Hyperflex Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off? [2022]

Last Updated September 16, 2022

Hyperflex wetsuits provide top-notch quality aquatic-based apparel for all athletes and watersports enthusiasts. The brand caters to all types of sportspersons in all levels, from entry-level and professional surfers, snorkelers, surf skiers, and scuba divers.

Hyperflex has an extensive line of wetsuits. You can find a fantastic range of suits made of premium neoprene material, available in varying styles, colors, sizes, and extra features to boost your performance. The brand’s wetsuit collection is also suitable for all watersports, whether you like water skiing, lake sports, tubing, surfing in the ocean, scuba diving, or swimming. Hyperflex also offers wetsuits that keep you extremely toasty in freezing weather conditions while others are ideal for use during the summer.

Whatever you need to get protected and comfortable while enjoying the waters, Hyperflex has it in its wetsuit collection. If you are in a market for a top-quality suit, our Hyperflex wetsuits review highlights some of the brand’s top-selling options.

Top 10 Best Hyperflex Wetsuits Reviewed

Whether you are looking for a full suit, a spring suit, or a wetsuit jacket or shirt, Hyperflex has various designs to offer. Check out our top picks from the brand’s wetsuit collection to fit different athlete styles and needs.

  1. Hyperflex Voodoo 4mm Hooded Full Wetsuit – Best Overall
  2. Hyperflex Access 3mm Full Wetsuit – Best Value
  3. Hyperflex Voodoo 6/5/4 Hooded Full Wetsuit – Best for Cold Weather
  4. Hyperflex 3/2 VYRL Full Wetsuit
  5. Hyperflex Cyclone2 2.5mm Spring Suit
  6. Hyperflex Voodoo 1.5mm Short Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket
  7. Hyperflex 1.5mm AMP Wetsuit Jacket
  8. Hyperflex VYRL 50/50 Wetsuit Shirt
  9. Hyperflex PRO Series Wetsuit Top
  10. Hyperflex Voodoo 1.5mm Pullover Wetsuit Jacket

#1. Hyperflex Voodoo 4mm Hooded Full Wetsuit – Best Overall

Hyperflex Voodoo 4mm Hooded Full Wetsuit

Wetsuits are vital for any water activity, whether you are a diver, a swimmer, or a surfer. A good-quality wetsuit ensures that you can spend a long time feeling warm and comfortable in the water, and Hyperflex is excellent in providing top-notch quality.

The Voodoo 4mm Hooded Full Wetsuit from the brand, in particular, is a top favorite by many novice and pro athletes because of its cutting-edge technology. The wetsuit features a trademarked Atomic Foam Neoprene fabric that ensures better thermal insulation than traditional neoprene material with similar thickness. This wetsuit offers more warmth without the added weight and bulk.

Another high-end feature of this wetsuit is the Reactacore+ insulation panels at the chest and back, giving you extra insulation. At 4/4mm thickness, you can wear this suit in freezing water without any issue. The added hood design also ensures your head and ears get protection from hypothermia-inducing temperatures.

Warmth aside, this wetsuit also provides abrasion resistance and protection in most needed areas, thanks to its sturdy Duratex knee pads. What’s even better is Hyperflex offers this wetsuit in 12 varying sizes, allowing you to pick what fits your body. There are two color options as well, Black-Green combination and Jet black, to fit your style.

The Voodoo 4mm Hooded wetsuit is a top-range option in the brand’s surf suit collection, designed and innovated to fit the most demanding watersports.

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#2. Hyperflex Access 3mm Full Wetsuit – Best Value

Hyperflex Access 3mm Full Wetsuit

Aside from top-of-the-line wetsuit collection designed for pro athletes, Hyperflex also provides top-notch aquatic-based apparel for those who are in the budget. If you have a limited cash but needs a good quality wetsuit, the Hyperflex Access 3mm Full Wetsuit is an incredible option.

The wetsuit features impressive material, even at an affordable price. It uses premium quality Hyperflex neoprene fabric, giving the surf suit its incredible stretch and flexibility. It maximizes comfort designed to move with your body without any restriction. Aside from that, the Hyperflex material is also exceptional in keeping you warm in such a lightweight fabric.

The Hyperflex Access 3mm wetsuit feels and looks like your second skin when worn. The surf suit features and incredibly clean and sleek look with a flattering fit and contemporary design to fit most styles.

In terms of function, Hyperflex created this wetsuit to maximize your performance in the water. It has a form-fitting and anatomical cut to offer a full range of motion. The adjustable Velcro collar it comes with also helps ensure you have a watertight yet comfortable fit. The back-zip design also makes the suit easy to wear and take off.

This surf suit will last for a long time, thanks to its high durability construction with flatlock seams, cuff leg openings, and additional Storm Force knee pads.

The wetsuit is also available in several sizes for men and women with varying color options to fit your style.

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#3. Hyperflex Voodoo 6/5/4 Hooded Full Wetsuit – Best for Cold Weather

Hyperflex Voodoo 6/5/4 Hooded Full Wetsuit

Cold weather is not an excuse anymore to forgo enjoying a day chasing and riding the waves. Hyperflex brings massive advancement in terms of wetsuit technology suitable for freezing water. The 6/5/4mm wetsuit can keep you warm and comfortable even if you go surfing or scuba diving during the winter. The additional hood design keeps your entire body, especially the head and ears, extra toasty.

This model boasts Hyperflex cutting-edge Atomic Foam neoprene fabric that is super stretchy. Infused with more air cells, you can get warmer insulation in this wetsuit than in any other neoprene-based wetsuit with the same weight and thickness. It means you can stay as warm without wearing an extremely thick and bulky surf suit.

Aside from that, the internal lining of the wetsuit adds even more warmth and comfort. The AQ6 Thermal fabric is exceptionally soft and fibrous, and efficient insulating and quick-drying material.

Water seeping into the wetsuit isn’t a problem with this one either. It features a Fusion Weld sealed seams, a cutting-edge sealing technology for a 100% watertight finish. Water-resistance aside, this sealing type also ensures that the seam junctions are durable and sturdy even in the most rugged use.

Other excellent features that you can get from this winter wetsuit are a cocoon closure system for easy entry and exit and an anti-flush gusset panel to prevent water from entering the suit.

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#4. Hyperflex 3/2 VYRL Full Wetsuit

Hyperflex 3/2 VYRL Full Wetsuit

The contrasting black and blue color of this full wetsuit from Hyperflex is one of the top reasons why stylish surfers and scuba divers like it. The surfing suit makes you stand out. However, aside from that, Hyperflex didn’t only make the VYRL 3/2 Full Wetsuit for style. It made sure that all its wetsuits have top-quality materials and construction to boost every athlete’s performance.

This VYRL wetsuit features a Quantum Foam neoprene fabric. It is super stretchy, flexible, and lightweight. The inner lining of the surf suit made of microfleece also provides extra warmth and insulation while also providing additional fast-drying properties to the wetsuit.

In terms of quality construction, Hyperflex didn’t scrimp on this wetsuit. It has top-quality glued and blind-stitched seams for maximum water resistance and durability. It traps your body heat while efficiently shutting out cold water and freezing air at bay.

Plus, the GlideSkin collar of the wetsuit provides extra watertight protection. It has anti-chafing properties as well. The 3/2mm wetsuit is suitable for use in tropical waters or in water temperature that isn’t too cold nor too warm.

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#5. Hyperflex Cyclone2 2.5mm Spring Suit

Hyperflex Cyclone2 2.5mm Spring Suit

One of the important features you need in a good-quality wetsuit is a perfect fit. It doesn’t only mean that you get a surf suit in your size, but also to look for a wetsuit that fits snugly in your frame without being too tight and uncomfortable.

When it comes to fit and comfort, Hyperflex wetsuit is the top option. The Women’s Cyclone2 2.5mm Spring Suit, in particular, is a favorite of a lot of female athletes. It boasts a 100% Quantum Foam construction, a remarkable technology from Hyperflex that offers maximum comfort, fit, and performance. This wetsuit will fit your body like a second skin, thanks to its 4-Way Stretch material that is significantly more flexible than other neoprene-based wetsuits.

Under the Cyclone Heritage wetsuit line of the brand, this spring suit is arguably one of the best value-for-money options. You won’t find any other 2mm wetsuit in the industry with an impressive list of features like this model.

It has a 100% stretchy flatlock construction with chill-breaker mesh paneling at the chest and back to keep you shielded. Plus, the wetsuit comes with a low-profile collar that is easily adjustable, ultra-soft, and comfortable without any chafing issues.

The water-resistant and anti-corrosive #10 YKK zipper is also a bonus.

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#6. Hyperflex Voodoo 1.5mm Short Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket

Hyperflex Voodoo Short Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket

Even during the summer season, air and water temperature can still get low, especially early in the morning. Get a simple summer suit that isn’t as restrictive and warm as a full wetsuit to keep yourself protected from the elements. The Voodoo Short Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket provides enough protection and insulation where it’s needed.

The 1.5mm wetsuit is ideal for use when little insulation is needed, like when you go surfing during the summer. However, this surf suit is not only for surfers. Hyperflex designed it to cater to all watersports and athletes, whether paddleboarding, water skiing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, swimming, or other activities.

This wetsuit jacket boasts a thermal construction based on thin fibrous material to line the suit’s internal part. It provides ample protection from the morning breeze and chilly water, keeping your core warm so you can stay in the water for an extended time.

Protection aside, the best part about this wetsuit jacket is its modern waterproof technology. Hyperflex designed this Voodoo wetsuit jacket with a new liquid sealant that efficiently blocks water exchange through a molecular bond. Simply put, this technology ensures that the wetsuit has maximum seam durability and strength.

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#7. Hyperflex 1.5mm AMP Wetsuit Jacket

Hyperflex 1.5mm AMP Wetsuit Jacket

Like the wetsuit jacket for men, this Hyperflex 1.5mm Women’s AMP Wetsuit Jacket provides incredible comfort and performance. At 1.5mm thickness, this is a suitable surf suit during the summer. Rated for water temperature of 21 degrees Celsius as up, it’s an ideal garment for tropical weather.

This wetsuit offers maximum flexibility for hardcore watersports, thanks to its 100% SuperStretch neoprene fabric. Wearing this surf suit feels like a second skin. It can give you maximum freedom of movement as the material fits snugly to your body and follows your every move, a perfect garment for most extreme watersports.

The extremely stretchy mesh skin paneling on the chest and back shields your body from wind chill. The side panels, on the other hand, boasts SuperStretch AMPStretch rubber to give your body maximum flexibility. The flatlock seams of the wetsuit add a durability level while keeping the wetsuit as water-resistant and possible.

Also, the cinch cord and boardshorts loop at the waist is a nice touch to the suit’s design. You can pair it with any of your wetsuit bottom of choice.

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#8. Hyperflex VYRL 50/50 Wetsuit Shirt

Hyperflex VYRL 50/50 Wetsuit Shirt

When you are out on the surf trying to catch waves or find the best spot for diving, you don’t only need protection from the freezing air and water temperature. You will need to shield yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays as well.

The VYRL 50/50 Wetsuit shirt does both efficiently. The material of this wetsuit top is 50% rash guard and 50% 1.5mm mish skin neoprene. This combination of fabrics makes the wetsuit effective in shielding you from the chilly air while also keeping your skin protected from UV damage.

Aside from that, the wetsuit has great flexibility to offer as well. It will not restrict your movement, and the flatlock seam stitching is durable and comfortable to the skin.

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#9. Hyperflex PRO Series Wetsuit Top

Hyperflex PRO Series Wetsuit Top

This wetsuit top is another great option from the Hyperflex lineup of aquatic watersports-based apparel. Unlike the other wetsuit tops mentioned above, the PRO Series Wetsuit Top has full sleeves, giving your arm better protection from the chilly air and water temperature and the sun’s damaging UV radiation.

With your arms fully covered, you won’t have to worry about getting sunburn even with extended hours in the water.

Another excellent feature of this wetsuit is its maximum flexibility, thanks to its 100% Stretch neoprene fabric. On the other hand, the liquid taped seals ensure that your body stays warm and dry throughout your surfing session. The flatlock seams on the wetsuit make it durable and comfortable to the skin at the same time.

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#10. Hyperflex Voodoo 1.5mm Pullover Wetsuit Jacket

Hyperflex Voodoo 1.5mm Pullover Wetsuit Jacket

Another excellent summer suit from Hyperflex is the Voodoo 1.5mm Pullover Wetsuit Jacket. This new wetsuit top in the Voodoo collection boasts the top-quality fabric that Hyperflex is known for, the Atomic Foam neoprene that offers maximum stretch. The newly designed material features more air cells on the surface for better insulation without the added weight and thickness in the fabric.

Meanwhile, the low-profile flatlock seams provide better flexibility and comfort suited for use in warmer water temperatures. The elastic strap and boardshorts loop at the waist are also lovely additions. You can keep your top in place while even while riding the most intense waves.

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Features to Look for When Buying Hyperflex Wetsuits

Before you buy any wetsuit, check out some must-have features that make an excellent wetsuit first.

Wetsuit Type

Wetsuits have different styles. It can be a full wetsuit, a spring suit, a short-sleeved top, or a long-sleeved top. Full wetsuits are typically ideal for colder water temperatures when you need whole-body protection against the freezing water and air. Meanwhile, spring suits and wetsuit tops are perfect for use in summer months when you need a minimal shield from the frigid air and water.


Wetsuit thickness usually determines how ideal is a wetsuit for use in colder or warmer water temperatures. It comes measured in millimeters (mm). For wetsuits with a thickness of 3mm or below, they offer less warmth and insulation but high breathability, making them suitable for summer use. Meanwhile, wetsuits that are 4mm thick or more can protect you from the most frigid air and water, making them ideal as winter suits.

Hyperflex Wetsuits: Company & History

From the decades of being in the business since the 1960s, Henderson Aquatics launched the Hyperflex wetsuits as it focuses on the surf wetsuit market.

Before that, the parent company, Henderson Aquatics, started creating wetsuits designed for divers then ventured into a broader sports market.

However, in 2002, the brand renewed its focus in designing and innovating surf suits, starting the now-massive of the market’s top-quality Hyperflex wetsuits.


Hyperflex is a top-rated brand when it comes to wetsuits that don’t only cater to surfers. The product line of the brand is suitable for use in different watersports, including scuba diving, surf skiing, snorkeling, swimming, and many others.

The brand provides varying range to high-quality watersports-based apparel to all athletes of any sizes and skill levels. Its product ranges from entry-level and affordable wetsuits to more advance and performance-based designed for pro athletes.

If you are in a market for the most comfortable and high-performance wetsuit from a top brand, our Hyperflex wetsuits review should help you decide what to get for your next adventure.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do you clean the Hyperflex wetsuit?

Cleaning is essential to preserve the quality of your suit, and you should do this using freshwater. Wash both sides of the suit to clean out all saltwater. Otherwise, your wetsuit can get brittle.

Q: How do you dry the Hyperflex wetsuit?

Drying your wetsuit is necessary before storing it in a garment bag or your closet. The best way to dry your suit is hanging it away from direct sunlight.

Q: What is the best way to store the Hyperflex wetsuit?

The best way to store your surf suit is by using a storage bag where you can hang your suit. It’s the best way to keep your wetsuit from stretching or creasing the neoprene fabric when you fold it.

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