Top 6 Best Surfboard Wall Racks

Owning a surfboard doesn’t just end on the fun of riding it out on the waters. Your responsibility extends far from making sure the saltwater doesn’t get into the foam and that they dry without salt build-up. 

Finding a place to put your surfboard in your home is one of your most significant responsibility. And, it is not just because you need it to be on a safe spot. That spot is somewhere that will hold your series of memories and feelings as a surfer. Like an altar, if I must say. 

The biggest challenge, however, especially if you don’t have a big room, is finding a space big enough for the surfboards not to be an obstruction. Their sizes can easily take up half the area of your room. Thus, whoever thought of hanging them up the wall is genius. 

The best surfboard wall racks do not only keep your surfboard out of the way, but they also give rise to cool wall decoration, too! Here are some of the best surfboard wall racks that we think would look really well on your walls!

Top 6 Best Surfboard Wall Racks Reviewed

Another consideration surfers take into account when picking storage for surfboards is to be able to take the board and go simply. No surfer would want to go up in the attic or scour the garage for the surfboard to go surfboarding. 

Therefore, the best place to put it is to display it up the wall, accessible and displayable at the same time. 

  1. Single Surfboard Wooden Wall Rack by COR Surf – Best Single Surfboard Rack (Wood)
  2. Naked Surf Minimalist Surfboard Rack by StoreYourBoard – Best Single Surfboard Rack (Metal)
  3. Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack Quad by T-Rax – Best Multi-Purpose Wall Rack
  4. Surfboard Rack Wall Mount (2 to 6 Boards by Pro Board Racks) –Best Multi-Board Wood Rack
  5. Ultimate Board Sports Wall Mount Storage Rack by Krypt Towers – Best Multi-Board Metal Rack
  6. Outdoor Double Surfboard Wall Rack by StoreYourBoard – Best For Outdoor Use

#1. Single Surfboard Wooden Wall Rack by COR Surf  – Best Single Surfboard Rack (Wood)

  • Material Type: 
    • Dark wood
    • Bamboo
  • Product Dimensions: 11.5” x 0.8” x 5”

Necessity is the mother of invention. This thought applies valid to COR Surf owner and founder Andy Gossett. Sometime in 2006, he spent the day with his 6’2” Joel Tudor surfboard that sat unsteadily against the wall of his Seal Beach, CA apartment. 

This moment sparked his need for a surf rack that was then not available. He needed a useful surfboard rack that is more presentable than PVC pipes and some black styrofoam pads. He had his ideas set on a classy but simple, and custom but sustainable frame. Thus, the birth of the Single Surfboard Wooden Wall Rack.

The brainchild to his ideas is made of solid, eco-friendly, and sustainable wood in both dark wood and bamboo. Perfect for hanging all types of surfboards, the racks come with a protective rubber strip to prevent scratches and scrapes. 

Free replacement if the wood is damagedSome have complained about poor finishing
Economical as it is environmental
Reasonably priced

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#2. Naked Surf Minimalist Surfboard Rack by StoreYourBoard  Best Single Surfboard Rack (Metal)

  • Material Type: 
    • Aluminum
  • Product Dimensions: 6.5” x 3” x 2.5” 

Similar to COR Surf, Naked Surf is StoreYourBoard’s minimalist approach to storing and displaying your surfboard. The idea behind this approach is not to let the rack distract the beauty of the surfboard. It should be as if it is “barely there.” 

This approach means the rack covers only as little of the surfboard as possible while keeping it secured and in place. Naked Surf Minimalist Surfboard Rack by StoreYourBoard is what you are looking for if you need a lightweight, affordable, and non-intrusive way to flaunt your favorite surfboard. 

Although Naked Surf Rack is appealingly minimalistic, it does not sacrifice structural reliability. Its arms made from durable aluminum have been custom cut and bent. Each of these has two pre-drilled openings to let you mount them up with two screws in a single stud. 

This stylish wall rack is offered in a sleek Matte black powder coat and is protected with a thick piece of felt for added protection. 

Comes with everything you need for installing
Felt padding not thick enough
Easy installation
Nice clean look

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#3. Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack Quad by T-Rax  – Best Multi-Purpose Wall Rack

  • Material Type: 
    • Aluminum
  • Product Dimensions: 24” x 4” x 4” 

The best multi-arm sturdy surfboard wall rack that is made up of firm and thick aluminum can well organize all of your boards perfectly. Capable of holding up to four (4) boards, it has arms that angle up at 15 degrees to present the boards horizontally. All while preventing the surfboards from falling. 

Due to its robust, heavy-duty 6061 T6 billet aluminum construction, rusting will not be a problem. Virtually bulletproof, these racks also will not rot, splinter, nor corrode. T-Rax Vertical Surfboard Rack works for surfboards as heavy as longboards and snowboards. 

Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack Quad by T-Rax rods are covered with high-quality foam padding. There are no hollow plastic nor wooden parts used in the construction of this rack. Basically, T-Rax only uses the best materials, period!

Can be used horizontally or verticallySome edges may have no padding and scratch the board
Can hold up to 4 surfboards
Durable and safe

Check Price on Amazon

#4. Surfboard Rack Wall Mount (2 to 6 Boards by Pro Board Racks) – Best Multi-Board Wood Rack 

  • Material Type: 
    • Birch
  • Product Dimensions: 
    • two slots: 16”
    • three slots: 25”
    • four slots: 35”
    • five slots: 45”
    • six slots: 55”

Pro Board Racks Surfboard Rack is the absolute solution to organize your surfboards. Whether you are a family of surfers or you simply own too many surfboards, you know that a surfboard rack is not just a holder but an investment. 

No, it is not a waste of money to begin with. It takes care and displays your surfboard for you to brag. All while keeping all surfboards safe and secured. Pro Board Racks does that for not just one (1) of your surfboard but for up to six (6) of them

You may use them not only for your surfboard but also fro your wakeboards, snowboards, and kiteboards. They are great for storing and displaying while securing them from shocks, scratches, and scrapes with the paddings on the arms. 

Sturdy and can hold up to 100 lbs
More expensive than most wall-mount racks
High-quality design
Easy to install

#5. Ultimate Board Sports Wall Mount Storage Rack by Krypt Towers – Best Multi-Board Metal Rack

  • Material Type: 
    • 100% sturdy metal
  • Product Dimensions: 40” x 10” x 4”

Krypt Towers promises the most practical solution to all your board keeping needs. Their wall mount rack is fully adjustable and can work well for surfboards, skateboards, or longboards. Made with 100% sturdy metal, you can be sure it can hold up to 4 boards without skipping a beat. 

You don’t even have to worry about the edges scraping off your board. These racks are reinforced with thick rubber padding for maximum protection. 

The best thing about Krypt Tower Wall Mount Rack is it can be fully adjusted according to your needs. They can be installed in indefinite widths to accommodate boards of any length seamlessly. The bars can be moved up or down along the slots. This method is to adapt to the thickness of the boards that are carried. 

Heavy-duty and adjustableArms may be too short for some boards
Thick rubber-padded
Easy to install

Check Price on Amazon

#6. Outdoor Double Surfboard Wall Rack by StoreYourBoard – Best For Outdoor Use

surfboard wall racks

  • Material Type: 
    • Galvanized steel
  • Product Dimensions: 21” x 22.5” x 11”

We may, at one point, decide to leave our surfboards outside. But never laying on the floor with no protection at all. That is what StoreYourBoard had in mind when they designed Outdoor Double Surfboard Wall Rack. 

All steel, heavy-duty welded construction, and galvanized dip, this rack is protected against outdoor rust. It is perfect for secure storage, access, and display of up to two (2) surfboards. This outdoor version has the same strength and integrity as the indoor one in keeping your boards stored securely. 

Since they are mainly designed to be out in the open, they can be on decks, yards, garages, sheds, or anywhere else they can be exposed to harsh environmental elements. The extra galvanized layer of protection from rust will make sure they are made to last. 

Can hold up to 100 lbs weightMaybe more substantial than most wall racks
Sturdy and made to last

Our Favorite Surfboard Wall Rack

Nothing beats a product that is made of the most sustainable materials and serves very well. For that, our top pick goes to Single Surfboard Wooden Wall Rack by COR Surf. Made from a durable natural wood called Rubberwood, a lot of users attested that it stood the test of time. 

The perfect way to display and store your surfboard, COR Surf, made sure its package includes all of what you need to install the rack. Installation is quick and easy, and you can install it without an additional hand. 

Why Do You Need A Surfboard Rack?

Aside from not wanting to let your sticks rest on the floor, seeing them organized and displayed well together, the need for surfboard rack is about a lot of things too. 

Décor and Display 

Your surfboard rack is your statement – your interior décor. It is what you can put into your home to incorporate the ocean within. Houses near or along the coast may use these as decals, but true-blue surfers must know that these are both storage and display. 

Surfboard racks keep surfing spirit alive in your home. 


Racks keep your surfboards organized. Having all the boards in one place brings orderliness and sanity in the room. Nothing looks better than and organized and lined up surfboards. 

Protection and Security

No surfer ever wants their surfboard scratched nor dented. Thus, the need for a reliable surfboard rack. The best surfboard wall rack offers the sturdiest design that clutches the board in place within the padded interior that safeguards it – making it last longer.

Buying Guide: Choosing The Best Surfboard Rack

The hardest part of choosing the best surfboard rack is the many companies that offer them over the internet. This dilemma is the reason we came up with this guide so that you can come up with the wisest choice. Before deciding which rack to pick, make sure you have checked the features and factors we will mention. 

Type Of Rack

There are many types of racks, depending on various things:

  • Number of surfboards for keeping
  • Orientation
  • Construction

Base your selection of rack orientation on your available space and location. Do you have a vast area to spare? You may go with free-standing racks. Otherwise, go for space-saving racks like those that you can hang on the wall. 

You will also come across different types of racks that will offer various designs, such as minimalist and multi racks. 

The Durability of Rack Material

The material and construction of these surfboard racks should be long-lasting. They should have durable and robust materials like stainless steel, solid anodized aluminum, or 100% rust-free aluminum. Such materials are known to last for a long time. 

Unless the racks are made of dependable plastic, choose metal or wooden rack. 

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Again, consider the space where you will have to use the rack. Is it staying mostly indoors? Some racks can go both indoors and outdoors. Some racks are specially designed each way. As you buy them, think specifically where you need to place them and how the environment is going to affect them. 

Strength of the Rack

The majority of surfboards are massive, and a surfer hardly ever owns just one surfboard. Therefore, be sure to get a surfboard rack that can carry the weight of all of your surfboards. Some surfboards can hold two (2) boards, while others can hold up to six (6). 

Be sure the materials used, design, and screws aren’t flimsy. Check out for surfboard racks that can hold up to 100 to 120 lbs of weight. The lowest weight you may consider is around 50 lbs. 


The installation system should be smooth and backed up with a clear instructions book. The best surfboard wall mount racks are easy to install with screw holes all ready. This idea suggests that the only thing you are left to worry about is the place to install the rack, the drill, and the screws. 

Speaking of screws, be sure to have screws that are strong enough to hold the arms to the wall or the ceiling. Go for the metal screws than plastic ones. 


Check out the padding that the rack comes with. This embellishment determines just how gentle the rack will be to your surfboard when you are loading and unloading from the rack. 


Never go beyond what you can afford. Be sure to read reviews. Just because a product is expensive doesn’t mean they are the best. 


Surfboard wall racks are practically your surfboards’ picture frames. You proudly hang them up to your wall for everyone to see your surfboards just as you would for your family pictures. They are sequentially part of your life story that you would want everyone to see. 

Therefore choosing the right surfboard wall rack is very important as you wouldn’t want a dreadful rack to hold your surfboard for you. Hopefully, the tips we left will guide you in picking the right rack for your surfboard. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the more durable rack material, wood, or metal?

A: Surprisingly, wood – mainly bamboo is more durable. Truth be told, it is perhaps one of the most durable materials racks are built with. Bamboo has better resistance to being pulled apart compared to steel. They can withstand compression far better than concrete, too. 

Q: Should I buy a separate rack for different kinds of surfboards?

A: Not really. The majority of surfboard racks are multi-purpose. Look for multi-arm surfboard racks if you have multiple surfboards of different sizes. Be sure the check the rack dimension to know whether they’d fit the surfboards you have. 

Q: What is a surfboard rack?

A: Surfboard racks are systems designed to organize and store surfboards efficiently, safely, and securely. They are for stacking them vertically or horizontally to save space and to make sure they are safeguarded. 

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