Walden Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

Regardless if you’re a casual surfer or an aspiring pro, buying the best surfboard will help you improve your skills effectively. As you search for the best one, Walden Surfboards offers a collection that’ll catch your attention, especially if you’re into longboards.

Walden Surfboards commits to provide exceptional service in shaping and producing competitive surfboards. Quality was never an issue, as well as every surfboard’s design. Plus, the performance is worth the shot, especially if you’re an intermediate level to pro.

The Top 8 Best Walden Surfboards Reviewed

If you’re fascinated to know more about the collection of Walden Surfboards, here’s a Walden Surfboards review to consider if you’re searching for a brand new surfboard.

  1. Walden 9’6 Mucho Magic 24062 Longboard Surfboard
  2. Walden 8’6 Mucho Magic 24147 Longboard Surfboard
  3. Walden 9’0 Mega Magic 24124 Longboard Surfboard
  4. Walden 9’0 Magic Model 24139 Longboard Surfboard
  5. Walden 8’6 Magic Model 23849 Longboard Surfboard
  6. Walden 10’0 Magic Model #24129 Longboard Surfboard
  7. Walden 9’6 Magic Model 24118 Longboard Surfboards
  8. Walden 9’0 Mega Magic 24015 Longboard Surfboard

#1. Walden 9’6 Mucho Magic 24062 Longboard Surfboard9'6 MUCHO MAGIC 24062

Walden offers a wide variety of longboard surfboards, and each doesn’t fail in providing optimum performance. If you’re looking for a surfboard to buy, you can check out the 9’6 Mucho Magic 24062 Longboard.

This surfboard comes in a patented design, having a unique hull with a 1/2-concave in front. It features a single concave transition going to a double concave with a 1/3-rear. It comes with a typical “V” tail-design and an 18.50-inch nose, which provides the stability you need for nose-riding.

It comes with a hard, orange rail that adds acceleration to the board as you maneuver it in any surf-condition. You’ll love how easy this board is when it comes to controlling, especially on the tail of the board. Also, it’s adaptable enough to be suitable for big or small surf.

It also provides exceptional convenience since it only weighs 19 pounds, which surfers admire because it doesn’t cause any discomfort as they ride it along waves. Regardless of any wave-height, it’s ideal for beginners to pros.

When it comes to sturdiness, you can count on it. It comes from a premium-quality of Polyurethane foam. It gives comfort on the soles as you ride the board, while the glossy-finish on top keeps it away from damages or scratches. Also, the foam provides excellent floatation, making it favorable to newbies.

Agility is also one factor why you should purchase it, thanks to its 2+1 fin set-up. You can install Futures fins to make it more agile.

#2. Walden 8’6 Mucho Magic 24147 Longboard Surfboard

8'6 MUCHO MAGIC 24147

Another entry from Walden Surfboards is the 8’6 Mucho Magic 24147 Longboard, and this board will not be a disappointment when it comes to its floatation. Thanks to its quality-EPS foam, beginners will not have a hard time balancing their stance as they ride quick waves.

This board is smaller than the 9’6 Mucho Magic 24062, between the Mega Magic and Original Magic models. It has a medium-size that helps in controlling the board, especially while turning and paddling. It also comes with a full rocker, which delivers optimum maneuverability on the trail, making it exceptional during nose-riding.

It’s agile by default, yet you can install Futures fins on its 2+1 fin set-up. Besides its agility, you can assure that you get the board’s best performance during nose-riding.

The patented design of this surfboard is what makes it very exceptional. The concave-hull, a single concave to a double concave, keeps the board stable and responsive, regardless of any conditions or wave-height. Plus, it comes with hard rails on the bottom curve, contributing to this board’s overall performance.

Surfers love using this board because paddling is more convenient, regardless if you’re a newbie or a pro. You’ll find ease in driving it because it only weighs 14 pounds. Also, it’s 23.25-inch wide, which adds convenience to surfers as they paddle and shift to their surfing stance.

#3. Walden 9’0 Mega Magic 24124 Longboard Surfboard

9'0 MEGA MAGIC 24124

If you can’t think of where to buy the best longboard surfboard, you should check out what Walden Surfboards offers. It has numerous options from the list, and one is the 9’6 Mucho Magic 24062 Longboard Surfboard.

This surfboard is unique as it has the most reduced volume, which is up to 100 liters. The length and width of the board keep an exceptional balance between providing maximum performance. It also comes from a premium-quality of Expanded Polystyrene, which makes it sturdy and comfier to ride because of its added floatation.

There’s convenience in controlling this surfboard because it only weighs 17 pounds. What makes it more desirable to control are the rails, rocker, and patented concave bottom. The blue hard rails and rocker make it very steady, regardless if you ride an SM-MED-type of a wave. Also, the concave bottom makes it more desirable to control, which works well during paddling, turning, and nose-riding.

Aside from that, this surfboard is assured durable. It comes with a glossy finish, while the glassing-type is either 6+6 or 6 Bottom. Even when you’re weighty, this board can give you excellent surfing experience.

If you’re expecting acceleration from this board, you can install fins with a 2+1 set-up to make it agile. Plus, the fin-type you can use is Futures. Its agility matches the board’s maneuverability level, providing exceptional performance to newbies, intermediates, or pros.

#4. Walden 9’0 Magic Model 24139 Longboard Surfboard

9'0 MAGIC MODEL 24139

Longboards are all-around surfboards, and if you need to buy one from a trusted brand, you can never go wrong with 9’0 Magic Model 24139. This board by Walden is one of the bestselling surfboards, and it’s one of its classics, hailing from the 80s.

This surfboard features a distinctive hull, with a 1/2 front that’s a single concave, and a rear 1/3 that’s double-concave. The nose-part delivers the stability and lift you need as you drive it, regardless of any wave-height. Plus, this design makes it responsive, despite any surf-condition.

It’s one of the most versatile surfboards because it’s suitable for any surfing-level, regardless if you’re a newbie or a professional surfer who wants to have a good time. If you’re looking for acceleration, you can install Future fins to give your board a boost, with a 2+1 fin set-up.

Durability is also another reason why surfers recommend this surfboard. It comes with a sturdy foam, which uses a Polyurethane material. It assures exceptional floatation, especially when the surfer is a little weighty. Despite using quality-materials, controlling this board is hassle-free because it only weighs 16 pounds.

Adding to the board’s maximum performance are the full rocker and bright rails. The rocker provides an ease to surfers in maneuvering the tail, which is ideal for nose-riding. As for the hard rails, these contribute to the overall control and stability of the board. Turning is more comfortable, as well as paddling.

#5. Walden 8’6 Magic Model 23849 Longboard Surfboard


Nothing beats a classic surfboard, and if you are to buy one, you should check out the collection of Walden. One of the best modern surfboards is the 8’6 Magic Model 23849 Longboard. This surfboard features a classic style in a green and blue color combination. Plus, it comes with a gloss finish, which adds appeal to the entire surfboard’s look.

It features an exceptional patented style, from hull to rails. The hull features a 1/2-front single concave and a 1/3-rear double concave, making it easier to control, regardless of any surfing condition. With hard rails, these advantages add stability and responsiveness. If you’re a novice or a pro, riding this longboard is not a hassle at all.

It can be agile, too, since it only weighs 15 pounds. It’s lighter than other surfboards, which provides further convenience in controlling it on big or small waves. Plus, you have the option to install Futures fins in a 2+1 set-up. If you’re an aspiring pro, you can use this surfboard to enhance your balancing skills.

When it comes to sturdiness, this surfboard will not disappoint you. It comes with high-quality Polyurethane foam, which also gives comfort to surfers as they ride it for longer hours. From turning to paddling, this surfboard provides exceptional performance.

#6. Walden 10’0 Magic Model #24129 Longboard Surfboard

10'0 MAGIC MODEL #24126

Another classic longboard surfboard from Walden is the 8’6 Magic Model 23849 Longboard. If you’re looking for a versatile surfboard, you can never go wrong with this entry. It’s suitable for any surfing level, from beginners to professional surfers. Plus, you can ride this surfboard on any wave-height.

This surfboard features a meek, yet stylish design in white and blue color combination. It’s appealing enough to be a head-turner. Plus, it features a gloss-finish, which makes it sturdier.

Surfers recommend this surfboard if you need a top-performing longboard because of its patented structure. The full rocker of this longboard makes it easier to control on the tail-part, especially on tight turns. Plus, it also gives ample maneuverability during nose-riding.

Aside from that, the single concave to double concave provides the steadiness you need as you ride big or rapid waves. It’s also ideal for nose-riding as it allows for surfers’ excellent lift during rides.

You’ll find it more convenient to maneuver this surfboard because it only weighs 18 pounds. It provides surfers ease in moving the surfboard. Plus, it features a durable foam, which comes from an excellent quality of Polyurethane materials. Despite frequent usage, you can count on its sturdiness.

If you want to make your longboard more agile, you can install fins with a 2+1 fin set-up. The Futures fin-type is the best to use with this surfboard.

#7. Walden 9’6 Magic Model 24118 Longboard Surfboards

9'6 MAGIC MODEL #24118

Regardless if you need a surfboard for fun or skill-enhancement, Walden has something to offer. One of the bestsellers from its collection is the 9’6 Magic Model 24118 Longboard Surfboards. It provides maximum performance, from paddling to turning, even when you’re a beginner. Plus, acceleration is also an edge because you can install Futures fins in a 2+1 set-up.

Surfers admire this surfboard because it’s hassle-free to control, thanks to its 17-pound weight. If you’re a newbie, maneuvering it is not a hassle because it features a single concave to double concave hull, full rocker, and hard rails. The concave nose offers the necessary lift you need, along with steadiness for nose-riding.  Plus, the entire rocker makes it easier to control the board on the tail-part.

Aside from that, it uses a foam that comes from high-quality Polyurethane material. It doesn’t only provide comfort on the sole as you ride it, but it also assures durability. Plus, it features a 6+6 or 6 Bottom glassing and a gloss-finish to keep the board long-lasting.

Surfers also love this surfboard because it’s responsive, especially when it comes to tight turns. Despite carrying a longboard feature, it’s also an excellent performer. It will help you enhance your skills as well if you’re aiming for a professional level.

It also comes with a classic design in blue and white colors and bright rails and bottom. If you’re a fan of vintage and modern styles, you’ll undoubtedly love this surfboard.

#8. Walden 9’0 Mega Magic 24015 Longboard Surfboard

9'0 MEGA MAGIC 24015

Walden doesn’t fail to satisfy all its customers when it comes to design and performance. If you’re looking for a longboard to ride for fun, you can never go wrong with the 9’0 Mega Magic 24015 Longboard Surfboard.

This surfboard’s sturdiness is never questionable because the foam comes from an excellent quality of Expanded Polystyrene. Even when you frequently use this board to surf for fun or enhance your skills, it’s long-lasting because of its gloss-finish.

Many surfers admire its exceptional performance, from stability to responsiveness, because of its patented hard rails, rocker, and concave bottom. Maneuvering it is never a hassle, especially when you’re controlling the board on the tail part. However, this surfboard is better on SM-Med wave-heights.

Despite the materials of this board, it only weighs 16 pounds, and it’s another plus-factor for this surfboard. It comes with an exceptional floatation because it uses a premium-quality of Expanded Polystyrene or EPS material, making it lighter yet more responsive.

You can consider installing fins to add agility to this surfboard’s movement if it follows the 2+1 fin set-up. Plus, you can install the Futures fin-type to boost your surfboard, especially during quick, short waves.

Getting the Best Walden Surfboards – Buyers Guide

Before you invest your money in the surfboard, you desire to buy. It’s always best to consider some of these factors as your buying guide. Here’s a quick guide for you.


It’s always significant to consider the type of surfboard you need because every surfboard-type has its edge when it comes to performance. Most surfers go to the typical ones, which are shortboards and fish surfboards. These are suitable for newbies, yet it’s best for intermediate to professional surfers.

If you need an all-rounder, you should look for longboards. These are not as agile as the first two types, yet these are very versatile because most are ideal for newbies in the sport. You can ride it for fun, or you can also ride it with a little twist as you enhance your skill along your journey.

Walden Surfboards is famous for offering a wide variety of longboards, and some of its bestsellers are 9’0 Magic Model 24139 and 9’6 Magic Model 24118 surfboards.

Rail Design

Not a lot of surfers know how to determine the crucial parts of a surfboard. As you buy one, you also need to consider the rail design. The first two are the soft rails and full rails. The soft rails are user-friendly, and you can turn your board with ease, yet the control is not that satisfying. As for full rails, these provide exceptional floatation because the deck is flatter.

The third rail design is the hard rails, and this design has restricted mobility, yet it provides a lot of maneuverability.

Every longboard from Walden’s collection uses hard rails.

Walden Surfboards: Company & History

Walden Surfboards had a humble beginning back in 1968, where Steve Walden founded the company. He started his journey in the industry when he was 20 years old, and he was a shaper for Greek Surfboards in Huntington Beach. After a year, he began manufacturing facility to distribute more than 10,000 surfboards across the United States.

By 1972, Walden moved to Hawaii to continue his journey as a manufacturer of surfboards.

By 1981, Walden introduced the “Magic Model” in the market as modern longboards, and it’s how he earned the title “Father of Modern Longboards.”

Now, the brand continues to supply exceptional surfboards to people across the globe, making it one of the most popular sellers in the industry. Every longboard comes with high-quality, assuring sturdiness and top performance to customers since day one. Plus, it introduces new products to attract the new surfers to give their products a try.


Walden Surfboards offers a collection of masterpieces, and if you’re looking for an exceptional longboard, you should consider buying from it.

The quality is satisfying, from products to customer service. It’s also sturdy that will last even when you use it frequently to catch waves for fun or practice your skills. Plus, it features appealing styles, following a modern-vintage look.

If you’re looking for a trusted brand where you can find exceptional longboards, you can never go wrong with Walden Surfboards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I install other fin types in my Walden longboard surfboard aside from Futures?

A: You can install your desired fin types, as long as it fits in the 2+1 fin set-up. As you purchase, you’ll have the option to select whether you’re buying fins or not. However, as per the brand, it’s best to stick to the most recommended types, which is Futures.

Q: Does a longboard comes with a leash if I buy one?

A: No, there’s no leash attached to any longboard product. If you want to install a strap, you’ll have to go to a shop that can install it manually.

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