Gerry Lopez Surfboards Review | 2024

Surfing has been very beneficial to people these days, especially to millennials interested in the sport. It eases stress, whether it’s coming from work or academics. Plus, it’s an excellent way to keep your body fit.

There are many ways a person can surf, and it doesn’t always mean you need to ride big, steep waves to surf. Some can even surf in smaller bodies of water without any wave. All you need is a trustworthy surfboard, and you’re all set.

Gerry Lopez offers a collection of surfboards with various types, yet it always meets the quality standards. He’s not only a professional surfer but an exceptional shaper as well. Aside from his originals, he teams up with Surftech to introduce another set of modern surfboards that millennials will love more.

The Top 8 Best Gerry Lopez Surfboards Reviewed

You might have a struggling time deciding what surfboard to buy if you see a lot of options. If you need a reliable one, here’s a Gerry Lopez Surfboards review to help you further.

  1. Gerry Lopez Something Fishy Surfboard
  2. Gerry Lopez Cheater Longboard Surfboard
  3. Gerry Lopez Pocket Rocket Surfboard
  4. Gerry Lopez Baby Longboard Surfboard
  5. Gerry Lopez Little Darlin Hybrid Surfboard
  6. Gerry Lopez Tita Moana Shortboard Surfboard
  7. Gerry Lopez River Boat Softop-CP Surfboard
  8. Gerry Lopez Noserider Longboard Surfboard

#1. Gerry Lopez Something Fishy Surfboard

something fishy

Surfers admire how Gerry Lopez provides exceptional quality on every surfboard it offers. If you need a high-quality one, you should consider the Gerry Lopez Something Fishy Surfboard. This surfboard comes from the collection of Surftech.

What surfers love about this fish surfboard is its agility. You’ll enjoy riding it on mushy or hollow wave types where it can accelerate further, providing you exceptional surfing experience. If you’re into executing tricks, you’ll find this surfboard handy.

It features a unique style, coming from an old template blend. Gerry Lopez took over the styling on the rocker and the bottom part of the board, which provides exceptional stability as you ride any wave-condition. Maneuvering it is not too hassle as well because it doesn’t give any bobbling turn, thanks to its soft edge-rails.

If you’re a novice, you might find it too challenging to ride it. It’s highly advisable for intermediate to professional surfers because of its surfboard-type. With its size-range from 5 feet and 2 inches to 6 feet and 4 inches, it will need exceptional balancing skills to ride it smoothly.

Aside from the swallowtail-design that it features, what makes it more agile is the fins. It comes with a fin box set-up, and you can install up to four FCS II fins. Also, it’s favorable to pros because you can either select a smaller fin-quad or a twinnie with big fins for their surfboard.

The durability is never questionable because it features Durability Performance Technology. It’s assured sturdy even if you use it frequently.

#2. Gerry Lopez Cheater Longboard Surfboard


If you’re looking for a Gerry Lopez-original, you can never go wrong with the Cheater Longboard Surfboard. It’s one of the classic surfboards from the 1980’s collection, and it’s famous for its name, “Mini-tanker.”

It’s a shorter longboard, which makes it very versatile. If you’re a beginner in surfing, you’ll find convenience in riding it along waves. Plus, it’s also favorable to professional surfers because it provides more horsepower for handling a more extensive range of wave-sizes.

It comes with a stylish camouflage-design in green and white color. Also, it’s available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 6 feet and 8 inches to 8 feet and 4 inches. Plus, you can customize the tail-design you prefer, letting you choose from swallow, squash, and rod-pin tail-design.

Aside from that, this surfboard comes from high-quality materials, guaranteeing its durability despite daily-usage. What makes it more favorable is that you can choose whether you want your surfboard to have a matte or a glossy finish.

Controlling this surfboard is hassle-free because of its fuller nose, letting surfers paddle with ease. The bottom rocker, edges, foil, and rails contribute to this surfboard’s overall agility and maneuverability. Plus, the flat to vee-outline to the tail keeps it steady as you ride it on any wave-height.

#3. Gerry Lopez Pocket Rocket Surfboard

pocket rocket

If you’re looking for an exceptional quiver surfboard for enhancing your skills, you can check out the collection of Gerry Lopez and Surftech. One of the best options is the Pocket Rocket Surfboard.

This surfboard is available in different sizes, ranging from 6 feet and 4 inches to 8 feet. Regardless of any size you prefer, it’s suitable for surfers with intermediate to pro-skill-level. You’ll need exceptional balancing skills as you ride it, especially when you’re riding hollow or steep waves.

It’s agile despite having a more extended size than fish surfboards because of its five-fin box set-up. You can install up to five FCS II fins, and you can choose whether you prefer thruster or quad.

When it comes to controlling, this surfboard will not be a disappointment. Gerry Lopez makes sure every turn is hassle-free, as well as executing tricks with its surfboard-outline. You can assure stability from its soft edge and deck-shape. Plus, it features a pintail-design, which makes it easier to control.

Surfers love this surfboard because it’s available in different colors, yet it sticks to its classy style. It’s one of the head-turners, which is why it’s one of the bestsellers from Gerry Lopez’s design.

#4. Gerry Lopez Baby Longboard Surfboard


Do you need an exceptional longboard? You should check out what Gerry Lopez has to offer, such as the Baby Longboard Surfboard. A lot of surfers love it because of its classic retro-style. Also, it can either come in a glossy or a matte finish.

This longboard is available for customization, starting from its 9-foot length and up. Plus, you can choose any tail-design from rod-pin, swallow, and squash.

It’s versatile because anyone can use it, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a professional surfer. You can also ride it on any surfing-condition, yet it’s suitable for smaller waves, like shores in Oregon, Hawaii, or French.

Aside from that, this surfboard is exceptional when it comes to maneuverability. It features a semi-pulled nose and wide hips towards the tail, which makes turning hassle-free. Also, its shape provides the stability you need as you enhance your balancing skills on any wave-height.

It’s one of the top-performing surfboards, and it’s also very sturdy. The deck comes from a premium-quality of material, keeping it long-lasting even if you use it most of the time for enhancing your surfing skills.

It may not have an edge on agility, yet you can assure that this surfboard will give you a fun surfing experience, especially if you’re a beginner.

#5. Gerry Lopez Little Darlin Hybrid Surfboard

little darlin

Collaborations can be lead to exceptional results, like the surfboard collection of Gerry Lopez and Surftech. If you can’t find a reliable surfboard, you should consider the Little Darlin Hybrid. It’s one of the in-demand surfboards by Gerry Lopez because it’s one of his favorites.

It features a meek yet appealing design with classic styles. You can select from different colors, depending on your preference. Plus, it’s available in various sizes, ranging from 6 feet and 4 inches to 7 feet and 11 inches.

Agility is also the main reason why many surfers enjoy riding it. Aside from featuring a swallowtail-design, the single to double concave-outline of the deck provides holding control as the juice comes down. Plus, you can install a max of five FCS II fins on its fin box set-up, which is ideal for either a thruster or a quad.

It’s hassle-free to ride this surfboard, especially during steep drops, takeoffs, or hollow sections. However, it’s more advisable for intermediate to advanced surfers despite its longer length than fish surfboards. It requires excellent balancing skills, and if you’re a newbie, you might struggle in riding it, even on mushy waves.

When it comes to durability, this surfboard is exceptional. Surfers recommend it because it comes from high-quality materials, from the deck to fins. Plus, it’s durable enough to hold weighty surfers without compromising the surfboard’s performance.

#6. Gerry Lopez Tita Moana Shortboard Surfboard

tita moana

If you’re looking for an exceptional shortboard surfboard for training or competition, you can never go wrong with Tita Moana Shortboard Surfboard. This entry by Gerry Lopez is one of its originals, and many surfers enjoy riding it because it’s user-friendly.

This surfboard features a stylish design for female surfers. With its yellow surfboard-base and a matte or a glossy finish, it’s very appealing, especially under the sun. It features a squash tail-design. When it comes to sizes, you can choose from 6 feet and 3 inches to 7 feet.

You can count on its sturdiness because it uses high-quality materials to make sure it doesn’t break easily, especially when executing tricks.

Maneuvering this surfboard is convenient because it comes with a progressive rocker. Surfers admire this feature because it provides them the added lift they need in controlling the surfboard along waves. Plus, the soft rails and plan shape of the surfboard provides steadiness, making it more favorable to surfers who practice their balancing skills during acceleration.

Aside from the drive, this surfboard can also be agile. This advantage is not favorable when you’re a novice unless you have exceptional balancing skills. Intermediate to pro surfers can drive this board better because they have ample experience than newbies.

#7. Gerry Lopez River Boat Softop-CP Surfboard

river boat

Are you looking for the best surfboard for beginners? You’ll find one from the Surftech and Gerry Lopez collection, such as the River Boat Softop-CP Surfboard. It’s ideal for newbies to intermediate surfers because it’s thinner and shorter. Plus, there’s no paddling needed, making it more desirable to use.

It’s one of the most multipurpose surfboards because you can also use it on alternative waves. There’s no need to go to a beach when you can surf along river waves, wave pools, and boat wakes. Also, it’s suitable for soft or mushy waves, which is why it’s not too hassling to ride.

This surfboard features a modern style in gray color. Despite its meek design, it doesn’t fail to attract surfers in the area. Plus, it comes with a swallowtail-design, which also contributes to the surfboard’s acceleration.

Choosing what size to select is straightforward because it’s only available in two sizes. The 4 feet and 10 inches have a volume of 21.9 liters, while the 5 feet and 4 inches has a capacity of 28.6 liters. Regardless of any size, you can drive this surfboard with full control.

Another edge of this surfboard is that you have a wide variety of fin set-up suitable for it. You can choose from the thruster, twinnie, one fin toeside, quad, or two fins heelside.

Aside from that, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to durability because it uses high-quality materials. Despite this advantage, it doesn’t compromise performance and convenience as you ride and maneuver it.

#8. Gerry Lopez Noserider Longboard Surfboard


If you need a classic longboard for a better surfing experience, you can never go wrong with the Noserider Longboard Surfboard. It’s one of the bestsellers from Gerry Lopez’s original collection. Plus, it can boost your surfing skills because it’s suitable for nose-riding.

This longboard is available in different sizes, ranging from 9 feet to 10 feet, and the width ranges from 23 inches to 24 inches, respectively. Plus, it also has an appealing style that will undoubtedly attract anyone in the area.

The shape features a comprehensive, full nose template, which provides ample planing surface. It offers a comfortable space where you can stand up as your ride waves. Plus, the outline of this surfboard delivers stability for better surfing experience.

When it comes to the tail-design, a squaretail is recommendable. However, you can choose a rounded pintail-design if you want to customize your surfboard. The tail-design contributes to its full maneuverability, making it very favorable to advanced surfers.

Beginners can give this surfboard a try since it uses the typical longboard size. However, nose-riding is more suitable for surfers with intermediate to pro surfing skills.

Getting the Best Gerry Lopez Surfboards – Buyer’s Guide

Surfboards come in various types, designs, and advantages, which lead other buyers undecided when they need to buy one. If you’re struggling in deciding what surfboard is best for you, here’s a guide to help you out.

Surfboard Types

Determining the surfboard type before buying is crucial because these types have suitable instances where it can function more. There are various types, and here are the most common.


This type features a soft deck top, and it’s frequently for beginners. If you’re still learning to surf, it’s also the best surfboard for you. It provides exceptional comfort when it comes to paddling. Also, it may come from various materials or sizes.

The River Boat Softop-CP Surfboard is one of the best soft-top surfboards.


It’s a common surfboard-type that provides exceptional performance. You can maneuver it with ease because of its available sizing. Also, it makes snappy turns despite any surfing condition. However, it’s best for experienced surfers more than newbies.

One of the best Gerry Lopez shortboard surfboards, is the Tita Moana Shortboard Surfboard.


This type is famous for its default agility. It’s distinct among other surfboard-types because of its swallowtail-design. Also, this type is ideal for mush waves where you can control it with ease. However, you may need an added paddle strength if you are to ride it.

Something Fishy is the most popular fish surfboard of Gerry Lopez.


This type is one of the popular as well because it’s an all-rounder. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced-level surfer, this surfboard is best in steadiness. Some pro surfers prefer using this type for nose-riding. Plus, the size is typically from 9 feet or more.

Some of the best longboard surfboards are Cheater Longboard Surfboard, Baby Longboard Surfboard, and Noseride Longboard Surfboard.


This type is a combination of a fish and a shortboard. It takes the size and shape of the shortboard, yet the tail-design is mostly a swallowtail. However, not all hybrid surfboards have a swallowtail design. Some are fatter, wider, and shorter than a typical shortboard, which still makes it a hybrid-type.

The best hybrid surfboard by Gerry Lopez is the Little Darlin.

Gerry Lopez Surfboards: Company & History

When it comes to exceptional surfboards, Gerry Lopez’s collection is what most surfers consider among numerous brands.

Gerry Lopez is a professional surfer, and he’s famous for this name, “Mr. Pipeline.” Growing up in Honolulu, Hawaii led him to his profession of being a well-known surfer. He started surfing at an early age, where he became a champ at age 14.

As Lopez continues this career as a professional surfer, more opportunities came. He started shaping surfboards under his designs. Plus, his classics are still some of the bestsellers even up to now. His team always makes sure every surfer gets the best quality on every surfboard they buy. Plus, there are various surfboard-types to consider, which surfers love also.

Aside from introducing his original collection, Lopez also collaborated with Surftech to put up a set of surfboards with a twist of modern-style.

The team of Lopez doesn’t fail in meeting the expectations of every customer around the globe.


You’ll stumble on numerous surfboards in the market, and if you’re an aspiring surfer, you may struggle in deciding which one to pick among various options. However, choosing what brand to buy is the last factor you need to consider. This buying guide will help you determine what kind of surfboard you need at first.

To save time from endless searching, these top products by Gerry Lopez will help you decide with ease. Plus, every surfboard from its collection is very reliable.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does a purchased surfboard from the Gerry Lopez and Surftech’s collection include fins?

A: No, the set excluded fins. You need to buy these separately if you buy a surfboard from Surftech and Gerry Lopez’s collection.

Q: Will I get a surfing leash once I buy a Gerry Lopez surfboard?

A: No, there’s no surfing leash attached on the surfboard if you are to buy from Gerry Lopez. You can request a shaper to set it up for your usage if you’re doubtful in surfing without a strap.

Q: Can I only get surfboards from the collection of Surftech and Gerry Lopez?

A: No, Gerry Lopez also offers his original collection on his site. He doesn’t only provide readily available products, but also customized ones.

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