design team, and test pilots have declared them to be the extreme board for learning and progressing. 

BIC Sport design team and engineers invested in custom-made precision aluminum molds that ensure consistency, quality, and durability. The construction process involves boards reinforced with fiberglass and epoxy resin to make them sturdy and long-lasting. 

Fins may be set up as a tri-fin or quad-fin system. The deck features an integrated 3D traction pad that makes for added stability on the water. 

Overall, with a structure that is made with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and IXPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene), you can expect an extremely durable and sturdy surfboard. Additionally, the package for BIC Sport Soft-Paint Series comes with fin systems to get you up and running into the waters quickly. 

  • BIC Sport Soft – PAINT Series shapes sizes: 4’11”, 5’6”, 6’0”, 6’6”, 7’0”, and 8’0”
  • Fiberglass & epoxy strengthened core for durability and enhanced product lifetime
  • EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Core and soft IXPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) foam top/rails and soft fins for comfort and user-friendly performance
  • Low-profile carry handle perfectly positioned for effortless transportation without affecting riding comfort
  • Sturdy and durable protective deck layer to protect graphics
  • Soft, user-friendly fins with performance shapes
Fun surfboard shapes and designsMore expensive than most beginner-friendly surfboards
Great for take-offs and turns
Little design variation
Trendy pop color designs
Lightweight but durable
Soft non-slip deck

4. BIC Sport G-Board

One of the classics tried and tested, simple, and effective BIC Soft to Surfboard models is the BIC Sport G-Board line. This line of surfboards provides the easiest and safest way to learn how to surf.

BIC Sport G-Board surfboards’ construction is composed of PE (polyethylene) closed cell foam core, EVA (Ethyl-Vinylacetate) deck, double reinforced composite stringers, and a thruster fin setup. 

This line of surfboard from BIC Sport is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Its soft top is both its strength and weakness. While you have a durable and easy-to-use soft top to catch waves, you may not entirely want to expect it in ways of performance. 

Perfect for beginners and surfers looking for a steadfast and durable surfboard to take out during summer and slow days. 

BIC Sport G-Board series carries different surfboard shapes and sizes making it ideal for surf schools to teach beginners with proper take-offs and trimming while holding the line. 

  • G-Board Surfboard series sizes: 6’0”, 7’0”, 8’0”. And 9’0”
  • Finest, super-soft G-BOARDS construction (deck, rails, fins) for extreme comfort and stress-free surfing
  • Superior volume and width for exceptional stability when catching waves and standing up easily right from the start
  • A comfortable laminated foam non-skid deck for an easy paddle, take-off, and stand-up on
  • Flexible soft fins are very safe, yet still offer appropriate surfing performance and durability for learning
Composite stringer gives the board good stiffness Not enough buoyancy to paddle on your knees
Reliable surfing performance for ongoing progression
Lacks features for more advanced surfers
Excellent long-term investment
Heavier at 17.25lbs than most boards
Cushioned rails for impact resistance

5. BIC Sport Custom Epoxy

BIC Surfboard Sport Custom Epoxy

Carrot Cakes and Wegg are all new lines of surfboards by BIC Sport from their Custom Epoxy construction. They are performance-oriented shortboards with a proven Superfrog design. 

With a broad outline and plenty of volume, stability, and buoyancy are not compromised. The wide nose enables take-off, while the bottom shape and edges ensure perfect control on fast turns. 

The BIC Sport Custom Epoxy surfboards are also ideal for tube riding. The superfrog shape making these boards true lightweights despite their robustness allows for such performance. Multiple layers of fiberglass and epoxy material deliver dynamics and maximum stability.  

BIC Sport Custom Epoxy surfboards claim that there is no other board on the market that compares to them having so many fiberglass layers. They are amazingly light as a result of 30 years of experience using this technology combined with the best quality raw materials in the market. 

  • BIC Sport Custom Epoxy sizes: 6’0″, 6’2″, 6’4″
  • BIC Sport Custom Epoxy shapes: Wegg, Carrot Cake, Super 8
  • Proven and quality shapes by Gérard DABBADIE and JP STARK
  • Highly accurate replicas using modern AKU shaping tools
  • Custom Epoxy Technology for a great mix of performance and durability
  • FCS II fin plugs are compatible with the latest FCS fins
Quick surfboards designed to make snappy movements
Challenging to turn without slipping
Reinforced lamination for enhanced sturdiness
Leash not included
High performance and fun-focused shapes
Lightweight Epoxy construction
Artistically neon painted bottom

The Best BIC Sport Surfboard

It would be personally hard to tell which surfboard is best for anyone. But, identifying your surfing skill level is a huge step in telling so. For beginners who are just learning to catch the first waves, you may consider G-Board and DURA-TEC constructed surfboards. 

You may also think about starting with soft-top boards to reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others. Immediate surfers who want to step their game up can go with the Paint or ACE-TEC series. 

It is even more effortless for advanced surfers to think about which BIC Sport surfboard to pick as they can ride just about anything. 

What Boards Do BIC Sport Surfboards Sell? 

BIC Sport sells a variety of surfboards, including shortboards, malibus, longboards, and hybrids. They also include specially made accessories, including board bags, leashes, and fins to complement their surfboards. Most boards come with a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that you won’t regret your purchase a few weeks down the line. The prices of the boards top off at around $590, but most of their boards are well under that price, allowing anybody to get their hands on one of their surfboards

BIC Sport. Beyond The Brand

The first thing in people’s minds when seeing the logo for BIC are those pens that take a really long while to run out of ink. Yes. BIC Sport is from that company whose fame came from pens. 

It was in 1979 when the Bich Family, the same founders of BIC pen, founded BIC Sports. This new venture was born out of the family’s passion for watersports and expertise in sustainable manufacturing. 

Not even a year after, BIC Sport became the world leader in windsurfing production. The following 20 years had BIC Sport utilize their technological manufacturing skills on other watersports including surf, kayak, junior racing dinghies, and Stand Up Paddleboards. 

What forms the foundation of the brand’s reputation are BIC’s core values – quality, durability, and affordability. These helped them open the world of watersports to countless watersport enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, young and old. 

Along with their core values is their commitment to putting into priority their respect for the environment so that every stage of their production system is organized according to environmentally safe processes. This commitment has earned them recognition from Ecoride Organization and garnered them other awards such as Prix du Bateau Bleu.

A team of passionate designers from France is behind every BIC Sport product. They use production systems that accurately reproduce perfect copies of the original design. Their exclusive construction routine and materials deliver years and years of reliable and high-frequency use. 

At present, BIC Sport is recognized as the pioneer in the production of surfboards in the very exacting surf market. Their Sit-On-Top Kayak has become the European leader in the kayak market and has won them numerous design awards. 

BIC Sport prides itself on the awards they have under its belt:

  • SUP: GEAR OF THE YEAR award by Outside Magazine (America’s leading outdoor publication)
  • BRAND OF THE YEAR Awarded by the EuroSima
  • GEAR OF THE YEAR award by Men’s Journal Magazine (leading US publication)

Not a lot of surfboard companies keep up with the titles BIC Sport has. Just one of the many reasons why you can be assured they won’t be a waste to add to your quiver. 


BIC Sport surfboards are truly worthy to have that extra space on your quiver. With decades of research and development and their passion for water, they deliver excellence where others would just simply outsource and slap on the brand name for some cash. 

And, if you are looking for other watersport toys, BIC Sport can provide that, too. That is just how versatile and diversified they are. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is BIC Sport a good surfboard brand compared to other makers/shapers?

An exceptional surfboard brand backed by decades of development, engineering, and research, BIC Sport is best for beginners and intermediate riders. There aren’t a lot of surfboards that are as light, tough, and forgiving as the ones made by BIC Sports. Sure, you may relate them to pens and writing materials but their watersport crafts aren’t that bad. Not a lot of surfboard makers have the same versatility and knowledge as BIC Sports has. 

Q: Should I wax my BIC Sport surfboard?

Waxing is dependent on the BIC Sport model you have. Soft-top or padded surfboards have an integrated no-slip traction pad for skid-free riding. But, if you are using an epoxy surfboard that does not come with traction padding, then yes, by all means, wax them!

Q: What does the BIC Sports warranty cover?

BIC Sport puts a limited warranty on their surfboards that covers defects in materials as well as construction. Make sure to have the proof of purchase as you take it back to the store where you bought it from if you want to make a claim. Any other form of damage will not be covered under warranty. 

Q: Are BIC Sport surfboards sustainable products?

BIC Sport is passionate about nothing more than producing sustainable products. In fact, they released a series – BIC Earth, that is inspired by nature and is made from natural materials like Paulownia wood and flax fiber. This limited-edition surfboard is made entirely of wood that comes with a varnish-free finish that’s sleek and natural at the same time.

Q: Where did BIC Sport surfboards make?

Each BIC Sport surfboard is proudly designed and manufactured in France.

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