Best Womens Surf Camp for 2023

Last Updated March 17, 2023

Nothing compares to the feeling of planning and looking forward to a surf travel adventure in a womens surf retreat, one that brings women from all walks of life together to share their passion for surfing. These retreats or camps offer a supportive and safe environment to grow and learn their surfing skill and unwind.

If you love surfing, whether you are a complete beginner or an expert, a womens surf camp provides you access to top-notch equipment and facilities to revamp your skill. Beyond surfing, these camps offer a range of mindfulness and wellness activities like yoga, spa, etc. Read on to learn more about the top womens surf camp to visit in 2023.

Top 8 Womens Surf Retreat

There’s something about catching a wave that rejuvenates the mind and body. Whether it is a combination of physical activity or ocean therapy, surfing is an excellent way to unwind. Even if you need to learn how to surf, professional guides at these retreats will educate you on how to catch your first wave. Below are some of the best womens surf retreats to consider visiting across the globe!

Chica Brava

The Chica Brava is one of Nicaragua’s best women’s surf camps. Chica Brava camp, located on over 500 acres of tropical reserves, brings the sisterhood to the sea. It also comes with a large 1200 feet pool just above the bay. A trip to this women’s surf camp Nicaragua is an excellent way to deal with stress and relax.

You can get an all-inclusive experience at this retreat, including meals, accommodations, and surf lessons. The main focus of this retreat is to provide women with a supportive environment that is safe to learn and improve their surfing skills while connecting with other like-minded women.

Furthermore, Chica Brava is a destination to get a peek at some wildlife, including Sloths, Money, Bugs, and so much more. At Chica Brava, you will reconnect with nature. Other activities you can consider getting at Chica Brava include a yoga session or a massage wrapped in one package.

Overall, Chica Brava is a destination many recommend, as it will truly get you feeling Zen at the end of the day.

Surf Diva

Professional Surfer Girl riding wave on surfing board on womens surf camp

Next on our list of desirable destinations to add to your list is this Surf Diva. This women’s surf camp California offers an immersive experience for any surfer looking to improve their skills. Based in La Jolla, California, this retreat for women is the perfect space for anyone looking to improve their game in a few minutes of surfing lessons.

Whatever your skill level, there is always something for you to learn at Surf Diva. The private coaches in this retreat provide proper guidance to get you surfing quickly.

This destination is the perfect women’s beginner surf camp, with some of the best wave breaks. And the best part is that getting started is relatively inexpensive. This retreat features private suites and shared rooms, depending on your preference.

It also offers various packages that suit your skill level and needs. In addition, you can include yoga classes, healthy meals, and so on in your plan. Other activities you can enjoy at Surf Diva include paddleboarding, kayaking, hiking, etc.

Surf With Amigas

women duck diving surfboard under the wave at a womens surf camp

Surfing with Amigas is another women’s surf retreat in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Costa Rica. One thing about surf with Amigas reviews retreats is that you will always find one activity right for you. Irrespective of the location, they all provide a unique opportunity for women to learn surfing in an empowering environment.

No matter your level of expertise, Surf with Amigas provides something for everyone. Its retreats are designed for women of all ages and skills, from beginners to advanced surfers.

Other activities you can consider engaging at Surf with Amigas include horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, etc. It offers various outdoor activities such as yoga, surfing, spa, massage, etc. At Surf with Amigas, the space provides women with a space where they can connect, build friendships and support each other through the challenges of learning to surf.

Visiting the Amigas to surf provides an incredible opportunity for women to connect with nature and develop their surfing skills while building lost, lasting friendships.

Ocean Soul Surf

Ocean Soul Surf womens surf camp

Located in Portugal, Ocean Soul Surf is another women-only surfing retreat that provides a unique experience to anyone who wants to learn to surf. This retreat is a great space to improve your surfing skill while enjoying a relaxing vacation in the beautiful scenery.

It is a retreat popular for its beautiful natural area and its organizers’ passion for preserving the natural environment while minimizing its impact on it. Ocean Soul Surf is also passionate about emphasizing sustainability and environmental awareness.

At Ocean Soul Surf retreat, expect to find many local businesses as its organizers prioritize supporting the local communities and businesses. Also, Ocean Soul Surf provides women an incredible opportunity to connect with nature.

Ocean Soul Surf focuses on creating a holistic experience combining relaxation, physical activity, and mindfulness. Aside from surfing, the Ocean Soul Surf retreat is a great womens surf yoga camp and provides an incredible opportunity for women to develop other skills, such as cycling, hiking, etc.

Las Olas Surf Safaris for Women

Las Olas Surf Safaris for Women womens surf camp

Las Olas Surf Camp Safaris is another incredible location to consider visiting as women to get the best surfing experience. Located in Mexico, this surf retreat is designed to help women of all ages develop their surfing skills and enjoy a relaxing moment in a beautiful natural ambiance.

Led by experienced female surf coaches, Las Olas Surf Safaris provides personalized surfing coaching and instruction. You can easily overcome your fear of surfing and build your skill here through individualized feedback, video analysis, and even group surfing sessions.

In addition to catching some of the best wave breaks at Las Olas Surf Safaris, other activities at this destination include meditation sessions, yoga classes, and so on. You can even embark on other outdoor activities such as horseback riding, hiking, etc.

Overall, Las Olas Surf Camp cost is affordable despite being a laid-back destination for women where you can lean back and enjoy the refreshing serenity of nature and have the opportunity to build long-lasting friendships.

Surf Goddess Retreats

Surf Goddess Retreats womens surf camp

Are you ready to awaken the goddess in you? If so, then the Surf Goddess Retreat is the destination for you. This ladies-alone retreat is a place to learn to surf at your own pace. It is a stand-out destination that offers comprehensive and practical surfing lessons right from the first day.

So, no matter how long you plan on visiting this retreat, you will definitely learn several things to expand your skill. Surf Goddess Retreats offers surfing lessons for all skill levels, whether beginner, intermediate or expert.

The coaches at Surf Goddess Retreat painstakingly teach you how to navigate reed surfing and other large waves riding techniques. At Surf Goddess Retreats, you can spend days in the warm Balinese sea, carefree and under the sun, while hanging out with your new friends.

The luxurious accommodations also make it worthwhile with wellness meals to indulge yourself. At Surf Goddess Retreats, you can also spend your time in yoga sessions or at its ultimate spa, where you can get a pampering experience.

Mahina Hawaii Women’s Surf Retreat

Mahina Hawaii Womens Surf Retreat one of the best womens surf camp

Another excellent women’s surf camp is Hawaii Mahina Women’s surf retreat. This 5-day retreat on the North Shore of Oahu is one of the most famous women’s retreat destinations. It is designed to suit the surfing levels of different surfers, from complete beginners to experts. Surfing in this women’s retreat typically offers a variety of surf breaks, making it a suitable destination for every level of surfer.

Aside from its great surfing activity, Mahina offers a variety of other outdoor activities to make your time there fun-filled. Visitors can also participate in yoga sessions, meditation, jogging, and so on to keep fit and rejuvenate the body and mind. You can also stay in a beachfront villa when you visit the Mahina women’s surf camp Hawaii retreat and have access to a private surf break.

Rapture Surfcamps

Rapture Surfcamps has been around for more than 17+ years. Through the years, its organizers have often revamped their services to serve visitors’ needs better. Rapture Surfcamps destinations are designed specifically for women, providing an unparalleled surfing camp experience with some of the best surf breaks.

Visit its womens surf camp Bali, Costa Rica, Portugal, Morocco, and Nicaragua for the best experience. Whichever location you choose, one thing is common; you will get the best surfing experience.

All you have to do is get yourself to Rapture Surfcamps, and its professional coaches and guides will handle the rest to ensure you live the dream of all surfers. Located in exotic countries and affordable for anyone, Rapture Surfcamps is a destination for everyone.

Rapture Surfcamps is set apart from other surf camps, allowing visitors to experience diverse cultures. Rapture Surfcamp also prioritizes sustainability, ensuring this destination can maintain its natural energy.


In summary, after reviewing and comparing these womens surf camps in 2023, it’s clear that the best camps are those that offer an inclusive and supportive environment for all levels of surfers. You can get these and more at each camp and retreat reviewed in this article.

Most provide expert coaching, quality surfing equipment, and tailored programs to meet your needs and goals. Also, at this destination, there are comfortable accommodations and healthy food. Fun activities keep you entertained outdoors, enhancing the whole experience and creating a sense of community.