Sharp Eye Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off? [2022]

Last Updated September 16, 2022

When buying a new surfboard, considering the brand can also help you find the perfect gear to use for your sport. Brands aligned with your surfing goals can help you find the shaper where you can get all your surfing needs, so you do not have to worry about searching.

In this Sharp Eye Surfboards review, you will know more about the Sharp Eye Surfboards brand. This Sharp Eye Surfboards review article will help you figure out if this brand works well with your surfing goals. You will also know some of its products that will help you decide.

Besides the brand and its surfboards, you will also learn tips on how to shop here successfully. Even though you happen not to like the products offered by Sharp Eye Surfboards, you can still buy from the other brands with the help of the guide that you will learn.

Top 6 Best Sharp Eye Surfboards Reviewed

One way to learn if the brand shapes its surfboards based on your preference is to learn more about its products. The following are some of the best-selling Sharp Eye surfboards.

In its shop, you will see that Sharp Eye is adaptable to its customers’ needs by providing some customization of the features. You can order a board with personalized size, tail shape, construction, fin system, artwork, logo placement, and logo color.

You can also add some extras like carbon tail patch, tail patch, carbon power strip deck, and carbon powerstrip bottom.

Here are the samples of their best products.

  1. Sharp Eye #77 Surfboard 
  2. Game Changer Sharp Eye Surfboard
  3. Disco Cheater Sharp Eye Surfboard
  4. Modern 2 Sharp Eye Surfboard
  5. SG-1 Sharp Eye Surfboard
  6. Holy Toledo Sharp Eye Surfboard

#1. Sharp Eye #77


One of the reasons some surfers buy a board is because it is their idol surfer’s favorite. If you are one of the fans of Filipe Toledo, you should take a look at this board because it was the type that Toledo used when he won the J Bay Open.

Compared to Toledo’s previously owned surfboard, the Holy Toledo, the #77 has more exit and entry rockers, harder edges on the top of the fins, and more subtle concave through the tail.

Filipe deemed this surfboard as the fastest one he has ever surfed.

Because of this, Stab Magazine referred to this model as one of the “10 Best-Selling Surfboards of 2018.”

Sharp Eye recommends this surfboard for punchy waves or waves that are three to eight feet high. It is ideal for intermediate to professional surfers.

The #77 is available for custom order where you can state the dimension you like or order one of the 27 recommended sizes available, which are from 5’4 to 6’6. You can select among the three tail shapes: the round, squash, and swallow.

The fin configurations available for this model is either a thruster or five.

#2. Game Changer

game changer

The Game Changer is under the Sharp Eye’s Shortboard’s category.  The brand created this board to serve as a compromise between a high-performance shortboard and a groveler, making it an all-rounder surfboard.

This model has natural planning speed because of its low-entry rocker and volume, giving more paddling power to its rider. It feels as if you are surfing a groveler by using this board.

Besides the custom order, you can select the different available sizes for this model, which is 5’6 to 6’6. The tail shapes available are round, squash, and swallow. It only has one fin system available, which is the thruster.

If you are a beginner with some surfing experience, you should try the Game Changer surfboard if you feel fed up using your longboard.

#3. Disco Cheater

disco cheater

If you know the Sharp Eye’s model Disco, it is the groveler version of it. It almost has the same features as the Disco but with the added surface area. Like the other one, the Disco Cheater has the same rocker, tail shape selections, and concave.

The Disco Cheater design allows it to catch waves almost effortlessly. Because of the broad surface area, it provides more volume and stability. That is why it is a user-friendlier alternative if you are looking for one.

It is one of the most forgiving surfboards to use when riding the knee to head-high waves.

This model is available in 16 different dimensions, from 5’4 to 6’6. You may also custom yours if you prefer it. You can select among the round, squash, and swallow tail shapes and choose between the thruster and five fin configurations.

#4. Modern 2

modern 2

Sharp Eye created Modern 2 because the famous surfer Filipe wanted something unique for his tour. Thus, this model came into the picture.

The Modern 2 Sharp Eye surfboard model is like the modern version of Mark Richards’s twin fin board from the 1980s. Modern 2 is a thruster, which means that you can ride it as a thruster or as a board with two fins and a trailer fin, which is the most desirable option.

This Sharp Eye model has a broad outline, some entry-rocker, single to deep double concave,  fish tail, and full rails that enable you to catch waves without breaking a sweat.

These features also help in generating speed that allows you to have a smooth rail to rail transition while giving you control.

Modern 2 is available in custom size or nine recommended sizes. It only has a one tail shape, which is the swallow.

This surfboard will blow your mind because of its unique design and appearance that cross between the high-performance shortboards and Mark Richards’s twin surfboard. This board provides much enjoyment to ride.

#5. SG-1


If you love riding the big waves, such as Indo, Hawaii, or massive beaches, you will never go wrong with the SG-1. This model is the only one that is under the Sharp Eye’s Step-Up category.

The SG-1 has a full nose continuous rocker to the exit. It also has a reverse vee and double concave that provides you better control and movability, which is useful for riding massive waves.

Sharp Eye only makes this board when you place your order. That is why you should contact them with the brand if you want one.

The SG-1 is perfect for riding four to eight-foot-high waves. Thus, only professionals with a courageous heart can ride this board.

This product is available in custom size, or you can select among the 11 available recommended sizes from 6’0 to 7’6.  This surfboard has a rounded pin tail shape, but you can choose between the five or thruster, which is the available fin setups.

#6. Holy Toledo

holy toledo

Sharp Eye designed the Holy Toledo by incorporating some of Filipe’s ideas. Filipe wanted to have a surfboard that would provide him enough lift and speed to help his aerial maneuvers.

To achieve this goal, Sharp Eye created the Holy Toledo with a squash tail and low rails. These features allowed him to have more control over this board while enjoying some volume. It also provides excellent planning and responsiveness.

Sharp Eye recommends this board only for intermediate to pro-level surfers. You should also choose a length that is the same as your height.

The Holy Toledo has 20 available recommended sizes, or you can custom your order. You can select among the different tail shapes, which are the round, squash, and swallow. You can also choose between the five or thruster fin systems.

About Sharp Eye Surfboards
Marcio Zouvi is the founder of the Sharp Eye Surfboards. He started his career as a shaper in the late 1980s and got his influences from the legendary shapers Linden, Rusty, and Al Merrick.

Most of the surfboards offered by Sharp Eye are high-performance shortboards, focusing on progressive surfing.

The mission of Sharp Eye Surfboards is to provide satisfaction to its customers by providing reliable premium products and services. The brand guarantees its quality by refining all the models it creates, whether these are funboards or high-performance shortboards.

Sharp Eye is true to its claims because of the customization it offers for its customers. This service provides satisfaction.

That is why it is not surprising that famous surfers took notice of this brand. Among the famous ones who used some of the brand’s surfboards are Filipe Toledo, Silvana Lima, Kanoa Igarashi, and more.

Sharp Eye sells its surfboards under the Pro Models, Shortboards, Hybrids, Fish or Small Wave, and Step-Ups categories.

Aside from surfboards, Sharp Eye also sells accessories, apparel, and even used surfboards.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Surfboard

If you are a professional surfer, you probably already know that you have to take a lot of considerations when buying a surfboard. Changes to its different parts can affect your surfing performance.

If you are a beginner surfer, you probably feel overwhelmed by the terminologies you encountered in the product review section.

You encountered words like rails, rocker, nose, tail, and the like without knowing what these words mean.

Knowing these terms can help you shop successfully, not only in the Sharp Eye but also in other brands.

That is why you should consider the following.

Typical Surfboard Terms to Know When Buying a Surfboard

The following terms are the parts of a surfboard. These terms are essential to know to determine the best features that will work well with you.


The rocker refers to the vertical curvature of the board from the tail to the nose. You can use it either in a relaxed or heavy format.

The heavy format refers to the board with a steep curve, and the relaxed refers to the one with a slight curve.

Besides the format, you can also describe the state of the rocker either as continuous or staged.

The continuous refers to the curvature from tail to nose. On the other hand, the staged refers to the flat part on the middle part of the board.

The nose rocker refers to the curved part between the nose and the middle of the boards.

The tail rocker refers to the space between the flat portion at the middle and the tail.

Enhanced nose rocker helps in the stability of the board. The one with an enhanced tail rocker has better maneuverability and lift, making a board with a tail rocker the better option for speed and responsiveness.

The relaxed rockers provide better performance in handling small waves, while the heavy ones increase the drag of the board.


You can probably tell what it is. The bottom refers to the underside of the surfboard.

The bottom plays a significant role in controlling the speed of the board. That is why it comes in different contours to meet the diverse requirements of the surfers.

The most common contours are single concave, flat, double concave, channels, and vee shape.

The single concave describes the curvature that runs throughout the board. It channels the water to the fins. Surfboards with this bottom are fast, but it is not good enough to use in mushy and choppy areas.

The flat bottom contour is a versatile type. It is the best surfboard to use if you are on a heavy side.

The double concave is common in many modern high-performance boards. The bottom contour looks like a slight letter m shape.

With this contour, it directs the water flow into two channels before reaching the fins to provide a loose ride and smooth maneuvers.

The channels have a unique bottom contour with several concaves. It directs the water towards the tail, which helps provide speed and clean surf.

For the vee, if you are going to look at it, it resembles the double concave. However, the vee shape has its lowest point by the stringer or the mid-section of the board, while with a double concave, it is on the same level.

This contour allows the rider to have an effortless transition from rail to rail and responsiveness for making turns. Shapers only place the vee shape towards the tail and often incorporate some concaves too.


The nose is the tip or the front part of the surfboards. It can be either pointed or rounded.

The rocker points to the nose to aid direction.


The tail is the opposite of the nose, which is the other end of the surfboard. It comes in different shapes that can alter the responsiveness of your surfboard.

There are several tail shapes available on the market, but the ones common in the Sharp Eye surfboards are the rounded pin, swallow, square,  rounded, and squash.


The fins are another significant part of the surfboard that come in different configurations and layouts. This part of the surfboard is one of the primary critical players for speed, control, and maneuverability.

In some surfboards, you will find the fins attached permanently. Surfers call this layout as glassed on, which is not the best choice because it is almost impossible to repair.

You should go for the ones with detachable fins, which may also allow you to be creative and playful in your fin setups.

There are a few fin configurations. The ones that you probably have encountered in the product review section are the thruster and the five.

Tri-fin is another term for a thruster. As its name implies, this fin configuration refers to a three-fin setup, which is the most common that you can find in shortboards. It is versatile. It also provides more maneuverability to the board.

The five is the setup that allows you to be creative. If you have the five fins, it does not mean that you have to use all of them. It only means that you can set it up into a thruster or a quad, enjoying the perks of both configurations.


The stringer is a carbon fiber or wood that runs from nose to tail at the middle section of your board. It is what the shapers use as a reference point


The Sharp Eye Surfboards is one of the well-known brands in the industry that even professional athletes trust. You cannot go wrong about the quality and durability of its products because of the number of surfers who rely on its boards.

In this Sharp Eye Surfboards review, you have learned some of the best-selling surfboards of this brand and discovered that most of them are high-performance boards. It is at your discretion if its surfboards will work well with your riding style and preference.

You learned some tips on how to shop for your surfboard successfully. Thus, even though you cannot find anything that suits your taste. At least you can buy confidently from the other brands if you do not like any products from this brand.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why Should I Buy From a Sharp Eye Surfboard?

A: The Sharp Eye Surfboard has been around since 1992. The length of time should be enough to prove the quality of its surfboards, which means that surfers trust it. Also, famous surfers, such as Filipe Toledo, Tatiana Weston-Webb, and Kanoa Igarashi, use its boards.

Q: Does Sharp Eye Have a Surfboard That Allows Me to Ride Massive Waves?

A: Sharp Eye has only one surfboard model that allows you to ride the waves that are up to eight feet high. This model is SG-1. It is also a made-to-order product, which means that Sharp Eye will only make one once you place it. You also have to keep in touch with your product’s customization.

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