Eartune Aqua U Surfer Earplugs: Keep your Ears Protected

Surfer’s ears is a common ailment for those who surf frequently in cold water and windy conditions. Even excessive exposure to warm water can also cause exostosis, which is the medical term for the disease. Lower water and wind temperature cause ear bones to grow abnormally leading to the blockage of the ear canal and eardrum. The symptoms of surfer’s ears include pain, inflammation, infection, tinnitus, and even loss of hearing.

Surfers use surf earplugs to protect themselves from the brunt of cold conditions and the prevention of exostosis.

Eartune Aqua U Surfer Earplugs: Quality Surfears at an Affordable Price


eartune aqua u surfer earplugs



There are many high-quality surfer earplugs in the market which provide protection from the cold water and wind while not much affecting your hearing while wearing those plugs.

ADV. is one such company that sells high-quality earplugs with the name Eartune Aqua U. They claim the Eartune Aqua U earplugs to be highly effective in any water and wind conditions.

To find out the truth of their claims we reviewed these earplugs from multiple aspects and check their effectiveness in different conditions.  We are sharing here a detailed review of Eartune Aqua U to help you decide whether they are worth a buy or not. 

About ADV.

ADV. is one of those new and uprising audio companies that are pulling a lot of attention by offering various high-class audio products. 

We first paid attention to this company when they launched their Bluetooth and wired earbuds. Then they entered into the manufacturing of Bluetooth speakers, magnetic headphones, and many other music necessities.

Recently they enriched their core product portfolio by offering earplugs. These earplugs are ideal for surfing or even just swimming. 

Main Features of Eartune Aqua U Surfer Earplugs

eartune aqua u surfer earplugs

The Eartune Aqua U Surfer Earplugs are designed in such a way that they avoid water to enter inside your ear. These earplugs offer complete blockage of water even in the most pressing conditions.

But won’t complete blockage of water cause complete blockage of sound to enter our ears, as well?

Many inferior quality earplugs are designed like that only. They not only block the water but also the sound. However, the designing of the Eartune has been done to particular take care of this important aspect.

They block the water but allow the sound to enter. Therefore, you can hear the sound around you without straining yourself while surfing.

The Eartune Aqua U are made with silicone which is completely hypoallergenic. It signifies that the earplugs in themselves will not cause any itching in the ear which is pretty common with cheap plastic or PVC made earplugs.

Besides, silicon also offers extreme comfort while wearing the earplugs and imparts high durability to the protective gear.  

The earplugs are designed ergonomically and come in different size options thus fit in any ear size perfectly well.

Apart from the earplugs, the packaging also includes the following accessories:

  • Ear tips- 2 pairs for both ears
  • Ear hooks- 3 pairs each of Small, Medium and Large
  • Removable lanyard: 1 
  • Carrying case: 1 

What We Liked

  • Effective water blockage ability
  • Enough hearing
  • Perfect fit and highly comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic silicon
  • High durability

Why we need Surfer Earplugs?

When the cold water enters your ear first it starts developing infections in the ear. The situation is quite painful particularly when the infection reaches the ear canal.

If you still ignore this condition and continue surfing in cold conditions without any protection, your body tries to find a way to stop the cold water and wind waves to enter inside the ears and hence the bone inside the ear starts growing. In extreme conditions, you may have to undergo ear surgery to treat this medical condition.

When you use proper earplugs, they act as a barrier to the cold water and insulation for the cold windy waves. By avoiding water and wind to enter inside the inner ear, earplugs play a vital role in preventing surfer’s ear condition.

So, earplugs keep you safe and free from the worry of developing ear ailments and thus allow you to enjoy your surfing experience to its fullest.

What factors to look for when buying a surfer earplug?

The main objective of buying a surfer earplug is to get protection from the cold water and wind. There are, however, other factors, as well, to consider when buying good quality earplugs.


Earplugs should be effective in blocking the cold water from entering your ear canal and should also provide insulation from the cold wind.


Comfort is almost equally important as the effectiveness as you will not like to have any discomfort while you are facing challenging water waves.


It is important for you to be aware of your surroundings for safe riding on water. Sounds of fellow paddlers, splashes, and the waves are crucial to alert you when surfing. 


The adjustability of the earplug is important only if you share your plugs with others. Besides, they are also helpful for the surfers who do not know the size of their ears.


Surfer earplugs offer effective protection from the problem of surfer’s ears caused due to frequent exposure to cold water and wind. There are many earplugs in the market that are effective in blocking the water.

Eartune Aqua U is unique in the sense that not only does it provide ear protection but also provides a lot of comforts while wearing the earplugs. Through its special silicone material, it also ensures that you do not catch any allergy caused by cheap material used in making the earplug.

So, whenever you plan to go surfing make it sure that you wear good quality earplugs and you can confidently consider buying Eartune Aqua U for that purpose. You can check them out at eartune.com

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