Stamps Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

Buying a surfboard can be overwhelming, especially for beginners who have no idea where to start looking. Also, you probably do not know what you should consider when buying a surfboard. Knowing it can help you shop successfully to acquire the best surfboard that will work well with you.

If you are a professional surfer, you probably already know what to look for on a surfboard when you have to shop for one. However, if you want to experience what a new brand can offer other than your usual shaper, buying a surfboard can also be overwhelming, especially that most claim to be the best.

That is why, In this Stamps Surfboards review, you will learn about the Stamps Surfboards brand and its products. You will also know how to buy a surfboard that has the features that you need.

Top 9 Best Stamps Surfboards Reviewed

What is impressive about the Stamps Surfboards is that it has a wide range of surfboard collections. These surfboards are under the Shreddy Part 1, Shreddy Part 2, E Series, Fishy, Groovy or Eggy, or Loggy categories. Compared to several shops, the Stamps Surfboards provide you with more options.

Also, you can custom order some of the features of the Stamps surfboards. You only need to determine what are the available customizations it offers.

In some of its surfboards, you can customize everything.

  1. Big Guns Stamps Surfboard
  2. Scarecrow Stamps Surfboard
  3. Flare Stamps Surfboard
  4. WTF Stamps Surfboard
  5. Fuse Stamps Surfboard
  6. Spegg Stamps Surfboard
  7. Quantum Quad Fish Stamps Surfboard
  8. Grinder X Stamps Surfboard
  9. FX Stamps Surfboard

#1. Big Guns

big guns

One of the perks of the Stamps Surfboard is that it sells guns and big guns. You would like to surf with it when you feel suicidal to take on the massive waves in Jaws, Hawaii.

The reason why it is the first on the lists is that it is the most customizable among the others. It is a build-to-order Stamps product. You can choose your fin setup, tail shape, and other personalization possible.

The brand’s Big Guns have plenty of foam in the middle part and forward that enables you to ride the massive waves and foil. It provides a lot of control when it seems like the gigantic waves are running at high speeds.

Stamps glassed it heavy so that it can handle everything that the waves throw at it.

Beginners and intermediate-level surfers should stay away from riding this board unless you only want to spend on something that will decorate your quiver that will make you look cool. The Big Guns are for the pros who have guts to ride gigantic waves.

#2. Scarecrow


If the Big Guns are for the pros of the pros, the Scarecrow is almost the opposite. It is a fun shortboard that you can use for everyday surfing. It is highly versatile because of its moderate rocker with a slightly advanced curve of the tail.

It has a broad outline at the center and has a full nose, tail, and block, making it one of the most forgiving shortboards that even beginners with some experience can use.

If you are a new surfer with some experience, you should try it instead and imagine that you are surfing the Big Gun while riding it.

This surfboard is also customizable. You select among the best fins that are the best choices for it, which are the five, quad, and tri. The available tail shape selections are squash, round, and swallow.

#3. Flare


The Flare Stamps Surfboards model is one of the Shredder Part 2 designs. Flare has a pointed nose, broad tail, moderate and continuous rockers, and single concave from nose to tail.

This surfboard has a curvy outline, making it a versatile board that even experienced beginners can use.

You can select among the tri, quad, and five fin setups. The tail shapes available are squash, round, and swallow.

#4. WTF


No. This Stamps Surfboards model does not refer to a derogatory expression, although it is pretty good in getting your attention. The WTF stands for the wide-tailed fish, a part of the brand’s Fishy collections.

It is because the WTF is broad and short. According to Stamps Surfboards, it is the type that you can take to the extreme.

It has some of the features of the Twin Keel Fish (another Stamps Surfboards model). It has the same contours and foil that are the same as this model. However, the brands altered its outline and dropped some rocker.

As a result, this WTF model can provide you effortless speed, glide, and paddle.

This surfboard is the best for surfing the lined up point or the beach break.

The fin configurations to choose from for this model are five and quad. It only uses one tail shape, which is squash.

According to the brand, the appropriate size of this board should be eight-inch below your height. If you want to add some glide, you should add a few inches of length instead.

#5. Fuse


Fuse is another part of the Fishy collection of the Stamps Surfboards. Its features are a combination of the brand’s other models, which are the Flare and the Quantum Fish. Thus, it provides the Quantum Fish’s speed and the arc of the Flare at the tail part.

It resembles the front part of the Quantum and the end part of the Flare, but with some added tweaks. These alterations include the pulled-in, lifted nose, and enhanced contours.

The fin configurations available for this surfboard model are tri, five, and quad.

#6. Spegg


Stamps Surfboard’s Spegg model is under the Groovy or Eggy category. The name of this model is a wordplay between the terms ‘speed’ and ‘egg.’ This product resembles the OverEasy Stamps Surfboard’s model. It only has an egg shape that provides more maneuverability that can handle fast and steep wave face.

The Spegg has a narrow nose and tail, pulled back broad point, and subtle rail foil and bottom contours. These surfboards provide more nose rocker too.

Spegg can handle various types of waves and riding styles.

#7. Quantum Quad Fish

quantum quad

The Quantum Quad Fish is a part of the Stamps Surfboards Fishy collections. This product is speedy but also responsive. This board has a traditional fish outline, but it has a narrow nose and added rocker.

It has a subtle single concave starting from the nose transforming into a double cave towards the fins. This surfboard is capable of surfing any water condition.

What makes this product unique from most of the other fishes is that it is also a high-performance board because of its impressive responsiveness.

If you like its features of being exceptionally fun, responsive, and fun, you should try this surfboard.

The Quantum Quad Fish can surf waves that are two to six feet high. It has a swallow tail shape design and quad fin configuration.

#8. Grinder X


The Grinder X is a part of the Stamps Surfboard’s Shreddy Part 1 collections. This model is one of the best ones to use on average water conditions.

This surfboard has broader overall features compared to a typical high-performance shortboard.

Because of its generous width, it provides effortless paddling and planning when you are at the flatter sections of the waters, while still giving you your need for a performance board.

Grinder X is the best one to use for casual and performance surfing.

According to Stamps Surfboards, you should order this surfboard with almost the same length as your height or three inches shorter.

The Grinder X can ride the waves that are two to six feet tall. It has a medium to the low rocker with flip-out nose and little to the tail.

It also has a medium down rail that becomes sharp at the tail and nose.

The bottom is a single concave to the center and becomes flat towards the tail, while its double concaves are the single concave inset in the fin area.

You can customize this board’s tail shapes, which are squash, swallow, and round.  The fin configuration selections are thruster, quad, and five.

#9. FX


The FX is a part of the Shreddy Part 2 collections of the Stamps Surfboards. The FX has a resemblance with the Quantum Quad Fish because the brand used it as a model for creating the FX.  What makes the FX different is that the brand added some flare to it by altering its foil, contours, and outline.

Instead of a beak nose, Stamps replaced it with a foiled nose for less swing weight. Instead of the swallow tail, the brand changed it to squash to provide more surface area, which is useful for maneuvering.

This surfboard has vee and double concaves in the tail part.

This Stamps surfboard model is for riding the waves that are one to three feet high. It is excellent for the beach and point breaks, while more advanced surfers can take this board to the new level.

About Stamps Surfboards

Tim Stamps was the one who founded the Stamps Surfboards in 1997. He used to work with Rich Harbour while growing up as his sweeper. It did not take long when he started to fix dings and eventually started shaping his surfboards.

At the age of 12, he became part of the Harbour surf team and competed. He attained several ranks and became a pro at the young age of 12.

Stamps had a bright surfing career ahead of him, not until a knee injury got into him. Thankfully, Stamps knew how to shape. For this reason, although Stamps did not continue his professional career as an athlete, he made himself a fortune by creating his line of surfboards in Westminster, California.

Aside from surfboards, his shop also sells merchandise and used surfboards. His brand has ambassadors to represent his brand.

Stamps has several collections of surfboards, which are under the Shreddy Part 1, Shreddy Part 2, E Series, Fishy, Groove or Eggy, and Loggy categories.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Surfboard

If you are a beginner at surfboard shopping, you will find this section helpful for you. This part will teach you how to select the perfect surfboard to use.

When buying a surfboard, you cannot pick just about anything that you can find or the best among the brand’s collections. It is because you should take a different approach when shopping for a surfboard.

Here the considerations that you must learn.

Height and Weight

Whether you are a pro surfer or a newbie, your height and weight are considerations when buying a surfboard.

If you are a pro, you probably know the surfboard’s length and width that works well with you. However, if you are a beginner, you need a surfboard with generous volume. That is one reason why total newbies start by using surfboards with generous width and length, such as the foamie.

Take note that it does not mean that you should buy a giant surfboard in the shop. You should still consider your height and weight when choosing the right surfboard.  You should also take note of its construction.

Thankfully, some shops make choosing a surfboard effortless for you. Many have a volume calculator on their website or a reference chart that you can use.

Age and Fitness

Though you used to be the best surfer around the world in your younger days, things are different as you become older. Unlike before, you do not have tons of endurance and strength to handle the massive waves using your high-performance shortboards.

You are in the same situation when you have an injury that can affect your performance or on the heavy side.

If you are in one of these surfers, it does not mean that you can throw away all your trophies and forget about surfing. You can still do something about it.

You only have to choose a surfboard that is wider and thicker. A surfboard with these features provides volume that can give you better control and paddling power. You can catch the waves effortlessly using the right surfboard.

Wave Preference

Your main objective in buying a surfboard is to ride the waves. You know that there are different types of waves. Because of this, manufacturers and shapers create various types of surfboards to adapt to the different kinds of them.

Buying a gun-type surfboard does not mean that it can make you an expert in riding the massive waves in Jaws, Hawaii. You should be realistic, based on your abilities.

If you are a total beginner, stick to your foamie. If you have an experience, you can start trying the longboards, funboards, and user-friendly shortboards and fishes to allow you to ride the beach breaks.

If you are an intermediate-level surfer who can ride the six to eight-foot-high waves, you can surf using a step-up or a shortboard.

If you can ride the gigantic waves in Indo or Jaws Hawaii, you should get yourself a gun or a mini-gun.

Skill Level

If you are a beginner, which you are most likely are, you should be realistic about your abilities. Although you can dream of becoming like Gabriel Medina in the future, it does not mean that you should go to your nearest surfboard shop to buy the board he used for the competition.

You can always dream and keep in mind that it will take a lot of practice and effort to get into Medina’s shoes.

As for now, you should settle for a cheap foam board if you are a total newbie. It is not to deprive you of your dreams of riding the surfboard that your idol surfer used but to keep you and the other surfers safe. Once you start practicing, you will see why.

If you are a beginner with some experiences, you can try a longboard or a funboard. Once you are confident enough, you can go for surfboards with more advanced features and work your way up.


Because of the tons of surfboard choices available on the market, buying one can be overwhelming not only for beginners but also for professional surfers. What they can only do to narrow down their options is to read the excellent brand and product reviews.

This Stamps Surfboards review has introduced you to the Stamps Surfboards brand. You have learned that it has plenty of surfboards available in different types, whether you need something that can ride small, mushy waves, or the large ones, such as those in Indo, Hawaii.

If you think that you do not like this brand’s way of creating its products or if it does not match your preferences, you can still shop from the other brands confidently. It is because you now know how to buy for the best surfboard to use based on your built, riding style, fitness, and skill-level.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is There a Stamps Surfboard That I Can Ride for Enormous Waves?

A: Unlike most brands, the Stamps Surfboards have more options when it comes to boards capable of riding the gigantic waves. If the waves turn enormous that your shortboard cannot handle anymore, but still quite small for the guns, you can go for its Next Step surfboard model. For bigger waves that become heavy and deep, you can take its Gun model. However, if you refer to a type of massive wave that no ordinary surfer would dare to surf on, go for its Big Gun model.

Q: Why Should I Buy From Stamps Surfboards?

A: The Stamps Surfboards is a reliable brand. It has been around since 1997, which only proves that it has long years of customer service and experience providing quality products that adhere to its vision. This brand has ambassadors consisting of around 19 professional surfers who can testify the quality of its products. Among these ambassadors are Anastasia Ashley, Brett Simpson, Travis Logie, Dylan Hord, and more.

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