Top 8 Best Cheap Wetsuits | Reviews (Copozz, Seaskin)

A wetsuit works by trapping a thin layer of water effectively between it and your body. Then, while in the water, your physique warms that liquid to prevent you from losing considerable heat. It would be best if you keep in mind that the thicker the wetsuit’s neoprene is, the warmer that piece of water sports clothing will be due to more heat-trapping insulation.

You will surely get a significant number of brands, prices, and designs to select from when shopping for the most affordable wetsuit. Also, you may feel overwhelmed in determining how much you should spend and which wetsuit to choose.

But do not worry because this short guide will give you some insights about the top-ranked wetsuits under $100 today. Prices of the products in this online discussion range from $50 to $100. You can get the ultimate comfort and protection you need from these wetsuits discussed in this article.

The following are the eight highly rated and affordable wetsuits from which you can select:

Top 8 Best Cheap Wetsuits Reviewed

  1. Copozz Wetsuit Skin
  2. Seaskin Shorty Wetsuit
  3. Seavenger 3-millimeter Odyssey Wetsuit with Sharkskin Chest 
  4. Hevto Shorty X-Men Wetsuits
  5. Dark Lightning Premium CR Neoprene Wetsuit
  6. Hevto 3-millimeter Guardian Neoprene Full Wetsuits
  7. NeopSkin Wetsuit
  8. Cressi Shorty Tortuga Wetsuit

#1. Copozz Wetsuit Skin – Best Overall Cheap Wetsuit


  1. Sizes Available: Male: Medium to 3XL, Female: Small to 2XL
  2. Sex: Men and women
  3. Material: Lycra spandex
  4. Designed for: Snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, diving, jet-skiing, spearfishing, surfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, white water rafting, pedal boarding
  5. Other features: Ultraviolet or UV protection, Rashguard, High visibility, Long-sleeve design

The Copozz Diving Skin is the solution if you want the ultimate body cover. This product is a full-body wetsuit with long-sleeve design. While engaging in your favorite water sports, the Copozz Diving Skin can safeguard against biological irritants, including coral reef, sea lice, and jellyfish. This full-body cover guarantees that you no longer will get inconvenienced by stings and bruises. Fantastic diving experience is within your reach, indeed!

Furthermore, with the Copozz Diving Skin, you can say farewell for good to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. This one-piece wetsuit has exceptional protective mechanisms in the form of a coating layer that diminishes sunlight’s hazards. Thus, you get less skin exposure and more protection, safety, and comfort for your skin during your water sports activities.

Besides the ultimate protection, you can also relish pure comfort with the Copozz Diving Skin. The manufacturer of this wetsuit utilized luxurious, highly stretchable, and plush Lycra spandex. Hence, you get the perfect fit, ease, and ventilation you need.

The Copozz Diving Skin lets you move freely in the water. It is hassle-free to wear, thanks to the long front zipper and the stretchy stirrup wraps on foot and wrist. You do not have to feel anxious about the diving skin getting disorganized in your body due to the water. Also, it is fashionable, and its color does not fade.

You will appreciate wearing the Copozz Diving Skin, whether you are a new water sports enthusiast or a longstanding water sports fan. Also, this wetsuit is ideal for wearing in any bodies of water, such as the ocean. When it is cold, you can wear the Copozz Diving Skin under your wetsuit. In the summer, you also have the option to wear this highly visible full-body cover on its own.

Offers tremendous value for moneyCustomers complained about zipper problems
Excellent ultraviolet light protection
Minor durability issues of some buyers
First-rate stretchable fabric

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#2. Seaskin Shorty Wetsuit 


  1. Colors Available: Black
  2. Sizes Available: Small to 5XL
  3. Material: Neoprene, close skin heating, nylon
  4. Designed for: Aqua aerobics; Water sports like surfing, diving, swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, sea kayaking, rafting, paddle boarding, fishing
  5. Other features: Heavy-duty YKK front zipper, Flatlock stitched seams, 3 layers of diving fabrics

If you love the products of established brands, Seaskin will delight you with its Shorty Wetsuit offering. Since 2014, the company has researched and produced premium-quality suits worn globally by water sports aficionados.

Being an aqua aerobics or water sports enthusiast, you will appreciate the Seaskin Shorty Wetsuit tailored for you. This piece of water sports clothing offers sufficient thickness via the three layers of diving fabrics used in its development. The Seaskin Shorty Wetsuit has close skin heating, giving you comfort, warmth, and softness. You surely will get the heat you need with this snug clothing when you are in the water in the coldest conditions.

Meanwhile, neoprene, the middle layer, gives you heat insulation, high scalability, and waterproof advantages. Finally, the Seaskin Shorty Wetsuit’s outer layer is nylon fabric, which makes this suit sturdy and highly elastic.

The impressive thickness of this wetsuit also provides you with the buoyancy and protection you need from the stings of marine organisms and other biological irritants. They include jellies and sea lice, abrasion, and harmful ultraviolet or UV exposure.

Moreover, the Seaskin Shorty Wetsuit is effortless to wear, thanks to the sturdy YKK front zipper. The flatlock stitched seams add more comfort and remarkable durability. The Seaskin Shorty Wetsuit is comfortably stretchable. These advantageous features of this wetsuit give you flexible movement and more enjoyment in the water.

Good quality materials
Some issues with the zipper
Warm and comfortable
Easy to wear

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#3. Seavenger 3-millimeter Odyssey Wetsuit with Sharkskin Chest  

Seavenger 3mm Odyssey Wetsuit with Sharkskin Chest


  1. Colors Available: Male: Black, Teal, Electric Blue, Female: Black, Coral, Teal, Navy Pink, Geometric Palm
  2. Sizes Available: Male: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, Female: 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15
  3. Material: Stretchy, 3-millimeter neoprene
  4. Designed for: Scuba diving, surfing
  5. Other features: Sharkskin chest panel, Anti-chafing seams, Extra-long leash, Athletic design

Suppose you want maximum comfort while scuba diving or snorkeling. Then, you should try the Seavenger 3-millimeter Odyssey Wetsuit with Sharkskin Chest. This product is among the best cheap wetsuits under $100 and has versions for men and women.

The manufacturer of the Seavenger 3-millimeter Odyssey Wetsuit with Sharkskin Chest utilized high-quality, super-stretchy, 3-millimeter neoprene for this wetsuit. Thus, your body gets insulated in temperate waters and stays comfortable during your water adventure.

Also, the Seavenger 3-millimeter Odyssey Wetsuit with Sharkskin Chest, which is perfect for 65-degree Fahrenheit temperature range, lets you freely and comfortably move without obstacles. It is easy to put on and delivers the flexible fit, thanks to the extra-extensive leash and gusseted YKK #10 zipper. Plus, the durable sharkskin chest adds extreme sturdiness to the Seavenger 3-millimeter Odyssey Wetsuit. This robust panel prevents rough wear and tear caused by bodyboards, surfboards, and many others.

The flatlock stitching makes the Seavenger 3-millimeter Odyssey Wetsuit with Sharkskin Chest very cozy to wear, laying smoothly against your skin. Plus, it does not cause skin irritation. The Seavenger 3-millimeter Odyssey Wetsuit with Sharkskin Chest also does not make your skin feel itchy, nor does it chafe or rub on it.

Furthermore, this super-stretchy wetsuit’s athletic design involves stretchable panels in the armpit and knees, making it ideal for triathlon use. The anti-abrasion knee and shoulder pads hold up against a buoyancy control device, or BCD, or a surfboard. You can wear this affordable yet premium-quality wetsuit alone. Also, for colder temperatures, you can have it layered under your drysuit.

Affordable, costing is under $100Not ideal for cold waters
Some sizing issues
Good fit

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#4. Hevto Shorty X-Men Wetsuits


  1. Colors Available: Grey
  2. Available Sizes: From Extra-Small (XS) to 3XL
  3. Material: 3-millimeter neoprene
  4. Designed for: Water sports, including scuba diving, surfing, swimming, diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, sailing, kiteboarding, kayaking, and wakeboarding
  5. Other features: Short sleeve, Back zipper, Flatlock stitching, 30-day money-back guarantee

If you want the comfortable and protective wetsuit with short sleeves, the Hevto Shorty X-Men Wetsuit is a favorable option with a price range of just about under $70. You will appreciate this clothing for water sports when you are engaging in swimming, scuba diving, surfing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, and many other water sports.

The Hevto Shorty X-Men Wetsuit is environmentally friendly, soft, healthy, and comfortable. Plus, this wetsuit made of elastic nylon fabric and 3-millimeter neoprene is skin-friendly. It is also elegant, with the neat and delicate flatlock stitching feature.

You can feel warm and snug with the short-sleeved wetsuit by Hevto. It helps you float quickly and relish your diving and swimming skills much faster. The Hevto Shorty X-Men Wetsuit is quite protective, and it is ideal for temperature ranges of 50 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you do not feel satisfied with your purchase, the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You merely need to send the product back to get your complete refund.

Allows easy movement
Odd neckline
Good sizes and fitting

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#5. Dark Lightning Premium CR Neoprene Wetsuit


  1. Colors Available: Male: Black and Navy Blue; Black and Dark Blue, Female: Blue, Black
  2. Sizes Available: Male: Includes Medium and XXL, Female: Includes 12 and 14
  3. Materials: 90 percent neoprene, 10 percent stretch nylon
  4. Designed for: Multi-water sports, including scuba diving
  5. Other features: One-piece suit, Available in men and women’s sizes, 30-day money-back guarantee

You can enjoy sheer warmth and comfort while playing with your favorite water sport if you purchase the Dark Lightning Premium CR Neoprene Wetsuit. This product is available for women and men.

The Dark Lightning Premium CR Neoprene Wetsuit is an item of full-body clothing in a 5/4 millimeter and 3/2 millimeter design. Also, this thermal piece of clothing is highly functional, and it is fashionable to wear. You can relish the freedom to engage in the water sports of your choice with the Dark Lightning Premium CR Neoprene Wetsuit in mildly cold conditions.

The 90-percent neoprene, 10-percent stretch nylon offers the required thickness and warmth you deserve. The Dark Lightning Premium CR Neoprene Wetsuit is ideal for water temperatures ranging from 44 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, you can select a larger size if you are taller and desire a new diving experience without a tight feeling.

The Dark Lightning Store also offers its customers 100-percent satisfaction through a 30-day unconditional return or refund policy. Plus, if you become Dark Lightning’s customer, you can get an extra six months warranty.

Good-quality materials
Some sizing issues

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#6. Hevto 3-millimeter Guardian Neoprene Full Wetsuits


  1. Material: 3-millimeter neoprene
  2. Designed for: Many water sports, including scuba diving, surfing, swimming, diving, surfing, sailing, snorkeling, wakeboarding, kayaking, paddle boarding, kiteboarding
  3. Other features: Long sleeves, Back zipper, 30-day refund guarantee

Hevto Guardian Full Wetsuits consist of the Goddess wetsuit for women and the Warrior wetsuit for men. These pieces of water sports clothing are best for water temperatures ranging from 50 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will not regret availing of the Hevto Guardian Full Wetsuit, whether you are an amateur, beginner, or professional water sports enthusiast. The manufacturer of this product utilized 3-millimeter neoprene material and elastic nylon fabric. Hence, you get a skin-friendly, healthy, comfortable, and soft wetsuit.

Besides, the Hevto Guardian Full Wetsuits for men and women feature flatlock stitching, which is both tidy and delicate. You can perfect your diving and swimming skills fast because this flexible full wetsuit ensures you feel warm and can float more effortlessly in the water.

If you do not feel satisfied with your purchase, the Hevto Guardian Full Wetsuit’s manufacturer offers a one-year warranty against defects. Plus, you can send the product back within one month or 30 days to get your complete refund.

Has zipper extension allowing self-zippingMinor customer complaints about with sizing or fitting
High-quality, thick material
Warm and comfortable

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#7. NeopSkin Wetsuit


  1. Colors Available: Male: Men’s Black / Aquamarine, Female: Women’s Black / Aquamarine
  2. Available Sizes: From XS to XXX-L
  3. Material: 90 percent, 2-millimeter neoprene; 10 percent nylon
  4. Designed for: Perfect for different kinds of water sports, including canoeing, surfing, diving, swimming, snorkeling, paddling, and so forth
  5. Other features: Four-thread flatlock stitch, Thumbholes , Stirrup foot straps, Back streamer zipper

Do you want comfort and style in your water sports adventures? Try the NeopSkin Wetsuit. This perfect present for water sports aficionados is among the best cheap wetsuits below $100. Also, it is available for both women and men.

The one-piece NeopSkin Wetsuit is comfortable and soft, thanks to the two-millimeter thick, premium-quality, and stretchy neoprene material, combined with super-elastic nylon fabric. You will enjoy your water sports with better insulation and long-time wearing in the water.

The NeopSkin Wetsuit has a sturdy, four-thread flatlock stitch. This advantage makes the wetsuit stretchy and flexible. Moreover, under the feet portion, the NeopSkin Wetsuit comprises stirrup foot straps. Therefore, while you wear your diving boots, your pant legs remain down.

The thumbholes on the sleeves prevent these wetsuit’s parts from bunching up during your time in the water. You do not need to feel anxious about getting your skin exposed at the ankle and wrist above your boots and gloves.

The NeopSkin Wetsuit is stylish and beautiful, thanks to its delicate lines from your legs to the waist. This feature entirely alters your body’s contour. Besides, NeopSkin Wetsuit is very convenient and effortless to wear. You do not need other people’s help when zipping it up and down due to its back streamer zipper. This benefit at the back of the full-body dive suit is a long strap on the zipper.

Furthermore, the NeopSkin Wetsuit is perfect for water temperature ranges of 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. It is highly protective that you do not need to feel anxious about cracking and getting irritated by biological elements, including coral reef, lice, and jellyfish.

Offers tremendous value for moneyIsolated customer complaint about a broken zipper
Durable, quality material
Warm and comfortable

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#8. Cressi Shorty Tortuga Wetsuit


  1. Colors Available: Black/Lilac; Black/Red
  2. Sizes Available: Male: X-Small to XXX-Large, Female: X-Small to XX-Large
  3. Material: 2.5-millimeter, premium nylon 2 neoprene
  4. Designed for: Perfect for tropical water sports, including diving, swimming, snorkeling, and sailing
  5. Other features: Back zipper closure with pull tab leash, Custom-fit with Velcro collar, Offers ultraviolet or UV protection,   12-month warranty

Male and female water sports fans will rejoice if they discover and buy the Cressi Shorty Tortuga Wetsuit. This piece of clothing for water activities offers tremendous durability and strength via the sewn suit seams. The manufacturer of the Cressi Shorty Tortuga Wetsuit utilized 2.5-millimeter nylon 2 neoprene, and it is ideal for use in tropical getaways and water sports.

Also, the Cressi Shorty Tortuga Wetsuit will protect you against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet or UV rays, sun exposure, and abrasion in the covered parts of your body. This one-piece Shorty Tortuga Wetsuit by Cressi features a hook-and-loop fastener collar you can adjust for more convenience in the water.

This affordable wetsuit is also effortless to wear, thanks to the back zipper closure that includes a pull tab leash. The Cressi Shorty Tortuga Wetsuit lets you move quickly and relish maximum comfort as you enjoy your favorite water sports.

Allows easy movement
Sizing runs small

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Our Favorite Cheap Wetsuit – COPOZZ Diving Skin

In this brief buying guide, the Copozz Diving Skin is the best wetsuit under $100. Wetsuits safeguard water sports enthusiasts from rough and cold waters, and with the Copozz Diving Skin, a high level of body protection is achievable.

Buyers can get the safety they need against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Plus, they can avoid the hazards posed by marine organisms such as bruises and stings. It is also easy to move around the water with this highly visible water sports clothing. The soft and ultra-stretchy Lycra spandex delivers tremendously. You can get the pure comfort and ventilation you need.

The super-cozy Copozz Diving Skin will also make you feel excited about the variety of options it features. You can select from the diverse hues and sizes available. It is also a favorable choice to use in various kinds of bodies of water and seasons. The snug, affordable, and secure Copozz Diving Skin is perfect for multiple water sports, including surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, and wakeboarding.

Plus, you will love wearing it when you go swimming, diving, jet-skiing, spearfishing, pedal boarding, and white water rafting. With protection and comfort as its main advantages, the Copozz Diving Skin is the ultimate wetsuit you should buy.

Buyer’s Guide to Cheap Wetsuits

A wetsuit is a significant part of having a successful and enjoyable water sports experience. Affordable wetsuit brands abound today. With this reality, you may find it challenging to choose the suitable one for you because of the overwhelming choices present. These wetsuits come in various prices, colors, sizes, construction materials, and many more.

You can have a stress-free shopping experience when you look for the best water sports clothing by learning about the following essential factors. They guide you on how you can make the right decision.

3 Essential Elements to Consider When Choosing the Best Cheap Wetsuit


Since you will be spending substantial amounts of time wearing the wetsuit, you should choose the one that makes you feel comfortable. When you try this piece of water sports clothing, you think that it is the best for your skin.

Heavy wetsuits unable to keep their wearers dry are things of the past and have gotten phased out already. Today, comfortable wetsuits are lightweight and soft. Manufacturers typically construct them using neoprene, a waterproof, and lightweight material. Their goal is to have the thinnest amount of neoprene and higher levels of warmth.

Thus, neoprene wetsuits let you stay warm in the water. Also, it does not allow you to get weighed down. You should remember that the higher the grade of neoprene, the warmer it would feel in your body.


Your wetsuit would be more comfortable if its zipper makes it easy for you to put the water sports clothing on and off your body. Remember that the longer the zipper’s length is, the easier it is for you to put the wetsuit on and off your physique.


As a budget-conscious water sports fan, you may want a wetsuit that does not put a dent on your finances. Affordable wetsuits under $100 are aplenty.

You do not have to feel inconvenienced with getting your time wasted in your search. Just look for the products rated with four to five stars and check the price to see if it is reasonable.


Choosing the best cheap wetsuits may be both exciting and challenging for you. You can experience the sheer thrill because of the wide variety of options you have in terms of colors, sizes, materials used, and so forth.

Shopping for affordable and high-quality wetsuits may also be a challenge since you have plenty of options. Selecting the best one can be difficult. Through the help of this buying guide, and understanding the significant factors to consider when shopping, purchasing the most affordable and premium-quality wetsuit is not a hassle. After all, you get to learn about the properties of the water sports clothing that matters.

Reading reviews and other buying guides help, too, since you learn about the advantages and disadvantages of availing water sports clothing. Hence, it pays to keep reading and staying informed so you can get the most affordable and high-quality wetsuit that suits you best.

Happy shopping for the best cheap wetsuits!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How much do cheap and expensive wetsuits cost?

In terms of the general price points of wetsuits, you can spend about $50 to $70 for the affordable ones. On the other hand, expensive wetsuits’ pricing can be in the neighborhood of $250 to $500.

Various determining factors impact the price of wetsuits. The level of water tightness, the wetsuit’s thickness, construction materials used and flexibility, and the intended purpose are some of these elements.

Q: What material do manufacturers use when creating wetsuits?

Wetsuit manufacturers use a blend of neoprene to produce water sports clothing.

Question: Is spending more on wetsuits worth it or not?

Since quality comes with paying more, the more you spend, the better wetsuit you get. Expensive wetsuits are typically thicker and made using the highest quality of neoprene. They are flexible, highly insulated, warmer, and more watertight.

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