Modern Surfboards Review | 2024

Surfers need surfboard with exceptional performance, stability, and speed and at the right price. The Modern Surfboards range was designed to improve your surfing at affordable prices.

Modern Surfboards will not give you any hassle in deciding because all surfboards from its collection are exceptional. It provides quality longboard and mid-length surfboards with appealing designs.

These are budget-wise, which is the reason why surfers recommend it, especially to beginners. Plus, this brand makes sure that every surfer gets the value of their investment by using quality materials for construction despite its affordability.

modern surfboards review
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Top 7 Best Modern Surfboards Reviewed

If you’re struggling in looking for the best longboard for your skill-level, here’s a Modern Surfboard review to help you decide which one to buy.

modern surfboards review

  1. Modern Falcon PU Surfboard
  2. Modern Love Child Surfboard
  3. Modern Highline PU Surfboard
  4. Modern Double Wide SLX Surfboard
  5. Modern Retro PU Surfboard
  6. Modern The Boss PU Surfboard
  7. Modern The Golden Rule PU Surfboard



#1. Modern Falcon PU Surfboard

If you’re looking for another surfboard with a meek yet appealing style, Modern offers the Modern Falcon PU Surfboard. This surfboard comes with FCS II or Performer Medium fins, which contributes during acceleration. Plus, you can use it with ease on a wave-height of 1 foot to 6 feet.

It features a rolled vee to vee double concave-outline as its contours, making it hassle-free to control despite any wave-condition. The medium to full rail adds convenience during smooth transitions. Also, the rocker makes sure the lift and paddling speed maintain exceptional balance while riding it.

Aside from that, the full outline of this surfboard makes it easier to drive for snappy turns, especially small waves. The tapers provide exceptional performance. Plus, it offers ample volume for the buoyancy.

Surfers also admire how this surfboard gives an excellent ride, regardless if you’re a newbie or an expert in the sport. You’ll love how agile this board can be without compromising stability. Aside from that, it can accommodate a surfer that weighs over 220 pounds.

When it comes to the sizing, this board is available from 6 feet to 8 feet. What makes it more interesting is that it follows the longboard-type, yet it’s shorter than typical.

The durability of this surfboard will not be a disappointment as it uses a premium-quality of polyester material with exceptional finishes. It also uses components, including Silmar resin, Bennet foam, and Hexcel fiberglass.


#2. Modern Love Child Surfboard

Are you looking for a unique surfboard? Modern Surfboards doesn’t fail in providing a line of exceptional boards, from performance to quality. One of the best options to consider is Modern Love Child Surfboard.

It features a vee-double-concave-shape, which makes it hassle-free to control at any wave condition. You’ll enjoy riding it, regardless if you encounter a 1-foot to 8-foot wave-height. Also, it measures 6 feet and 4 inches to 8 feet, adding convenience in maneuvering it.

There are three fin set-ups available for this surfboard, such as the quad, 2+1, and single. Either of these fin-systems contribute to the board’s full agility.

The design of this board is one of its main advantages. The bottom deck comes in white with black details, while the top part features a wooden style, which surfers admire more.

This surfboard comes from an excellent quality of Epoxy Bamboo material in sandwich construction. The woven fiberglass, thin bamboo sheets, and epoxy resin cover the EPS core for optimum protection. Plus, it’s solid materials don’t compromise comfort while riding it.

Aside from that, it also comes with a low rocker, which lets the board accelerates smoothly. Turning will never be too hassling because of its pintail-design. Plus, the deck gives excellent stability, which is favorable to beginners.

Intermediate and professional surfers also take advantage of this board’s outline to enhance their balancing skills further. Since it’s a mix of a longboard and a cruiser, riding it adds fun to their surfing experience.


#3. Modern Highline PU Surfboard

Modern is one of the popular surfboards when it comes to all its surfboards’ performances. If you need a reliable one to enhance your surfing skills, you should check out the Modern Highline PU Surfboard. Plus, if you’re a beginner, you’ll undoubtedly find it very handy.

One of the best features of this surfboard is the design. The top deck comes in white color, yet the frame features a marble-design. As you go over the bottom part, it has a full marble-style, making it very appealing. However, if you prefer a meek style, it’s also available in all white.

This board comes from an excellent quality of polyester material, making it very durable. It’s damage-resistant, thanks to its lamination. It’s not only sturdy but also adaptive to any surfing-condition.

Aside from that, this board is very stable since it features a curved squaretail-design and a longboard’s mid-section-outline. It makes it convenient for surfers to turn from side to side. Plus, the outline provides an ease to surfers to execute tricks.

Maneuvering this board will never be a hassle because it’s available in smaller sizes than the Falcon. The sizing ranges from 5 feet and 8 inches to 6 feet and 8 inches. Also, it can hold up to 209 pounds without compromising the board’s performance.

If you want to make it agile, you should consider installing fins, and this board comes with a three-fin set-up. You can either use the Tri Performer or FCS II. Also, these help the surfboard propel well along waves.

Another edge of this surfboard is the low rocker, letting you paddle easily and quickly. The flat deck reduces the effort you need to exert as you glide along waves.


#4. Modern Double Wide SLX Surfboard

Every surfer looks for the best versatile surfboard, and Modern is one of the recommended brands by pros. If you need one, you can never go wrong with the Modern Double Wide SLX Surfboard. Regardless if you’re a beginner or a pro, this board is suitable for your skill level.

The board comes from a premium-quality of SLX Epoxy Construction, featuring a flex pattern. It makes the board exceptional as it reduces the weight as you ride it. Plus, it comes with an EPS core and a timber stringer, assuring its durability further.

You can ride it with ease on a wave-height of 1 foot to 6 feet, thanks to its double-rolled concave-shape. The flat-nose makes it hassle-free to control at any wave-condition. Plus, the full rail from nose to tail makes it agile, even on smaller waves.

Another edge of this surfboard is that it’s lightweight. The rocker provides excellent lift, making it easier to maneuver during tight turns. The stability is never questionable since it features a broad tail and exceptional nose with comparable full rails.

You can install up to three fins, which is inclusive of the set. However, these will depend on the board’s size and the surfer’s ability.

It’s unique as it’s a longboard with a shorter size, and the sizing ranges from 7 feet and 4 inches to 9 feet and 2 inches. Plus, it can support any weight ranging from 176 pounds to over 220 pounds.

The style of this board is meek, yet it’s appealing to most surfers because of its minimalistic vibe. It only uses white with black details. Despite its simplicity, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance.


#5. Modern Retro PU Surfboard

Longboards are some of the in-demand board-types in the market because it’s nifty. It’s suitable for newbies, even to pros. If you want one with impressive performance and style, you can count on the Modern Retro PU Surfboard.

This board is available in three sizes only; 9 feet and 1 inch, 9 feet and 6 inches, and 10 feet. Regardless of any size you choose, it can accommodate any weight range without affecting the board’s performance. Plus, using it is more fun and less hassling because it’s ideal for waves that are 1 foot to 4 feet by height.

The polymer construction of this surfboard makes it very sturdy, even if you ride it frequently. It’s damage-resistant, thanks to its lamination, which composes of Silmar resin, Bennet foam, and Hexcel fiberglass materials.

When it comes to its style, it features a retro vibe, and many surfers admire it. Seeing it will give you a nostalgic vibe as if you’re surfing from the past. You’ll love it more as it’s available in clear, blue, and green styles.

Aside from that, it’s available in limited sizes, letting you choose with ease. It’s available in 9 feet and 1 inch, 9 feet and 6 inches, and 10 feet. Regardless of any size you want, it guarantees optimum performance, thanks to its 60-40 rail and double-to-vee-contour.

It also comes with a moderate flat-entry rocker, which gives excellent padding power, along with agility. The parallel rails make it stable as you stand and glide along waves. Plus, the tail assures smoother turns at any wave-condition.


#6. Modern The Boss PU Surfboard

Do you need a top-performing longboard? You should check out what Modern Surfboards has to offer, such as The Boss PU Surfboard. It’s exceptional for catching waves because it’s user-friendly. Plus, it’s the best board to use for optimum maneuverability

It features a vee double-contour with a neutral rail, giving ease to surfers controlling the board at any condition. It responds well to quick movements. Also, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to smooth transitions. If you’re on steeper waves, you can pivot without any hassle to keep your balance.

Aside from that, paddling is convenient even if you encounter more waves. The low entry rocker keeps the board stable while turning and gliding. Plus, it provides an excellent lift, which is desirable for executing easy tricks.

What makes this surfboard in-demand is its retro-inspired style. The top deck features a white and blue or green color combination. As for the bottom part, it comes in a full blue or green design. It’s classy by design, which is why surfers prefer buying this board.

Choosing which size to buy is hassle-free as well since it’s only available in two sizes. You can enjoy this board in 8 feet and 6 inches or 9 feet and 1 inch by length. Also, it can accommodate any weight range, which makes it handier.

This board is agile by default, thanks to its outline. Yet if you want to boost your board’s agility, consider installing fins.


#7. Modern The Golden Rule PU Surfboard

Modern always meets the expectations of its customer. If you’re looking for a reliable surfboard, you can never go wrong with the Golden Rule PU Surfboard. This longboard’s quality is exceptional because it comes from a premium-quality of polyester material with quality finishes. Also, it’s suitable for all surfing levels, from newbies to pro surfers.

It comes with a vee double-contour with a slight concave-outline in the nose for maximum drive. You can expect smooth rail-to-rail transitions. Plus, you can maneuver it without any hassle, especially during steeper waves.

This surfboard is ideal for a wave-height that ranges from 1 foot to 8 feet. Even though it’s only available in 9 feet and 1 inch or 9 feet and 6 inches, surfers enjoy their time as they glide along waves. You don’t’ have to worry about broken boards because it can accommodate any weight range.

The low entry rocker keeps the board stable, even if you execute tricks. It also makes it easier for you to paddle. Aside from that, turning is more convenient, thanks to the rocker’s added lift.

The board’s agility is another edge, which intermediate and professional surfers love. The outline lets the board accelerate effectively, even when the waves are small. Plus, if you want to make it move quicker, you can install FCS II fins.

Surfers also love how this board features a minimalistic style in white color, from the top to the bottom deck. It features little details, yet despite its simplicity, it can attract a lot of surfers. 


Getting the Best Modern Surfboards – Buyers Guide

Despite numerous options available on the internet, there are some factors you need to consider before buying a surfboard. Here’s a guide if you need to purchase one.

The surfboard type is one of the essential factors to consider in buying. Each model comes with an edge, which is either for stability, speed or drive. As for Modern Surfboards, this brand offers top-longboards in the market.

Fun-shape vs. Longboard Surfboards

Some surfers still find to very confusing when it comes to differentiating fun-shape and longboard surfboards.  Others frequently think of a fun-shape board as a longboard, and vice versa. Both may be suitable for newbies, yet these are not the same on most features.

Fun-shape Surfboards

Fun-shape surfboards are typically in between a longboard and a shortboard. This surfboard-type provides excellent paddling ability, and it’s even easier to drive. Aside from that, it offers satisfying transitions, which makes it favorable to intermediate to professional surfers as well. When it comes to sizes, these range from 7 feet to 8 feet.

Some similar Modern Surfboard products with similarities with this type are the Double Wide SLX and Love Child XB Surfboards.

Longboard Surfboards

Longboard surfboards are versatile, and they focus on providing excellent stability despite any wave condition. It also gives an exceptional paddling strength, making it easier for newbies to control and ride it. Plus, the size of this board can reach up to 10 feet, depending on the brand.

For Modern Surfboards, some of the popular entries include the Golden Rule PU, the Boss PU, and the Retro PU Surfboards.

Surfboard Tail-Designs

Aside from the type, the tail-design of the surfboard is another factor you need to consider because it contributes to the maneuverability of the surfboard. Here are the typical designs you’ll find from Modern Surfboard’s collection.

Pintail Design

This type is best for control, yet it has restrictions when it comes to mobility.

Some of the boards with this design are the Golden Rule PU and Love Child XB Surfboard.

Squashtail Design

This design provides exceptional release as you ride the board, making it easier to execute tricks. It also makes the board easier to turn or tee off the bottom.

Most surfboards from Modern’s collection use this design, such as the Boss, Highline PU, and Retro PU Surfboards.

Swallowtail Design

This type is typical for fish surfboards. It makes the board more agile than other brands, yet it requires excellent control and an exceptional balancing skill to ride it effectively.

Modern doesn’t include any fish surfboard in its collection.

Modern Surfboards: Company & History

Modern Surfboards is one of the famous brands to dominate the surfing industry. Surfers recommend every surfboard it offers in the market because of its outstanding quality. This brand features signature constructions to meet customers’ expectations when it comes to durability.

Aside from that, this brand doesn’t fail to amaze surfers with its designs. It offers surfboards with minimalistic styles, which some surfers prefer. Plus, it also adds a retro-vibe collection, which can make you look better as you ride it.

This brand focused on introducing competitive longboard and mid-length surfboards for beginners, intermediate, and experts. All surfboards from its collection provide an exceptional surfing experience. Also, it offers unique surfboards that are half-cruiser and half-longboard.

Quality and performance are not the only factors that make this brand in-demand. The affordability of every surfboard is also favorable to all its customers.


In searching for the best surfboard, performance is crucial. You’d prefer a surfboard that’s agile and easy-to-maneuver because these advantages can further enhance your skills. If you can’t find a suitable board for your needs, you can check out what Modern Surfboard offers.

You can choose from a wide variety of surfboards from this brand, which is best for any surfer-level. Regardless if you need a speedy surfboard, a top-performing one, or a stable one, this brand will not be a disappointment. Every surfboard is worth the price, which is more affordable than other brands.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Should I always choose the most extended board-length available if I’m a beginner?

A: When it comes to sizing, there are other factors you need to consider aside from your surfing ability. On the bright side, longer boards may give you the stability you need as you ride it along waves. It gives you the advantage to enhance your skills, especially if you don’t have ample surfing experience. Some of the surfboards for beginners are the Love Child XB and the Boss PU Surfboards.

Q: Does Modern Surfboards include a leash in its set?

A: No, the surfboards don’t come with a leash. The outline also doesn’t include a slot for the strap. You need to customize your board if you want to add one on your longboard.

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