Top 10 Best SUP Foils | 2023 Reviews (Slingshot, F-One)

Last Updated March 17, 2023

SUP foil boards are entirely different than the traditional surfboards. The way you ride and use them opposes your surfing techniques. With this sport, you lift right out of the water. If you are planning to try SUP foil boarding, you need to know the most trusted and recommended products. This way, you can easily make a better decision on finding the most suitable gear for your skills.

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Everyone knows that choosing the right SUP foil board can be tricky since they have different parts and designs than the traditional surfboards. Fortunately, this topic has gathered all the information you need to end up with a reliable and long-lasting SUP foil board.

Top 10 Best SUP Foils Reviewed

  1. Sky Surf Foil
  2. Slingshot Outwit SUP Foil Board
  3. Sky Surf Foil WS
  4. PAPENOO PRO Convertible Foil Board
  5. Naish Hover Surf Ascend Carbon Ultra Foil Board
  6. F-ONE ROCKET SUP Foil Board
  7. F-ONE ROCKET Air 7’11
  8. Slingshot Shred Sled Foil Board
  9. JP Foil Surf Foil Board
  10. Ride Engine Moon Buddy SUP/Wing Foil Board

#1. Sky Surf Foil – Best Overall

sky surf foil


  • Dimensions: 4 feet and eight inches or 5 feet and 2 inches / 5 feet and 11 inches
  • Construction: Channeled bottom shape, Track foil mount system, center-line bumper, recessed deck, glass fiber layer, stable glass force patch, light, and strong EPS core
  • Designed for: Beginners to Advanced SUP Riders

The Sky Surf Foil is the most recommended and long-lasting SUP foil board in this list. Thus, if you are worried about durability and performance, this product is for you. The Sky Surf Foil has the closest similarities to other high-end SUP foil boards. It is a bit wider and faster than the other models, too.

 One of the most incredible things about this product is its high-performing capabilities making it an excellent all-rounder. Combining stability with speed for all surfers, this board is the best solution for beginners, intermediates, and advanced riders looking for a stable ride with a smooth and flexible performance.

The manufacturer built the Sky Surf Foil with light and strong EPS core, channeled bottom shape, and stable glass force patch to optimize its performance on all water and wind conditions. Plus, this product is thick enough to help riders reduce unnecessary drag. Overall, the Sky Surf Foil is ideally suitable for anyone trying to master new tricks.

A massive boost in performance
Slightly smaller than other models
Well-trusted brand by experts
Suitable for all SUP surfers
Softer touch-down

#2. Slingshot Outwit SUP Foil Board



  • Dimensions: 5 feet and 10 inches / 6 feet and 6 inches / 7 feet and 6 inches
  • Construction: Sculpted bottom contour, concave deck, adjustable mast track, foot strap inserts, reinforced dual leash attachment
  • Designed for: Beginners to Advanced SUP Riders

Slingshot’s best-selling SUP foil board is the one-and-only Outwit SUP Foil Board. You will find the quality, lightness, built, and performance of this reliable product hard to resist. According to several surfers, the Slingshot Outwit SUP Foil Board can be an excellent companion for discovering a new aquatic area on any beach.

Furthermore, Slingshot designed the Outwit SUP Foil Board for pleasure. The product description claims that this model absorbs movements perfectly and helps you get better stability, flexibility, and lightness than its rivals. The manufacturer also kept the same balance between the smooth glide and consistent power.

With its sculpted bottom contour, adjustable mast track, and concave deck, the Slingshot Outwit SUP Foil Board 2020 can generate an excellent traveling speed. Plus, you can expect the best drop stitch technology that can give the maximum rigidity.

Slightshot also redesigned this model to make it more unique and stand out against its competitors. With its reinforced dual leash attachment, attractive design, and new technologies, you can surely get more stability, better glide, and rapidity sensation. Thanks to all these characteristics, this Slingshot Outwit SUP Foil Board can help you experience the best SUP foil performance.

Short length for easy transport and travelMore expensive than other models
Responsive carving and turning
Excellent speed and stability
Super buoyant

#3. Sky Surf Foil WS 

sky sup foil ws


  • Dimensions: 5 feet / 4 feet and 4 inches / 5 feet and 8 inches
  • Construction: High-Density PVC Foil Track System, Concave Deck, Carbon Wood Vacuum Sandwich Design, Beveled Rail Design
  • Designed for: Beginners to Intermediate Riders

A high-volume SUP foil board like Sky Surf Foil WS is something that you should not overlook. This product has a short, narrow, yet powerful design that can generate faster speed while catching small to medium waves. It is also super buoyant and keeps the board agile and compact once you start foiling.

Regarding the construction, Sky Surf Foil WS’s high-density PVC foil track system, concave deck, and bevel rail design make the product more rigid, giving users better glide for everyday use. It also improves the board’s overall appearance, making it more pleasant and smoother to touch.  Besides that, this Sky Surf gear is safe and convenient enough to transport, too.

Sky Surf is currently one of the most trusted brands that offer SUP foil boards with increased rigidity and durability. With several technologies, this manufacturer can assure the Sky Surf Foil WS is among the most reliable boards in today’s market. Overall, this product is the best value for your money if you want better volume and performance.

Long-lasting and flexible constructionSome features are too low for experienced surfers.
Better rigidity and higher volume
Great for stability
Easy to carry

#4. PAPENOO PRO Convertible Foil Board 

papenoo pro


  • Dimensions: 7 feet and three inches / 7 feet and 7 inches / 7 feet and 11 inches
  • Construction: Bamboo and carbon deck, beveled rails, high-quality foam carbon composite, twin track system
  • Designed for: Intermediate to Advanced Riders

Next on the list is the PAPENOO PRO Convertible Foil Board, the most recommended product for versatility. This gear paddles smoothly and takes off effortlessly with all wave conditions. With the further increased volume, the board’s redesigned construction has more stability and power that most intermediates and advanced riders need.

According to the product description, the PAPENOO PRO Convertible Foil Board is suitable for SUP foiling, windsurfing, wind foiling, and wing surfing, making it perfect for riders who participate in different water sports. Regarding the construction, this product has a compact shape that provides enough balance for easy maneuvering. Its broad tail generates enough volume so the user can lift off quickly while maintaining plenty of stability.

Furthermore, the PAPENOO PRO Convertible Foil Board comes with a PRO CARBON construction with layers of bamboo, glass, and some bi-axial carbon components. According to the manufacturer, these elements bring an impressive resistance while maintaining a lighter weight than its rivals.

Great for speed, stability, and maneuverabilityNot suitable for newbies
Versatile performance in different water sports
Compact shape for the perfect balance
Lightweight yet durable construction

#5. Naish Hover Surf Ascend Carbon Ultra Foil Board 

naish hover surf


  • Dimensions: 5 feet / 4 feet and 4 inches / 5 feet and 8 inches
  • Construction: High-Density PVC Foil Track System, Concave Deck, Carbon Wood Vacuum Sandwich Design, Beveled Rail Design
  • Designed for: Beginners to Intermediate Riders

The Naish Hover Surf Ascend Carbon Ultra Foil Board is suitable for beginners and intermediates who prefer riding a high-volume gear. According to the manufacturer, this product takes off easily and has more paddle power thanks to its newly designed tail kick.

This beautifully designed SUP foil board comes with a high-density PVC foil track system, beveled rail design, and concave deck that makes the product more reliable and durable. It also has three different sizes so surfers can find the best one for their preferences.

One notable thing about the Naish Hover Surf Ascend Carbon Ultra Foil Board is its high skin tension and lighter weight. Thanks to its concave deck, you can assure that this board can provide increased stability and improved carving performance.

Furthermore, some surfers claim that the Naish Hover Surf Ascend Carbon Ultra Foil Board is the ideal board to learn new tricks. Its more extended profile is good enough to keep you stable yet flexible while practicing.

Suitable for novices and intermediate ridersOne design only
Excellent volume and paddle power
Extremely lightweight
Increased stability

#6. F-ONE ROCKET SUP Foil Board

rocker sup f one


  • Dimensions: 6 feet and 4 inches / 6 feet and 8 inches / 7 feet
  • Construction: Bamboo sandwich technology, beveled rails, twin track system,
  • Designed for: Beginners to Intermediate Riders

Surfers looking for more stability and maneuverability should consider F-ONE ROCKET SUP Foil Board, which was designed for performance. The creators of this board understand what beginners and intermediate players need. If you don’t know yet, you can easily set this up regarding your preferences.

Aside from the high performance, the ROCKET SUP Foil Board’s quality is second nature. You will notice that the masts have better quality than most of its rivals. The wings are also available in different sizes and shapes.

Suppose you want to enjoy better maneuverability and stability, do not hesitate to purchase the ROCKET SUP Foil Board. According to its product description, this board lets you overcome steeper waves as you progress. It is also short and narrow enough to keep you stable thanks to its innovative parallel design. Since the ROCKET SUP Foil Board’s maximum length is seven feet, it can be a fantastic foiling gear in various waves and water conditions.

A compact shape that brings an outstanding surf foil feelingNot the best for speed
Suitable for all wind and wave conditions
Flexible, stable, and forgiving
Super maneuverable


#7. F-ONE ROCKET Air 7’11

rocker air 7'11 f-one


  • Dimensions: 7 feet and 11 inches
  • Construction: Drop Stitch Pattern, fused and twin layer shell
  • Designed for: Intermediate to Advanced Riders

The F-ONE ROCKET Air 7’11 is the most suitable gear for surfers who need extra balance and stability. Thanks to its premium-quality deck with Drop Stitch pattern, you can enjoy more traction to keep you stable.

According to the product description, the ROCKET Air 7’11 uses the latest technology to create a lighter, more robust, and balanced SUP foil board, making it easier to store and carry. Regarding the size, it comes with a 7 feet and 11 inches length that offers excellent stability and extra volume. The manufacturer also claims that surfers can use this product on wind foil, wing foil, and SUP foil.

You can undoubtedly enjoy the F-ONE ROCKET Air 7’11 in many years thanks to its higher grade drop stitch pattern and a twin layer shell that brings extra stiffness, control, and balance. The weight is also light enough for teens to carry and transport it anywhere.

Suitable for SUP foil wind foil, and wing foilOne size only
Excellent stability, control, and balance
Easy to handle and transport
Incredibly light

#8. Slingshot Shred Sled Foil Board

slingshot shred sled v1


  • Dimensions: 7 feet
  • Construction: Center-line foot strap inserts, adjustable foil track, flat deck, windsurf mast track, chined rails, raised EVA center-line indicator
  • Designed for: Intermediate to Advanced Riders

The Slingshot Shred Sled Foil Board is probably the most pumpable and flexible on this list! This product offers a large traction pad that allows you to change your positions while maintaining excellent flexibility securely. It is also stable enough for intermediates but still suitable for advanced riders.

At 7 feet long, the Slingshot Shred Sled Foil Board is a fast SUP foil gear with beveled rails, center-line foot strap inserts, and raised EVA center-line indication. As long as you are an intermediate or advanced rider, you will surely enjoy your freedom with this Slingshot Shred Sled Foil Board.

According to some users, this board can help you spend less time plunging in the waters and more time gliding above it. With this product, you will always be ready to conquer all the waves that throw your way.

The flat deck provides smoother transitions and comfortable footwork
Too expensive
Compact enough to remain flexible, pumpable, and agile
Easy to handle and transport
Adjustable foil track

#9. JP Foil Surf Foil Board

jp australia


  • Dimensions: 7 feet and 2 inches
  • Construction: Innegra Parabolic Rail, flat deck, pad tail kick, high modulus polypropylene fiber
  • Designed for: Beginners to Intermediate Riders

The JP Foil Surf Foil Board is one of the most sought after products for beginners. The manufacturer made sure that it reduces the swing weight while the user is maneuvering or pumping. Besides that, it’s incredibly beveled rails can help you lessen time beneath the water during take-off. The premium-quality fat deck delivers excellent stability, too.

Regarding the construction, the JP Foil Surf Foil Board offers the Innegra Parabolic Rail, an innovation that adds extra stiffness. It also comes with a durable and long-lasting U-beam structure that connects the rail, bottom, and deck.

Generous length for SUP, wind, and surf foiling
Not the best for speed
Impact-resistant and solid U-beam structure
Excellent pumping and maneuvering
Optimized foiling stance

#10. Ride Engine Moon Buddy SUP/Wing Foil Board 

moon buddy


  • Dimensions: 6 feet / 7 feet
  • Construction: High-Density Foam I-Beam Construction, Full-Deck EVA PAD, Non-Obtrusive Carrying Handle, Double Concave Hull Design
  • Designed for: Beginners to Advanced Riders

Ride Engine has designed a reliable and lightweight SUP foil board that can be put to all kinds of wave conditions. The Moon Buddy SUP/Wing Foil Board crosses seamlessly between windsurfing and SUP foiling. Besides that, it is super easy and comfortable to use, too.

According to several users, one of the best things about the Moon Buddy SUP/Wing Foil Board is its drag-minimizing bottom contours, stubborn nose design, and open-ocean energy that provides an exceptionally steady platform for SUP foiling. Another excellent feature is the double concave design that works perfectly during early release and deflection.

Regarding the construction, the Moon Buddy SUP/Wing Foil Board comes with a lightweight EPS core, bamboo top and bottom lamination, high-density foam I-beam, full deck EVA pad, and non-obtrusive carrying handle for the maximum durability and comfort.

Easy to paddle and has a lower swing weightSlightly more costly than the others
Better board feel and balance
Lightweight and stable
Attractive design

Our Favorite SUP Foil – Sky Surf Foil

The all-rounder Sky Surf Foil is the most recommended SUP foil board for beginners, intermediates, and advanced surfers. It’s slightly narrower than other models making it more stable and more comfortable to control. If you want more speed, balance, stability, or flexibility, the Sky Surf Foil is the smartest choice.

Unlike cheaper SUP foil boards, the Sky Surf Foil uses the highest quality of glass fiber layer, track foil mount system, and EPS core for more rigidity and durability. Weighing about 18 pounds, it is good enough for transporting or hand carrying. The board’s length and volume are beneficial for surfers who want to progress into the intermediate level.

Best SUP Foil Brands


Over the past few years, Slingshot has been working hard year after year to develop the friendliest, most stylish, sturdiest SUP foil boards for all kinds of surfers. With this brand, you can guarantee that your gear is heavy-duty, stable, and easy to maneuver. Aside from the performance, products from this manufacturer have reason sable price tags, too.

Slingshot SUP foil boards come with the whole package that you could need, so you have to make time checking their products. Therefore, if you prefer stably, user-friendly, and affordable SUP foil boards, consider going with Slingshot.


Naish is another trusted SUP foil brand that builds high-performing boards with a superb tracking system that impressively cuts through the water. According to some experts, this manufacturer became known due to their collection’s perfect balance tracking, performance, and glide across all wave conditions. All boards you’ll find here are quick enough to build and maintain faster speed than competitors.

Furthermore, Naish prioritizes surfers who need an excellent mixture of maneuverability and stability. Thanks to the latest innovations, the manufacturer has developed extensive research and development for user-friendly and high-performing SUP foil boards.


F-ONE produces a wide variety of SUP foil boards that can fit all types of riders. No matter your weight, height, or skill level, you can conveniently find something useful here. Once you arrive at F-ONE’s collection, you will fall in love with its collection’s unique designs and features.

According to the manufacturer, all F-ONE SUP foil boards have been designed with stability and safety. This way, users can experience better SUP feel in the water. Regarding the construction, F-ONE usually uses reinforced rails to add more rigidness and firmness than its competitors.

Features to Look for When Buying the Best SUP Foil


Before settling with a particular SUP foil board, make sure it has a long-lasting and robust construction that will not wear off after many years. You have to check the mast’s quality, rear and front wings, and other parts.


According to experts, you have to know your exact height and weight first before choosing a SUP foil board. If you are a beginner, you have to start with larger sizes so you can move conveniently. After progression, you may purchase smaller ones to increase your performance.


It is essential to avoid overcompensating just to purchase the SUP foil board that you want. Ask your friends or other experienced surfers about your ability level. This way, you can find the most suitable product than can handle your requirements.


SUP foil boarding is a stimulating water activity. To anyone unfamiliar with this sport, you have to consider the best brands listed above. Once you get to know them, you will realize how fun and safe it can be out in the ocean.

In purchasing a SUP foil board, relying on the most trusted brands, such as Slingshot, Naish, and F-ONE is essential and helpful. These companies have decades of experience developing the most reliable SUP foil boards for beginners to experienced surfers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is SUP foiling difficult?

A: SUP foiling is more complicated than traditional surfing. It requires extreme balance, fitness, and skill level to keep your gear above the water. However, if you are a dedicated surfer, try this activity to experiment with new tricks on the beach.

Q: Are SUP foil boards dangerous?

A: Yes, these boards are more dangerous than traditional ones, so you always have to stay away from all people when you are practicing. Some parts are sharp and long enough to harm others. It can be lethal to swimmers, too.

Q: Is SUP foiling worth trying?

A: Yes, if you have enough experience in surfing, you have to try SUP foiling. This water sport is the newest way to surf smaller waves.

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