T. Patterson Surfboards Review | Epic Boards? [2023] + Guide

Last Updated March 17, 2023

No matter what your level is as a surfer, you need to find the best surfboard. It is because your choice can significantly affect your performance.

The surfing industry is full of manufacturers offering different products claiming to be the best. Although some of these claims are true, it does not mean that their surfboards are already the best for you.

That is why you should know the considerations when buying a surfboard. After identifying these basics, you can start looking for the brands with a vision that matches yours, and you can begin selecting your surfboard from there.

In this T. Patterson Surfboards review, you will learn more about this brand, but you will also know the considerations when buying a surfboard. These are useful information that will help you shop not only in T. Patterson Surfboards but also in other brands.

Top 6 Best-Selling T. Patterson Surfboards Reviewed

In this section, you will know some of the best-selling surfboards that T. Patterson offers. You would notice that this brand uses generic names in most of its surfboards, which are helpful. Their customers can quickly figure out the functionality of the surfboards because of it.

  1. Step-Up
  2. IF-15 Italo Ferreira
  3. Single Fin
  4. Italo’s Pool Party
  5. New Sun
  6. Flying Saucer

#1. Step-Up

Step Ups

A step-up board is uncommon as compared to the other types. Thankfully, T. Patterson makes it easy for its customers.

This Step-Up model is a product of T. Patterson’s collaboration with professional surfers for almost 25 years. This product is capable of riding massive waves because of the volume placed at the board’s center that provides effortless paddling.

This model has a medium-entry rocker that transforms into a single to double concave to provide maneuverability and speed. It also allows you to set a line and maintain your balance with sharp-edged rails and pulled-in tails. It uses either five, quad, or tri-fin configuration, which is up to you.

The Step-Up model is available in 11 sizes from 6’2 to 7’10 in length. You can select among the four available tail shapes: the squash, round, swallow and rounded pin.

This surfboard is ideal for riding the massive waves that are six to eight feet high.

#2. IF-15 Italo Ferreira

If 15 Italo Ferreira

As a surfer, you probably know who Italo Ferreira is. If not, and for your information, he is a famous surfer who won the World Surf League in 2019, and T. Patterson has been one of his sponsors. This board carries his name because this was the board T. Patterson created for him.

The IF-15 is a high-performance board with a sharp edge on the tail curves for better maneuverability and control. It also has a balanced outline and broad nose that provide excellent stability after performing some maneuvers.

According to the T. Patterson brand, the IF-15 Italo Ferreira has more volume than what you believe. As a performance board, you probably think that it is unstable, but that is not true with this model.

The brand is proud to say that Ferreira was able to have stable landings after carrying out his tricks at high speed, making it a user-friendly, high-performance board.

This product is highly customizable. It is available in 13 sizes. You can select among the four available tail shapes: squash, swallow, round, and rounded pin.

The three fin system selections are thruster, quad, and five.

You can also choose the best construction and glassing for your IF-15 surfboard. The available ones for this model are polyurethane, epoxy, or stringerless epoxy.

Using this board, you can ride the three to six feet high waves.

#3. Single Fin

single fin

The T. Patterson’s Single Fin model has a flat deck, semi down rails, and full nose foiling into the classic beak nose. It also has a vee bottom that runs throughout the tail.

Its design allows you to perform different surfing styles. It is also versatile that enables you to ride any wave types depending on your ability.

This model is available in 7 sizes from 6’0 to 7’0. The available tail shapes are rounded pin and diamond.

This board allows you to ride the waves that are three to six feet high.

#4. Italo’s Pool Party

italo's og pool party

The Italo’s Pool Party is a funboard designed with the help of the one and only Italo Ferreira. This model was what Italo Ferreira used for the 2018 World Championship Tour in Kelly’s Pool Wave.

This model is highly responsive and controllable that allows you to ride the overhead waves.

This board has a medium-full rail, a low rocker, and a single to slight double concave bottom that transforms into subtle vee near the tail.

Also, this board’s construction is available in either epoxy or stringerless epoxy. The choice is yours. It uses a tri-fin configuration, and it is available in 11 sizes that range from 5’6 to 6’6.

According to the brand, it is best to buy it shorter and broader than your typical performance board. The full contour will give you much volume to ride waves that are two to six feet high.

#5. New Sun

new sun

The New Sun is a newer version of the Rising Sun. It retains the same features of the Rising Sun except that this new model has a pulled-in tail that allows you to maneuver the board even in tight small wave sections.

The Rising Sun is also capable of riding mushy waves, but it lacks responsiveness when it comes to turnability. The New Sun compensates for it.

According to the T. Patterson brand, you can ride this surfboard using any fin configurations and riding styles. It is an all-rounder board that can accommodate surfers of any level because of its user-friendliness.

If you want it to be more advanced, use a round tail for this board. The New Sun is available in 16 sizes, which are from 5’4 to 6’8. You can select among the four tail shapes: the squash, swallow, round, and rounded pin.

The fin configurations that you can select are thruster, quad, and five. This board allows you to ride the waves that are two to six feet tall.

#6. Flying Saucer

flying saucer

This surfboard allows you to be creative by choosing the fin to go along with it. It is a funboard that T. Patterson recommends that you should use it three to six inches smaller than your typical shortboard.

Unlike most shortboards, the Flying Saucer has a full and broad outline. It also has full rails, flat deck, low-entry rocker, and single to double slight concave to vee towards the tail. What is excellent about this surfboard is it works well in any fin setup that allows you to experiment to learn which is the best based on your preference.

This surfboard is available in 15 sizes from 5’0 to 6’2. The tail shape selections are squash, swallow, rounded pin, and swallow and for the fin configurations are thruster, quad, and five.

This board is the best for waves that are one to three feet high.

About T. Patterson Surfboards

If you go to T. Patterson Surfboard’s website, you will notice that it is simple. Despite the minimalistic design of its website, its surfboards will blow your mind.

A second generation shaper from a family line of shapers named Timmy Patterson was the one who founded the T. Patterson Surfboards in 1980. Thus, it is not a surprise that Patterson can create high-performance and high-end surfboards even with closed eyes. It is because of his uncles, including his father, are shapers who helped hone his experiences.

Aside from his relatives, he also trained with board shaping legends, such as Mike Munoz, Dale Velzy, and more. His knowledge grew and learned the different procedures of shaping and creating a surfboard.

Looking at his creations, you would see these are a product of creativity and innovation.

Besides being a talented designer, he also worked with Gavin Beschen, Andy Irons, Jordy, Smith, Bobby Martinez,  Adriano de Sousa, and more. Patterson created a functional and innovative surfboards that one can use to surf in almost any water condition because of the pros.

Aside from creating, Patterson also spends time in the water to ensure the quality of his boards.

The shaper aims to provide modern and functional surfboards to his customers by providing the best quality in every aspect of shaping.

The brand’s vision reached several territories that include Hawaii, Brazil, Spain, Bali, and more.

Among the best models that it sells are the IF-15 Italo Ferreira and the Step Up. Aside from surfboards, T. Patterson also sells apparel and accessories. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Surfboard To Use

All manufacturers claim that their surfboards are the best. Although you can find several good-quality surfboards on the market, it does not mean that they are the best ones to use.

Each surfer has a personal style and preference. Moreover, surfers should also consider their built when choosing the best surfboard to use.

The following should be your considerations when buying a surfboard.

Wave Type Preference

Before buying a surfboard, you should think ahead. Ask yourself where you are going to use your surfboard and what type of wave.

If you are a beginner, who is just looking for a surfboard to use to attend your first workshop, you should not buy the ones that are for massive waves.

You might be thinking that it is more economical to buy the most high-end one since you will learn how to surf anyway. However, surfboards come in different types and shapes. Each has its pros and cons.

For advanced surfboards, they sacrifice some features that the beginners can benefit from, such as volume and stability. For this reason, if you are a surfer who has no idea what kind of surfboard to buy, go for the foam board or longboard.

If you are an intermediate or the pro level, which is probably reading this section of the article for fun, you can go for surfboards with more advanced features. You can go to shortboards or step-ups. If you dare to face the waves of Jaws in Hawaii, you can buy a gun or a mini-gun.

The best type of surfboard for waves that are three to six feet high are high-performance surfboards.

If the wave goes overhead and you are already struggling in using a shortboard, you can go for a step-up. If you want to ride the waves that are twice or triple overhead, use a gun or a mini-gun.

Physical Abilities and Fitness

Even though you have been the 100th time surfing world champion, if you are suffering from an injury or are not as strong as you were in your young days, you cannot perform as good as you have been. For this reason, you should also consider your health and age because these can affect your abilities. 

Select a kind of board that will give you more paddling power while still enabling you to ride challenging the waves and perform.

These boards should be thicker for more buoyancy. The best choice is the ones that are thick and tapering down into the rail to provide more paddling power but still allow you to catch waves.

Skill Level

As mentioned, beginners should stay away from advanced surfboards. You should work your way up.

Even some surf schools provide foamies to their students as they learn the basics. If you are on your own, you should choose a foamie or a soft-top surfboard too. You should also select the ones with extra thickness and width. The most crucial consideration at your level is not the maneuverability, but the volume and stability that will give you more control.

Amateurs who are still trying to get the hang of surfing often bump into other surfers, which hurts when you use different boards. With a foamie, the impact hurts less, thus protecting you and the other surfers.

After knowing the fundamentals of surfing and can already stand steadily on your surfboard, you may start leveling up by choosing a fiberglass board. You may also try a funboard or a longboard. If you are ready to advance, you can go for a shortboard.

Height and Weight

Height and weight are always considerations when buying a surfboard. Choosing the best volume for a surfboard relies on the rider’s height and weight to figure it out.

For this reason, many manufacturers have their volume calculator on their online stores to help you sort out which surfboard works the best for you. Others have charts that you can use as a reference.

The general rule is that the heavier you are, the bigger your surfboard should be.


In this T. Patterson Surfboards review, you have learned about the T. Patterson brand. It has been around since the 1980s, which is enough proof of its reliability.

You found out some of the best products of T. Patterson Surfboards that lead you to decide if its products will work well with you.

You have learned how to select the best surfboard to use based on your built, fitness, skills and riding preference. You have also learned that not all surfboards are the same. They come with different features to accommodate the needs of the surfers.

For this reason, even though the T. Patterson surfboard does not suit your preference, you can still shop successfully from the other brands.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does the T. Patterson Have the Surfboard That Allows Me to Ride the Massive Waves?

A: T. Patterson has this Step-Up model, which is precisely what this term refers to, a step-up board. This product allows you to ride the waves six to eight feet high or even more if you have the abilities. It is available in 11 sizes. If you want to ride an even more enormous wave, contact T. Patterson for a custom gun to allow you to ride twice or triple overhead waves.

Q: How Much My Budget Should Be When Shopping for a Surfboard in T. Patterson?

A: As for this writing, most of T. Patterson Surfboards products are available at 635 USD. These products include the ones mentioned in this article, which are already customizable. However, be prepared to add more for up to 130 USD if you want to have the most advanced features. The cheapest product available at T. Patterson as of the moment is 635 USD, and the most expensive is at 970 USD.

Q: Which T. Patterson Surfboard Should I Choose for Performing Maneuvers and Tricks?

A: The best recommendation is the IF-15 Italo Ferreira. T. Patterson designed this surfboard for the well-known, award-winning athlete. This board has helped Ferreira perform his maneuvers quickly but still manages to land with stability. It is because this board has more volume than most high-performance surfboards.

Q: Which T. Patterson Surfboard Is the Best for Beach Breaks?

A: The best selection for riding beach break and mushy waves is either the Rising Sun or its newer version, the New Sun. The Rising Sun allows you to have a smooth ride in choppy waves, but it lacks the responsiveness when it comes to turnability. The New Sun has the Rising Sun’s features, but it is better when it comes to pivoting.

Q: I Am a Beginner, Is the T. Patterson Surfboards for Me?

A: It depends. Most of T. Patterson products are unique than the typical shortboards. Some of its products provide more volume as it may seem, which can be user-friendly for beginners, but not for total beginners. You should know the fundamentals of surfing and stand on a surfboard steadily to use some of T. Patterson’s surfboards. Its funboards are the best recommendation.

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