Top 8 Best Cheap Bodyboards | 2023 Reviews (Woowave, Thurso)

Last Updated March 17, 2023

Surfing a little overwhelming? The price of surfboards beyond your budget? If you’re looking for something new to try at the beach, you might want to check out surfing’s easier and cheaper alternative — a beginner-friendly watersport known as bodyboarding.

You don’t have to be a pro to start ‘bogging’. Instead of standing up as surfers do, bodyboarders ride prone on their board. This position provides more stability and balance, a reason why many people find this sport easier to learn. 

The good news is, this sport won’t cost you an arm and leg! There are lots of cheap bodyboards that are priced under $100. To make it easy for you, we’ve selected a few of them to help you get started on your new beach hobby.

What makes a good bodyboard?  

To give you a brief background, Tom Morey invented bodyboarding in 1971. (This watersport actually turned 50 in 2021) The first-ever board he created was made from PE or polyethylene foam covered with pieces of newspaper, which he named the ‘boogie board’ because of his love for the music genre. Today, we all know this trademarked name as ‘bodyboard’.

Of course, modern boards aren’t covered with paper anymore. Bodyboards for intermediate riders are made from cores such as PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene), or NRG (Low-density polypropylene), while entry-level board cores are usually made from EPS. Whatever they’re made of, a good quality board must be lightweight to be able to float in water, with specially designed tails and contours for speed and easy maneuvering. 

Top 8 Best Cheap Bodyboards

Did you know that during an interview, pro-surfer and Pipeline Masters champion, Jamie O’Brien, said that he considers himself more successful in bodyboarding? 

So whether you also aspire to become a bogging champion or just want to give this water sport a spin, you should consider these cheap bodyboards on our list!

  1. Woowave Lightweight Body Board with Coiled Wrist Leash — Our Top Pick
  2. Stivin Lightweight Bodyboard with Coiled Leash Comfort Velcro — Best Budget
  3. Thurso Lightning Bodyboard PE Core — Best High End
  4. Grande Juguete Bodyboard with Grips — Best for Kids
  5. Thurso Surf DuoSlider Bodyboard with Handles — Best for Family
  6. Own the Wave 'Wave Weapon' Bodyboard 
  7. Yooho Super Lightweight Premium Bodyboard
  8. Wavestorm Bodyboard 2-Pack 

#1: Woowave Lightweight Body Board with Coiled Wrist Leash — Our Top Pick

WOOWAVE Bodyboard 33-inch/36-inch/41-inch Super Lightweight Body Board with Coiled Wrist Leash, Swim Fin Tethers, EPS Core and Slick Bottom, Perfect Surfing for Kids Teens and Adults(36 inch, Green...

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  • Price: $48.44 – $54.39
  • Sizes: 33”, 36”, 41”
  • Core: EPS 
  • Weight Limit: <65 lbs for the 33”, 60-120 lbs for the 36”, 120-188 lbs for the 41”
  • Good for: All skill levels, Kids to Adults
  • Other Features: Coiled wrist leash, Swim Fins Tether, Water-resistant, HDPE slick bottom, 60/40 rails, Comes with a 12-month guarantee

Bodyboarding is much more fun especially if you have the right gear. To help you develop your skills, we recommend using the Woowave Super Lightweight Bodyboard as your starter board. This product comes in a variety of sizes and colors, so both kids and adults can enjoy using it during summer. 

The Woowave Super Lightweight Bodyboard comes with a lot of special features. Its core is made from durable and waterproof EPS to give it buoyancy. It also has an HDPE slick bottom for easy and smooth maneuvering when riding the waves, as well as 60/40 rails that give better control when steering. 

For its add-ons, the Woowave Bodyboard includes a coiled wrist leash so you don’t have to worry about losing your board in the water. The package also includes tethers that hold your swim fins so you don’t lose them if you get ripped off by waves. 

Oh, and apparently, their customer support is worth mentioning, too! According to its user reviews, they’re very accommodating and will replace your bodyboard in case of any breakages or defects during shipping. 

Made with durable materials, sturdyThe blue color dye smudges to the skin
Beginner-friendly, good for kids
Excellent customer service 
Affordable price

#2: Stivin Lightweight Bodyboard with Coiled Leash Comfort Velcro — Best Budget

STIVIN Bodyboards 33in/37in/41in Lightweight Body Boards with Coiled Leash Comfort Velcro EPS Core XPE Deck HDPE Slick Bottom Boogie Boards for Beach River Sea Pool for Surfing Kids Adults

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  • Price: $46.89 – $61.89
  • Sizes: 33”, 37”, 41”
  • Core: EPS
  • Weight Limit: <65 lbs for the 33”, 65-122 lbs for the 37”, 120-188 lbs for the 41”
  • Good for: All skill levels, Kids to Adults
  • Other Features: Coiled leash, XPE deck, HDPE slick bottom, 60/40 rails, UV-resistant

Next, we have the Stivin Lightweight Bodyboard — a boogie board so good, it will exceed all your expectations. It’s durable, easy to carry, and it’s packed with tons of special features, you’d be surprised it only costs $46.89 for the 33-inch board! Now, let’s get startin’. 

One of the most common problems of boogie boards is the bubbles that often form whenever they stay too long in the water. To prevent this from happening, the brand Stivin coated their bodyboard using a high-pressure laminating technique to make the board stiffer and waterproof. It also has a UV-resistant XPE deck that prevents its design and color from fading. 

This boogie board uses an EPS foam core to make it lightweight and buoyant, while the HDPE slick bottom reduces friction in water and increases speed. There’s a velcro coil leash that comes with every purchase of this bodyboard that can be strapped on either your wrist or ankle. This keeps your board from floating away when you fall from it. 

On this board’s crescent tail are two rear channels that increase the board’s strength when doing prone. It also features 60/40 rails for control when you need to storm bigger waves. 

Lightweight and easy to transport
May need wax application for more grip
Accessories are easy to assemble
Comfortable to use

#3: Thurso Lightning Bodyboard PE Core — Best High End

THURSO SURF Lightning 42'' Bodyboard PE Core IXPE Deck HDPE Bottom FRP Stringers Bottom Channels Pro Performance Durable Lightweight Incl. Stainless Steel Double-Swivel Leash Bodyboard Bag (...

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  • Price: $149
  • Size: 42”
  • Core: PE
  • Weight Limit: up to 200 lbs
  • Good for: All skill levels, Teens to Adults
  • Other Features: FRP stringers, Laminated IXPE deck, HDPE slick bottom, Dual rear channels. Dual swivel body leash, Carry bag inclusion

If you’re a serious sponger who doesn’t mind spending a little extra for a REALLY good board, you may want to take a look at the Thurso Lightning Bodyboard. For a reasonable price of $145, this board will take your bogging experience to a whole new level! 

So why is this board more expensive than the others? For one, this bodyboard uses a PE core, which is more durable and fitting for intermediate riders. It also has 2 FRP stringers that offer more superior flex, stability, and performance compared to boards with an EPS core. 

The Thurso Lightning Bodyboard’s IXPE deck has channeled bulbs for equal weight distribution. It has an HDPE slick bottom and crescent tail that keeps the board responsive in water, and a heat laminated deck to prevent bubbles from forming during long hours under the sun. 

This board is larger compared to others. With a size of 42 inches, it’s more suitable to use for teens and adults. Finally, the Lightning Bodyboard’s package includes stainless steel, double-swivel leash that you can wear on your arm, and a carry bag to take your boogie board everywhere. 

The deck is soft and comfortableThe wrist strap may be too big for some
Fast and easy to controlCarry bag zipper is substandard
Has good buoyancy
Stable ride

#4: Grande Juguete Bodyboard with Grips — Best for Kids

Grande Juguete 36" Bodyboard with Grips Improving Operation Stability,Hand Hold Body Board for Beginners Kids

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  • Price: $55.99 – $59.99
  • Size: 36”
  • Core: EPS 
  • Good for: Kids
  • Other Features: HDPE slick bottom, 60/40 rails

Bodyboarding doesn’t have age restrictions, that’s why kids can also learn this sport. For teaching entry-level bogging to young riders, we recommend using the Juguete Bodyboard. 

This cool boogie board comes with 2-in-1 grips. The kids can hold on to the hand grips during wave chasing, while the pull rope can be attached to a sailboat for high-speed bodyboarding. (Caution strictly advised.)

The Juguete Bodyboard is made with a lightweight EPS core for buoyancy. Like other bodyboards, it also has an HDPE slick bottom for faster rides. The kids can also make use of its 60/40 rails when turning and learning tricks. 

The only drawback with this board is it only comes in red and blue, which is a disadvantage for kids who prefer other color options. 

Handles are durable even in deep waterMay not support heavy weight

#5: Thurso Surf DuoSlider Bodyboard with Handles — Best for Family

THURSO SURF DuoSlider 45'' Bodyboard with Handles Two Person EPS Core IXPE Deck HDPE Slick Bottom Includes Two PRO Double Swivels Bodyboard Leashes

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  • Price: $99.99
  • Size: 45”
  • Core: EPS 
  • Weight Limit: Can accommodate up to 2 persons (1 adult, 1 child)
  • Good for: All skill levels, Kids to Adults
  • Other Features: Wrist coiled leash, IXPE deck

Family time on the beach is now made more fun with the Thurso DuoSlider. This board can carry two persons, which means that one adult and one child can ride the same board. With this family-friendly boogie board, you can be confident that your kid’s in safe hands. You also help them adjust and feel more comfortable in the water. 

The DuoSlider has handles where kids can grip for security and a contoured deck to keep them in the board’s center. This keeps them safe and secured as you maneuver through the waves.

It has a heat laminated HDPE slick bottom for stiffness and additional speed, and it’s made with an EPS core, so it’s also lightweight and easy to carry. As a bonus, this awesome boogie board comes with its own coiled arm leash to keep the board at bay even if you fall in the water. 

Don’t get us wrong. This is a really nice board, but since it’s quite big, it might not fit inside regular-sized bodyboard bags.

Handles have a good grip for balanceLarge board, may be difficult to travel with
Has a high weight capacity
Good value for money

#6: Own the Wave 'Wave Weapon' Bodyboard 

Own the Wave 37" Bodyboard for Kids and Adults - HDPE Slick Bottom & EPS Core - Lightweight Bodyboard for Beach and Surfing - Comes with Coiled Wrist Leash and Swim Fin Leash (Blue/Magenta)

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  • Price: $44.99 – $54.99
  • Sizes: 33”, 37”, 41”
  • Core: EPS
  • Weight Limit: <65 lbs for the 33”, 65-122 lbs for the 37”, 120-188 lbs for the 41”
  • Good for: All skill levels, Kids to Adults
  • Other features: Coiled Leash, HDPE Slick bottom, Swim fin tethers, Comes with a 12-month guarantee and product E-guide

The Own the Wave ‘Weapon’ Bodyboard is also a great choice for budding spongers. This board come in different colors, they’re easy to carry around, and most of all — they’re cheap! The package of this boogie board comes with a coiled arm leash and tethers so you don’t have to worry about the board and the swim fins being carried away by the waves. 

For its features, the Weapon Bodyboard has 60/40 rails for speed and easy stirring. It also has an EPS lightweight core that’s water-resistant and an HDPE slick bottom for a smoother ride and flex retention. 

Since this brand wants to assure everyone of their products’ quality, every purchase of their products comes with an E-guide and 12-month exchange and refund warranty. 

Beginner-friendly, good for kids Gets delaminated when exposed to heat
Good after-sales serviceMay not support heavy weight
Comfortable arm leash

#7: Yooho Super Lightweight Premium Bodyboard

YOOHO Bodyboard 33 inch/37 inch/41 inch Lightweight Premium Body Board with Coiled Wrist Leash HDPE Slick Bottom for Beach Ocean Sea River Pool Perfect Surfing for Kids Teens and Adults-1 Pack

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  • Price: $43.99 – $57.89
  • Sizes: 33”, 37”, 41”
  • Core: EPS 
  • Weight Limit: <44 lbs for the 33”, 88-132 lbs for the 36”, 132-150 lbs for the 41”
  • Good for: All skill levels, Kids to Adults
  • Other Features: IXPE deck, HDPE slick bottom, 60/40 rails, Dual rear channels

To change things up a bit, let’s talk about this boogie board’s downside first. The Yooho Super Lightweight Bodyboard doesn’t include a bodyboard leash, so you need to provide your own. 

Now, let’s get to the good parts. Even though it doesn’t have its own arm leash, this bodyboard has a wrist harness where you can put your leash on. It also features a hauling cable for safety and added stability when bogging. 

The core of Yooho Bodyboard is made from EPS foam so it’s lightweight and gives the right amount of buoyancy in water. It has an IXPE deck with 60/40 rails, as well as HDPE slick bottoms and a crescent tail for balance and enhanced directional control. 

Beginner-friendly, good for kidsForms bubbles when exposed to heat
Value for money

#8: Wavestorm Bodyboard 2-Pack 

Wavestorm 40" Bodyboard 2-Pack, Blue red and Blue Yellow

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  • Price: $69.02
  • Size: 40”
  • Core: EPS 
  • Weight Limit: 180 lbs
  • Good for: All skill levels, Kids to Adults
  • Other Features: Wrist leash, Pre-installed plug, WBS-IXL deck, Slick bottom with rear channels

There’s no need to be afraid of accidentally destroying your bodyboard — not if you’ve got two of them! The Wavestorm Bodyboard comes in two for the price of one. Because it’s such a great deal, it’s got over 4.7 out of 5 stars on its global ratings. 

These 40-inch boards have an EPS core and soft-foam top decks with contours that provide added grip. They also have pre-installed leash plugs and wrist leashes to bring your board back in case of a wipe out. 

The two boards come in turquoise and static-graphic blue designs. Since Wavestorm is a well-known surfboard manufacturer in the United States, you can be confident that these boards are created with only the best quality. 

Sturdy and durable for heavy useThe leash is a bit flimsy 
Comes in vibrant colors

10 Tips for Bodyboarding Beginners

You’ve got your bodyboard, board shorts, and high spirits to start your bogging adventure. But before you go, take note of these beginner-friendly tips!

  1. Get a board that fits your body height and weight. As a guideline, the size of your bodyboard should reach your belly button when the board is standing upright. If you ride smaller waves, get a larger board that’s 1 inch above your navel. For bigger waves, get a smaller board. The board’s weight capacity is often included in its description, so make sure you check on that as well.
  2. Hone your swimming skills. You don’t need professional swimming skills in learning bodyboarding; however, you must know your way around the waters in case you get wiped out or get separated from your board.
  3. Check the surf reports and forecast. Similar to surfing, bodyboarding also relies on wave conditions. Before paddling out, check the reports so you can enjoy the waves to the fullest.
  4. Wax your bodyboard. For maximum grip, apply wax on the nose and on the top of the left and right rails. Don’t wax the stomach area as you will have a hard time adjusting yourself on the deck. 
  5. Don’t forget your accessories! You’ll need a bodyboard arm leash to keep your board from drifting away, swim fins with tethers to help you kick for increased speed, and a wetsuit to maintain your body temperature. 
  6. Do warm-ups. Practice the bodyboarding position on land first before getting in the water. Lay down on your stomach and place your hand on the front of the board. Rehearse paddling and kicking your feet. 
  7. Watch out for aggressive wave conditions. Go for calmer waves and make sure you’re well-adjusted with them before going for stronger waves. 
  8. Don’t go bogging alone. Always bodyboard with someone, or if you’re bodyboarding solo, check if there’s a lifeguard on duty and stay within their range of vision. 
  9. Get into the water first before riding your board. This makes it easier to get on the boogie board. When you’re positioned on the board, push your hands and kick your feet towards the wave. 
  10. Master the ‘claw’ grip. Put pressure on your elbow and grip the board’s rail for better posture and control. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Are cheap bodyboards well-made?

Definitely! Most bodyboards are really affordable as bogging is a beginner-friendly sport that’s fit for both kids and adults. An entry-level board’s price may range from $20-50, while intermediate boards start from $150+. 

Q: Are surfing and bodyboarding the same? 

Bodyboarding is said to be one of the earliest forms of surfing; however, they’re two different kinds of sport. Certain factors differentiate them like their riding positions, the boards they use, their techniques, and the waves they need to access.

Q: Is bodyboarding easier than surfing?

Bodyboarding is easier to learn than surfing, as lying prone on board provides more stability than standing up. Unlike surfing, boarding can also be done on shallow waters so it’s safer for beginner kids and adults. 

Q: How do you get back to shore when bodyboarding?

Paddle your way into the wave, turn your board towards the beach, then let the wave carry you towards the shore. To increase its speed, slightly push the nose of your board downward towards the water and enjoy the thrill!

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