Sharkskin Wetsuits Review: Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off? [2023]

Last Updated January 27, 2023

A good-quality and appropriate apparel can make or break your time in the water, and the Sharkskin wetsuits are the smart skin you’re looking for to have the best watersport experience.

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Specially designed to shield you from the elements, Sharkskin wetsuits have all the specs and features you need for going out in the water protected. They are splash-proof, windproof, sun-proof, and chill proof.

The Sharkskin brand based in Australia provides well-made wetsuits with the excellent overall fit. It has five different wetsuit collections and sports-based apparel, but the Chillproof line is one of the best and top-rated for watersports like surfing, diving, and swimming. Each of the brand’s wetsuit is available in different pieces, from full suits to full suits with hoods, tops, tanks, long-sleeved shirts, and many others. They are among the best wetsuit brands around.

Take a closer look at some of the all-time favorite wetsuits from Sharkskin and find what best fits you.

Top 10 Best Sharkskin Wetsuits Reviewed

Below are the top-rated and most recommended wetsuits from the Sharkskin brand that you should try. Read the complete review for a much pain-free shopping for the best wetsuit for you as possible.

  1. Chillproof Rear Zip Full Suit
  2. Chillproof Undergarment with Front Zip
  3. Chillproof Titanium Long Sleeve Full Zip
  4. Chillproof Long Sleeve with Hood
  5. Chillproof Titanium Vest
  6. Chillproof Titanium Long Pants
  7. Performance Wear Lite Long Pants
  8. Compression R Series Long Sleeve Top
  9. R Series Quad Shorts
  10. Performance Wear Lite Short Pants

#1. Chillproof Rear Zip Full Suit

Chillproof Rear Zip Full Suit

You must keep your entire body protected against the elements, especially when going scuba diving, and the Sharkskin brand knows that. They created an impressive collection of full suits that can efficiently protect you from the sun, cold water, and even stingers living underwater.

The Chillproof Rear Zip Full Suit features a uniquely designed wetsuit material that is specific for aquatic use. It features three layers of composite materials with windproof specs, developed for all athletes and watersports fanatics.

The innermost layer of the fabric is micro-fleece, a comfortable thickness that tapers sweat and moisture away from your body, keeping you warm and dry. The middle layer is efficient in protecting you from wind chill and regulating your body temperature, thanks to its 100% windproof feature. Lastly, the outermost layer is a blend of Lycra and nylon, providing an abrasion-resistant element and a four-way stretch. This third layer is also UV resistant, efficiently protecting your body against the sun’s harmful rays.

Sun protection aside, the wetsuit’s outer surface also features a DWR or water repellent finish that serves as a durable protective shield against water. However, that is not all the top-notch features that you’re getting from the Chillproof full suit. This model comes with and itch-resistant feature, anti-microbial, and odor resistant.

This wetsuit is also machine washable and has a pull tab leash on the back zipper, making it easy to wear and take off.

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#2. Chillproof Undergarment with Front Zip

Chillproof Undergarment with Front Zip

Even during the summer, the underwater temperature can be super chilly that you’ll need more protection from the cold water than what a standard wetsuit can offer. The Chillproof wetsuit collection from Sharkskin is here to give you that and more.

The wetsuit undergarment with front zip from the brand is perfect for use under standard wetsuits for extra protection against the cold. The Chillproof fabric provides efficient and effective insulation so you can feel toasty even in cold water temperatures. It’s also very soft to the skin and provides warmth even when wholly drenched.

The fabric of this undergarment includes a windproof membrane, keeping you protected and warm while you are on the surface. That feature is a nice bonus, mainly if the travel to your diving destination includes chilly winds.

More than that, the wetsuit features a front zipper, making it convenient to wear and take the wetsuit off. There is also a two-way comfortable zip system for the men’s version of this wetsuit undergarment by Sharkskin.

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#3. Chillproof Titanium Long Sleeve Full Zip

Chillproof Titanium Long Sleeve Full Zip

Sometimes, wearing a full wetsuit can restrict your movement, especially if you don’t need that much protection. If you only need to keep your arms warm and protected from the sun while you go surfing, snorkeling, or scuba diving, going for a wetsuit jacket is an excellent option.

A jacket covering your arms is a great way to protect your upper body from the sun’s harmful rays. The Titanium Long Sleeve Full Zip Wetsuit from Sharkskin’s Chillproof collection does that efficiently and more.

Aside from the Chillproof technology from the brand, this long sleeve wetsuit also features a Far-Infrared system to provide optimum warmth. It’s a thermal protection revolution with extra benefits from Sharkskin’s titanium nanotechnology, providing regenerative features and optimum warmth.

The full-zip design also allows you to zip the wetsuit completely down or up as necessary. Plus, the high collared feature provides added protection against the sun and chills. The Titanium technology of this wetsuit provides warmth similar to traditional 4mm and 5mm wetsuits without that much thickness and weight. This model from Sharkskin is naturally buoyant, lightweight, and windproof.

The outermost layer of the fabric is abrasion-resistant with water repellent treatment, odor resistance, and anti-microbial properties.

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#4. Chillproof Long Sleeve with Hood

Chillproof Long Sleeve with Hood

It’s not enough that you cover your upper body when going out into the water. Around 40% of your body heat gets lost through your head, which is why it’s often essential to cover your face and head while scuba diving. Whether it’s protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays or the chilly wind and cold water-temperature, a hooded wetsuit can effectively do it.

If you are looking for that type of wetsuit, the Chillproof Long Sleeve with Hood from Sharkskin is your best bet. It can keep your upper body, including your ears and head, shielded from most extreme water and air temperatures.

This hooded long sleeve wetsuit has a neck seal made of high-quality neoprene fabric, soft and comfortable to the skin. Aside from comfort, this neck seal feature is also useful in keeping the waves, spray, cold water, and chilly air at bay.

Another convenient feature of this wetsuit top is its thumb tab on both sleeves, which assists whenever you need to take it off. Also, the wetsuit is available in a wide array of sizes, allowing you to choose one that perfectly fits your frame.

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#5. Chillproof Titanium Vest

Chillproof Titanium Vest

Even during the summer season, the wind and water temperatures can still be cold. Hence, you’ll need a bit of protection from these elements to enjoy your watersport adventure. In this case, wearing a full wetsuit can be too much, giving you more coverage than you need. Getting a wetsuit vest might be more appropriate.

The Chillproof Titanium Wetsuit Vest from Sharkskin is one of the best in the market. It features a new fabric from the brand with the TiFIR or Titanium Far-Infrared technology to the existing Chillproof material. This innovative design boasts the brand’s thermal protection feature designed to provide comfort, warmth, and protection to all watersport athletes and enthusiasts.

This Titanium garment is neutrally buoyant, lightweight, windproof, and offers incredible warmth similar to 4/5mm wetsuits. The low-cut neckline and large arm socket design make the wetsuit vest comfortable to wear and take off. It’s also freeing with less fabric clinging to your skin, offering maximum mobility.

Another excellent feature of this wetsuit vest is its extremely breathable 10K+ membrane and hollow fiber fleece. The fabric also has a 4-way stretch capacity for optimum flexibility. Plus, it’s quick to dry with odor resistance and anti-microbial properties.

The wetsuit vest is available in several sizes and gives you a lot of options to find one that fits your body like a second skin.

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#6. Chillproof Titanium Long Pants

Chillproof Titanium Long Pants

Protecting your legs from the chilly water or possible accidents with stingers in the ocean is necessary to enjoy your favorite watersports for an extended time. Sharkskin understands the need for that, hence, the brand’s Chillproof Titanium Long Pants Wetsuit.

This Titanium Far-Infrared garment offers maximum warmth similar to what you can get from a traditional 4mm or 5mm-thick wetsuit. However, smart fabric technology means you get extra warmth at no added weight or thickness in the material.

These Titanium long pants combine the revolutionary thermal protection of Far-Infrared radiation and Sharkskin’s Chillproof fabric to create a light, warm, soft, stretchy, and durable wetsuit long pants.

This model from the brand is the ultimate thermal wear designed to protect against the elements for various aquatic activities like diving, surfing, swimming, or snorkeling. It’s available in multiple sizes for both men and women, allowing you to find one that clings to you like a second skin. The snug fit of this long pants enable you to use it as an undergarment of a traditional full suit for extra waterproof, chill proof, and windproof shield when swimming in cold waters.

Another advantage of these long pants is its 4-way stretch technology, giving you an ultra-flexible garment that doesn’t restrict your movements. Although it keeps you warm, the fabric remains breathable for comfort, thanks to its 10K+ membrane.

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#7. Performance Wear Lite Long Pants


The Titanium long Pants from Sharkskin’s Chillproof wetsuit line is excellent for maximum warmth, perfect for chilly water and air temperatures. However, if you are looking for leg protection that also offers optimum performance while you are in the water, the Performance Wear Lite Wetsuit Long Pants from the brand is your best bet.

More than providing your lower body efficient insulation against the cold water, this wetsuit is more about increasing your performance while doing the most intense watersports.

It has the same Chillproof features that the Sharkskin brand offers all its products and more. The upper thighs and crotch feature the Chillproof fabric to provide excellent thermal and wind protection. However, the seat part of the long pants is top-quality neoprene to offer a lightweight stretch that keeps the restriction of the fabric to a minimum. The legs and lower thighs feature a different material as well, featuring the cutting-edge Liquid-Titanium compression fabric. This unique design ensures excellent muscle recovery and optimum endurance.

Performance aside, this wetsuit is also excellent as protection for your legs against the harmful sun rays. The lightweight fabric features a full SPF 50+ layer for a 100% shield against the elements, making it a perfect leg cover when surf skiing or doing any other intense watersport.

#8. Compression R Series Long Sleeve Top

Compression R Series Long Sleeve Top

If efficiency and performance are what you are mostly looking for in a wetsuit, then any traditional option in the market simply won’t do. You’ll need something that helps promote a full range of movement and help preserve your energy and endurance, even while doing the most extreme watersports. Fortunately, Sharkskin offers a wide range of wetsuit collection, including its R-Series.

This Compression R-Series Long Sleeve Wetsuit Top from the brand provides a full-torso compression. It helps keep your muscle efficient but increasing blood flow and circulation, minimizing muscle fatigue.

The form-fitting wetsuit top clings to your body like a second skin, thanks to its impressive shape-stretch design. The shoulders and upper-back also feature neoprene panels for excellent posture alignment. The non-restrictive stretch technology ensures that while the top fits you like a glove, it’s still comfortable and soft to your skin, preventing rashes and chafing.

Sharkskin was smart in designing the wetsuit top, adding mesh ventilation where you need it, which is both on the lower back and underarms. This product also includes a built-in wicking technology, so you don’t have to wait for hours for the wetsuit to dry. Other impressive features that you can get from this wetsuit top are full sun protection from its SPF 50+ outer layer and anti-bacterial technology.

#9. R Series Quad Shorts

r series quad shorts

When you are doing your favorite watersports during the summer, you don’t need to don the same full wetsuit you use during the cold season. However, a little bit of protection from the elements is still necessary, especially for the lower body. The R-Series Quad Shorts from Sharkskin does that and more.

The base fabric of this wetsuit shorts increases blood flow and circulation, perfect if you are looking for a performance-boosting garment for extreme watersports. The quad shorts are perfect for efficient muscle use, reducing fatigue. It also features a stretchy overlock construction that never restricts your motion.

More than that, the outer layer of the wetsuit has an SPF 50+ coating for a full sun and UV-rays protection. There’s also a mesh ventilation panels on the crotch, designed to offer maximum breathability. Also, the fabric is quick to dry, thanks to its built-in wicking technology, so you don’t spend hours waiting to dry it under the sun.

#10. Performance Wear Lite Short Pants


If what you need is minimum wind and sun protection on your thighs, the Performance Wear Lite Shortpants is a good option. It comes with similar features to the Performance Wear Lite Long Pants from the Sharkskin brand, only shorter.

The mid-waist design is non-restrictive, so you can move as you desire without any issue. The Liquid Titanium compression fabric provides impressive warmth only where you want it, perfect for use during the summer. The form-fitting design of this wetsuit also makes it an ideal undergarment for Sharkskin’s full suits if you need extra warmth.

The 4-way stretch neoprene material of this product is also an advantage as it gives you optimum comfort to continue your adventure and fun.

Things to Look for When Buying Sharkskin Wetsuits

Check out this buying guide to know what features you should look out for before you buy a wetsuit.


Wetsuits can be expensive, so it’s smart to find one that can last for a long time. Durability in wetsuits will primarily depend on the materials used, especially against the elements like the sun. A good-quality wetsuit that has built-in UV protection should last for a long time.


Even during the summer, the wind and water temperature can still go low, especially if you are in the middle of the sea. Hence, you need a wetsuit that offers incredible warmth against the chilly weather.


It’s not enough that you are warm and protected from the sun. Especially if your primary concern is the performance in doing extreme watersports, your wetsuit should be comfortable for your skin. It should be soft and snug to avoid rashes and chafing at the end of the day.

Sharkskin Wetsuits: Company & History

Based in Australia, the Sharkskin brand manufactures an extensive collection of thermal protection garments specific for aquatic sports, including scuba diving, surfing, surf skiing, and swimming. While other brands use neoprene fabric, Sharkskin provides a more innovative material for their products. Their wetsuits offer maximum warmth comparable to thicker versions of traditional wetsuits, but without the thick construction.

The Chillproof wetsuit line of the brand, which is an excellent option for many watersport enthusiasts, features three layers of smart fabric technology. Overall, Sharkskin wetsuits are chill proof, windproof, waterproof, and sun-proof.


The Sharkskin brand provides one of the most innovative technology in creating wetsuits. The company is particularly well-known for its Chillproof wetsuit collection that offers three layers of protection from the wind, sun, and water.

Sharkskin creates the warmest wetsuits in the lightest and thinnest fabric available in the market, thanks to its smart technology. Plus, the brand creates a wide range of wetsuit styles, allowing you to modify your thermal protection needs.

From full suits, hooded wetsuits, long pants, short pants, and wetsuit jackets, Sharkskin offers them all. With our Sharkskin wetsuits review, looking for the best thermal protection while in the ocean should be a breeze now.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How long is the warranty period of Sharkskin wetsuits?

All sharkskin wetsuits come with a one-year performance guarantee. However, this warranty period only covers defects in manufacturing and doesn’t include degeneration and fading due to excessive use.

Q: What’s the best way to preserve the quality of my Sharkskin wetsuit?

The best way to care for your Sharkskin wetsuit is to rinse and dry it properly before storing it to remove any salt or chlorine residuals. Hand washing in cold water is the best advice. Don’t iron, dry clean, or use bleach on your wetsuit. When it’s not in use, keeping the wetsuit away from direct sunlight will preserve its quality.

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