Stewart Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off? [2021]

Surfing is one of the go-to activities of people these days, especially for the younger generation. If you’re surfing to unwind, you’ll need an exceptional surfboard to help you.

There are endless options, leaving most surfers undecided what kind of surfboard to buy and which brand to consider. You’ll stumble on numerous brands, yet the Stewart Surfboards is one of the most respected brands because of its competitive collection.

They provide a wide variety of options if you’re looking for high-quality surfboards. Aside from that, this brand also offers items like apparel, surfing accessories, and even skateboards. It’s a wholesome store, yet it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to every product’s quality.

The Top 10 Best Stewart Surfboards Reviewed

Here’s a Stewart Surfboards review, and below are the top picks that you can consider buying from this brand, from longboard to fish surfboards.

  1. Stewart Ripster Longboard Surfboard
  2. Stewart Mighty Flyer Longboard Surfboard
  3. Stewart Pigme Shortboard Surfboard
  4. Stewart Funboard Egg Surfboard
  5. Stewart Therapy Fish Surfboard
  6. Stewart Redline 11 Longboard Surfboard
  7. Stewart Funline 11 Longboard Surfboard
  8. Stewart RPM Longboard Surfboard
  9. Stewart Retro Fish Surfboard
  10. Stewart S-Winger Shortboard Surfboard

#1. Stewart Ripster Longboard Surfboard


If you’re a newbie, you’ll need an all-rounder surfboard, and Stewart is where you can find a collection of competitive longboards. One of the most recommended longboards that you can check out is the Ripster Longboard Surfboard.

It features a classic style with a modern touch, and it comes in appealing color combinations that other surfers will notice as you bring it outside. It also comes from high-quality materials, making sure it stays durable even when you use it frequently.

This surfboard provides a smoother glide as you ride it along waves because of its long blended, and deep concave-outline on the nose. It trims its agility as you lift down the line. Also, this advantage makes it easier for nose-riding.

When it comes to maneuvering this surfboard, you’ll admire it. It comes with rails that soften as you move forward, which adds ease in turning, and the hard edges on the squashtail-design help in releasing the water and boosting it further. Plus, the tail will give you convenience as you transition to the nose concave, letting you go back and forth effortlessly.

If you want to make this longboard more agile and top-performing, you can consider installing a fin. It has a meek and clean raked single fin that measures 9 inches. Also, it adds a classic look to the surfboard.

The size of this surfboard ranges from 9 feet to 10 feet.

#2. Stewart Mighty Flyer Longboard Surfboard

mighty flyer

Stewart is famous for providing a wide variety of surfboards, especially longboards. If you can’t choose what surfboard to purchase, you can count on the Mighty Flyer Longboard. Surfers recommend this surfboard because of its optimum performance, especially during nose-riding.

It’s one of the top picks when it comes to nose-riding because of its dished-out concave-outline on the nose. It flows to a deep vee, which is up to the third-way of the surfboard’s tail. This contour makes it hassle-free to drive. Plus, it keeps stability as you ride it along fast waves.

The structure of this surfboard is similar to the CMP model. It has a narrow deck, and surfers find it favorable because it’s easier to control during aggressive turns. It also uses a premium-quality of material, which makes it very sturdy, even for weighty surfers.

It’s multi-purpose because it’s suitable for any surfing level. Even when you’re a beginner, you can keep your stance while this surfboard goes rail to rail. Plus, it comes with a fuller, rounded-pin tail, which contributes to its entire acceleration, even in the flats.

This surfboard is shorter than the Ripster longboard, yet it has few available sizes. It starts from 8 feet and 6 inches to a maximum of 9 feet and 2 inches. Regardless of any size you prefer, this surfboard’s design stays appealing with its white and red combination.

Aside from that, you can boost the movement of this surfboard more by installing fins. It features a thruster fin set-up.

#3. Stewart Pigme Shortboard Surfboard


If you’re looking for a competitive shortboard for competing, Stewart doesn’t fail in meeting the expectations of every pro surfer in the industry. One of the best from its collection is the Pigme Shortboard Surfboard.

Many surfers admire this surfboard because it’s always fun to use, despite any surfing condition. It’s also very versatile because even kids can start using it, along with novice, intermediates, and pros. Plus, it assures comfort because you get the maximum floatation you need with its more extensive design.

You can count on this longboard durability because it only uses high-quality materials, especially on the deck. It also has various sizes, ranging from 4 feet and 6 inches to 6 feet and 6 inches. 

It features a low entry rocker, which makes it very favorable during paddling. The slight beak nose provides more volume in the nose part, which you’ll find handy if you want to catch waves earlier.

The single to double concave-contour of the surfboard lets the water flow to a super full tail, providing exceptional planing competence, even on dead water. Controlling it is not a hassle at all, so you can use it to execute tricks.

Aside from that, the hip curve features are excellent for sharper turns. It also provides exceptional slide release for optimum maneuverability. Plus, it generates the speed you need as you execute tricks.

When it comes to its design, the distinct feature is the bold outline of the entire surfboard, which is in black color. Plus, it features a thruster fin set-up, letting you install up to three fins if you want to give acceleration to your surfboard.

#4. Stewart Funboard Egg Surfboard


Aside from longboards and shortboards, Stewart is also the talk-of-the-town when it comes to its egg surfboard. If you want to ride something unique, you can consider buying the Funboard Egg Surfboard. It’s not only fun but also adaptable.

This mid-sized surfboard is perfect for any surfing condition. Anyone can use it, regardless of whether you’re a novice who wants to practice or a professional who wants to have fun.

This surfboard features a beveled rail, a signature structure for 30 years, yet it keeps its significant feature. This advantage provides exceptional rail-to-rail turns, and it’s very lenient on the drop-in. Plus, the rounded-pin tail-design makes it easier to control.

The overall design of this surfboard is exceptional because of its three-pastel color combination. Also, it uses a premium-quality material, which guarantees its durability even when you surf daily.

Aside from that, this surfboard comes with different sizes. The size ranges from 7 feet to 8 feet, which is in between shortboards and longboards.

When it comes to its maneuverability, it’s convenient to drive, even when you don’t have exceptional balancing skills. It provides stability, making it favorable for surfers who don’t have any background in the sport.

If you want to add fins, this surfboard features a thruster fin set-up, letting you install three fins. It will depend on how fast you want your surfboard to move along waves.

#5. Stewart Therapy Fish Surfboard


Fish surfboards are one of the most bought surfboards by intermediate to professional surfers. If you can’t think of a reliable one for competing or training, you should check out what Stewart has to provide, like the Therapy Fish Surfboard.

This surfboard came from the model S-Rail fish surfboard. What makes it distinct are the new wings. Plus, it features a meek style with the “Therapy” logo and Stewart’s signature logo, and the deck is in all white. If you want a minimalist-vibe for your surfboard, it’s the best option.

This surfboard is durable, too, as the deck comes from high-quality material, making it long-lasting despite daily usage. It also features a five-fin set-up, yet you can set how many fins you desire to install.

As you control this surfboard, the lower entry rocker adds convenience in maneuvering it. However, if you’re a beginner, you might find it challenging to use it because it needs excellent balancing skills. It’s agile as its default feature because of its swallowtail-design.

When it comes to its sizing, it’s available in seven different sizes, and it ranges from 5 feet and 8 inches to 6 feet to 8 inches.

#6. Stewart Redline 11 Longboard Surfboard

redline 11

Stewart is the go-to brand for beginners who look for longboards because it always makes sure you get the best out of every surfboard you choose. If you’re looking for a handy surfboard, you can never go wrong with the Redline 11 Longboard. It’s the ultimate longboard for everyone because of its performance.

This surfboard features a deep, single concave-nose bottom that extends past the half-way point of the board. This advantage provides an ease to surfers as they turn and paddle the longboard. If you’re into nose-riding, you can count on it also because of its contour.

When it comes to controlling this surfboard, the single concave to double concave-outline keeps it stable as you ride any wave-condition. The rounded-pintail provides an ease to surfers in controlling and releasing the surfboard, especially when you’re doing stunts. Plus, the structure of the complete longboard makes it easier for newbies to use it.

This surfboard comes from an excellent quality of materials, guaranteeing every surfer sturdiness regardless of everyday usage. What makes it unique among other surfboards is the sizing. It comes with a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 5 feet and 4 inches to a maximum of 9 feet.

If you’re after the speed, it will not be a disappointment because the hard edges in the tail rails provide agility, which intermediate to pro surfers admire. Plus, you can also install fins on its 2+1 fin set-up.

#7. Stewart Funline 11 Longboard Surfboard

funline 11

If you’re looking for a reliable longboard this summer, you should check out the collection of Stewart Surfboards. It offers the best surfboards, and one of the top picks is the Funline 11 Longboard. It’s exceptional because of its mini longboard feature.

This surfboard features an appealing style on the top part of the deck, while the bottom section comes in white. The size ranges from 7 feet to 8 feet and 6 inches. Also, the durability of this surfboard will not be a disappointment because it uses high-quality materials.

It comes with a 2+1 fin set-up, and you can install two short, wide-rail fins for the 7 feet and 6 inches and 8 feet and 6 inches longboards. As for the 7 feet longboard, it uses a thruster fin set-up.

This mini version of Redline 11 provides an exceptional paddling power because it is a full front, making it suitable for beginners. You’ll find ease in maneuvering it, thanks to its flat straight entry rocker and a flip-in tip. The long concave-contour in the nose contributes to the surfboard’s paddling power, which blends well in the double concave V of this surfboard’s tail.

Aside from that, it also has an exceptional speed despite its size. It makes nose-riding more fun as you ride it along waves. Also, the slopes in the noise rails make it easier to lift and turn, especially when you’re trying to execute some tricks.

Surfers also admire how versatile this surfboard is because it’s exceptional for any surfing condition or wave-height. Beginners can enjoy using it because it’s hassle-free to control, while intermediate to advanced surfers uses it for a fun surfing experience.

#8. Stewart RPM Longboard Surfboard


Another longboard to add on your list is the RPM Longboard, and surfers recommend this surfboard from Stewart because of its optimum performance. One reason why professional surfers prefer it is because of its nose-riding abilities.

This model has rails and rocker coming from the Redline 11 features. It provides every surfer a favorable paddling power, yet you need excellent balancing skills if as you prepare for your stance. It’s why this surfboard is more suitable for those who transition from intermediates to pros than novices.

Another reason why surfers admire it is its minimalistic vibe in white color, from top to bottom. Plus, it’s sturdy enough to last longer because it uses the excellent quality of materials. Even when you surf daily, it’s less probable to have any damages.

Acceleration is also one of the features of this surfboard. Regardless of its longboard sizing, it provides sufficient speed as you go for nose-riding or stunts while turning. It doesn’t fail in delivering top performance, even on weighty surfers.

When it comes to its fin set-up, it features a thruster fin box. You can install two small fins on the sides, and a large one in the center. It can also help in boosting your surfboard along waves.

Aside from that, this surfboard has various sizes, ranging from 8 feet to 9 feet and 8 inches.

#9. Stewart Retro Fish Surfboard

retro fish

If you want top-performing surfboard when it comes to speed, you should check out Stewart’s collection. One of the top-picks that intermediate to advanced surfers because of the ample volume it provides. This advantage offers exceptional floatation, especially on fatter waves.

You’ll love how this surfboard comes with an updated version of its timeless model. It has a bigger swallowtail-design, while the size is from 5 feet and 8 inches to 7 feet. The top deck has a meek yet appealing style favorable to surfers who want a minimalistic look.

Maneuvering this fish surfboard is not hassling as well because of its concave-contour. Even when it moves with acceleration, you can control it well while gliding and turning. The tail makes it agile effortlessly, which surfers love during tricks.

If you want to boost it further, installing fin should do the trick. It features a quad fin set-up, which adds more agility to any surfing condition.

Aside from floatation, the volume also contributes to the surfboard’s paddling power. It’s hassle-free for surfers, yet it’s ideal for mid to pro surfers than newbies. You’ll need an excellent balancing stance as you ride it because it’s agile by default.

It also comes from a premium-quality of material, assuring you sturdiness even when you frequently use it.

#10. Stewart S-Winger Shortboard Surfboard


If you can’t decide where to buy a shortboard surfboard, Stewart also provides a handful of options. A bestseller that you should consider buying is the S-Winger Shortboard Surfboard. Many surfers admire it because it’s one of Bill Stewart’s new models.

What makes this surfboard distinct among the rest is the structure, especially the half-way part going to the diamond tail. It lets you maneuver this shortboard with convenience because of its steadiness and looseness. Plus, it’s favorable for surfers when it comes to snappy turns.

Another advantage is its versatility. Regardless of any surfing condition, you can ride it with full performance. Also, it’s ideal for any surfing-level, from novice to professional surfers. It’s the best surfboard to use when you’re competing or enhancing your skills.

Surfers love it also because of its style on the top-deck, which is undoubtedly a head-turner. Plus, you can guarantee durability because it comes from high-quality materials.

It’s nimble as well because of its nose. It contributes to its overall performance because it’s quick, especially during turns. Also, the five-fin set-up adds to its acceleration.

It has different lengths too, letting surfers select from 5 feet and 8 inches to 7 feet and 6 inches. Regardless of any size you want, the performance will never disappoint.

Getting the Best Stewart Surfboard – Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best surfboard, you have to look at a bigger picture. There’s more to style and brand that you should consider as you buy one, and this guide will help you.

Determine the Suitable Surfboard Type

Surfboard types are very crucial because they will be the foundation of your surfing skills. Once you know what type is suitable for you, you can decide what surfboard to buy.

Shortboard Surfboards

It’s famous for its performance as a surfboard. You can drive it with convenience because of its shape. It’s best for turning, especially for snappy and quick turns. If you’re transitioning from being a newbie to intermediate, it’s an ideal surfboard to consider.

Some of the best shortboards are Pigme Shortboard and S-Winger Shortboard.

Longboard Surfboards

This all-rounder is multi-purpose because it’s ideal for beginners to pros. If you need additional paddling strength and steadiness, you should buy this type. Plus, it’s becoming in-demand because a lot of surfers do nose-riding.

The Ripster Longboard, Mighty Flyer Longboard, Redline 11 Longboard, and RPM Longboard are the top picks.

Fish Surfboards

Agility is the feature of this surfboard type, and it’s ideal for intermediates to pros. It has a swallowtail, and it comes with a broader body than shortboards. However, it may need a little strength when it comes to paddling.

The Therapy Fish Surfboard and Retro Fish Surfboard are the best fish surfboards from Stewart’s collection.

Egg Surfboards

This type is unique because of its egg-shaped structure, which is more extensive than typical shortboards. It’s also an all-rounder because it’s ideal for all surfers. It’s easy to balance, and it’s very stable.  

The Funboard Egg Surfboard is the pride of Stewart when it comes to egg surfboards.

Stewart Surfboard: Company & History

Stewart Surfboards is one of the most commended brands in the industry, up to now. Before its success, it had a humble beginning back in 1978 when Bill Stewart founded the company. Even though it’s in Southern California now, Stewart started shaping his first surfboard in Kentucky back in 1967.

After moving out of California, Stewart was able to surf more unswerving waves. It helped him enhance his shaping skills, depending on his experience. After earning ample experience, he started his brand back in 1978 in Laguna Beach. He relocated to San Clemente when the business became successful.

Stewart began introducing various surfboard-types, and surfers admire every product it offers because of its performance and quality. You have many options if you’re looking for a surfboard for training or competing. If you want a surfboard for a fun surfing experience, this brand also has your back.


It’s always best to have various surfboards options, especially if you’re a beginner in surfing. There’s more to consider than the surfboard’s style because you’ll need performance and durability more. If you are looking for a reliable source where you can get high-quality surfboards, you can never go wrong with Stewart Surfboards. From fish surfboards to longboards, this brand has your back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will the surfboard include fins if I purchase one?

A: Yes, fins are part of the package. Every surfboard has suitable fins, yet you can install your preferred ones without any hassle because these are removable.

Q: Does Stewart Surfboards offer other items aside from surfboards?

A: Yes, you can buy apparel and accessories for kids, women, and men. Aside from that, it also sells surfing accessories, like leashes, board bags, or tools. Also, this brand offers bodyboards and skateboards.

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