Hurley Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off? [2023]

Last Updated January 27, 2023

If you are in the market for a new and better-quality wetsuit, the Hurley wetsuits collection from our comprehensive review is worth checking out. Whether you are looking for a surf suit for the cold season or one for use in tropical waters, the Hurley brand offers wetsuits ideal.

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Hurley wetsuits provide you with effortless movement with their snug fit and maximum flexibility. All surf suits from the brand are also famous for giving lasting warmth and protection with a lightweight technology for optimum comfort.

From full wetsuits to hooded suits, shirts, vests, and wetsuit jackets, Hurley offers watersport-based garments in varying styles to fit your preferences and needs. No matter the season, the brand provides high-performing wetsuits, perfect for all athletes and watersports fans of all ages and levels.

Check out our Hurley wetsuits review for some of the brand’s top-quality and all-time best-selling aquatic-based garments for your next adventure.

Top 9 Best Hurley Wetsuits Reviewed

With decades in the sports-based apparel industry, Hurley amassed a wide range of wetsuit collection. Check out nine of the top-rated wetsuits from the brand and choose one for you.

  1. Hurley Advantage Max 3/3 Full Wetsuit – Best Overall
  2. Hurley Advantage Plus 4/3 Surf Wetsuit – Best for Cold Weather
  3. Hurley Women’s Quick Dry Bodysuit – Best for Women
  4. Hurley Fusion 302 Full Wetsuit – Best Summer Suit
  5. Hurley Advantage Elite 3/2 Full Wetsuit
  6. Hurley Advantage Plus Windskin Wetsuit Jacket
  7. Hurley Phantom 202 Full Wetsuit
  8. Hurley Advantage Plus 5/3 Hooded Full Wetsuit
  9. Hurley Advantage Plus 1mm Reversible Jacket

#1. Hurley Advantage Max 3/3 Full Wetsuit – Best Overall

Hurley Advantage Max 3/3 Full Wetsuit

For a surfer or scuba diver that requires a wetsuit for the best performance in the water, the Advantage Max wetsuit collection from Hurley is perfect for you. The brand designed this surf suit range for demanding athletes and sports enthusiasts who wants nothing but the best from their garments.

The Hurley Advantage Max collection provides wetsuits that are exceptionally warmer, more comfortable, and lighter than the rest. The 3/3mm wetsuit from this range especially fits for most use. It’s not too thin for cold waters yet not too thick for the warmer season. You can use this wetsuit most of the year when the water and air temperatures are perfect for surfing or scuba diving. It has a rating for use in water with a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius and up.

This Advantage Max wetsuit features a soft interior designed with the latest Infrared Technology limiting your body’s heat loss, keeping you warmer for an extended time. It means you can spend several hours in the water without getting chilly from the air or water, more time to chase the waves and have fun surfing.

Another feature that makes this Hurley wetsuit stand out is its forearm panels. It provides maximum propulsion while in the ocean, perfect for improving your performance in the water. The 3/3mm wetsuit has a zip-free entry, making it more flexible and snugger to your body without any discomfort.

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#2. Hurley Advantage Plus 4/3 Surf Wetsuit – Best for Cold Weather

Hurley Advantage Plus 4/3 Surf Wetsuit

Besides different styles and designs that you can find in Hurley’s wetsuit collection, it also offers sports-based apparel in varying price ranges. It’s entry-level wetsuit range, the Hurley Advantage Plus, is perfect for newbies and first-time wetsuit buyer. If you need a quality surf suit but have a limited budget, this collection is worth checking out.

Although this wetsuit line is the entry-level collection that the brand offers, the garment’s feel and quality are far from low-quality. The Advantage Plus 4/3mm wetsuit is especially perfect for colder water temperatures.

This surf suit features a quick-drying and soft interior layer that works efficiently in trapping your body heat, so you’ll stay warm for extended hours. Meanwhile, the skin panels on the back and chest part of the suit keep the wind chill at bay and attract heat from the sun for added warmth.

The Hurley Advantage Plus 4/3mm has all the features you’ll need from wetsuit and more. What we like best about its design is the seams designed to keep you as comfortable as possible. Hurley made sure that the seams of the wetsuits are out of your way but making the suit as watertight with the blind stitches, tape, and double glue.

Every design and construction detail of this wetsuit matters, including the kneepads, which are incredibly lightweight and is less water-absorbent than other designs.

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#3. Hurley Women’s Quick Dry Bodysuit – Best for Women

Hurley Women's Quick Dry Bodysuit

Getting a top-quality surf suit that gives you maximum comfort and protection usually means you need to settle with wearing less stylish garments than you would like. However, that’s not the case with Hurley’s wetsuit lines. The brand has a wide range of surf suits that fit stylish women who want to stand out while in the ocean.

The Hurley Women’s Quick Dry Bodysuit will keep you in style while still giving enough protection while surfing. Aside from style, this wetsuit for women comes with fantastic designs to offer an incredible function for demanding athletes and sports enthusiasts.

The Quick Dry fabric used for this surf suit ensures that you stay comfortable all day. You can use this wetsuit in and out of the water, thanks to its hybrid and top-quality materials. What’s even more incredible is this bodysuit features a built-in bra, adding medium support, so that you don’t have to wear an undergarment.

Plus, the low back and scoop neck design of the surf suit adds a stylish design for you to stand out while in the surf.

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#4. Hurley Fusion 302 Full Wetsuit – Best Summer Suit

Hurley Fusion 302 Full Wetsuit

If you are planning to surf during the summer, getting a top-quality wetsuit is necessary. While most people think that a full suit is only applicable for the cold season, a wetsuit plays a huge role in skin protection when the sun is bright. You wouldn’t want to experience the dreaded sunburn at the end of the day.

Fortunately, Hurley provides wetsuits ideal for all weathers and seasons. It’s top-quality, and best-selling summer suit is the Hurley Fusion 302 Full wetsuit, designed for water temperatures between 13 and 18 degrees Celsius.

This model is a well-designed wetsuit with anatomical seams to fit your body snuggly without overstretching. It keeps the suit comfortable to wear without being too tight in some areas and ensuring the wetsuit’s longevity. The wetsuit features 100% Flex Light neoprene fabric for the exterior, making the suit ultra-flexible that it moves with your body. It offers 20% more stretch than other wetsuit fabrics.

Hurley also designed the suit with GBS seams. The exteriors use blind-stitching and triple glue on the interior for maximum water resistance and comfort level. The seams are incredibly secure, and no air or water can penetrate the wetsuit. The neck area is also incredibly water-resistant, sealing out water completely.

Overall, the Hurley Fusion 302 has incredible fit and features for use during the summer season.

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#5. Hurley Advantage Elite 3/2 Full Wetsuit

Advantage Elite 3/2+Mm Fullsuit

When budget is not an issue and top-quality is what you are after, then nothing beats the Advantage Elite wetsuit line from Hurley. It’s the brand’s most prized surf suit collection, made with top quality features and the softest neoprene fabric.

For this wetsuit line, Hurley used only the best-quality handcrafted Japanese neoprene known for its impressive softness. The brand designed the suit to offer premium fit and feel for the world’s best surfers and sports enthusiasts. It’s the perfect wetsuit for colder waters.

This wetsuit features a 3mm thick panels on chest and back, 2mm thick fabric on the arms, and 3.5mm thick material on the legs, keeping you warm where it’s necessary. The thickest paneling on the legs ensures that you are warmer for an extended time.

The Advantage Elite wetsuit’s detailed handmade process is one of the reasons it’s on the high price range. However, it’s worth the investment if you consider the quality of the suit. Its handmade design means the wetsuit doesn’t require using tapes, giving you are more flexible and comfortable surf suit.

#6. Hurley Advantage Plus Windskin Wetsuit Jacket

Advantage Plus Windskin Jacket

All seasoned surfers understand the need for protection while surfing during the summer. You might not need a full suit to keep you warm against the chilly air and water, but the sun’s rays can be a problem still.

If you are looking for the perfect surf suit for the summer, the Advantage Plus Windskin Wetsuit Jacket from Hurley is an incredible option. The suit is only 0.5mm thick, offering a pure warmth and wind-protection without the added weight and bulk.

Plus, with a full-sleeved design, you can ensure that you won’t get burned by the sun even in extended surfing hours. The 80% top-quality neoprene and 20% nylon fabric of this surf suit clings to your body like a second skin. You won’t even feel like you’re wearing a wetsuit.

Plus, this Windskin wetsuit features an updated, simplified, and smart seaming technology for better flexibility and overall performance. The newly designed flatlock construction of the suit also makes it incredibly comfortable and stylish to wear.

Also, the zip-less entry of the wetsuit makes it incredibly easy to wear and take off. It’s also available in several sizes, allowing you to choose the wetsuit jacket that best fits your frame.

#7. Hurley Phantom 202 Full Wetsuit

Phantom 202 Fullsuit

Hurley has a line of incredibly stylish full wetsuits to offer if you want to stand out while trying to chase and ride the waves. The brand’s Phantom 202 wetsuit range a color block design that can quickly turn heads.

However, style isn’t the only thing you can get from this well-designed wetsuit from Hurley as it’s incredibly comfortable and warm. This surf suit uses 100% Exoflex neoprene material that offers maximum stretch. Aside from that, this fabric is also efficient in reflecting your body heat and keeping you warm for an extended period. That means you can spend long hours in the ocean without feeling chilly.

Also, the wetsuit comes with Smoothskin paneling for a zero-chill construction. This part of the surf suit ensures that there is 0% water and chilly air entering the suit. The seams also provide extreme watertight protection, thanks to its blind-stitching and glued construction. Also, the exterior seams and out of your way, giving you more freedom of movement. The added spot tapes for every seam junction of the wetsuit provides extra durability.

Another excellent feature of this wetsuit is the lightweight kneepads. It uses newly designed jersey construction for maximum protection while absorbing less water than other paneling materials.

#8. Hurley Advantage Plus 5/3 Hooded Full Wetsuit

Advantage Plus 5/3mm Hooded Fullsuit

There are no reasons to forgo a pleasant winter day in the surf. If you want to brave the frigid air and chilly water temperature during the colder months for a thrilling surfing session, Hurley provides the ideal surf suit. The Advantage Plus 5/3 Hooded Full Wetsuit can keep you warm and well-protected even in the most frigid morning when the temperature dives.

The 100% Exoflex neoprene fabric of this wetsuit provides maximum stretch, clinging to your skin without being too tight. The material itself gives you a lot of freedom to move in the water how you’d like without any resistance. It also features bling stitching and double-glued construction for maximum comfort and water resistance.

If you want to go winter surfing or diving, you’ll need enough protection against the drop in air and water temperature. Thanks to the Smoothskin chest and back panels of this wetsuit, you’ll feel toasty throughout your adventure. The hood is also an excellent addition, protecting your head and ears from the elements.

Another excellent design feature of the wetsuit is the incredibly watertight chest zip entry. It seals the wetsuit from the frigid air and water and also keeping the wetsuit accessible to get on and off. The covert key pocket inside the suit is also a bonus feature.

#9. Hurley Advantage Plus 1mm Reversible Jacket

Advantage Plus 1mm Reversible Jacket

Getting a reversible wetsuit gives you two options to style your day in the surf at the price of one top-quality wetsuit from Hurley. Stay looking cool in and out of the water during summer with the Advantage Plus 1mm Reversible Jacket.

This wetsuit jacket fits you like a second skin, moving with your body naturally and giving you 100% freedom to move as you would like without resistance or discomfort. All of that is because of the 1mm thick Exoflex neoprene fabric of this wetsuit, which is well-known for providing maximum stretch and flexibility.

When it comes to quality, this thin wetsuit jacket has that in loads, especially with its anatomical seam placement for the longevity of the item. It features flatlock construction as well, including a crew neck design and cleanly finished cuffs.

Overall, this reversible wetsuit jacket has the looks and function of the best and ultra-comfortable summer suit.

Things to Look for When Buying Hurley Wetsuits

Aside from a surfboard, the wetsuit is one of the most significant purchases you’ll ever make if you want to surf. Check out this buying guide on the things to look out for to get the best wetsuit out of your money.


There are different types of stitching used to make a wetsuit, and it determines the suit’s durability and water resistance.

The low-cost wetsuit stitching is the overlock. Most cheap wetsuits feature this kind of binding, but it’s not excellent in terms of comfort and flexibility.

The second type is the flatlock stitch, which is most common in mid-range wetsuits. It has better comfort and flexibility than the overlock but creates too many holes to be 100% watertight.

The last type is a blind stitch, the most expensive and complicated stitching. You usually find it in top-quality wetsuits, giving maximum flexibility and comfort, free from chafing even with extended use.


Stitching is not often enough for durability and watertight protection in a wetsuit. Sealed seams provide extra protection against seepage and make it more comfortable to wear as well.

Some brands and wetsuit models combine stitching and sealed seams, which is ideal.

Hurley Wetsuits: Company & History

Hurley started creating top-quality apparel and accessories for surfers worldwide in 1999, a brand founded by visionary and renowned surfboard shaper Bob Hurley.

Before founding the now American multinational corporation, Bob started as a young board shaper based in Huntington Beach. From being a famous local surfboard shaper, he reached worldwide popularity. Later on, from shaping surfboards, Bob ventured into manufacturing boardshorts, then later into a wide range of surfing apparel and accessories, and the rest is history.

In 2001, Nike acquired Hurley, making the brand its affiliate. Currently, Nike and Hurley’s partnership reaches new heights, considered the most forward-thinking sports-based brand worldwide.

Together with Nike, Hurley became the go-to of the world’s best surfers, including world-renowned athletes like Carissa Moore and John Florence.


Hurley is one of the top-quality wetsuit brands in the industry. It has been creating and innovating surf apparel and accessories for decades.

Hurley wetsuits are well-known for their immaculate fit and high-quality fabric and construction, fitting snuggly on your body like a second skin. The brand also offers a wide range of surf suits suitable for use all-year-round. From decades worth of wetsuit collection, you can find different styles, designs, colors, and sizes to fit your style and performance. Hurley offers top-quality wetsuits at varying prices as well.

If you are looking for a top-notch surf suit, whether you are looking for an entry-level or an elite option, our Hurley wetsuits review should help you make an informed purchase.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is there a warranty for Hurley wetsuits?

The brand provides varying warranties depending on claims. For material defects on the items purchased, Hurley offers a six-month warranty period and a limited one year for products with quality issues. However, the warranty doesn’t cover damages caused by consequential use, mistreatment, finger gouges, tears caused by forced, chlorine, or sunlight.

Q: What does the mm thickness of Hurley wetsuits mean?

The “mm” of a wetsuit defines how thick the suit’s fabric or material is. A single wetsuit can have a different thickness at the core, back, arms, and legs. For example, a 4/3mm Hurley wetsuit will have a torso and back of the 4mm-thick panel, while the legs and arms will be 3mm thick.

Q: How would I know if the wetsuit is for summer or winter use?

The first thing you need to look out for when buying a Hurley wetsuit based on the season or temperature is the suit’s thickness. A 3/2mm wetsuit is the most common option, suitable for 13 to 18 degrees Celsius water temperature. If you plan to get a wetsuit for colder climates, a 4/3mm or 5/3mm wetsuit with hood is better. Meanwhile, a summer suit should be as thin as possible.

Q: How can I properly wash and care for my wetsuit?

The best way to clean or wash a wetsuit is by hand washing using fresh water to remove sand and other salt particles. Hang out the wetsuit away from direct sunlight to dry to keep it flexible and durable for an extended time. Also, handle your wetsuit well and avoid finger-induced tears and contact with sharp objects to preserve its quality.

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