Billabong Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off?

Billabong wetsuits have been around in the market for decades, one of the leading sports-based apparel brands in the world. The company provides an extended line of wetsuits, among others, catering to athletes and watersports enthusiasts in all ages and skill levels. The brand wetsuits are well-known for their top-notch quality materials and craftsmanship, backing it all up with industry-standard warranty service.

Wearing a wetsuit is a necessity, whether you are surfing during summer or the winter months. An ideal winter suit can keep you toasty against the hypothermia-inducing water temperature. Meanwhile, a top-quality summer suit can keep your skin from getting the dreaded sunburn at the end of the day.

Surfing, however, isn’t the only watersport where you need to wear a wetsuit. The Billabong brand offers a wide range of aquatic sports-based apparel that caters to divers, kayakers, paddleboarders, surf skiers, and many others.

Check out our Billabong wetsuits review for the brand’s all-time best-selling suits.

Top 10 Best Billabong Wetsuits Reviewed

If you are in the market for buying a top-quality wetsuit from a reputable and one of the oldest and leading brands in the industry, check out ten of the all-time favorites from Billabong.

  1. Billabong Furnace Absolute 4/3 GBS Wetsuit
  2. Billabong Absolute 2mm Short Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket
  3. Billabong Pro Series 1mm Long Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket
  4. Billabong 2mm Spring Fever Spring Suit 
  5. Billabong 4/3 Furnace Revolution Wetsuit
  6. Billabong Absolute Bibbed Hood 5/4 Full Wetsuit
  7. Billabong FOIL 3/2 Full Wetsuit
  8. Billabong 202 Revolution Reversible Wetsuit Jacket
  9. Billabong Sol Searcher Surf Suit
  10. Billabong Synergy 3/2 Full Wetsuit

#1. Billabong Furnace Absolute 4/3 GBS Wetsuit

Especially for surfers, getting maximum freedom of movement from your wetsuit is essential. In that case, you’ll need a suit made of extremely stretchy materials that follows your movement precisely, less drag and discomfort against your skin.

If an extremely stretchy and performance-based wetsuit is what you want, the Billabong Furnace Absolute 4/3 Surf Wetsuit is the best option in the market. The fabric used for this wetsuit provides 250% more stretch than any other wetsuit fabric, thanks to its Superlight Foam core. It clings to your body like a second skin, so there are no issues about the wetsuit restricting your motion while surfing.

Stretchiness aside, the Foam core also has impressive thermal retention. However, the real winner when it comes to providing warmth to your skin is the Superflex 250 Jersey material of the product. This fabric offers extra insulation and incredibly low water absorption, so there is no worry about the freezing water seeping inside.

The 4/3mm thickness of the wetsuit means it’s ideal for use in cold water with water temperature between 13 and 17 degrees Celsius. Aside from its impressive warmth, Furnace Revolution also comes with a double-knit jersey air pockets to offer maximum breathability and drainage.

Overall, it’s an exceptionally premium wetsuit that is lightweight, warm, and flexible, one of the most comfortable and advanced models from Billabong in a good price range.

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#2. Billabong Absolute 2mm Short Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket – Best for Performance

Even when surfing during the summer season or warmer months, the air temperature in the middle of the ocean can still be chilly, so is the water. Although it’s okay to leave the full wetsuit at home when you go surfing in summer, every seasoned surfer knows that protection is still necessary.

Billabong provides a wide range of wetsuits for use all-year-round. If you are looking for a functional and performance-based summer suit, the Absolute 2mm Short Sleeve Jacket is an excellent option.

The Absolute wetsuit series from Billabong features an impressive design that defines the best fit and function in wetsuits. The 2mm model, in particular, uses very light and thin material to keep you comfortable under the sun. It doesn’t feel too hot on your skin with its wind-resistant mesh panels at the chest and back. With your hands uncovered, you can keep them cooled down.

Using premium-quality Superflex 250 neoprene fabric, Billabong provides maximum stretch to this wetsuit. Also, it has strategically placed water-resistant seams for optimum comfort and boost in performance. They are also perfect designs for chafe-free surfing sessions, even extended ones.

More than that, the overall look of the wetsuit jacket is elegant and sporty. It has a cool and sleek design that fits every surfer’s style.

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#3. Billabong Pro Series 1mm Long Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket – Best for Flexibility

Sometimes, you need more flexibility and range of movement that what traditional wetsuit thickness can provide. While 3mm and 2mm wetsuits can offer a great amount of freedom of motion, nothing beats a 1mm-thick wetsuit, like the Pro Series Long Sleeve Jacket from Billabong. It’s the brand’s forefront when it comes to flexibility.

The wetsuit jacket uses 1mm thick Airlite Stretch Neoprene fabric that feels like you’re wearing air, ideal for use in warmer water temperatures. This neoprene material is exclusive to the brand, a combination of a smart foam and two jacquard jerseys laminated together. With these materials, what you get is a wetsuit that is extremely flexible and lightweight.

Everything about the design and construction of the Pro Series 1mm Wetsuit Jacket is to provide unprecedented flexibility. It uses a 3d panel shaping with minimal seams throughout the wetsuit. Also, Billabong used B-Lock Superflex stitch, a non-sealed stitch that is the most flexible option available.

If you are hoping for a restriction-free and ultimate performance-boosting surfing session, this long sleeve wetsuit is the perfect surf suit for you.

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#4. Billabong 2mm Spring Fever Spring Suit – Best for Women

You don’t have to settle for plain and boring wetsuits when you go surfing. You can be skillful in catching and riding waves and remains as stylish in the ocean. Especially for women who want their sense of style to come out while surfing, Billabong has a wide range of signature wetsuits to offer.

The 2mm Spring Fever Spring Suit from the brand features customized prints available in several options, allowing you to pick what fits your frame and style. Wearing this wetsuit line from Billabong will make you stand out in the sea for sure.

However, this pretty wetsuit isn’t only for the show. Billabong made sure that it comes with an impressive performance as well. This surf suit is all about function and comfort, designed using Graphene lining both on the front and back panels.

In terms of durability and security from water leakage, there is no issue in this Spring Suit. The seams feature bling-stitching with three layers of glue for a 100% seal.

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#5. Billabong 4/3 Furnace Revolution Wetsuit – Best Overall

Billabong has been creating top-quality wetsuits for decades, and it has some of the market’s old favorites. One of the brand’s great offers is the Heritage wetsuit collection. However, through the years, Billabong continues to innovate this classic design, making way for the newer and better 4/3 Furnace Revolution Wetsuit.

It’s a reborn Heritage wetsuit, backed by modern cutting-edge design and technology. This surf suit is exceptionally flexible and soft to the skin using 100% neoprene fabric. With a 4/3mm thickness, it comes with a rating for use in cold water with temperatures as low as 13 degrees Celsius.

Quality aside, the warmth you can get from this wetsuit is incredible. It features a Superlight Foam derived from upcycled tires, which appeals to eco-conscious surfers. The foam core is extremely lightweight and doesn’t restrict your movement, perfect for intense watersports like surfing. Aside from that, the foam core has impressive thermal retention so that you will feel toasty even during the cold season.

The Furnace Revolution wetsuit also comes with the all-time favorite features from classic Billabong surf suits, like the quick-dry lining. The panels both at the front and bag are also massive and seamless for less water absorption. Also, the new double-knit Jersey material used in all Furnace wetsuits is efficient in trapping body heat and for rapid drying.

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#6. Billabong Absolute Bibbed Hood 5/4 Full Wetsuit

The cold season shouldn’t stop you from having fun and an exciting day in the surf. Even during winter, the waves can be pretty exhilarating, something that many seasoned surfers want to experience. However, hypothermia, when surfing and swimming in icy water, is a real problem. If you decide to brave the waters during winter, you need to have the appropriate gear to keep yourself warm and protected.

With the full range of wetsuits from Billabong, they have choices of surf suits ideal for every season. Its best-selling winter suit is the Absolute Bibbed Hood 5/4 Full Wetsuit. The 5/4mm thickness of the wetsuit is enough to give you ample warmth and protection in cold water with temperature as low as nine degrees Celsius.

Plus, the full wetsuit comes with a free bibbed hood for extra chill-protection for your ears and head. The zipping system of the suit is also water-resistant, efficient in flushing out the cold water from entering the garment.

Another excellent feature of this wetsuit is its thermal fleece lining that is both extremely warm and lightweight. It tapers moisture from your skin while boosting the suit’s insulation. Plus, the 100% premium-quality AX2 Superflex neoprene fabric of the suit is incredibly stretchy, giving you maximum freedom of movement.

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#7. Billabong FOIL 3/2 Full Wetsuit

For the best performance in the surf, getting a well-fit and snug wetsuit is essential. The Foil wetsuit series by Billabong is top-notch in that aspect. This line of surf suits is one of the market’s best fitting apparel, available in a wide variety of sizes, allowing you to choose what best fits your frame.

The primary wetsuit material for this model is the same AX2 Superflex neoprene fabric from other highly stretchable Billabong wetsuits. This type of neoprene offers a four-way stretch and maximum functionality.

More than that, it’s incredibly warm and comfortable to the skin as well, thanks to its thermal lining made of Internal Hollow Fiber material at the chest and back panels.

The GBS seams also provide extra warmth and comfort. Another excellent addition to the advanced design and construction techniques of this wetsuit is the mesh paneling at the chest and back for wind resistance.

Overall, this wetsuit provides effective protection against water and wind, keeping you warm and secure throughout your surfing session. It’s also one of the best value-for-money options from Billabong’s wetsuit collection, perfect for both regular and pro surfers.

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#8. Billabong 202 Revolution Reversible Wetsuit Jacket

If you are looking for a suit that makes you stand out in the ocean, the 202 Revolution Reversible Wetsuit Jacket can do the job for you. It’s part of the Revolution wetsuit collection from Billabong, the reborn series of its classic and all-time favorite Heritage wetsuits.

This wetsuit jacket features a minimalistic approach in providing you with a functional garment without compromising aesthetics. It’s one of the sleek and coolest wetsuit jackets you can find. With its reversible design, you get two awesome-looking wetsuits at the price of one. It has a printed side and a solid- color blocking reverse.

Aside from style, this wetsuit jacket for men is also all about quality in design and craftsmanship. It uses an AX2 premium-quality neoprene that is extremely stretchy. Although the wetsuit is much thicker with two sides taped together, it’s still lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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#9. Billabong Sol Searcher Surf Suit

Especially for stylish surfers who want to stand out while they are trying to ride waves, there’s no reason to forgo getting a pretty wetsuit for the day. Billabong has an impressive collection of fancy surf suits for women.

The Sol Searcher wetsuit collection of the brand features two contrasting colors, giving you a bit additional color to stand out while in the ocean. However, this surf suit is not only about the style. Billabong made sure that all its products offer maximum functionality for surfers of all levels and skills.

As much as the Sol Searcher Surf Suit is stylish, it’s also efficient in protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. This piece features an SPF 50 sun protection so you can avoid getting that dreaded sunburn at the end of the day. With enough shield from the sun, even extended surfing sessions remain comfortable and fun.

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#10. Billabong Synergy 3/2 Full Wetsuit

Form and function are essential for the best quality suit, and you can get both from the Billabong Synergy 3/2 Full Wetsuit. It has superior quality from its Superflux neoprene fabric that offers maximum stretchiness and comfort in the ocean.

The wetsuit’s seams also come with optimum water resistance, keeping you warm, thanks to its glued and blind-stitched construction. It keeps the water away from entering the suit. Plus, Billabong added exclusive style lines and curved panels on this model, making this extremely warm wetsuit flexible and stylish.

The 3/2mm wetsuit is ideal to use in tropical weather when the water temperature is between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius.

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Things to Look for When Buying Billabong Wetsuits

Wetsuits come in varying styles, sizes, thicknesses, and ideal use. Check out this buying guide first before purchasing to make sure you’re getting one that best fits your needs and preferences.

Wetsuit Type

Billabong offers a wide range of wetsuits in different types and styles. Each has its advantages and drawbacks, with some wetsuits ideal for summer use, while others are more appropriate during winter.

For example, a full wetsuit offers coverage and protection for the entire body, which is perfect for cold water surfing sessions. On the other hand, a spring suit or a shorty wetsuit is ideal when you don’t require maximum warmth, like surfing during the summer.

When it comes to wetsuit type, choose one based on when or the season and temperature, you are most likely going to use it.

Thickness and Temperature Rating

Another feature that differs specific Billabong wetsuit models from others is their material thickness. When it comes to wetsuit thickness, the general rule is the thicker the fabric is, the warmer it will be.

Wetsuits that are 4mm thick are more provides better insulation, ideal for use in cold water temperature. Meanwhile, surf suits that are 3mm thick or less are breathable and less warm, perfect for summer surfing adventures.

Zipping System

The zipping system for Billabong wetsuits can differ from one model to the other. Three common choices are back-zip, front-zip, and zip-less wetsuits. There is no better zipping system than the other, and choosing this option will primarily depend on what is more convenient for you or your preference.

Stitching and Seams

Stitching and sealing in seams are crucial for wetsuits. Both features make the difference for a surf suit, especially in terms of durability and its efficiency in preventing water seepage. The most important thing to look out for in stitching and seams is how watertight they are.

Brand Sizing Guide

Selecting the right size of a surf suit is crucial for finding what is most comfortable for you, especially in extended surfing sessions. You should always choose a wetsuit that fits snuggly on your body. Otherwise, you’ll have an uncomfortable experience while surfing.

Getting a surf suit that is smaller than your frame is limiting and uncomfortable, compromising your performance. Meanwhile, a wetsuit that is too large will flush water inside it.

If you are getting a Billabong wetsuit, make sure to use the brand’s sizing guide, and some brands can have different size guidelines.

Billabong Wetsuits: Company & History

Since 1969, Billabong committed to manufacturing sports-oriented apparel that will help boost every athlete’s performance. The clothing manufacturing giant started with boardshorts and widened its range to manufacture varying top-quality clothing for the ocean and mountain lovers worldwide.

The Billabong brand, especially its massive collection of cutting-edge wetsuits, has worldwide recognition for its premium-quality materials, prints, and ever-changing technology. Aside from wetsuits, Billabong also provides a wide variety of all types and styles of lifestyle apparel, including snow outerwear.


Billabong has been in the apparel business for years. It’s now one of the leading brands in the industry, continually designing, creating, and innovating top-quality wetsuits that novice and pro surfers and athletes use.

If you are in the market for a top-quality wetsuit from a top-rated designer and manufacturer, out Billabong wetsuits review should help you make a well-informed purchase.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do Billabong wetsuits have a warranty? How long?

All Billabong wetsuits come guaranteed with a 2-year warranty period or 12 months from the item’s purchase. It covers quality defects and incorrect materials. However, the brand reserves the right to evaluate if the warranty claim is acceptable.

Q: How long does Billabong ship custom products?

Orders of custom products from Billabong will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of purchase. However, it takes four to five weeks for the product to get shipped to your address.

Q: What is the best Billabong wetsuit for general watersports?

All Billabong wetsuits are excellent in all types of watersports, especially its performance-based line like the Furnace wetsuits. However, the primary feature you need to consider in buying one is the season when you are most likely going into the ocean. Get a thicker surf suit if you are planning for winter watersports and a thin wetsuit for summer use.

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