Vampirate Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

It is undeniable that there are thousands of surfboards on the market. Different brands compete by offering high-quality products. Although there are several boards available, it does not mean that you can just pick anything. Although there are tons of high-end surfboards, it does not mean that they are all suitable for you.

There some considerations when buying a surfboard. You can check out a particular brand and find out if its products would work well with you.

In this Vampirate Surfboards review, you will learn more about this brand and its products.

Top 7 Best Vampirate Surfboards Reviewed

The Vampirate Surfboards allows you to customize the fin boxes, which you can select between the FCS and the futures. You can also customize the colors, which are available in white or any other you like.

  1. Evil Twin Fin Vampirate Surfboard
  2. Gravedigger Vampirate Surfboard
  3. Unicorn Vampirate Surfboard
  4. Revolution Vampirate Surfboard
  5. Batmoboard Vampirate Surfboard
  6. Too Fast for Satan Vampirate Surfboard
  7. Rainbow Vampirate Surfboard

#1. Evil Twin Fin

evil twin fin vampirate

The Evil Twin Fin is available in five sizes from 5’4 to 6’0, which has a traditional twin fin or swallow tail design, but it has modern rockers and rails. It feels loose in the pocket and quick off the bottom, making it an ideal surfboard for casual surfing on beaches and reefs. This board has a vee bottom with deep single concave and has a forgiving medium boxy rails.

Despite being a funboard, it is also a performance board that you can use in almost all wave conditions. Its design is like a retro fish that provides effortless paddling and speed. Its small size makes it maneuverable when riding the waves, and the extra width makes it an ideal gear for riding reef breaks.

Using this surfboard, you can surf the waves that are one to three feet high.

#2. Gravedigger

gravedigger vampirate

Vampirate claims that it has a modern Simmons fish design because of its vee to a single deep concave. It has a flat, broad board that provides a loose and fast performance in small waves, allowing you to perform tricks as the cheater five.

Like the Evil Twin, you can customize the fins and colors of the Gravedigger. However, with this board, you can choose the fin configuration between a twin or quad, personalizing your surfing experience. You can select among six available sizes between 4’10 to 5’8.

Like the Evil Twin and other fishes, the Gravedigger has a tail with a swallow shape. It is also excellent for riding waves that are one to three feet high.

This surfboard is a grovel board with a flat rocker that makes controlling and riding choppy waves effortlessly.

#3. Unicorn

unicorn vampirate

The Vampirate Unicorn surfboard is a combination of a high-performance shortboard and a classic single fin. It is an excellent board to use when making a high line and preparing for speed to take the long barrels possible because of its low boxy rail and flat rocker that makes this surfboard fast.

Unlike many shortboards, the Unicorn Vampirate model uses a single fin. It has a single concave to vee that makes this board maneuverable for turns, rail-to-rail transitions, and cutbacks. It also has excellent paddling capability.

This surfboard uses a pin-shaped tail. You can select among the five available sizes that range from 5’0 to 6’6 in length.

This board is ideal for riding the waves that are one to three feet high.

#4. Revolution

revolution vampirate

The Revolution Vampirate model is available in four sizes that range from 5’2 to 5’8. This board uses a quad fin and swallow tail, making this surfboard maneuverable and fast. According to Vampirate, it is the Simmons fish’s modern version.

The Revolution has vee to deep single concave bottom for proper channeling of the water.

This board is flat, wide, loose, and fast. That is why surfing small waves should be a piece of cake.

Using this board, you can ride the one to three-foot-high waves.

#5. Batmoboard

batmoboard vampirate

Batmoboard is available in seven sizes starting from 5’6 to 6’4 in length. With this board, you can customize the tail shape, which is either winged swallow or winged round. Its fin configuration is tri-fin.

Most shortboards are maneuverable but lack in volume.

The Batmoboard came into the picture to compensate for this flaw by having more volume provided by its beveled rails and thicker feature. This board is a hybrid that combines the characteristics of a modern shortboard and a retro fish, making it an ideal board to use for flying down the line and hitting the lips.

The Batmoboard has single to double concaves and medium to a flat rocker. This board is excellent even in choppy water conditions and allows you to paddle effortlessly.

The Batmoboard is excellent for riding the waves that are one to three feet high. Other surfers can ride it on a six-foot-high wave.

#6. Too Fast for Satan

too fast for satan vampirate

The Too Fast for Satan is available in five different sizes, from 5’6 to 6’2 in length. It has a chopped or squash tail and a single to double concave. The Too Fast for Satan also has a flat rocker and a full rail. The fin configuration can be a tri-fin, quad, or five.

As the term indicates, this surfboard is demonically fast, allowing you to perform when you fly down the line and take the air. It has a broad outline that provides natural speed and stability.

#7. Rainbow

rainbow vampirate

The Rainbow model is available in 10 sizes from 5’4 to 6’8. Besides the fin boxes, designs, and dimensions, you can customize the tail shape by selecting between round or square. The available fin configurations are thruster, quad, and five.

Because of these features, the Rainbow is one of the most forgiving Vampirate surfboard models. It provides added volume for extra paddling that enables you to catch waves effortlessly.

It has a single to double concave, medium rocker, and full or boxy rail. This surfboard is the best to use in one to six-foot-high waves, while others can ride it up to eight-foot-high waves.

About Vampirate Surfboards

If you look at the Vampirate Surfboards products, you will notice their unconventional aesthetics that incorporate the rock n’ roll or Halloween theme. That is why surfers who love rock music will appreciate the design and functionality of its boards.

You can find this company in Santa Barbara, Australia.

This brand is a product of continuous experimentation and surfing tradition employed by Ozzie Wright and Mark Gnech. What Vampirate wants is to emphasize the enjoyment of surfing.

Vampirate Surfboards was born in the late summer of the 2000s when Ozzy became neighbors with Mark Gnech, who was already working as an underground shaper. Mark noticed Ozzy’s love for surfing unconventional boards, and they started experimenting in creating various products.

The first product they created was the Pablo and Pedro, shaped by Ozzy, and other 11 surfboard models developed by Gnech.

Because people have different styles and techniques for riding their boards, this brand offers different kinds. You can say that its surfboards are impressive because this brand pushes the boundaries of creativity and design, adding to its excitement.

Aside from designing surfboards, the duo also loves playing bass for rock n’ roll bands: Ozzy was a part of the Goons of Doom, and Gnech belonged to the Drunken Sailors.

According to Vampirate, its surfboards are the products of rock n’ roll and freedom. Aside from surfboards, this company sells other products, such as candles, accessories, and T-shirts.

Common Types of Surfboards That You Can Find on Vampirate

Surfboards come in different sizes and features. These differences are necessary because of the function they perform. If you are a professional surfer, you probably already know what you want and only read this article to explore new products from the brand.

However, if you are a beginner, you probably feel overwhelmed by the tons of jargon that you have read or encountered. Among these words are the types of surfboards.

As a beginner, you should know the different types of surfboards to determine if the board serves your needs.

You will learn the various common types of surfboards that are available at Vampirate in this section. Note that surfers have different opinions on the types of boards. One example is that some say that funboards and hybrids are the same, while others say that they differ. It depends on who you ask.


It is not the marine creature, but a surfboard that resembles its outline. Most fishes have tails with a shape like a swallow’s, also known as a split tail.

Fishes are particular types of shortboards with broad noses and tails. They also have a solid low nose rocker that makes them great for riding small waves because of the speed and effortless paddling they provide.

Fishes are excellent for casual surfing. What makes them different from typical shortboards is the feel. When you ride one, it feels as if you are riding a mini longboard.

Fish surfboards are advisable for beginners and surfers who want to ride small waves. It is also for those who prefer surfboards with excellent turnability.

There are two different kinds of fish surfboards. These are the hybrid fish and Lis fish.

The hybrid fish is more modern than the other. The Lis fish was the original fish type created by Steve Lis, who was a kneeboarder. Lis originally wanted his creation to serve as a kneeboard, but most people rode it by standing up. Also, the Lis fish is shorter and broader than the hybrid type.


Many surfers call the shortboards high-performance boards, although many call the other surfboard types high-performance because of the functionality. It is because performing is the primary function of surfboards. Using it, you can perform various tricks like twisting, jumping, and turning.

Shortboard is a general term, and it has several subtypes that include the fish. The term refers to its short length. Because of it, almost all of the Vampirate surfboards are shortboards.

Even though this board is short, it does not mean that everyone can ride it. Because of its small size, most shortboards have less volume, thus, less stability. On the other hand, shortboards are excellent when it comes to maneuverability and speed.

Knowledgeable beginners can ride this board, but not the total amateur who does not have any surfing knowledge yet. These boards are excellent for riding knee-high to overhead waves, depending on the surfer’s ability.

If you are looking for a shortboard with more volume, choose the broader and thicker.


Funboard is a general term that describes the type of surfboards that provide effortless catching of waves and additional volume. Most of these boards are stable and full, making it also an ideal surfboard for beginners. Examples are the eggs and hybrids.

Almost all funboards have more length and broader tail, nose, and width, but it has less rocker. They are also rounder and thicker.


As the term indicates, the hybrid is a combination of different types of surfboard features, typically between a longboard and a shortboard. Because of it, its size is in the middle between the two kinds of surfboards.

Compared to shortboards, the hybrids are longer, wider, and thicker.

For this reason, it is more buoyant because of the more volume. This feature makes the hybrid easier to use for paddling and to catch waves.

Because of the extra volume it has, beginners may also use this board. It is also an excellent training board for them once they are ready to level-up for a more challenging board after using their longboards.  The hybrid type is also advisable for surfers who are on the heavy side.

The fin configuration of the hybrid is almost the same as the shortboard. It typically uses quad or tri-fin.


The step-up is not technically a surfboard type. However, it describes the primary function of a surfboard, which is a step-up from your shortboard. It is the type that you want to use if you ride the waves that are twice overhead when your shortboard cannot handle it anymore.

Most step-ups are longer and thicker because of the use of foam. Because of it, step-ups may have more paddling power and more volume. These step-up’s features provide control and stability, but less speed.

When riding massive waves, the step-up is the best one to use because it gives the most useful control. Enormous waves have enough power to push you. That is why you do not need much speed.

Because of its functionality, step-up surfboards are advisable for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Different Surfboard Tail Shapes

The tail is where you can find the fins and the last one that provides an impact with the water flow. Thus, the different shapes of the surfboard’s tail can tremendously affect the surfboard’s maneuverability and responsiveness.

Surfboard’s tail comes in different shapes, and each has a different effect on the board’s performance.

Here are some of them.

Swallow Tail

This type acts like two adjacent pintails.

It is the most common one that you can find on fish. Compared to the other types, it is broader, making it excellent in providing more speed. It gives the board’s ability to provide grip even if you are turning on steep waves.

It gives a lot of speed without sacrificing its ability to hold while riding the waves, thus giving you more control. The only issue with this tail shape is that it lacks looseness, making the transition from rail to rail challenge.

Round Tails

The round tails are the combination of the pin and squash feature. It provides more volume than the pin.

Its shape allows the water to cover the tail that increases the time it holds the water, providing more traction. That is why surfboards with this tail shape excel for carrying out carves and controlling hollow surf and maintaining your speed even in the choppy water condition.

The only problem with the board with a swallow-shaped tail is it is not responsive enough for making turns.

Pin Tails

Although you can find this type mostly on step-ups and guns, you can also find this type in some of the products of Vampirate. The Unicorn model is one example.

Pin tails give traction and control because of their narrow shape, which allows the rear to go deeper into the water, giving the grip necessary for riding massive waves and tubes. The con of this shape is that it lacks maneuverability.

Squash Tails

Among the other shapes, the squash tail is the most versatile and familiar, which is a combination of round and square shapes.

The square part of the board provides a fast release, while the round section offers grip.

This type provides more responsive turns. If it is big, it can also give fast and loose rides.  If it is small, it offers more control and grip because of the tendency of the tail to submerge in the water.

This shape can handle weak and medium-sized waves. The issue with this tail shape is that it gives less traction than the round and pin tails.


In this Vampirate Surfboards review, you found out that it is one of the surfboards brands with unique aesthetics. It is the best surfboard for surfers who also love rock n’ roll music.

With the information you learned about the types of surfboards and surfboard tails, you can buy a surfboard even from other brands if the Vampirate does not suit your preference.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How Does Vampirate Ship Its Surfboards?

A: If you are from Australia, the shipment takes place from three to four weeks. The brand ships via Australia Post, Fastway Courier, and Toll Ipec Group. According to it, the processing of orders occurs from Monday to Friday during the working hours, except holidays. The charges for the shipment are already a part of the surfboard’s prices, except if you buy other products. Suppose you are from the other countries, Vampirate ships via UPS, DHL, and Australia Post. The shipping charges vary, but it guarantees that it offers the best rate at the time of purchase.

Q: What If I Do Not Like My Product?

A: You should return the item in its original condition with the tags still attached unless you received a damaged product. You should notify Vampirate about the faulty product or the desire to return it within seven days.

Q: Can I Cancel My Order?

A: If Vampirate has not shipped your order yet, it can accommodate your cancellation request. However, it does not entertain any cancellations or charges you with a fee once it sends the item you bought.

Q: Is There a Vampirate Surfboard That I Can Use for Bigger Waves?

A: As you notice, the Vampirate boards are typically shortboards, fishes, and funboards because, as mentioned, the company focuses on providing an enjoyable experience. Although it is true, Vampirate has this shortboard called the Deadsled, which is a step-up. Even if it is not as famous as the mentioned surfboards, it can ride waves that are four to five feet high. It works best with a rounded pin tail, although the swallow shape is also available. It has a medium rocker, flat tail and nose, and continuous concave.

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