Vissla Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off? [2023]

Last Updated January 27, 2023

Vissla wetsuits are quickly becoming the go-to option for a lot of athletes and sports enthusiasts, especially in the surf industry. Compared to other well-established and older brands, Vissla is new in the surf world but has already established an excellent and famous name in the apparel market, especially when it comes to wetsuits.

The brand is known for providing high-quality products that quickly ate up consumer’s attention. Vissla has a youthful and fresh marketing campaign that stays relevant to seasoned and new athletes, providing what’s missing in the industry.

Check out some of the all-time favorite wetsuits from Vissla that a lot of novice and pro athletes worldwide are using.

Top 9 Best Vissla Wetsuits Reviewed

Below are nine of the high-rated and best-selling Vissla wetsuits. Check out each product review to find what best suits your needs.

  1. Vissla 7 Seas 3/2 Back Zip Full Wetsuit – Editor’s Choice
  2. Vissla High Seas 2/2 SS Full Wetsuit – Best Affordable Full Suit
  3. Vissla North Seas 3/2 Full Wetsuit
  4. Vissla 7 Seas 2/2 Full Wetsuit
  5. Vissla Shonan Japanese 3.5 Full Wetsuit
  6. Vissla North Seas 5.5/4.5 Hooded Full Wetsuit
  7. Vissla 7 Seas 2/2 Long John Wetsuit
  8. Vissla Chiba Japanese 3/2 Full Wetsuit
  9. Vissla 7 Seas 2/2 LS Spring Suit

#1. Vissla 7 Seas 3/2 Back Zip Full Wetsuit – Editor’s Choice

7 Seas 3/2 Back Zip Full Suit

The 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit from Vissla is one of the all-time favorites, and it’s simple to know why. It has everything a serious athlete needs in a wetsuit, designed to provide what you need, which is a suit to keep you warm and protect you while in the ocean.

The primary feature of the Vissla 7 Seas 3/2mm wetsuit is its Thermal Brain Fuzz lining, which is a cutting-edge technology for optimum performance on the water. It insulates heat like no other, keeping you comfortable and warm. Plus, it also dries fast, which is always a bonus.

The main fabric used for this wetsuit is earth-mined limestone neoprene, getting rid of the petrochemicals in other neoprene materials. It appeals to all athletes who want their swimming apparel as nature friendly as possible.

Another favorite feature of this wetsuit is its dope dyed fabric. It means there is no traditional dying process. Instead, it uses molten plastic solution infused with dye pigments to provide color on the material, conserving immense amounts of water. It’s another incredible feature of this wetsuit that appeals to environmentally conscious athletes.

The 3/2mm wetsuit is suitable for water temperatures between 13 to 18 degrees Celsius, providing optimum comfort even during mid-winter months. This suit doesn’t scrimp on comfortability, too, as it’s not only warm but also extremely stretchy. Your movements wouldn’t be restricted while wearing this wetsuit, and you’ll get a full range of motion.

Overall, it’s a high-end wetsuit and gets priced as such. It is on the pricier end in the market, but after performance, comfort, warmth, and flexibility, this wetsuit is a steal.

#2. Vissla High Seas 2/2 SS Full Wetsuit – Best Affordable Full Suit

High Seas 2/2 SS Full Suit

If you are looking for a high-end full wetsuit but have a limited budget, then the 2/2 SS wetsuit from the High Seas collection by Vissla is your best alternative. It’s 1/3 less expensive than the 7 Seas 3/2 wetsuit, but it still offers most of the top-notch features that the brand is famous for providing.

The High Seas 2/2mm SS Full Wetsuit has an impressive design to offer comfort and warmth while in cold water between 17 to 20 degrees Celsius. It features the same super stretchy limestone-based neoprene that is much warmer, more stretchy, softer, and lighter than other wetsuit fabrics.

The wetsuit also boasts Vissla’s Thermal Brain Fuzz lining for unsurpassed insulation and the brand’s dope dyed fabric.

It is effortless to put on and take off, fitting you like a glove. The wetsuit features a tailored fit with anatomically precise body contours for the best freedom of movement.

Vissla made sure to offer only the best in terms of water resistance and durability for this wetsuit. It has a contoured watertight design with a chest-zip entry. The seams have double blind-stitches and three layers of glue. Plus, Vissla also used the Neo 2.0 super stretchy tape to give the seams maximum sealing without compromising your comfort.

Other impressive features of this wetsuit include a knee pad that is abrasion-resistant, glide-skin feature on the neck, and the liquid tape to seal the cuffs to avoid flushing.

#3. Vissla North Seas 3/2 Full Wetsuit

North Seas 3/2 Full Suit

The North Seas wetsuits collection by Vissla provides athletes with swimwear made of advanced-technology materials designed to offer comfort even in the coldest water conditions. One of the best-sellers from this series in the 3/2 Full Wetsuit, and it’s not surprising why. It’s ideal for use in cold waters from 13 to 18 degrees Celsius.

Looking at the specs of the wetsuit, it’s clear that Vissla surpassed other wetsuit brands. This North Seas Wetsuit model features premium materials to offer maximum warmth and comfort at the same time. The suit uses an I-Foam Premium material, the stretchiest, warmest, and lightest Japanese limestone-based neoprene in the industry. The fabric alone offers the suit its superior comfort and enhanced flexibility.

The design and construction are also cutting-edge, with minimal seams to give you unrestricted performance. The exterior fabric is upcycled nylon, which has anti-fade features and is lightweight and eco-friendly. Aside from the brand’s go-to Brain Fuzz lining and Dope Dyed fabric, this wetsuit also comes with Aqua A water-based and eco-friendly lamination. It’s 100% free of harmful chemicals and solvent-free as well.

Other features that make this wetsuit top-notch are its watertight Cris-X panels and Chest-zip entry, Power Seam waterproofing sealant, and the Smoothy Panels that effectively repels water and wind.

#4. Vissla 7 Seas 2/2 Full Wetsuit

7 Seas 2/2 Full Suit

If you are looking for a more affordable wetsuit for swimming or surfing during the summer, this 7 Seas 2/2mm Full Wetsuit from Vissla is an excellent option. It’s the thinner version of the 7 Seas 3/2 wetsuit but still provides the same high-end features at a 2/3 lower price.

With the thinner fabric, this wetsuit is ideal for cold waters from 17 to 20 degrees Celsius. Made of 100% limestone-based neoprene material, you will get an ultra-stretchy suit that is soft, stretchy, warm, and light on your skin. You can put it on and take it off without a hitch, and the thinner neoprene means you’ll also get more freedom of movement.

The cutting-edge and eco-friendly features of Vissla isn’t missing in this model either. It features the Thermal Brain Fuzz lining for better insulation and the softer with anti-fade feature Dope Dyed fabric.

Vissla also made sure that the durability of its products remains top-notch even for its affordable models like this one. It has the same watertight and sturdy features similar to the pricier wetsuits from the brand, like the Neo 2.0 taped seams, liquid tape sealed cuffs, glide-skin on the neck, and double-blind stitched seams with three layers of glue.

The Supratex abrasion-resistant knee pads are an excellent addition, which offers extra strength and flexibility to the wetsuit.

#5. Vissla Shonan Japanese 3.5 Full Wetsuit

Shonan Japanese 3.5 Full Suit

Aside from the three first wetsuit collection by Vissla, the brand collaborated with a Japanese manufacturing company, creating two different Japanese inspired wetsuits. One of that is the Shonan 3.5mm Full Wetsuit made of the top-notch quality Kobe limestone neoprene.

The material provides maximum thickness, flexibility, fit, stretch, comfort, and water permeability for surfers. It makes this wetsuit the most comfortable and the warmest apparel for the most extended period in the water.

The Kobe Japanese neoprene fabric can handle cold water from 11 to 14 degrees Celsius, and it’s the highest-grade of limestone in the world after all. It has an impressive cell structure as well, providing a 99.7% water impermeability, making the wetsuit warmer, lighter, more durable, and more flexible than others. Couple that with the ultra-stretchable Japanese jersey, and you’ll get a suit that fits like a glove.

One of the fantastic things about this Japanese wetsuit by Vissla is the effort to make each one of them. It’s handcrafted by Japanese craftsmen in a small factory using decades-old 3D cuts and patterns to create a wetsuit with the best performance imaginable.

The factory also personally developed the exclusive glue they use on the wetsuit’s seams, making it extremely watertight. This model also features a double cuff style to prevent water from seeping into the wetsuit.

#6. Vissla North Seas 5.5/4.5 Hooded Full Wetsuit

North Seas 5.5/4.5 Hooded Full Suit

Another excellent product from the North Seas collection of Vissla is the 5.5/4.5 Hooded Full Wetsuit. It offers better protection from the elements that you can’t get from other models. The thicker 5.5/4.5mm fabric means it can handle cold water temperatures between four to 12 degrees Celsius. With this wetsuit, you can comfortably enjoy the waters even during winter.

Like other wetsuits in the North Seas series, Vissla’s I-Foam Premium material offers superior comfort in the lightest fabric available. There’s also the hollow-fiber Brain Fuzz lining and full-body thermal feature that efficiently insulates the heat and makes the fabric dry faster.

Vissla makes sure that your surfing sessions get off without a hitch, so it upped its durability and watertight features for this wetsuit. It uses Power Seam, which is a top-notch and latest waterproofing sealant, to add extra strength to the outside part of the seams. It gets three layers of glue as well.

You don’t have to worry about flushing when using the wetsuit, as this model comes with a liquid tape of the cuffs and a glide-skin feature on the neck.

The smoothy panels of the wetsuit also work efficiently in repelling water and wind, keeping you toasty and comfy even in frigid waters.

#7. Vissla 7 Seas 2/2 Long John Wetsuit

7 Seas 2/2 Long John

Vissla doesn’t only offer full wetsuits as it has a couple of well-made and quality Long John wetsuits as well. For this category, one of the brand’s well-loved models is the 7 Seas 2/2mm Long John Wetsuit, which can handle cold waters from 17 to 20 degrees Celsius.

It has most of the same features from the full wetsuit in the 7 Seas collection of the brand, minus the sleeves. This model boasts a similar 100% super stretchy limestone-based neoprene fabric for optimum flexibility, comfort, and warmth. Plus, it also has a smart design with minimal seams for a more tailored fit without compromising warmth and performance.

For maximum durability, Vissla incorporated a couple of watertight features, like the double-stitched and triple glued seams and Velcro entry. These design elements ensure that there’s a minimal amount of water that can enter the suit.

The wetsuit also comes with Supratex knee pads for added protection, and liquid tape sealed cuffs to avoid any flushing.

#8. Vissla Chiba Japanese 3/2 Full Wetsuit

Chiba Japanese 3/2 Full Suit

Another wetsuit from the Japanese collection by Vissla is the Chiba 3/2 Full Wetsuit. It’s handmade in Japan by artisans with decades of experience and technology using Polychloroprene, but a special kind. It’s a type of neoprene that is traditionally from petroleum developed through a chemical process.

However, the fabric that Vissla uses for this model is more eco-friendly as it is petroleum-free. Its polychloroprene fabric is limestone-based, earth-mined from the mountains in Niigata, Japan. It’s the purest form of limestone, making the 100% Super Stretch S60 neoprene softer, lighter, and warmer.

Although it’s a 3/2mm wetsuit, the warmth level you get from this model is similar to the 4/3 wetsuits using other neoprene fabric. That is because of the naturally softer but incredibly warmer components of that material.

Other features that you can get from this wetsuit includes sturdy knee pads, doubled-stitched and triple-glued seams, and a watertight chest-zip entry.

#9. Vissla 7 Seas 2/2 LS Spring Suit

7 Seas 3/2 Full Suit

If you want more freedom of movement on your legs while surfing or swimming, the 7 Seas2/2 LS Spring Suit is a great alternative that a full suit. It can get you thrilling watersports in cold waters between 18 to 21 degrees Celsius without issue.

The thinner fabric in a wetsuit that fits like a second skin won’t restrict your movements. Its 100% ultra-stretch limestone-based neoprene is top-notch in providing a soft, light, stretchy, and warm apparel. It also uses an anti-fade Dope Dyed jersey fabric that is eco-friendly and incredibly soft to the skin.

Even at its affordable price, Vissla still offers top-notch features, like its watertight contoured design for the chest-zip entry, glide-skin neck seal, double-stitched, and triple-glued seams, and liquid tape sealed cuffs.

Factors to Consider When Buying Vissla Wetsuits

Although all of the Vissla wetsuits reviewed above are excellent options, there is no single one that fits all athletes and sports enthusiasts. You should get the best wetsuit based on your needs and preferences. To make it easier for you to choose, you need to consider a few essential features before making a purchase.

Type of Wetsuit by Season

The kind of wetsuit that will buy should get based on the season you will most likely use it. For colder climates and water conditions, like during winter, you need a thicker wetsuit that can keep you toasty. Meanwhile, if you’re using the wetsuit during the summer, the thinnest available wetsuit should do the job well.

The Brand’s Size Guide

Another thing to consider when buying a Vissla wetsuit is the size guide. Different brands have varying size charts, so you should check out the guide specific for Vissla wetsuits to get one that will best fit your frame.


Another feature to consider is the wetsuit’s zipper. It may seem irrelevant, but a good quality zipper is convenient when you are putting on and taking off the wetsuit.


You wouldn’t want to get water seeping in your wetsuit when you are in the middle of the ocean. It’s hard to get out of the suit without taking the whole thing off, and even the littlest water hitting your skin will be cold. With the said, you should get a wetsuit that offers watertight seam features.

Vissla Wetsuits: Company & History

The people behind the cutting-edge Vissla wetsuits are part of the team who developed the wetsuit program for Billabong, a well-established sports goods brand.

The Vissla brand is well-known for its forward-thinking, creative, and innovative design. They produce some of the most durable wetsuits in the market using petroleum-free and limestone-based neoprene fabric for more eco-friendly products.

Vissla has four wetsuit collection: 7 Seas, High Seas, North Seas, and the Premium Japanese wetsuits.


Vissla is one of the new brands in the surfing industry, but the wetsuit collection under the brand quickly earned a top spot in the market. Vissla is well-known for its fresh and cutting-edge design and technology, providing the best wetsuits with the athletes’ needs in mind.

One of the best things about what Vissla offers are eco-friendly wetsuits, which appeals to a lot of environmentally conscious athletes. They put a significant emphasis on excellent overall performance by creating the stretchiest, warmest, softest, and lightest wetsuits in the market.

If you want to buy one from the brand’s collection, this Vissla wetsuits review should help you pick out the best model for your next watersport adventure.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How long is the warranty period of Vissla wetsuits?

Vissla offers and incredible backing for their wetsuits. It provides a one-year warranty for all seams and another one-year for the wetsuit’s neoprene materials. There is also a six-month warranty period for its smoothy material, although it doesn’t cover improper care of this feature like fingernail punctures.

Q: What is the best way to take care of my Vissla wetsuit?

It’s essential to rinse it properly after use, to preserve the quality of your wetsuit, then dry it before putting it on the hanger for storage. Avoid folding the suit. Otherwise, you will end up with unnecessary folds and stretch marks on the fabric.

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