Almond Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

Before you consider surfing, you should find an exceptional surfboard to hone your skills every time you surf. Even if you only surf to have a good time, a performing surfboard will push you to be a pro. However, determining which surfboard to buy is the challenge.

There may be numerous options in the market, but you should check out Almond Surfboards to buy from the best brand. Quality has been this brand’s trademark. Plus, surfers prefer buying from its collection because it features unique styles with exceptional finishes. It’s not only performing but also stylish.

Top 10 Best Almond Surfboards Reviewed

Almond Surfboards is one of the top picks for performance, and it offers a variety of surfboards for surfers to choose which board is suitable for their skill levels. Here’s an Almond Surfboards review to know more about its collection.

  1. Almond Beach Chicken Fish Surfboard
  2. Almond Surf Thump Longboard Surfboard
  3. Almond Sandia Fish Surfboard
  4. Almond BBF Model Fish Surfboard
  5. Almond Special Recipe Fish Surfboard
  6. Almond Logistic Longboard Surfboard
  7. Almond Sea Kitten Fish Surfboard
  8. Almond Walks on Water Longboard Surfboard
  9. Almond Pinwheel Longboard Surfboards
  10. Almond Lumberjack Longboard Surfboard

1. Almond Beach Chicken Fish SurfboardAlmond Beach Chicken Fish Surfboard

Almond Surfboards doesn’t fail to satisfy every surfer with its exceptional collection. If you need a fish surfboard, you should consider buying the Beach Chicken Fish Surfboard.

This surfboard is a masterpiece with Kevin Butler’s collaboration. It’s not a typical fish surfboard because it’s a stretched-out model of the Sandia Fish. It features a twin-keel tail, which helps a lot in accelerating the board’s movement despite any wave condition.

Another edge of this surfboard is its unique style. It features chicken graphics, which makes it very appealing to a lot of surfers. Plus, it comes with a white-colored deck, which uses premium-quality materials to guarantee its sturdiness.

Aside from that, this surfboard’s volume capacity is 49.6 liters, providing exceptional balance as you ride it or execute tricks. It’s also available in two sizes only, making it hassle-free for surfers to choose from. You can either choose 7 feet by length or 7 feet and 8 inches, which you can maneuver with ease.

If you want further agility, you should install fins on your surfboard. Futures fins are advisable for its twin boxes. Plus, it comes with the set, making it favorable to newbies who get excited about receiving their first fish surfboard.

2. Almond Surf Thump Longboard Surfboard

Almond Surf Thump Longboard Surfboard

You’ll need a reliable surfboard if you want exceptional performance, and Almond Surfboards has everything you need. If you’re looking for a board that can provide you with an excellent surfing experience, you can never go wrong with the Surf Thump Longboard Surfboard.

This surfboard features a classic style that most beginners admire. Aside from that, it’s available in different sizes, letting you choose the suitable one for your volume. The sizing ranges from 9 feet and 2 inches to 10 feet.

When it comes to the recommended sizing, it’s best to pick a size between 9 feet and 8 inches or 9 feet and 2 inches long. For optimum performance, the advisable nose width is 17.75 inches, while the tail is 16.50 inches.

Regardless if you’re a beginner or a professional, riding this surfboard is hassle-free. It provides exceptional maneuverability without compromising its paddling strength. Thanks to its thumbnail design, controlling it is more comfortable.

Aside from that, this board gives smoother transitions, regardless of any wave condition. Also, it can be agile by installing some fins, such as Pin Fin or D-Fin. These are ideal for this surfboard.

3. Almond Sandia Fish Surfboard

Almond offers some of the best fish surfboards, which is why many pros prefer this brand. If you need a top-performing board with full agility, you can never go wrong with the Sandia Fish Surfboard. The twin-fin style of this board lets it move with full acceleration.

It comes with a meek yet appealing style in a single color. It also comes with a twin fin box, installing fins to make it more agile as you glide along small or big waves. Plus, you can install any without worrying whether it fits well or not.

Durability is also one of the reasons why you should buy it. It uses high-quality materials, which makes it damage-resistant.

Controlling and executing tricks with this board is more accessible because of its sizing. It’s available in four sizes, from 5 feet and 4 inches to 5 feet and 10 inches. Aside from that, the volume ranges from 31.6 liters to 36.9 liters, which you also need to consider if you want to maneuver it with ease.

Another edge of this surfboard is the improved, streamlined nose, letting you ride the board smoothly despite various waves. It’s the best way how you can practice balancing, especially during crucial wave types.

This board is best for intermediate to professional surfers. If you want to improve your surfing skills more, it’s best to buy a board that measures 5 feet and 2 inches or 6 feet and 4 inches in length.

4. Almond BBF Model Fish Surfboard

Almond BBF Model Fish Surfboard

If you want to enhance your skills effectively, the BBF Model Fish Surfboard or Big Bueno Fish by Almond is one of the most recommended fish surfboards for intermediate and professional surfers. What makes it favorable is its classy dual-colored design, which surfers find appealing.

This board is exceptional as it comes with sturdy foam, making it hassle-free to control. It also features a similar paddling ability to an egg surfboard. Plus, it’s very responsive as it comes with a more rocker.

If you want to boost your board while riding waves, installing fins is also an option. This board features a quad-fin set-up, and you can use Futures fins. Moreover, these are part of the set if you purchase one.

This surfboard has a wide range of sizes. The shortest measures 6 feet at 38.06-liter volume, while the longest is 7 feet at 49.6 liters. It’s lengthier than the Sandia Fish Surfboard, making it easier to control regardless of any wave condition.

Despite having different sizes available, pro surfers recommend 6 feet and 7 feet more. This sizing will let you hone your skills, especially during big waves.

5. Almond Special Recipe Fish Surfboard

Almond Special Recipe Fish Surfboard

Do you want a performing yet stylish fish surfboard? Check out what Almond Surfboards has to offer if you want a reliable brand. One of the top sellers is the Special Recipe Fish Surfboard.

This surfboard is best for explorers of different waves because of its exceptional maneuverability. You’ll need excellent balancing skills if you want to ride it, making it suitable for intermediate to pro surfers. Plus, it’s agile by default because of its swallowtail design.

Another exciting feature of this surfboard is the advanced rail, and contours, making it more aggressive. Gliding along waves is smoother and more comfortable, thanks to its thickness. Also, it uses high-quality materials for its construction, assuring durability as you ride it.

The sizing ranges from 5 feet and 4 inches to 6 feet, and the volume depends on it, ranging from 31.70 liters to 39.60 liters. Controlling the board will never be a hassle because it’s small. Plus, if you want to maximize the board’s performance, it’s best to choose a size from 5 feet and 2 inches, and 6 feet.

Customers admire this surfboard for its retro style.  It also features a twin-fin set, letting you install Futures fins for added agility.

6. Almond Logistic Longboard Surfboard

Almond Logistic Longboard Surfboard

Longboards are top-sellers for beginners because it’s not hassling to use. If you’re looking for an exceptional one, check out what Almond Surfboards has to offer. One of the recommended boards is the Logistic Longboard Surfboard.

This board is available in different sizes, ranging from 9 feet and 2 inches to 10 feet. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to choose a board that measures 9 feet or 10 feet. Plus, the 17.75-inch nose and 16-inch tail also add an impact on how the board moves.

Aside from that, it features a vintage vibe with its design, which many surfers love because it looks classy. It also comes from premium-quality materials to make it long-lasting, even if you use it frequently. Aside from that, it’s versatile as any surfer can use it to catch waves.

It’s best for control, where it lets surfers drive the board in any situation. Adding maneuverability is its more nose rocker, providing the convenience that every newbie needs for exceptional balancing. Also, it features a little step on the deck to make the surfboard very lightweight.

Another exceptional edge of this surfboard is that it’s stable as you ride or execute tricks. Regardless if you have surfing experience or none, riding this board will never be hassling because it’s easy to use. If you need a classy and performing longboard, you can count on this surfboard.

7. Almond Sea Kitten Fish Surfboard

Almond Sea Kitten Fish Surfboard

Another fish surfboard to complete the collection of Almond is the Sea Kitten Fish Surfboard. If you’re looking for the most recommended boards for small waves, this surfboard will not disappoint. Plus, it’s shorter than typical fish surfboards, which pros love more.

This surfboard provides more volume, yet it’s suitable for any wave condition. Its outline provides optimum maneuverability and speed, making it more challenging to use. Regardless of the challenge, it’s useful in enhancing your surfing skills.

When it comes to its style, it’s very meek yet appealing. Its classy look never fails to please surfers. It also comes with a twin-fin box if you want to add fins to boost the board’s acceleration.

It’s ideal for intermediate-level to pros because of its sizing. You can choose between 5 feet, 5 feet, and 2 inches, or 5 feet and 4 inches, in which the volume of the board varies per size. If you’re curious to know the recommended sizing, it’s best to select the 5 feet and 4 inches long.

If you need a surfboard that’s quicker, you should consider buying this one. It may look meek, yet you can guarantee its quality even if you use it every day.

8. Almond Walks on Water Longboard Surfboard

Almond Walks on Water Longboard Surfboard

Almond Surfboards is famous for offering high-quality boards, from small ones to longboards. If you need a reliable board for an enjoyable surfing time, you should check out the Walks on Water Longboard Surfboard.

Stability is one of the reasons why surfers enjoy using this longboard. Even when you’re a newbie, you can assure excellent security as you ride it, thanks to its outline. Plus, it comes with a bulked-up log with ample foam to you still as you stand and glide.

Aside from that, this surfboard’s fuller rail provides ease to surfers as they take snappy turns without any worry. It offers smoother transitions, giving you a calmer ride. Plus, it can improve your balancing skills further to prepare you for using other surfboard types.

The sizing of this surfboard is available 9 feet and 2 inches to 10 feet. The volume depends on the board’s size, which ranges from 3 inches to 3.27 inches. However, if you want to know the best size from Shapers, it’s 9 feet and 10 feet in length. Plus, the best nose and tail sizes are 19 inches and 17 inches, respectively.

This board comes with a classic board style, from the top deck to the bottom. Plus, the color combination of this board provides a vintage vibe to surfers. You can never go wrong with its durability as it uses high-quality materials to make sure it last longer regardless of using it from time to time.

9. Almond Pinwheel Longboard Surfboards

Almond Pinwheel Longboard Surfboards

Looking for the best surfboard in the market can be struggling, especially if you can’t weigh whether to base your decision on the brand or quality. If you want both, Almond Surfboards are the best to consider. One of the bestsellers is the Pinwheel Longboard Surfboards.

It comes with a minimalistic vibe in a single-colored deck, yet the entire board’s finish doesn’t disappoint. It comes from high-quality materials to make sure it’s sturdy enough to last longer. Plus, you’ll love the construction as it doesn’t compromise with its drive.

The best sizing per shaper is 8 feet and 8 inches to 9 feet and 4 inches long, with a 15.50-inch tail and 17-inch nose. However, this surfboard is available 9 feet and 2 inches to 9 feet and 6 inches by default.

When it comes to its outline, it comes with a narrower deck, which makes it more progressive than other longboards. Also, it’s responsive, especially during turns, making it favorable to all surfer levels.

Another edge why customers love using this board is that it’s lightweight. It provides an ease to surfers as they ride and control the board in any surfing condition.

10. Almond Lumberjack Longboard Surfboard

Almond Lumberjack Longboard Surfboard

You can never go wrong with the Lumberjack Longboard Surfboard if you need a top-performing board regardless of any wave condition. Almond Surfboards make sure you get the best surfing experience as you use them.

This surfboard is available in different sizes, ranging from 9 feet and 2 inches to 10 feet. If you want to maximize the board for improving your skills, it’s best to get the board with a size of 9 feet to 10 feet in length. Plus, the 16-inch tail and 17.75-inch nose add ease is controlling the board.

Another reason why surfers admire this surfboard is that it’s easy to maneuver. Despite its extended size, it’s lightweight, making it suitable for beginners to pros as well. Plus, it uses quality materials, making it damage-resistant.

When it comes to its style, it features a minimalistic design with a white-colored deck. Regardless of its simplicity, it doesn’t fail to amaze other surfers in the field because it’s appealing.

The Huck pivot fin adds acceleration to the board as you glide along waves, and this advantage lets you catch the early waves. Also, it gives an exceptional classic longboard feeling while keeping its full performance.

Getting the Best Almond Surfboards – Buyers Guide

Before you find the best surfboard, you need to consider some factors. These factors impact the performance of the board, and here’s a guide to study.

Surfboard Type

Every surfboard type has its distinct performance, so it’s essential to consider the type you need for your skill level. Here are the common surfboard types by this brand:

Longboard Surfboard

This type is one of the best-recommended surfboards for beginners. It’s an all-rounder, which you can use on small or big waves. It typically measures 9 feet to 10 feet, yet it provides exceptional paddle strength. Plus, you can count on its stability, letting you glide along waves smoothly.

Some of the bestsellers of Almond Surfboards include Logistic, Pinwheel, and Lumberjack Longboard Surfboards.

Fish Surfboard

Another type that Almonds offers is the Fish-type, and it’s in demand for surfers who want to have an agile surfboard. It comes with a swallowtail design, which is responsible for its acceleration. However, you’ll need excellent paddle strength, and balancing skills, which is why it’s more suitable for intermediate to pro surfers than newbies.

Almond Surfboards include the BBF Model Fish, Special Recipe, and Beach Chicken Fish Surfboard.

Surfboard’s Tail-Design

The tail design of the surfboard also contributes to its agility and maneuverability. Those designs are not only for styles. Here are some of the models you’ll encounter from Almond’s collection.


This tail design is frequently on fish surfboards. It’s a twin-cut style that can boost the board’s agility, and it’s best for tight turning. You can pivot this board without any hassle, yet you’ll need to be an intermediate or a pro to control it fully. Also, it’s best with twin and quad fins.

Some of the boards with a swallowtail design include Beach Chicken, BFF Model, Special Recipe, and Sandia Fish Surfboards.


This type is familiar to most surfboards, regardless if it’s a longboard or a shortboard. It’s best for smooth turning, and it provides the most release as you ride it along waves. Plus, it’s ideal for any surfer level.

The Surf Thump Longboard comes with a round tail-design.

Squash tail

This tail design is also a recommended one for beginners because it provides exceptional release as you ride it. Plus, it’s easy to control, making it ideal for executing tricks.

The Logistic Longboard Surfboard is one of the surfboards with this tail design.

Almond Surfboards: Company & History

Out of numerous surfboard brands available in the market, Almond Surfboards is one of the most respected brands. It has been providing top-performing surfboards to people around the world since 2007.

The team had a humble beginning, where their shapers hand-shaped every board with exceptional quality. As it continues to provide a wide variety of fish and longboard surfboards to surfers, it always meets their expectations, from performance to durability.

It comprises a small team, yet this brand is one of the famous brands for its surfboard collections. It has a retail store located in Costa Mesa, California, to assist other concerns, yet every product is on its website. It’s even offered to different countries, including Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Australia.


You need a reliable brand if you want a surfboard with exceptional performance. Searching can be struggling, yet once you find the best brand that works for you, you can guarantee performance and quality. Almond Surfboards is what you should check out to save time from your endless search.

This brand doesn’t disappoint when it comes to longboard and fish surfboards. Aside from the quality, you’ll undoubtedly love its unique and classy styles. If you need an exceptional board, you should consider buying from this brand.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I’m a beginner, and I’ll need a surfboard with a leash. Does Almond Surfboards offer a board with it?

A: No, all surfboards don’t have inclusive leashes. You’ll need to seek professional shapers to customize your surfboard and install a strap if you’re more comfortable in using a board with one.

Q: What is the best surfboard for beginners? My skills are still at the beginner’s level, but I want to improve more.

A: If you’re looking for a surfboard suitable for beginners, you can check out the Lumberjack or Logistic. These are longboards, and these use a squash tail-design, which is also the recommended tail type for newbies. You can enhance your balancing and gliding skills with either of these boards.

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