Top 15 Best Bodyboard Bags

Transporting your bodyboard by hand is a chore. Also, leaving it unprotected increases the likelihood of scratches and all sorts of damage. The only remedy is to buy a bodyboard bag, which is ideal when lugging your surf gear around. Plus, this creates a more organized car or garage space.

We’ve provided a buying guide and reviews of the 15 best bodyboard bags.

Let’s get started!

The Top 15 Bodyboarding Bags

Read each bag’s review carefully to determine which is best for you. We hope you’ll pick one after reading this post.

  1. Custom X Bodyboard Bag
  2. eBodyboarding Board Bag with Umbrella Holder
  3. Curve Stealth Day Bodyboard Bag
  4. Gyroll Mike Stewart Ultra-Light Double Board Bag
  5. GUL Arica Bodyboard Bag
  6. Wave Rebel Bodyboard Bag
  7. Wham-O BZ Basic Boogie and Bodyboard Bag
  8. eBodyboarding Rolling EB Coffin Bodyboard Bag
  9. Pro-Lite Bodyboard Deluxe Bag
  10. Dakine Knit Bodyboard Bag
  11. 662 Basic Bodyboard Bag
  12. eBodyboarding Standard Sponge Sack
  13. Hubboards Transit Bodyboard Bag
  14. Gyroll Mike Stewart Tri-Pouch Triple Board Bag
  15. Sola Watersports Invert Bodyboard Bag

1. Custom X Bodyboard Bag

Custom X Bodyboard Bag

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This is a lightweight bodyboard bag, but it is considered a travel bag as you can carry your bodyboards plus some accessories. The bag only weighs 3 pounds, but it can fit two bodyboards measuring not more than 46″ long.

Custom X uses up high-quality nylon material which results in a durable bag that won’t rip in carrying heavyweight gear. You can carry the bag in two convenient ways, through padded backpack straps or side carrying straps. The bag’s enclosure is made of double zippers. There are two additional pockets for the swim fins, wax, and other gear on the outside of the bag for easy access.

Excess water and sea salt on the bag is drained through its mesh drain holes. It allows wet items to be dried even when stored inside the bag.

Lightweight yet durable to carry heavyweight materialsAn issue on quality control
Excellent quality

2. eBodyboarding Board Bag with Umbrella Holder

Bodyboard Bags eBodyboarding Board Bag with Umbrella Holder

You don’t have to stay under the sun all day long during a beach break. Yes, tanning is great, but too much exposure to the sun has a bad effect on our skin. Thanks to eBodyboarding for making a bag that can contain both a bodyboard and an umbrella.

The bag holds the umbrella on the side through a sturdy strap so that you can easily get the umbrella, anytime. It can contain not just an umbrella but also a beach mat or a folding chair. To hold some other beach accessories, there’s a quick-release adjustable buckle strap. The front has one big bottom pocket for wetsuits and other accessories and a mesh top pocket. Interior pockets also exist to store personal stuff like phones and keys.

Overall, the bag is made of high-quality nylon and can fit two boards up to 48 inches long without it tearing apart.

Can carry through shoulder strap, backpack straps, or carry handle
Sorta expensive
Offers lots of rooms for beach gearCheap straps

3. Curve Stealth Day Bodyboard Bag

Curve Stealth Day Bodyboard Bag

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If you’re looking for a bag that is within your budget, Stealth Day Bag is a simple bag that’ll satisfy your needs. It might look simple and small, but it is a good pick for carrying your boards. However, this bag is only good for short trips because of its unpadded interior, which could damage the boards while in transit.

With that downfall, Stealth Day Bag is still loved by many because of its affordability and other amazing features. It is made from high-quality 600D waterproof poly canvas construction. It can cover up to two boards that are no more than 46″ in length. The large external pocket is enclosed by Velcro closure. It is responsible for holding swim fins, wax, and other bodyboarding equipment. It has a mesh drainage system to keep the stored things dry after use.

The bag can be held through its padded and adjustable shoulder strap. And, the bodyboards are fully secured by their anti-corrosion zipper.

Large storage pocket
Unpadded inner construction
Very affordable
No back straps

4. Gyroll Mike Stewart Ultra-Light Double Board Bag

Bodyboard Bags Gyroll Mike Stewart Ultra-Light Double Board Bag

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This one is made by Mike Stewart, and is suitable for smaller bodyboards not more than 44″ in size. But, it can carry two boards with the help of the material used during production. It is considered as an ultra-light bodyboard bag because it is easily compressible during storage. The fact is it is a bag that can be stored in a small backpack pocket.

Heavy gauge non-ripping nylon is used in producing this bag, which is the reason why it stays sturdy even when carrying two boards at once. The printed logo is highly reflective for the sake of dusk and dawn patrols. It also adds beauty to its overall design. It has a total of three exterior pockets, and one is a mesh pocket for wet stuff. The other two are dry pockets for dry things.

There’s an inner pouch that lets you store the ultra-light bag in it. Just follow the folding instruction to hoard the bag finally.

Compressed design
Only a few consumer reviews
Many extra pockets
Easy to store

5. GUL Arica Bodyboard Bag

GUL Arica Bodyboard Bag

GUL Arica Bodyboard Bag is a backpack type of bag that came from the UK. Typically, a backpack is more convenient to carry during beach trips. This bag’s shoulder straps are adjustable for the user’s comfort. However, you can still carry other items as it includes a side carry handle. Whatever your needs are, this bag is a great option for carrying two adult bodyboards that is below 42″ long.

The main compartment has a mesh bottom that keeps the inner part dry after a few minutes. Therefore, packing wet bodyboards is alright for it’ll dry up later. It is enclosed by a zipper to keep your resources safe and sound. An internal pocket for keys and board wax exists for more security. There’s a large front zip compartment with a mesh bottom too for holding other accessories.

GUL Arica Bodyboard Bag is a puncture-proof bag according to the users. The product will be delivered after a week of purchase because it comes from the UK.

Mesh bottoms for sand and moisture release
Robust zipper construction
New brand
Roomy bodyboard bag

6. Wave Rebel Bodyboard Bag

Wave Rebel Bodyboard Bag

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If you’re planning for airline travel, we cannot recommend this product for some reason. However, Wave Rebel Bodyboard Bag is a standard dual-board bag that costs lower than the competing brands. It can hold lower than 43″ long bodyboards not just one but two boards. Its overall design is for the protection of your boards during short trips.

The bag is made from a strong PVC material colored blue. In front is a large mesh pocket for storing up wet gears and other tackles. Both the main and extra compartment is enclosed by a zipper for full protection. It can be held through backpack straps that are padded to provide better comfort while in transport.

This bag is recommended for short surf trips and not for long-distance travel.

Priced lower than the other brands
Not good for airline travel
Huge external pocket
Good looking bodyboard bag

7. Wham-O BZ Basic Boogie and Bodyboard Bag

Wham-O BZ Basic Boogie and Bodyboard Bag

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At the moment, Wham-O BZ Basic Boogie and Bodyboard Bag is the most popular bag among consumers. It has the largest number of customer reviews with great positive feedback. It has a one-tone color black design and is very durable as according to its avid users. Also, if you want to save up space during travels, choose Wham-O’s bodyboard bag.

This nylon-made bodyboard bag has room for two full-size boards. It has allotted rooms for other accessories through the zippered two compartments. Also, it has a built-in fin compartment which makes the bag more economical. You can carry the bag with padded shoulder straps or backpacking.

Good product for the priceNot so durable
Made of high-quality nylon
Built-in roomy pockets

8. eBodyboarding Rolling EB Coffin Bodyboard Bag

eBodyboarding Rolling EB Coffin Bodyboard Bag

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If you’re looking for a higher capacity bodyboard bag, look no other than eBodyboarding’s Rolling EB Coffin Bodyboard Bag. It is a rolling travel bag that comes with urethane wheels. This supports more than two bodyboards, specifically five boards, all inside the bag. The boards must be sized 42″ long. If more than that, for example, 46″, it can only fit three boards. There’s nothing to worry about carrying the bag as you can easily pull it in any direction.

The bag itself is out of 600D nylon materials with oversized zippers an adjustable shoulder strap and carry handles. You can detach the shoulder strap if you want to. Tipping over upon the wheels is prevented because it is placed on the wide side. It was a nice idea for sprinting through the airport while dragging the bag. Inner pockets do exist, including two meshes and one solid compartment. Therefore, there’ll be no worries about losing anything.

The interior is 10mm padded for better board protection.

Can carry five bodyboards
Not very popular
Several compartments
Easy to move

9. Pro-Lite Bodyboard Deluxe Bag

Bodyboard Bag Pro-Lite Bodyboard Deluxe Bag

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You can use this bodyboard bag during travel or everyday surfing activities. Arrive on the beach like a pro with Pro-Lite Bodyboard Deluxe Bag. It looks like most board bags with a bit different. The bag has a two-tone color design, a combination of black and blue. It, therefore, complements the scenery of a beach.

The padded scheme of this bag is greatly adored. It has 5mm overall padding and 3mm gusset foam. This avoids the board from bumping into the ground when the bag is dropped. The material used is 600D polyester nylon, which is very durable in carrying up to two bodyboards at the same time. Molded zippers are used to close the main compartment as well as the external storage pockets. The latter has mesh drainage and a webbing handle.

A travel-friendly board bagA bit heavier than the other bags
Comfortable straps
Excellent padding feature

10. Dakine Knit Bodyboard Bag

Dakine Knit Bodyboard Bag

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This is another kind of bodyboard bag which is a knitting bag. It isn’t like the usual board bag because of the materials used during production. It is definitely lighter in weight and can only carry one bodyboard per travel. This isn’t the best choice for most bodysurfers, but it can be a good option for a budgeted buyer.

The knit bodyboard bag is made of high-quality and thick acrylic knit fabric. It won’t surely rip off or tear down after use. The design is a contour shape with colorful horizontal linings. There’s a printed logo on the upper right side of the knitting bag.

As we have said, the bag is like no other as it is enclosed with a drawstring closure. In this way, it would be easier to enter and put the board into the bag.

This is best recommended for short trips use only considering its construction. You can wash the bag like washing clothes by using detergent and non-chemical soaps.

Can fit under 40″ longboard
Too small for longer bodyboards
Easy to use
Not preferred by most surfers
New design

11. 662 Basic Bodyboard Bag

662 Basic Bodyboard Bag

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662 Basic Bodyboard Bag might seem pricier than the prior bodyboard bags and yet provides a different level of performance. It is designed classy in black, and it is a unisex design. There’s an enlarged logo of the company in its upper center and a picture of a bull in the lower portion. The bag can contain two bodyboards with a measurement of up to 44″ long. That’s good for bodysurfers having longer boards.

Carrying the bag is very convenient through its side handle or backpack straps. You can choose which will give you a real deal of comfort while on travel. Aside from its roomy main compartment, there’s a large accessory pocket with mesh draining vents. This ensures that the things stored are kept dry and will not smell bad after a long time.

It is enclosed by a marine-grade corrosion-resistant nylon zipper. And so, sea salt will not take into effect its zipper.

Large pocket for the accessoriesFalse advertisement about its capacity
Nice looking bodyboard bag
More costly than the other brands
New design
Well-made bag

12. eBodyboarding Standard Sponge Sack

Bodyboard Bags eBodyboarding Standard Sponge Sack

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It is another bodyboard bag made by, and it is still lit. It is a day bag that is perfect for a beach trip with the whole squad. You don’t need a huge bag if you’re just bringing one bodyboard. made a single bag just for you.

This bag can accommodate only one 44″ long bodyboard. It isn’t bad for a single traveler. It is easily held with the presence of backpack straps, shoulder straps, and carry handles. Choose either of those that could render you better comfort. The shoulder straps are removable when you don’t feel like using them.

It is a nylon-made bag that can last for years depending on how you took care of it. In front is a big pocket for storing your accessories like swim fins, board wax, and other personal stuff. There is mesh drainage on all of its pockets, which is a good thing for wetsuits.

Complete carrying options
Not yet known by many
Mesh drainage all over it
Very lightweight

13. Hubboards Transit Bodyboard Bag

Hubboards Transit Bodyboard Bag

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Of course, in having a surfing trip, you’ll need not just your bodyboard but also some other accessories too. It includes swim fins, paddles, and many more. Hubboards Transit Bodyboard Bag can contain all the said materials at once. It is a huge bag perfect for long trips with the whole family or friends.

It fits up to three bodyboards with a size of up to 44″ long. If you have a 45″ bodyboard, this bag can contain that single board of yours. The design is not near to breaking through with the help of its reinforced stitching. Carrying a heavyweight bodyboard would not take any effect on this bodyboard bag.

The compartments are composed of a mesh drainage system at the bottom to ensure dryness inside the bag. All the things inside are secured through its zipper front pocket. There are two options for carrying this bag, one is through shoulder straps, and another is by backpack straps. Which is which, would give comfort to the user.

Most-highly rated among the listed productsStill gaining popularity
Good capacity

14. Gyroll Mike Stewart Tri-Pouch Triple Board Bag

Bodyboard Bags Gyroll Mike Stewart Tri-Pouch Triple Board Bag

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This is the second Gyroll Mike Stewart bodyboard bag that offers a different kind of storage service. Regardless of whether the gears you brought are wet, damp, or dry, this Tri-Pouch Triple Board Bag can effortlessly carry. From its name, it is a triple bag that can contain three bodyboards with a dimension of 42″ long each. Besides, it can also fit a combination of two 43.5″ and one 44″ longboard. Just check the sizing limit before buying a bag.

It isn’t called a triple bag only because of its triple capacity but also because of the extra pockets it contains. It has one external mesh pocket which is large enough to keep the other wet gear you’ll bring throughout the trip. Another is its two heavy-duty external pockets for more personal pieces of stuff. The main compartment is fully padded for securing the bodyboards from breaking.

All its carrying handle options are padded whereas the shoulder strap has a quick-release feature. There’s an added tail bumper for you to rest on.

Contains more than two boardsBulky in size
Many extra pockets
Well-padded carrying straps
Tail bumper

15. Sola Watersports Invert Bodyboard Bag

Sola Watersports Invert Bodyboard Bag

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This bodyboard bag is suitable for adult bodysurfers. The bag’s main compartment capacity is up to two adult bodyboards. And so, it is possible to fit more than two teen boards. You can choose a black or grey color design with green trim and graphics. The materials used are PU-lined heat-reflective canvas that makes it visible even at night.

The main compartment has drain holes and can be zipped up for more protection on your boards. There’s also a large front zip compartment to hold other gears and accessories. Both storages are zipped up so that your things are away from missing out.

You can take the bag from place to place through a padded shoulder strap or a side carry handle.

Zip up compartments for more security
We got nothin
Made of reflective canvas
Simple design

THE BOTTOM LINE – Which Should You Get?

We pick Gyroll Mike Stewart Ultra-Light Double Board Bag as the best bodyboard bag on the list. The inner pouch caught our attention because it isn’t found in the other brands. It can be easily stored on its own assembly. This bag stores up to two bodyboards despite its ultra-light construction. Three exterior pockets are present to provide more storage. And, there’s a pocket for dry and wet goods. The only downfall of this bag is it is still on the way to its popularity.

We have seen above the importance of having the best bodyboard bag during surfing trips. As boards are prone to damage, a bodyboard bag can keep your boards safe. It secures not only the boards but also all the other necessary gear and accessories.

We also learned that each bag has a different level of capacity. Some bags are good for a single traveler and other bags are for holding multiple boards. So, before buying a bodyboard bag, you must know those factors, including the above-mentioned factors. This will save up further expenses as well as effort in looking for a product.

What we have chosen might be different from yours. Look for a bodyboard bag that will suit your needs during a surfing break. Go back here and tell your experiences about the chosen bodyboard bag.

Bodyboard Bag Buying Guide

Of course, you’re looking for a bag that will protect a bodyboard. It could be lightweight day trip bags, heavy-duty day trip bags, or bodyboard travel bags. Either way, they all have the same purpose – to protect your bodyboard.

Here are the key factors to look for in buying a bodyboard bag:


Find a product that is affordable yet offers the best features you could look for. Anyone can afford bodyboard bags because the majority of them are affordable.


Always pick a trusted brand in buying a product. There are many known surfing brands in the market. You better look for them before choosing the not-so-popular brands.


Ask a friend who already has a bodyboard bag- which is the best brand? This is the best factor you should consider when buying different products, just like a bodyboard bag.


Since bodyboards are heavyweight or lightweight plus the other gears, the materials used in making the bag must be sturdy and well-sewn. This is to prevent ripping and any sudden damage to the bag.


Carrying the bag must not bring you into trouble but must render comfort along the way. It can be held through a carrying handle or backpack straps. Some models do have wheels for easier transport.

Mesh pockets

The bodyboarding activity also requires other swimming gear like swim fins, wax, and other stuff. It’ll be alright having extra mesh pockets to keep those things in place to stay dry.

Dry pockets

It is better to have separate storage for dry stuff to avoid it from getting wet, especially the clothes to be worn after every beach activity.


One bodyboard bag can contain more than one bodyboard depending on the brand and model. Look for a bag that can store more boards at the same time for extra convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Size limit

Better check for a sizing chart before purchasing a bodyboard bag. See whether your board can fit inside the bag or not. If not, look for a larger bag.

Drain holes

This keeps the boards and other stuff dry even when stored wet. Cleaning up would be easier with this feature.

Zipper enclosure

It seems the least feature you can consider on a board bag, but it makes a difference. The well-built enclosure can add protection and support to your boards and other gears, especially on your personal things. It might be a zip-up or just a corrosion-resistant zipper.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

After knowing the best bags for the bodyboard, asking questions is the next step to picking the best among the listed products finally. We collected five frequently asked questions from the consumers buying a bodyboard bag. We hope this helps in choosing your desired bodyboard bag.

Q: Is it possible to not mix dry with wet items inside a bodyboard bag?

It is possible. Find a bodyboard bag that has compartments for wet items, which usually mesh pockets, to keep it away from dry items. A bag with many compartments might cost higher than those without and yet a very good buy.

Q: How many bodyboards does one bodyboard bag contain?

This depends on the bag’s model and sizing limit. Some bags can only contain one bodyboard with a specific dimension, while others can hold more than one bodyboard. Check on the sizing chart of the brand, if provided, to be sure.

Q: What are the types of bodyboard bags?

Lightweight Daytrip Bag: This is the lighter type of bag that can carry up to two bodyboards. It is perfect for day trips to the beach where you plan hiking or backpacking right after.
Heavy-duty Daytrip Bag: It can contain 2-3 bodyboards with greater protection and support. This is appropriate for more extreme board camping.
Travel Bags: This is obviously the largest among the previous types. It can hold up to 5 bodyboards because of its heavy-duty construction. Traveling via airline with this kind of bag is allowed.

Q: How should I carry a bodyboard bag?

Carrying a bodyboard bag is not a problem anymore. It actually exists to give every surfer convenience during a surfing trip. You can bring a bodyboard bag in three ways options, such as:
Through a shoulder strap: In this way, carrying a board bag is done by only one shoulder which means the other shoulder can do other chores.
Through a carrying handle: This must be the most convenient way of transporting a bodyboard bag from one point to another.
Through backpack straps: This helps for long trips and for board camping. Just carry the bag on your back, and you’re ready to go.
The straps are normally padded to give more comfort to the users. Most bags renders all three carrying options for you to choose from.

Q: How do I clean a bodyboard bag?

Bodyboard bags are washable by hand. Do not use chemical-rich soaps in washing the bag to prevent any damage. Be gentle in cleaning the bag. Let it dry by not having too much exposure to the sun. Check on the product’s washing procedures before cleaning it to make things clear.

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