Top 10 Best Surfboards for Intermediate Surfers

Before deciding to buy the best surfboards for intermediate surfers, you should be asking yourself: Am I an intermediate surfer?

Go and pick a more experienced surfer who’ll watch you surfing and let him/her observe how your surf level is. This is an excellent way to be more confident in buying the most suitable surfboard that’ll match your skills.

Moreover, intermediate surfers are the ones who can paddle out alone while remaining stable on board. They’re already familiar with the wave movements and can move with them. Going beyond the whitewater is typically where an intermediate surfer wants to surf.

So, we ask you again, are you an intermediate surfer?

Well, this post will only mention surfboards best for intermediate surfers. We include all types of surfboards to fit your needs: fish, wake surf, foam/soft top, fiberglass, and the classic longboard!

The Top 10 Best Surfboards for Intermediate Surfers

Read through all the boards before making a choice. Let’s get it started!

  1. South Bay Board Co. Soft Top Surfboard
  2. North Gear Ocean Beach Foamie Surfing Thruster Surfboard
  3. BIC Sport DURA-TEC Surfboard
  4. Wavestorm 8′ Classic Surfboard
  5. Wave Bandit Shred Sled 48” Twin Surfboard
  6. BIC Sport G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard
  7. StormBlade Longboard Surfboard
  8. South Bay Board Co. Tortuga Longboard
  9. Grande Juguete 6′ Surfboard
  10. Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer Surfboard

1. South Bay Board Co. Soft Top Surfboard

Intermediate Surfers South Bay Board Co. Soft Top Surfboard

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If you’re an intermediate surfer, perhaps the South Bay Board Co lineup of soft-top surfboards is right for you. These surfboards are for the casual surfer. It is an all-inclusive package that comes with surfboard fins, fin screws, a leash plug crew, and a surfboard leash. You can return the product within 30 days if you aren’t satisfied with its performance.

These surfboard series include three models such as the 7′ Ruccus, 8′ Verve, and 8’8 Heritage Surfboard. Ruccus surfboard is ideal for kids as well as for experienced surfers weighing up to 170 pounds. The other models are suitable for older kids and adults who can perform faster paddling. The weight capacity is 200 and 230 pounds, respectively.

Its top deck is built with IXPE foam resulting in croc skin texture for better balance and control. The diamond weave slick HDPE on the bottom section enhances your surfing speed for a more thrilling ride.

Complete packageLack of customer service
High weight capacity
Not good for big waves
Easy to maneuver

2. North Gear Ocean Beach Foamie Surfing Thruster Surfboard

Intermediate Surfers North Gear Ocean Beach Foamie Surfing Thruster Surfboard

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Are you looking for a cheaper surfboard that can satisfy your surfing level? This 6-foot Ocean Beach Foamie Surfing Thruster Surfboard might be the most low-priced board on the list. Each part of the board is carefully inspected to ensure its quality. A quality product within your budget is indeed possible with North Gear.

Due to the careful assembly done by the company, the board became robust and resilient to ocean waves. Its deck, core, and hard-slick bottom are designed with expanded polyethylene, expanded polystyrene, and polypropylene, accordingly. Therefore, the board isn’t just sturdy but also durable that could last for years of surfing. Also, it is a cost-effective product.

It freely includes removable fins, a leash, and a traction pad for a more enjoyable surfing experience than ever before. The maximum weight it can carry is 100 kilograms.

Good traction padsDesign easily peels off
Many accessories included
Not for long time use
Easy to maneuver
Flimsy leash
Foamy design
Very affordable

3. BIC Sport DURA-TEC Surfboard

Intermediate Surfers BIC Sport DURA-TEC Surfboard

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Are you familiar with the BIC ballpoint pen? BIC brand is now entering sports marketing; thus they’re producing surfing products for quite some time. The fact is, year after year, BIC is one of the manufacturers of surfboards that creates the best-shaped boards around the globe. BIC Sport DURA-TEC Surfboard is suitable for both learners and intermediate surfers because of its shape design. Additionally, it is the top choice under the BIC Sports brand.

BIC Sport DURA-TEC is in a collective form meaning there are many surfboard models under the series. It includes 5’10 Fish, 6’7 Shortboard, 7’3 Mini Malibu, 8’4 Egg, and 9’4 Magnum. And other models such as the Mini Nose Rider and Natural Surf 2. These boards have nearly the same features to offer. They’re all made of high-density core foam and an outer polyethylene shell for the easy wave-riding experience. Further, board construction is also bulletproof.

For added control and comfort, there’s now an integrated 3D traction pad. Other accessories included are a thruster tri-fin setup and inside foil technology.

Available in a variety of sizes
Lacking features
Easy to control
No warranty terms
Bulletproof design
Colorful design

4. Wavestorm 8′ Classic Surfboard

Intermediate Surfers Wavestorm 8' Classic Surfboard

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This is another surfboard product made by Wavestorm. It is almost the same as the Brushed Graphic Longboard aside from its UV-resistant design. Its colorful stripes design will not quickly fade even though UV rays frequently strike it. That’s why everyone likes the board because of its upkeep appearance. Thanks to Graphic Film Technology for making this possible.

Those who are starting to learn how to surf can depend on this board because of its lightweight construction. It is incredible because you can jump on using an intermediate level surfboard during the training so that no more considerable adjustments to be done to the actual competition. There’s a removable ankle leash in case you want to show more daring surfing exhibitions. Or, in other words, remove the leash when you feel your surfing skill is leveling up.

It is made of HDPE material which adds stability and durability to the entire board while surfing. Going through stronger waves is never a challenge with Wavestorm Classic Surfboard. The board can be conveniently held as it is equipped with durable extruded polystyrene and a three marine-ply stringers system.

Are you a bit clumsy?

The EBS cross-link located on the deck and rails can handle your clumsiness and enhances your stability.

Very affordable and lightweightNot fit for heavy surfers
Well-designed board
Enhanced stability

5. Wave Bandit Shred Sled 48” Twin Surfboard

Intermediate Surfers Wave Bandit Shred Sled 48” Twin Surfboard

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When we say California, the first thing that enters our mind is the best surfers in the world. Look around that beautiful city, and you’ll find surfers all day long. With that factor, we can conclude that the best surfboards are also produced in the said country. Well, we are correct as Wave Bandit Shred Sled 48 Twin Surfboard is designed in California.

Surfing on smaller waves is where this board works well, whether for beginner or intermediate-level surfers. It is an egg-shaped 4 ft—long surfboard with a full-rounded nose and rounded-square tail design. However, the board cannot go with strong waves. The durability of the board is enhanced through its high-density polyethylene slick bottom with dual-core construction. The included twin fins boast high-pressure construction and can be removed when not needed. Another is the pro-style leash for a safer ride when waves get wild. This provides ultimate comfort and balance throughout the surfing experience.

Use surf wax to boost an excellent grip of your feet on the board. This prevents sudden fall-offs from the board when hit by the wave.

Includes twin fins and leashToo small for the beginners
Highly affordable yet durable
Best use for smaller waves

6. BIC Sport G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard

Intermediate Surfers BIC Sport G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard

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Some intermediate-level surfers don’t want a fast-moving surfboard. Some just need a soft surfboard for better comfort while in the ocean. This is the second BIC Sport surfboard on the list that offers different worthwhile features. The price is somewhat higher than the first one, and so we can expect more advanced specs it could offer. One is the “no-wax” deck feature which still maintains a good grip.

It is a soft surfboard construction that is available in 4 sizes from 6 to 7 feet long to make it suitable for any age. The product promises a safer paddle out into bigger waves. Every surfer shall gain confidence in the board’s stability. However, it lacks some essential features for advancing surfers.

The overall design of the board is composed of a closed-cell waterproof core and a non-slip deck. Also, the cushioned rails are responsible for impact absorption as the board’s sturdiness is assured by the composite stringer. It also adds thruster tri-fins to improve surfing speed, especially for pro surfers.

Develops user’s safety
Lacking features for pro-surfers
Easy to maneuver
A bit heavy
Non-slipping grip
Great stability

7. StormBlade Longboard Surfboard

Intermediate Surfers StormBlade Longboard Surfboard

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Beginners to advanced surfers both benefitted from StormBlade’s Longboard. It is a soft-top type of longboard with a weight capacity of 190 pounds. So, despite being soft-padded, it can still accommodate the said weight without any hassle. Its thickness design makes it more durable to hold a more substantial weight while surfing.

The board is built with superior EPS, HDPE slick bottom, and EBS-IXL top deck for a better-looking ocean ride. It remains durable and stable throughout the surfing years because of the three marine-ply stringers added to its structure. Bolt-thru thruster setup is in charge of the drive and speed of the board. It has fin-plug inserts to make the fins work. Besides, it is made with water-barrier silica rings.

A removable swivel standard leash is counted in that is used for protection all through the surfing session. The board is offered in four available sizes ranging from 7 feet to 10 feet long.

Well-built surfboard for intermediate surfersLacking customer reviews
Includes fin set up and removable leash
Soft foam construction

8. South Bay Board Co. Tortuga Longboard

Intermediate Surfers South Bay Board Co. Tortuga Longboard

South Bay Board Co. is into hybrid boards in creating their surfboard products. And so, the pricing is a bit higher than the other brands. Among the hybrid boards made by the company is the Tortuga longboard, which is a combination of a longboard and soft-top surfboard. It is more under the longboard category as it is sized 9’6 long. The best feature of the board is its fiberglassed hard bottom and wax-free feature.

The company offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee wherein the buyer can return the board when not satisfied with it. Tortuga Longboard can be used for all surfing levels, including those evolving surfers. The longboard is made of EPS closed-cell foam on its core, and on the bottom deck is bamboo fiberglass. The company adds up 6-ounce layers of resin to make the board extra durable.

For the convenience of the surfer, it has a rounded nose platform and an extra-wide surface. This allows the surfer to easily and safely execute surfing techniques.

Purchasing the product will include fin set up, thruster fins, and surfboard leash.

Several accessories included
Very expensive due to the fiberglass material
Soft top for a comfortable ride
Floats nicely

9. Grande Juguete 6′ Surfboard

Intermediate Surfers Grande Juguete 6' Surfboard

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Grande Juguete 6’ Surfboard is an easy-to-assemble beach board by only following the provided instruction. Always check on the weight capacity before buying this board to be sure. It can accommodate up to 200 pounds of weight or less per ride. This board is ideal for beginners and all surfing skill levels. It may not be as popular as the previous surfboard products, yet it offers excellent quality and competitive prices.

The materials used in the making of this board are durable foam top, EPE, EPS, and PP on its deck, core, and slick bottom, respectively. That results in a soft and comfortable surfboard in the market. Anyone can control this board with ease. Besides, there are free leashes and transaction pads for a safer surfing experience.

There are also fins to enhance your surfing speed. You can remove the included fins after use for easy transport.

Eye-catchy and colorful designSome surfers say the board sinks
High weight capacity
May not last very long

10. Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer Surfboard

Intermediate Surfers Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer Surfboard

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The last but not the least surfboard for intermediate surfers is the Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer. Ben Gravy is a semi-pro surfer, so he knows what he was doing when he made this board. He made sure it could perform well in all conditions, whether on river waves or ocean waves. It is because Ben Gravy lives by the motto, “Surf’s Up Everywhere.” The board is available in six sizes ranging from 5’6 to 9’0. It looks so cute with Ben’s signature on the board.

It is built with high-pressure construction of dual wood stringers and composite core to maximize its toughness over the waves. The bottom part is made of high-density slick material for a smoother wave ride. A leash plug and fins are included for a more advanced surfing experience like a pro.

Moreover, Wave Bandit is a fish-shaped board with a high-performance rocker. This is great for flat waves as well as for harsh waves. It requires putting some amount of wax on the surfboard to sustain the proper grip. The wax is sold separately.

Eye-catchy and colorful designSome surfers say the board sinks
High weight capacity
May not last very long

Our Top Pick for Intermediate Surfers

For the team, we find the lineup of South Bay Board Co’s Soft Top Surfboards to be the best surfboards for intermediate surfers. 

They’re good at catching wave after wave while someone who’s 200 pounds in weight is riding on the board. The board’s construction comes with soft foam and three marine-ply stringers resulting in a durable and stable surfboard. The surfer will not slip off the board through its textured top deck. Additionally, there’s a removable ankle leash to keep the surfer stay connected to the board after falling off. The included fin box is adjustable to make the speed more suitable for all surfing levels.

Apart from the said features, South Bay Board Co provides a great-looking surfboard that won’t make you look like a nook in the waters.

Best Surfboards: A Buying Guide for Intermediate Surfers

After knowing your surfing level, specifically the intermediate level, the next thing you’ll need to know is how to select the best surfboard suitable for your surfing level. The enormous number of intermediate surfboards will stress you out in choosing which is which. And so, here are factors to simplify your buying decision:


How much you’ll going to spend today will determine how long you’ll going to use the surfboard. Besides, the quality of the product is in direct proportion to the price. The best boards will always cost higher. However, always check on how users react to the product.

Type of Surfboard

Surfboards come in different shapes and sizes which are according to the surfer’s needs. There are five surfboard categories, including:

Longboard: The range is from 8 feet to 12 feet. It is the traditional surfboard design that is perfect for catching waves. Longboards are recommended for beginners as it helps them to execute padding techniques and turning basics. Pro-surfers perform a smooth surfing style with the use of a longboard.

Funboard: It is shorter than the prior ranging from 6 feet to 8 feet long with lots of volumes. It features a variety of tail and nose shapes and foils for better paddling power and stability.

Fish board: Its structure idea came from the 1970s kneeboard that is shorter and wider than shortboards. It comes with a rocker for paddling purposes that works well on flat sections of a wave.

Gun board: This one performs well on huger waves with its extra length design. The package includes typically fins set up to handle very high speeds while catching waves. Intermediate surfers can put their trust in gun boards.

Hybrid board: This type of board can be a combination of design elements coming from the two previous board types. Therefore, this might be the priciest surfboard in the market.

Weight Limit

You can ask the manufacturer about this feature. This is to make sure that the surfboard will never be ripped off when you began riding on it. See also if the board is intended for adults or children.


While on the water, a tendency of falling off is possible. Adding surfboard fins helps not just to increase your speed but also for more security. Amazingly, most manufacturers include surfboard fins for free as well as a leash.

Balance and Comfort

Choose longer boards to comfortably spread out your legs while controlling the board with balance. Considering the deck design is very important for intermediate surfers.

Board’s Weight and Size

It is either short or longboard. Shortboards are fit for more skillful surfers, but when it comes to durability, shortboards aren’t commended. On the other hand, longboards are suitable for beginners as it provides a safer ride because of the allotted space provided.

Most surfboards are lightweight in construction so that they’ll easily float wave after wave. We can also conclude that surfboards are easy to bring due to their portability.

Nose and Rocker Design

These two are for overall stability and maneuverability. A combination of a wider nose and a larger curve is the best choice. This results in more comfortable paddling around the water.

Overall Look

Some surfboards are made colorful, which is so pleasing to the eye. You can pick a board that caught your attention. But, do not compromise the quality performance in choosing only a stunning surfboard. They must come together to consider the surfboard a good buy.

Excellent Warranty

We cannot wipe away the fact about the product’s warranty on both repairs and the replacement of parts. This will save you from more significant responsibilities on your board because manufacturers got your back.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

We have collected five frequently asked questions from the other review articles and Amazon’s consumer reviews. I hope this helps you to finally pick the best surfboard to suit your intermediate surfing skills. It includes:

Q: Where to buy the best surfboard for intermediate surfers?

You can go to surfing shops because sure there are lots of surfboard options there. Or, try looking at an online selling platform like Amazon. The fact is all of the surfboards mentioned above are from Amazon so you can pick one. There are other online markets you can visit, like eBay.

Q: What surfboard shape is right for intermediate surfers?

It is better to choose a longer and straighter surfboard as it uses up lesser effort to execute powerful paddling. This design can also catch more waves. Moreover, smaller boards are much better when it comes to maneuverability than larger boards as it lacks speed and turning ability.

Q: How to choose the correct fin system?

The fins are responsible for controlling the surfboard’s balance and speed. Surfboard manufacturers typically include up to five fins in one purchase. The size, shape, and design of fins can make a significant difference in the surfer’s performance. There are three removable fin options, including:
FCS: This is available internationally. It has two post system that doesn’t render stability on the other fin box systems.
LockBox Fin: This is less available than the prior. It offers a fin adapter to use the two other fin options when the LockBox fin is broken.
Future: It holds the entire fin in a great decreasing torque.
It could come in a tri-fins setup wherein the largest fin is placed in the middle while the small fins are on the sides. Ensure that the fins can hold on when the waves crash on the board.

Q: What are the shapes of the surfboard’s tail?

The shape of the board’s tail is very important to consider, as it greatly affects the overall performance of the surfing session. It might be pin, round, squash, rounded-square, square, and swallow. Among the listed tail shapes, the most recommended tail shape for intermediate surfers is the square tail because it can increase speed and can go with the ultimate surfing experience. The other shapes have different skills to offer.

Q: How to choose the best rail design?

Rail is part of a surfboard shape that is in between the outline, bottom contours, and curves. This is a significant factor in the overall performance of the surfboard. Here are the three major rail designs:
Rolled rail: This rail design is perfect for beginners, which creates a sensation of lift and bite.
Boxy rail: For experienced surfers, a boxy rail design is well-suited. It renders more drive and tougher performance to match the increased volume.
Low rail: This works very well on small waves wherein the rail’s apex is assembled near the bottom of the board.

The Bottom Line

Leveling up your surfing skills will bid farewell to the old surfboard and will say hello to the board that’ll match your growing surfing skills. There are specs a more advanced surfboard has that aren’t present on the beginner’s board.  Those are badly needed on extremer surfing exhibitions to assure the surfer’s safety.

Read the provided buying guide again before buying the best surfboard for intermediate surfers just for you. Check out if the essential specs are found on the selected item before deciding to make a purchase. The top 12 surfboard products for an experienced surfer are well-reviewed so you have clear options. FAQs are provided too to make all things more transparent.

We bet you’re now ready for your next surfing-level experience. If that is so, choose from the best surfboard for intermediate surfers above.

Did we miss the point?

You can freely ask questions and leave recommendations in the comment section and kindly wait for a quick response. Till next time!

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