Top 6 Best Egg Surfboards (Wave Bandit, BIC)

The hidden gem in the world of surfing, the must-have board in your quiver, one of the best surfboards out there – the egg surfboard. 

Eggs are known for their tons of width intended for superb stability. Their short design offers tons of maneuverability and speed. Both characteristics make them the ideal stick for beginners at the same time great for intermediate too. 

If you’re aiming to progress your riding skills like that when you have a longboard but still wanting to keep it short for smaller conditions, you should get yourself an egg. And, as you read on, you will find a list of the best egg surfboards you may consider should you decide on getting one. 

Top 6 Best Egg Surfboards

So, without further delaying, let’s take a dive into some of the best egg surfboards we took and put into scrutiny. Maybe after reading this, a new surfboard will be up upon your quiver. An egg of course. 

  1. 6′ Guppy Beginner Surfboard by South Bay Board Co.
  2. 4’10” Huevo Hybrid Surfboard by South Bay Board Co.
  3. 7’0” Easy Rider (Tri-fin) by Wave Bandit
  4. Takayama – Egg – Tuflite by Surftech
  5. 6’6” Retro Egg Seaweed by Paragon
  6. Dura-Tec Wahine Egg Surfboard by BIC Sport

#1. 6′ Guppy Beginner Surfboard by South Bay Board Co. – Best for Beginners


  • Dimensions: 72 x 21 x 3 inches
  • Capacity: Up to 150 pounds
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Experienced
  • IXPE (Irradiated cross-linked polyethylene) foam top deck 
  • HDPE (High-density polyethylene) Bottom Deck


  • Includes leash
  • Rounded nose
  • Semi squared-out tail
  • Features EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) closed-cell foam
  • Lined fin holes

Finally, kids and even adult beginners who weigh up to about 150 pounds now have a board they can bring to their surfing trip. Specially designed egg surfboard, the Guppy evens out perfectly between stability, speed, and performance. 

The rounded nose and the tail that is squared off make the Guppy an excellent surfboard for beginners. The surprising buoyancy it delivers will leave you impressed and even a completely clueless beginner will sure feel safe and relaxed on the waves. 

The Guppy is lightweight and with a hand carry handle, can be carried around by your kid as he runs down the water. Its construction of IXPE, EPS closed-cell foam core, and slick HDPE bottom deck, despite its lightweight characteristics, gives you a solid mix of speed, safety, and durability. 

Packed with everything you need to get started, South Board Bay Co. includes along with the solid board, a tri-fin set up and 6 ft leash. You wouldn’t want water coming in within so the guys in manufacturing carefully lined up the fin holes. Add to that the heat-lamination proofing to keep it from getting damaged from being out in the sun for too long. 

Generally, the Guppy is the best surfboard for beginners, kids, and those who are just starting out on their surfing journey. 

Round nose with the squared tail makes the board stable and perform well in waters
Poor packaging. Reported to have arrived at the customer with dings and gashes
Heat laminated deck stands up against wear from too much use and sun exposureCapacity is up to 150 pounds only
Fun, lightweight, and cool design for kids
Occasional flaws on the paint job
Durable, closed-cell foam core
Sturdy but soft

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#2. 4’10” Huevo Hybrid Surfboard by South Bay Board Co. – Best Value For Your Money

4'10 Huevo


  • Dimensions: 58 x 21 x 2.85 inches
  • Supports: Surfers Up To 200 pounds
  • Fingerprint textured IXPE (Irradiated cross-linked polyethylene) foam board top deck
  • Bamboo bottom deck
  • EPS (Expanded polystyrene) closed cell foam core 


  • 16oz full coverage layer of resin
  • Tapered rails and proper nose
  • Tail rocker 
  • Includes competition surfboard leash
  • Grippy rubber top

The 4’10” Huevo Hybrid Surfboard by South Bay Board Co. is perfect for wild and active on-shore breaks. A lot smaller than most eggs, you will still find entry-level characteristics strong, and release pretty much how it used to with the single concave V-exit in the tail. This egg surfboard works perfectly with a quad fin setup since it gives the board improved balance and back lift. 

Popping up and balancing is even easier because of its wide shape throughout the board. As you are geared up to start executing those turns, you will realize that you are hitting them rather heavily. South Bay Board Co. seems to always have that smooth glide on their surfboards no matter how they are shaped. 

Perfect for groms who are planning on transitioning from a longer board they are riding to a shorter one, Huevo lets training sessions a bit more interesting. Do not underestimate how it may look teensy. It is sturdy and rigid, all thanks to the bamboo layers and I-beam stringers. 

You can be sure it won’t fail you no matter what conditions you will be daring out to ride. Huevo greatly fulfills the South Board Bay Co. armory, and it will just make you love this brand even more. Their production, materials, and construction are truly inspired. 

Floaty even when carrying a 200-pound capacity Bottos are reported to have split after 5 sessions in an isolated case
Its plain white deck is ideal for customization
Difficulty in getting the fins all the way in
Sturdy and rigid construction
Excellent customer service
Grippy rubber top

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#3. 7’0” Easy Rider (Tri-fin) by Wave Bandit – Best Overall


  • Dual stringers and composite core
  • Pop thru TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) 4.5-inch tri-fin setup
  • Needs surf wax 
  • Dimensions: 84 x 22 x 3.125 inches
  • Skill level: Beginner to experienced


  • Round nose, wide mid-section, flat cut-off tail
  • Dual maple wood stringers
  • Comes in different colors
  • Removable fins
  • Equipped with a standard leash holder

Most reviews we’ve read about 7’0” Easy Rider (Tri-fin) by Wave Bandit have been about how it is the ideal board for surfers of any level. I wouldn’t be surprised. Even a professional like Ben Gravy would sniff at this egg surfboard. 

Wave Bandit has been one of the biggest manufacturers of foam surfboards and almost everyone is familiar with their 80s inspired, color-blasted surfboards. They have not just the most fun-looking sticks but efficient too. One of which is this egg surfboard. 

The 7’0” Easy Rider by Wave Bandit has been around for quite some time but is still the go-to board of egg lovers even when a lot of egg surfboards have surfaced in the market. Its adaptability makes it a fantastic board for both beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders. 

This egg might look too colorful for you, but don’t be deceived by how pop-py it looks – it is one tough cookie. 7’0” Easy Rider features double maple wood stringers within its EPS core for that durability and strength needed. All while making sure that enough flex is retained while being highly maneuverable. 

Retaining most qualities of superior surfboards from Wave Bandit, the 7’0” Easy Rider features float rocker and slick bottom that slides swiftly across the waves. Stability is covered by the squaretail along with the wider templates that make it easier for newbies to pop up when they move down the line. 

Perfect for surfers who want to learn or are going back to surfingDo not expect the same flow and speed from a hard-top longboard
Flat rocker combined with slick bottom contributes to speed
Needs waxing for grip
Great for any wave size for summer sets to winter barrels
Fins are too small
Different colors to choose from
Increased stability for beginners

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#4. Takayama – Egg – Tuflite by Surftech – Best For Any Water Conditions


  • Dimensions: 86 x 21.5 x 2.7 inches
  • Fused Cell EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core 
  • GreenPoxy® Resin
  • Double layered fiberglass
  • Composite T-stringers


  • Wood veneer, superior E-glass
  • Carbon tail patches
  • Reinforced rails
  • Exclusive sandwich technology
  • Carbon composite leaves it lightweight, strong and durable

The Takayama Egg by Surftech is one of those surfboards that can pass as your first surfboard, in case you decide on learning how to surf. Even more so when you have been surfing for a while now and thought of adding just one more to your quiver. Designed by the legendary surfer and shaper Donald Takayama, Surftech takes pride not just in its total look but how it can do well in waters. 

Donald Takayama’s hand-shaped surfboards are some of the most sought after and expensive in the surfing industry. His reputation justifies the price tag, though. The Donald was a titleholder in longboard surfing from Hawaii, who, as a 12-year old flew to Los Angeles to learn how to shape. One of those he shaped was what Joel Tudor, an eight-time world champion used is in reviving his longboard surfing in the 1990s.

The Takayama Egg is available in two sizes – 7’2” and 7’6”. Both are made from a carbon composite that leaves it lightweight but extremely strong. Its egg-like shape gives you an easy paddling experience for a floaty board. Fun to rip as your skills begin to level up. 

Its carbon composite construction is highly notable because, for anyone who is just starting out on surfing, the board will fall and drop too many times. It may run and bump into things, or even worst, you may forget to strap it down as you drive down the road. This fabrication keeps the board from damages against all that. 

Designed and shaped by a well-known and experienced surfer
Too light that it can be hard to maneuver on strong waves
Pinched rails allow for nice drawn-out turns
Light and best to ride even with a single fin
Classic and timeless design and paint job
Features exclusive sandwich technology

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#5. 6’6” Retro Egg Seaweed by Paragon – Best Double-Ender Egg Surfboard


  • Dimensions: 78 x 22.06 x 2.75 inches
  • Construction: PU (Polyurethane)
  • Fins: Single and 2+1
  • Bottom: Slight vee entry to flat to tail vee
  • Glass: Top-6oz + 4oz, Bottom-6oz


  • Single wood stringer
  • Low rocker
  • Interesting bottom contours
  • PU build makes it lightweight
  • Added volume for extra stability

You won’t hear a lot about Paragon, but as soon as you hop on to one of their boards, you’ll instantly understand why underdogs should never be underestimated. They have boards built for high-performance and superior riding. Something they can throw in the line to compete against popular brands. 

One of these sticks they manufactured, is their Retro Egg. Inspired by the double-ender designs from the late 1960s, Paragon’s Retro Egg aims to deliver the best gliding experience at the lowest efforts in paddling. With a rocker that is low enough, combined with a wide outline, you sure can sashay away across the waves. 

Once you are up and surfing, its unique bottom contours and plentiful vee off of the tail lets you have the smooth rail to rail transitions. Linking the gap between shortboard and longboard, Paragon’s Retro Egg will function for just about any surfer. 

Paragon doesn’t withhold anything just to bring out quality. This retro egg alone has a construction that is superior. It used PU (Polyurethane) to make it light but still durable. It is so sturdy that you can be confident to bring it in almost any wave conditions without fear of getting damaged. 

The retro egg may not be pegged towards beginners and kids, its 44 liters of volume will provide just the right amount of assistance to get that extra stability for easy catching of waves. 

In general, Paragon Retro Eggs gives you a smooth, unbridled turning and twisting, solid speed, all in a perfectly designed board. It makes the transition from a longboard easy. Its top-notch egg surfboard performance makes it an instant classic. 

Sturdy and solid PU (Polyurethane) build
Challenging to ride in smaller and mushier conditions
Extra thick for enhanced stability
Built for high-performance riding

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#6. Dura-Tec Wahine Egg Surfboard by BIC Sport – Best for Lady Surfers


  • Dimensions: 84 x 22 x 2.75 inches
  • Board weight: 12.8 pounds
  • Volume 51 liters
  • Thruster, Tri+, Quad fin setup
  • Built with PU (Polyurethane) core and PE (Polyethylene) outer shell


  • Comfortable shapes for quick learning and progressing
  • FCS fins
  • Premium traction pads
  • Nose guard for enhanced durability
  • Materials thermoformed to ensure consistency in shape

BIC Sports Dura-Tec line of surfboards consists of boards that are tough to wear out, you can still pass them on to your next-in-line cohort of surfers. They are tough and long-lasting but are comfortable to learn on. 

Wahine Egg by BIC Sports is a lot of reasons awesome. They are affordable and have a lot of features that we look for in an egg surfboard. They are comfortable to ride, to begin with. It doesn’t feel too thick for an egg. No more having to feel like you are wrestling with it in the waters. 

The width at 22.5 is just enough to make the board easy to paddle and pop up. No, BIC Sports did not sacrifice anything just for the superior surfing experience. Instead, you will, even more, love it as it can make an early entry on all kinds of waves. 

You may choose to keep the standard thruster fin setup it originally came in with. It helps to get the tightness in turning. This feature also adds to the reason that this board is an excellent transition to shortboards, combined with its fairly versatile outline.

Less experienced riders will instantly figure out how to stay on top of their board with its integrated 3D traction pad. You will notice how it only comes in a pink hue with a print of Hibiscus on the side. This is because BIC Sports really intended for this egg surfboard to be marketed to girls who are getting into this water sport. 

Exceptional traction pad for improved control under the back foot
Some have reported the nose guard breaking causing water to come in
Comes with fins
Maybe a little heavy for beginners
Excellent customer serviceDoesn’t come with a leash
Can hold heavy riders
Buoyant and sturdy

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Our Top Pick

Beginners, intermediate, and expert riders can all enjoy the fun in riding an egg surfboard. It is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to transition from longboards to shortboards. You won’t have to be extra patient as to how you should be with a shortboard. 

Eggs make a seamless transition due to their stability that is close to what longboards offer with the performance of a shortboard. They have a solid combination of maneuverability and stability. 

Overall, our best egg surfboard goes to the very well-rounded eggy made by one of the most well-known and reputable surfboard manufacturers in the game – Wave Bandit. 

The 7’0” Easy Rider by Wave Bandit wouldn’t be named Easy Rider for nothing. The features it offers make it the most durable and stable egg – the easiest egg surfboard to ride, in short. You would not regret adding this to your quiver. 

Egg Surfboards Pros and Cons


  • Ideal for surfers of any skill level
  • Exceptionally fun to ride
  • Easy to maintain balance on
  • Features the same performance qualities of a shortboard
  • Stable like a longboard
  • Ideal for mid-sized waves
  • Compacter than longboards


  • Tougher and trickier to learn on than longboards
  • Not ideal for mushy days
  • Less paddle speed than longboards

What Is An Egg Surfboard?

Now that we’ve given you the list of our favorite eggs, here’s introducing them to you in a more detailed manner so you will understand just why we picked them.

If you want a fun surfing experience, an Egg is what you should ride. Egg surfboards are a mix of a longboard and a shortboard. They got their name from their rounded, egg-shaped nose as well as their short and almost stubby size. 

Many who are not familiar with eggs expect to see a board that is just as round as an actual egg. Hate to break their bubbles but egg surfboards are not quite as round as an actual egg, but its ovular shape gives it a distinct look. 

Eggs feature the same surface area characteristics as longboards, including thickness and width that are fairly comparable to the latter’s sizes. The feature that makes it more so of an egg is its rounded rails. 

Egg surfboards have soft rails more than any other surfboards in the market today. This gives them away at first sight. In most instances, you will identify these beasts between 6 to 8 ft long. 

What makes the egg surfboard’s shape and size beneficial? Here’s why. 

  • Surface area
    • Egg’s shape and length offers a lot more surface area than most surfboards. This fulness makes it simpler and easier for beginners to stand up on the board. 
  • Thickness and width
    • A surfboard that is wide and thick allows the surfer to paddle and remain afloat effortlessly. Its added buoyancy lets the rider balance easier and is perfect for surfing smaller waves. 
  • Soft, rounded rails
    • A more forgiving board for beginners and learners is a result of the rails that are softer and more rounded than other boards. 
  • Length
    • The length of egg surfboards ranges from 6 to 8 ft making it a great choice for longboarders who are looking for a little more maneuverability. 

Why Are Egg Surfboards So Popular?

Eggs are popular, not just as surfboards but, as food. And, it adds up to the surfboard’s popularity being round and eggy. Eggs are a great alternative to shortboards for riders who want a way into larger waves. 

A great transitional board for surfers who are just getting used to riding bigger waves, eggs provide a surfboard that feels as if they have the third wheel for assistance with balance. It helped that a lot of shapers and surfboard manufacturers adapted easily with the egg’s design. 

Egg Surfboard History

Egg surfboards’ history can be traced back to one man – Skip Frye. A shaper for G&S surfboards in the 1970s, he came up with “The Egg” when the surge of surfers looking for shortboard alternatives came. 

The egg contributed to the already famous company reputation, and it wasn’t long after when the word spread and everyone wanted the rounded, white and yellow surfboard, insanely fast and lightweight, and shaped by Skip Frye. 

With the wide array of egg surfboards and shaping companies manufacturing them, Skip Frye’s legacy continues to live on. 

Why Should You Add an Egg Surfboard to Your Line Up

Egg surfboards offer a lot of different advantages to different skill levels of surfers. They are best suited for beginners and intermediates who are considering to polish their surfing skills. 

For beginners, learning how to surf can be frustrating as it may be difficult to find balance. The width of an egg surfboard offers greater balance allowing surfers to easily stand up

While they are not the best surfboard to ride on small waves, which a lot of newbies usually try on at first, they still deliver the right power to give newbies enough maneuverability to start on until they progress. 

The egg surfboard’s aspect of both short and longboard gives out a happy medium where surfers get the right amount of buoyancy too. 

For advanced surfers, egg surfboards are your go-to stick when you just want to glide around for the day. Classic riders love how even with their small size, they still get that longboard feel. This allows them to do some tricks and practice more maneuvers. 

Bottom line is, egg surfboards are intended to add fun in surfing. They may not make you look like the flashiest surfer, but you’re guaranteed an amazing time with your ride. 

Here is a size chart you can refer to, to get yourself the right size for your egg surfboard.

Surfer Weight        (in pounds) Beginner Intermediate Advanced
100 to 140  6 ft 10 inches 6 ft 6 inches to 6 ft 10 inches 6 ft 6 inches
140 to 170 6 ft 10 inches 6 ft 6 inches to 6 ft 10 inches 6 ft 6 inches
170 to 200 7 ft 2 inches 6 ft 6 inches to 7 ft 2 inches 6 ft 6 inches to 6 ft 10 inches
200 to 230 7 ft 2 inches 6 ft 10 inches to 7 ft 2 inches 6 ft 10 inches to 7 ft 2 inches
230 and above 7 ft 2 inches 7 ft 2 inches 6 ft 10 inches to 7 ft 2 inches


Whether you just want to glide around the waves or are shying away from competition riding, egg surfboards are the best sticks you can have fun with. Their solid mix of maneuverability and buoyancy make them the best surfboard not just for beginners but for intermediate and advanced too. 

Since their original design in 1971, they have continued to evolve, grow, and improved. It would sure be a great addition to your quiver. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What waves should I ride my egg surfboard with?

A: Eggs perform well in surfing conditions that are anywhere from knee to head high. You won’t have as much fun if you try to ride them on mushy days. For whitewater, you would want to ride longboards or grovelers instead. Massive walls also allow you to see that the rocker on your egg won’t be as forgiving. 

In short, egg surfboards are for clean, rolling, and summer-style waves. 

Q: What fin setups work best on egg surfboards?

A: There is no constant answer for this as it all depends on your surfing style, skill, and the ride you want to achieve. Thrusters are not as much recommended since most eggs are bigger than shortboards. If you are an advanced rider who wants to go for the sharp cuts despite its length, you may go with thrusters. 

But, beginners won’t push and pump as much so having thrusters won’t be necessary. A solid single fin can offer a nice longboard feel to an egg surfboard. If you are aggressive and you want to pick up speed, quads can work best too. 

Q: Should I Get an Egg Surfboard with Traction Pad (or just the traction pad itself)?

A: Traction pads help especially when you are just learning how to ride. They take your mind off the feeling of falling down and instead puts your focus on watching the waves and finding ways to conquer them. 

Traction pads help increase your ability to hold and dig deep to maneuver easily. With this feature, you can get the proper stance so you can let your back foot do the work instead of looking down to see if you are doing it right. 

You would also want to note why some don’t prefer traction pads. Many surfers complain they can be rough on wipeouts or slip backs. They can be the culprit for some nasty rashes or scrapes. If you feel the same, then you may settle with the good old waxing.

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