Panda Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off? [2023]

Last Updated March 17, 2023

If you are a determined surfer, you need to put in extra effort or investment to acquire high-end gear, such as your surfboard. If you are a pro surfer, you already know how every change in its size, thickness, and outline can affect your performance. If you are a beginner, now is your chance to learn why these factors are crucial when buying a surfboard.

In this Panda Surfboards review, you will learn what makes Panda Surfboards a trustworthy brand. You will also learn some of its best-selling products to help you decide if its visions and creations match your preference. Also, you will learn how to shop your surfboard successfully.

Top 6 Best Panda Surfboards Reviewed

Panda Surfboards has been one of the most well-respected brands in the surfing industry. The boards in this section will help you figure out if this brand will be your lifelong shaper for your permanent surfboard needs or not.

What is excellent about Panda surfboards is that they are highly customizable. You can order from plenty of different sizes available or a custom one. Other typical personalized options available for this brand are the tail shape, fin configuration, construction, artwork, logo placement, and type of logo.

You can even add some extras like the carbon flats or tail patch if available.

Here are some of its surfboards.

  1. B2 Step-Up Panda Surfboard
  2. B2 Panda Surfboard
  3. The Sweet Leaf Panda Surfboard
  4. The Goose Panda Surfboard
  5. Dolly Dagger Panda Surfboard
  6. Mid Ranger Panda Surfboard

#1. B2 Step-Up

b2 step up

From the name itself, this model’s surfboard design is for riding massive waves because it is a step up. This model is the B2’s extended version that offers a lot of power. Panda claims that a surfer can ride even on waves that can reach the double overhead high or four to eight feet high.

The B2 Step-Up is one of the Panda surfboards that are under its Performance category. Thus, you will never go wrong if performing is what you want to do to this board.

This model will give you more paddling strength for catching huge waves. It can also provide control when you have to turn at high speeds.

Compared to the B2 model, the Step-up version is longer.

This board uses either round, rounded pin, squash, or swallow tail. You can select between the thruster or five fin configurations.

#2. B2


Like the B2 Step-Up, the B2 model is under the Performance Surfboards category. It is a step-down of the step-up version, but it does not mean that it cannot perform well.

The B2 has unique features compared to the earlier versions of Panda shortboards. This model has a broader nose and tail. You can also ride it an inch shorter and a less an inch more width than your typical shortboards.

This shortboard has a full curve making it an ideal board to ride punchy waves that can still provide a planing surface in the tail and nose.

It is ideal to use this board for waves that are three to six feet high.

The B2 Panda Surfboards model has a medium nose and tail rocker, medium rail, and deep single to double concave.

Panda sells it in 14 different sizes from 5’9 to 6’4 in length. You may also choose to ask for a custom size.

The tail shapes available are round, squash, rounded pin, round, and swallow. You can choose your preferred fin configuration between the thruster or five.

#3. The Sweet Leaf

the sweet leaf

If you are a casual surfer who loves surfing at the beach breaks, you will like The Sweet Leaf. Panda created this surfboard to ride small to medium waves.

You will enjoy surfing this board because of its curvy outline, boxy rails, and low rocker, making it responsive and playful. Also, this surfboard has excellent turning speed while keeping you high in the waters.

It is an ideal summer surfboard when you want to perform and drive a surfboard with volume.

This surfboard model has a single to double concave. It allows you to ride waves that are one to three feet high.

The Sweet Leaf is available in 8 sizes from 5’7 to 5’11. The tail shape selections are round, rounded square, and swallow.

The available fin systems are thruster, quad, and five.

#4. The Goose

the goose

The Goose is the product of Panda Surfboard’s collaboration with Colin Moran. This surfboard combines the functionality of normal casual surfing and a high-performance surfboard.

This model has a straight single concave throughout, medium rail, and medium-low entry rocker with a flat midsection and a flip in the tail. These features allow The Goose to generate speed to enable you to surf in the dead section of the waters. The flip in the tail aids the turnability of the board when you ride the small waves.

This surfboard is capable of riding the waves that are two to six feet high.

The Goose is available in 9 sizes from 5’8 to 6’1, or you can choose to customize its dimension. The tail shapes available for this model are swallow and squash, while the fin configurations are thruster, quad, and five.

#5. Dolly Dagger

dolly dagger

The Dolly Dagger is under the Panda Surfboard’s Specialty Boards category. It is a highly versatile surfboard because of its twin fin outline. It provides the ideal amount of volume that allows it to perform well in small waves but can still handle the overhead ones.

This surfboard’s bottom is a single concave that blends to double concave to vee and has two channels. Also, it has medium-full rails and medium-entry to a low rocker. If you combine it with the right fin setup, it will be lightning fast.

Also, this surfboard allows you to be creative and playful with your fins.

The Dolly Dagger is available in 8 sizes from 5’5 to 6’0, or you can ask for customization. This surfboard only has one tail shape, the swallow, but you can select among the fin configurations available. These configurations are the thruster, five, quad, single, or twin.

#6. Mid Ranger

mid ranger

The Mid Ranger is one of the Panda surfboards that are under the Mid-Length category. It is mid-length because of its size ranging from 6’6 to 8’0, and you can select among the available 19 sizes or choose to customize it.

This surfboard has a slight vee entry to a single concave and transforms to vee between the feet and turns to flat at the tail—the vee areas of the board help provide excellent turnability.

This surfboard works in any fin setups available for this model: the single, quad, and box with twin.

It’s a user-friendly option if you are a beginner with some knowledge of surfing.

Plus, this board enables you to ride the waves that are two to eight feet high, depending on your abilities.

About Panda Surfboards

Blake Peters was the one who founded the Panda Surfboards. He was born in Sydney, Australia, on the Northern Beaches and grew up there. For this reason, he has always been around the local shapers who shared their knowledge with Blake that helped him learn the craft.

He has become part of the foam mowers who helped make in-roads. Thus, he has constant exposure to new technology and tries to incorporate it into his board designs while testing its limitations.

According to Panda, what makes it different among the others is that it is adaptable and flexible to the future while appreciating its origin. It prides itself on utilizing foam to create new surfboards with different sizes and shapes with superb quality.

Panda Surfboards places its boards under four categories: Performance Shortboards, All-Rounders, Specialty Boards, and Mid-Lengths.

In the product review section, you encountered some of the products in each category.

Aside from surfboards, Panda also sells wetsuits, fins, leash, and more.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Surfboard

Even though you only have to use one gear to surf, you still need to consider many factors when buying a surfboard. It includes the surfboard’s characteristics, your built, skills, surfboard type, and more.

You will know some of the most crucial considerations for a successful transaction in Panda Surfboards.

Essential Things to Know When Purchasing a Surfboard

Besides the surfboard’s features, you also have to consider some aspects of yourself when buying a surfboard. Here is what you should know.


As a beginner, you probably did some research and might have heard that the bigger the surfboard is, the more volume it has. Although it is true, you also have to consider your height and weight to ensure that this board will work well with you. You do not want it to end up controlling you instead of the other way around.

That is why before looking for the different dimensions of the surfboard that you are planning to buy, make sure that you know your height and weight. These are crucial considerations when figuring out the best surfboard volume for you.

Some online shops, including the Panda Surfboards, have their volume calculator in some part of their site. This calculator allows you to determine the best surfboard dimension that works the best based on your built.

Some manufacturers do not have a volume calculator. They have a chart that you can use as a reference.

Surfing Frequency

To become a professional surfer, you have to practice a lot. Even if you are a pro, you still need to surf often to hone your skills. Choosing the best surfboard to use also depends on how serious you are to your craft.

If you only want to learn the surfing fundamentals so you can have fun for casual surfing at the beach, you will get the most out of funboards, soft tops, and longboards. Do not waste money on buying high-end surfboards if the average one can do.

Meanwhile, if you are a determined surfer who practices your craft often, purchasing a durable surfboard is an investment that you can use in the long run.

Fitness Level

Face it. You cannot stay young forever. Even though you were an award-winning surfboard in your younger days, once the old age gets into you, you will never be as good as you were.

Also, if you gained weight, it can affect your surfboard purchasing decision. It is also true when you have some injury that can affect your performance.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, do not fret and curse surfing for the rest of your life. You can still perform well. You only have to choose the right board.

You should select a surfboard with much volume and stability. Choose the board that will allow you to paddle efficiently and catch waves in any water condition.

Skill Level

If you are a pro surfer, you are probably skipping this section because you already know what you like for a surfboard.

You are probably reading this Panda Surfboard review to learn more about the brand and some of its products.

You probably stay away from foamies because they cannot give much excitement as the advanced surfboards allow you to ride the overhead waves.

However, if you are a beginner surfer, you should not skip this section, because you will learn some things that can improve and guide you on your surfing career.

As a new surfer with zero knowledge in surfing, you might be dreaming of becoming like the future Kelly Slater on your way to a surfing workshop. Although it is not wrong, you should be realistic about your abilities when choosing a surfboard.

When you are about to pick your first surfboard, do not choose the one with advanced features when you can start with a foamie that is safer and cheaper. Surfboards with advanced features often do not have the features that benefit you, because pro surfboards are often more challenging to control

With a foamie, it will be less painful when you bump with the other surfers, which you will most likely will when you start learning your craft. Also, this board gives more buoyancy because of the volume it has, which is helpful as you try to learn to stand on it.

Once you learn the basics, you should work your way up as you progress by buying a surfboard with better features, such as a longboard. Most longboards are still user-friendly.

Wave Type Preference

Surfboards come in different types. Each has a unique design that allows the surfboards to perform their function, which is to ride particular waves.

If you are a surfer who loves riding three to six-foot-high waves, it will be a waste of money to buy a gun or a mini-gun, when all you need is a high-performance surfboard. If you are suicidal to want to try the gigantic waves in Jaws, Hawaii, you should choose the gun type.

How to Ensure a 100 Percent Successful Transaction

The best thing to do to ensure that you obtain the product that is the most suitable for you is to try it. Although you cannot borrow a surfboard directly from manufacturers, there are places where you can borrow or rent a surfboard. Take advantage of their services to test different products that include the one that holds the brand that catches your interest.


Buying a surfboard can feel overwhelming, especially for beginners who have no idea which product they should buy. There are many considerations, such as your height, weight, surfboard dimension, wave preference, and the like. You must also have some idea on some parts of the surfboard to understand the function of each so that you can buy the right features.

In this Panda Surfboard review, you have learned some of the crucial considerations when buying a surfboard to help you shop successfully from this brand or other brands. You have figured out some of its products that you might want to consider becoming a part of your quiver.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What Is the Best Panda Surfboard to Use for Riding Massive Waves?

A: The best Panda Surfboard to use for massive waves that are up to double overhead high is the B2 Step-Up. This model is the step-up version of the B2, which is another surfboard model available on Panda. It provides added paddling power and control when you have to ride high-speed waves. It also gives a punchy surf because of its hard rail and enhanced rocker.

Q: How Much Should Be My Budget When I Buy a Surfboard from Panda?

A: As of this writing, the cheapest product that you can buy from Panda Surfboards is at 615 USD, and the most expensive is at 700 USD. It does not include the customizations you add. If you want a better construction material to use for your surfboard, add 140 USD. These materials are EPS or FVK. You need to add up to 20 USD for some types of fin configuration. If you want to add some extras, such as the tail patch, carbon flaps, and the like, add some bucks.

Q: Which Among the Panda Surfboards Is the Best for Beach Breaks?

A: The Sweet Leaf is the Panda Surfboards model that you would like to ride on the beach breaks during summer. It provides plenty of volume and turnability speed. You can customize the fin configuration and the tail shape for a more personalized experience. Its features are enough to ride the waves that are one to three feet high, making it a user-friendly option for beginners with some surfing knowledge.

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