Salt Gypsy Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

It is sad but true that surfing is a male-dominated sport. According to the New York Times’s “Surfing: a History” article, only three to five percent of women were into surfing during the 1990s.

After a decade, 10 to 15 percent of the up to 27 million surfers worldwide are women, and most are younger.

Although men rule the surfing industry when it comes to numbers, it does not mean that women cannot do what men can. Thankfully, there are brands like Salt Gypsy that support and empower women who love surfing.

In this Salt Gypsy surfboards review, you will find some of the company’s best products. You will also learn more about this brand and buy the best board for your use.

Top 3 Best Salt Gypsy Surfboards Reviewed

If you are here to search for a good-quality Salt Gypsy product, you need to learn the different considerations of buying a surfboard. It will also help to learn more about Salt Gypsy so that you can assure that this is a reliable brand.

First of all, find out some of the best Salt Gypsy surfboards that you can buy on the market, so you will know which product to look more into for your next trip to the store. It is also a helpful tip if you feel lazy to read the buying guide and only want to know the surfboard choices.

  1. Salt Gypsy Dusty Surfboards 
  2. Salt Gypsy Shorebird Surfboards
  3. Salt Gypsy Mid Tide Punch Surfboards

#1. Salt Gypsy Dusty

salty gypsy surfboards review

The Salt Gypsy surfboard is a polyester construction. To create this board, the manufacturer used traditional laminating methods and material to design this board and make it durable. It uses some materials, such as Silmar resin, Hexcel fiberglass, and Bennett foam, for the Salt Gypsy Dusty’s hand lamination.

It is the kind of surfboard that you can trust because of the sturdy feel it provides due to its timber stringer-controlled flex pattern. The manufacturer claims that you can use this board in almost all water conditions because of its construction.

Additionally, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced-level surfer, you can use this surfboard. You can use it to surf waves that are zero to four feet high.

According to the company, using the Salt Gypsy Dusty will make you feel like you are riding an old Cadillac. You will feel as if you are gliding and floating in the waters. This longboard has 60/40 rails with a nose concave board contour that maximizes the benefits of the longboard.

This product is a performance board that requires you to get into the position early to surf at your best. The Dusty has a length of 8’6 to 9’0. It also has a width of 22 inches to 22 ½ inches and a volume of 61 liters and 69 liters.

What is even more incredible about this board is that it can support you no matter how much your weight is.

#2. Salt Gypsy Shorebird

salty gypsy surfboards review

Like Dusty, the Shorebird also uses polyester for its construction. It also used hand lamination using materials such as Bennett foam, Hexcel fiberglass, and Silmar resin. The board contour is vee to single concave, and the rail ranges from medium to full.

Beginners should look for other boards this time because it is for intermediate and advanced-level users. That is why it is understandable that it can handle waves two to six feet tall.

What makes the Salt Gypsy Shorebird unique among the other boards, is its twin fin. This fin setup allows the board to perform fast with lots of power. This setup is also excellent for women because of reducing the drag that makes turning smooth and effortless when you surf on up to medium-size waves.

Aside from the impressive twin-fin setup, the Shorebird has a fast rocker and a vee to single concave that enhances the board’s maneuverability.

Its nose looks like the beak on traditional surfboards that adds to the volume of it. This feature makes catching waves easier.

The Shorebird is available in three sizes, from 5’5 to 5’11 in length. It has a width of 20 inches up to 20 ½ inches, and the volume is 28 to 34 liters.

#3. Salt Gypsy Mid Tide Punch

salty gypsy surfboards review

The Salt Gypsy Mid Tide Punch is a must-have if you are looking for a versatile surfboard that is reliable and impressive in almost any kind of waves. As its name implies, the Mid Tide is a mid-length surfboard type, which is in-between the sizes of the shortboard and the longboard.

The company advises that this surfboard is for petite girls who love surfing.

Like the previously mentioned products, the Mid Tide is polyester-made and consists of high-quality materials that make this product durable and comfortable. Like the Shorebird, the Mid Tide also has a medium to full rail.

This surfboard’s contour is rolled-vee to double concave. Whether you are a new surfer or an expert, you can use this surfboard. You can use it for one to five feet waves.

The company claims that the Mid Tide is versatile because it is a mid-length surfboard. Like most mid-lengths, it has some of the shortboard qualities and the longboard that make it an adaptable board to almost any kind of wave.

This surfboard is available in four sizes, from 6’4 to 7’4 in length, 21 inches to 21 ¾ widths, and 37 to 51 liters of volume. No matter how light or heavy you are, there is the right Mid Tide size for you.

About Salt Gypsy

Now that you know some of the products you can buy from Salt Gypsy, it is time to learn more about it to find out if it is a reliable brand.

Salt Gypsy started not as a shop but as a personal blog in 2012. Since then, this brand has been testing and developing products focusing on women’s surfing needs. According to the company, it celebrates women’s diversity, athleticism, and style.

Although it has surfboards to offer, this brand focuses on providing surfwear. The company is proud to say that it has 100 percent ECONYL construction, a highly-durable material made from regenerated nylon yarn.

Besides surfboards, Salt Gypsy also sells various surfwear that include surf tops, one-pieces, and surf bottoms. This brand also sells splash-proof bags, gift cards, and a stand-up paddleboard.

What Is the Difference Between the Surfboards for Men and Women

According to Jodie Nelson, a surfer and a TV host, the surfboards of men and women are the same; it is just that the women’s versions are typically smaller. It is because women are generally smaller and weigh less than their male counterparts.

What matters is to buy a surfboard based on your weight. Even males can use surfboards that most women use if their height and weight fall within the same range as the females. Also, if women are as tall or as heavy as some males, they can use the surfboards designed for men.

However, what is excellent for having a one-stop-shop for female surfing products like the Salt Gypsy is that searching will be more comfortable. You do not have to browse on several surfboards that do not fit your size. You can also feel more confident in using it because you know that its construction focuses on women’s needs.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Surfboard

Now that you know some of the Salt Gypsy surfboard products and this brand, you can choose to buy now. However, if you feel unsatisfied with the product or confused to determine which is the best Salt Gypsy surfboard for you, read on.

In this part, you will learn some of the essential considerations when buying a surfboard. After reading this section, you should pick the best product for yourself, even if it is not from the Salt Gypsy.

Surfboard Construction

If you would notice in the top product reviews, the surfboards have polyester construction. However, there are several surfboards out there that use different construction materials. Here are some of the materials used for a surfboard.

Traditional Polyester

The traditional polyester, as the name entails, has been a conventional way to construct a surfboard. Surfboards with this construction use lamination of fiberglass layers and resin for a harder shell.

These surfboards are often lightweight and come in different sizes and shapes. Like the molded epoxy, it may also come with removable or replaceable fins.

It is also easy to repair if it gets cracks and dings. The only issue with this material is that the surfboard tends to become yellow after months of usage.

Epoxy Resin

This construction is almost the same as the polyester, but what makes it different is the foam and fiberglass used for the outer layer.

Compared to polyester, the epoxy resin construction is lighter and more durable. It almost has the same benefits as polyester but enhanced.


Surfboards that have molded-epoxy construction are also durable and often have removable fins. It frequently comes with board bags and leash.

Soft-Top or Foam

This construction is what the surf schools recommend as the surfboard construction for complete beginners. It is because foam has a high buoyancy and durability. Because beginners tend to bump to other surfers several times, the impact will be less painful for both the users and the others.

If you are a novice surfer and want to buy a soft-top surfboard, you will be happy to know that it costs less than the others. However, it is not the best surfboard construction to use if performance is what you want. That is why experienced surfers stay away from using this board.

The foamies are bulky and not responsive.

The Right Volume

Sellers use liters as the unit of measurement for volume. It is the product of multiplying the surfboard’s height, length, and width. It is the first factor that you need to know before considering the other variables, such as the surfboard’s fin setup, shape, size, etc.

Manufacturers often come up with their sheet that displays the specs of their products, which include the surfboard’s volume and your weight.

You can use this sheet to find out which surfboard’s volume is appropriate based on your weight.

When you find the surfboard with an appropriate volume for you, you will reap the benefits of control, speed, performance, buoyancy, paddle power, etc.

It does not mean that you cannot choose the surfboards with a higher or lower volume than what is appropriate for you, but you have to know what to expect.

If you choose the surfboard with less volume than what is appropriate for you, it will perform slower because of the higher drag. It is like placing a lot of stuff on a small boat. The surfboard will have less buoyancy and speed. Thus, you have to exert much effort to catch-up with your friends.

However, surfboards with less volume have more excellent maneuverability.

On the other hand, if you choose a surfboard with a higher volume than what is appropriate for your weight, you will have better support. It is great for catching waves too. Because of the large surface area, it has excellent buoyancy.

The problem with a high-volume surfboard is that it provides less control.

Now that you know the benefits and disadvantages of surfboards with less and high volume, you should also learn how to find the right.

When choosing the appropriate volume, you need to consider your skill level, age, weight, and fitness, and refer to the manufacturer’s sheet guide.

The Right Surfboard Size

Surfboards come in different sizes and shapes. Each has its benefits and disadvantages.  What to consider when selecting the surfboard size is the wave condition.

Under the following categories, there are particular types of surfboards that work best on certain wave conditions.

Fish or Grovel

The fish is a type of shortboard with a swallow-tail that is best to use for small waves. It offers fast speed and effortless paddling in a mushy water condition. Whether you are a beginner or advanced-level surfer, you can use the fish or grovel.

Small Wave Boards

Boards under this category can perform in waves that are one to five feet tall. These boards are effortless to maneuver and fast too. Because of this, intermediate to advanced-level surfers are the ones who should use it.

An Example of this type is a shortboard.

All-Rounder Boards

These surfboards, as the name entails, can surf the waves from two to six feet.

Boards of this type bridges the features of the small wave and high-performance boards. For this reason, this type of surfboard is ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers.

The mid-length is the example of this surfboard.

High-Performance Boards

These boards are the ideal ones you should use to surf a four to eight-foot wave. These boards provide the surfers more control than speed because the wave can generate enough power to propel the board.

Only professional surfers can use this type of board. An example of the surfboard in this category is the gun.

Step-Up Boards

Surfers have different opinions about step-up boards. In general, step-ups are the next board that one should use if your shortboard can no longer handle the waves. Some say that they do not use this board for waves of more than eight feet tall, but some suggest that it is the best type to use for enormous waves.

Even though surfers have different opinions about it, the step-up boards have the sole purpose of being the surfboard to use next to your shortboard for overhead waves.

The mini-gun surfboard can be one of the best examples of the step-up board.

Fin Setup

Now that you know the basics of selecting your surfboard’s perfect size and volume, your next consideration is the fin setup. Surfboards come in different fin configurations, which are the following:


The quad configuration aims to provide better turns and more speed. The four fins’ arrangement near the board’s rails is symmetrical.


It is the typical setup for logs and funboards. There is one single fin in the middle and regular thrusters on the side.


The thruster is the most famous setup where the surfboard has three fins, a large one at the center, and two on the sides. This setup aims to increase the board’s speed and water tracking.

The central fin provides stability.

It is a great fin setup for beginner to professional surfers because this setup adds to the surfboard’s overall control and stability.

Twin Fin

As the name entails, these surfboards come with two fins. It is a great fin setup because it allows you to have fun and be playful on your surfboard. This configuration provides enhanced speed, but not the best option for the big waves.

Single Fin

It is the typical setup for longboards. It focuses on providing more stability and control, but it is not the best when making turns.


The five-fin often comes as a customizable setup. You can choose to match the fins based on your preference, whether it is a tri-fin, quad, or any other.


Even though there are more men than women who are into surfing, it does not mean that the ladies should pack their bags and go home. It means that they should be proud to be among the few who love the skill. To accompany you through your surfing journey as a woman, you should pick the right gear, and you can find it in shops like the Salt Gypsy.

If you do not know where to buy your surfboard, you can look into the products mentioned here. You may also select the best product based on what you learned from Salt Gypsy surfboards review.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What Is the Most Crucial Consideration When Women Are Buying Their Surfboards?

A:  Although the buying guide section in this article mentions how to choose the right surfboard for you, it does not cover what women should consider when buying a product. Because women have smaller frames than men, they should pick the size that is neither big nor small. As much as possible, pick the one that has moderate width and thickness. Choose the one with tapered rails and light in weight. Choosing a bulkier and heavier surfboard is hard to control, like the smaller board, and consider your skill level.

Q: Why Can’t I Buy a Board That Is Bigger and Heavier?

A: A big surfboard indeed has a high buoyancy because it has a large surface area. However, if it is bigger and heavier, you will find it difficult to carry into the beach, you will also find it difficult to control when you surf. Although buoyancy is essential, you should also consider the board’s maneuverability, or it will end up controlling you instead of the other way around.

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