BZ Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

Surfing the waves can be an exhilarating experience, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced surfer. Nothing beats the feeling of chilling under the sun while feeling the waves take you for a ride. It is crucial to have the right equipment if you’re just about to begin bodyboarding or surfing. BZ offers a wide range of surfboards, bodyboards, and skimboards. They have a good selection of products that can serve surfers with different skills and capabilities.

When you purchase a BZ board, you can expect distinct elements found in their product designs, aesthetics, and functionality. BZ products are lightweight and durable, and when you read the reviews below, you’ll know what exactly makes their boards among the top products in the market. Indeed, you’re sure to get your money’s worth with all the fun and excitement you’re going to have while riding a BZ bodyboard or surfboard.

Top BZ Surfboards Reviewed

  1. BZ T-10 Bodyboard
  2. BZ Pro Bodyboard
  3. BZ Soft Top Surfboard 7′
  4. BZ 8-foot EPS Surfboard – Squash Tail Shape, PU Leash, and Three-Fin Setup
  5. Fiberglass Skim Board 48″
  6. BZ Bodyboard – Fundamental
  7. Ripper Soft Top Surfboard 6′
  8. Advantage Bodyboard
  9. Accessories – Travel Board Bag

1. BZ T-10 Bodyboard

BZ Surfboards T-10 Bodyboard

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If you want to try something aside from surfing big waves, you can try to ride it using a bodyboard. You’ll need a suitable one, and BZ has something to offer, like the BZ T-10 Bodyboard. 

It’s available in two sizes, 40 inches, and 42 inches. It’s shorter than the Fiberglass Skimboard, but it makes sure you’re getting the best when it comes to control and stability. It doesn’t come with a mesh, yet the 8-pound deck will make sure you stand with full comfort as you glide on little waves. 

This board comes with an RCS Single Stringer, and it comes from a premium-quality of PE core with an HDPE slick advantage. Customers admire it because it guarantees excellent durability and performance.

Aside from that, it also features pin-stripes and a crescent tail, which is the reason behind this board’s agility. Plus, it’s lightweight as well, which makes it easier to control at any speed. 

When it comes to style, this board is available in three designs that match the beach vibe. It’s available in Black/White/Orange, Yellow/Pink/Silver, or Light Blue/Navy/Fluro Green. Also, it features a minimalistic look, which is pleasing to the eyes. 

2. BZ Pro Bodyboard

BZ Surfboards Pro Bodyboard

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If you’re looking for a new experience, you should check out the BZ Pro Bodyboard. This board will get you into bodyboarding more because it’s easier to ride than surfboards. The crescent tail feature boosts its speed along waves by the shore. Also, it comes with Surlyn-slick bulbs and a tailpiece.

BZ assures its sturdiness as the deck features an 8LB H-Cell advantage. It provides exceptional comfort as you ride it because of its Zero-G Polypro. Plus, the inclusive Tru-Flex Mesh makes it more favorable to users.

You can select the size that suits your skills, such as 40 inches, 41 inches, or 42 inches. It even has different styles available, which users love because they can select the color combination they want. It’s also available in Grey/Black/Orange, Emerald/Black/Fluro Green, or Red/White/Electric Blue.

Maneuverability is one of its edges because it enhances the skills of surfers. It only weighs 7 pounds, which makes it easier to control at any wave size. It’s not weighty, which users find comfier to bring anytime or anywhere.

3. BZ – Soft Top Surfboard 7 feet

BZ Surfboards – Soft Top Surfboard 7 feet

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  • Dimensions: 7 feet x 21.63 inches x 3.56 inches
  • Construction: Polystyrene (EPS) Core
  • Tail: Squash tail
  • Fin System: FCS Tri-fin setup
  • Fins Included: Yes
  • Other inclusions: Fin key and leash
  • Great For: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

BZ’s 7-foot, soft-top surfboard features a graphic artwork titled “Eye Ball” on its deck. This board also has a bright white bottom slick made of high-density polyethylene, the same one installed in their EPS surfboard. All of BZ’s surfboards use the same materials, so there’s not much variation in terms of unique features and performance.

This board has the same HDPE slick, EPS core, and squash tail, as well as the FCS tri-fin system. Again, much like the brand’s other surfboards, this product is suitable for any skill level but works best with surfers who have a lighter weight. The board isn’t performance-oriented, but it does deliver a smooth-riding experience whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate surfer, or a surfing pro.

Provides excellent stability and maneuverabilityNot the best when it comes to performance
Suitable for any skill level
Not advisable for heavier surfers

4. BZ – 8-foot EPS Surfboard – Squash Tail Shape, PU Leash, and Three-Fin Setup

BZ Surfboards – 8-foot EPS Surfboard – Squash Tail Shape, PU Leash, and Three-Fin Setup


  • Dimensions: 8 feet x 23.25 inches x 3.94 inches
  • Construction: Polystyrene (EPS) Core
  • Tail: Squash tail
  • Fin System: FCS Tri-fin setup
  • Fins Included: Yes
  • Other inclusions: Fin key and leash
  • Great For: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

This 8-foot, soft-top, EPS surfboard stands distinctly with what’s called a “So Cal contrast” graphic on its deck. It also features a clear, white bottom slick made of high-density polyethylene. The surfboard’s squash tail gives riders excellent stability and maneuverability in most conditions. At the same time, the EPS core provides fantastic buoyancy and ample flex, making it ideal for any surfer regardless of skill level.

However, given the slick’s highly dense material, the board is best for riders who are lighter in weight. This precaution prevents the board from getting under too much pressure. Nevertheless, any type of surfer can use this product. Advanced surfers can also use this board to do unique tricks or maneuvers.

Provides excellent stability and maneuverabilityMay not be able to accommodate heavier-set surfers
Suitable for surfers of varying skill levels

5. BZ – Fiberglass Skim Board 48 inches

BZ Surfboards – Fiberglass Skim Board 48 inches

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  • Dimensions: 8 feet x 23.25 inches x 3.94 inches
  • Construction: Compression-molded, Foam core with reinforced top and base
  • Fin System: Single Skim fin (removable)
  • Fins Included: Yes
  • Other inclusions: Diamond CT EVA Pad with kicktail
  • Great For: Intermediate

Using the right equipment will make getting the hang of things more doable if you’re looking to explore skimboarding. BZ’s expertise in creating top-notch bodyboards made it possible for them to produce an equally excellent skimboard. The BZ Fiberglass Skim Board is an excellent addition to their line of high-quality products, and it should be a part of any skimboarder’s arsenal.

The skimboard itself features an ultra-wide kicktail that helps deliver speed and stability. It is also quite forgiving to riders regardless of riding conditions. Fiberglass skimboards are also lighter compared to wooden boards. It performs well across sand and water, making it a fun companion while hitting the waves or doing tricks. You can use it to showcase your 360 and Shuvit skimboard tricks.

Provides excellent stability and lots of speedCan be easily dented given its fiberglass construction
Great for doing tricks

6. BZ Bodyboard – Fundamental

BZ Surfboards Bodyboard - Fundamental


  • Available in 42 inches and 43 inches
  • Zero-G Polypro Core
  • 8-pound H-Cell with Contoured Deck
  • Surlyn Slick
  • Tru-Flex Mesh
  • VFS Single Stringer
  • Special Features: Slick Bulbs, Deck Bulbs, Crescent Tail
  • Channels: Yes

The Fundamental Body Board is BZ’s offering for advanced riders. It features a narrow template that’s perfect for doing pocket maneuvers and handling massive waves. Its Zero-G Polypro core uses a blend of high-quality polypropylene materials that makes the board’s core 100% waterproof and extremely lightweight.

The 8-pound H-cell polyethylene deck uses a material that’s been a longstanding industry standard. With that said, this bodyboard can withstand everyday wear-and-tear, and last you a long time. This Fundamental is the perfect riding equipment if you’re the type who likes showing off with crazy maneuvers.

Extremely lightweight and 100% waterproofNot advisable for beginners
Perfect for handling big waves

7. BZ – Ripper Soft Top Surfboard 6 feet

BZ Surfboards – Ripper Soft Top Surfboard 6 feet


  • Dimensions: 6 feet x 20.88 inches x 3.13 inches
  • Construction: Polystyrene (EPS) Core, HDPE Slick
  • Tail: Squash tail
  • Fin System: FCS Tri-fin setup
  • Fins Included: Yes
  • Other inclusions: Fin key and leash
  • Great For: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

If you’re into bright-colored and vibrant graphics, this bodyboard will easily catch your eye. Complementing the deck’s flashy colors is a thin white bottom slick made of high-density polyethylene. Such a feature makes this board perfect for beginners. However, it works best with riders who aren’t heavy-set, as too much weight adds unnecessary pressure to the board.

BZ’s surfboards aren’t performance boards. However, they get the job done by providing a stable and maneuverable surface that riders of any skill level can handle.  More experienced surfers can take advantage of this feature when going for radical moves and tricks. Overall, this board is excellent for having a chill but fun weekend surf session.

An excellent choice for beginnersNot the best choice if you’re seeking a performance-oriented board
Has an eye-catching aesthetic
Not suitable for heavy-set surfers

8. BZ – Advantage Bodyboard

BZ Surfboards – Advantage Bodyboard


  • Available in 36 inches and 42.5 inches
  • EPS Core
  • 8-pound Green Cell Deck
  • HDPE Slick
  • No Mesh
  • No Stringers
  • Special Features: Leash, Graphic Slick, Crescent Tail
  • Channels: Yes

The Advantage bodyboard is one of the most affordable products from BZ’s product line. It is an excellent board that’s most suitable for surfers weighing less than 125 pounds. If your kids are interested in water activities, then this product is something that they can use to explore bodyboarding. It may even widen their interest in surfing.

However, it is not advisable to go beyond the recommended weight limit since this board has no stringers. It won’t stand well against heavier loads. It does have an EPS core that gives it enough flex and buoyancy that allows great riding no matter what skill level you possess.

Can accommodate riders at any skill levelCan't withstand weights more than 125 pounds
An excellent fit for kidsDoesn’t have any stringers

9. BZ – Accessories – Travel Board Bag

BZ Surfboards – Accessories – Travel Board Bag

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  • Board Capacity: Two Boards
  • Has three internal pockets for additional storage
  • Comes with side handles
  • Has Detachable shoulder straps
  • Features plastic travel wheels
  • Comes with a padded panel to separate accessories and boards
  • Has double zippers for padlocking
  • Has padding for secure travel

Besides their bodyboards and surfboards, BZ has a line of accessories, including leashes and luggage. Currently, the company has one travel bag with excellent and useful features that include ample pockets, straps, and paddings. Lugging bodyboards can be tedious, especially when traveling long distances, but this bag can accommodate two boards at once. There are also enough pockets to ensure your other accessories are safe and organized.

An even more delightful feature is the two plastic travel wheels that allow you to transport your boards without carrying them. This functional feature is excellent when you’re in a hurry or have several pieces of luggage. Alternatively, the bag has detachable shoulder straps that you can use if you don’t prefer pulling luggage.

Makes transporting bodyboards easierNot much variety when it comes to color and design
Has lots of room for storage
Doesn’t have any stringers

BZ Surfboards – About the Company

BZ Surfboards began with a surfer named Bobby Szabad, who got his start working for Tom Morey, a well-known surfer, and inventor of the first-ever bodyboard. Bobby worked as one of Morey’s factory workers and Morey Boogie team riders. Although he was already head of the company’s production department, he decided to leave Morey’s to pursue his own company, which he named BZ. Today, his brand is known as one of the top producers of top-of-the-line boards in the market.

BZ Surfboards made a name in the surfing industry by creating superb products. Although they have a line of excellent surfboards, the company is well-known for producing a world-class range of bodyboards. Their boards are ideal for beginners and businesses like surf schools or rentals that require a considerable volume of quality boards.

Throughout BZ’s full range of products, you can expect consistent quality and variety. Their products may currently be limited to bodyboards, surfboards, and a few accessories, but all their products maintain the highest quality. Their prices also range from affordable to moderately expensive, so there’s no reason why a surfer won’t be able to get a BZ board.

Getting the Best BZ Board – Buyers Guide to Consider

As you look for an exceptional board to use on any wave conditions, you need to know what kind of board you need. Also, you have to determine whether you need a typical-sized surfboard or a shorter one. Here’s a quick guide to buying the best BZ board. 

Surfboard vs. Skimboard vs. Bodyboards

BZ offers these three board types, so you need to buy the type for the activity where you need it. Are you surfing? Are you giving bodyboarding or skimboarding a try? If you have some confusion about these three, here’s something that might help you: 


Surfboards are very common, and most people know how to use them. These are between 5 feet to 12 feet in length. Plus, you’ll find various types, such as Soft Top, Fish, Shortboard, and Longboard surfboards

These may have different types and shapes, yet the only similar thing is that you need to wait for waves before standing and gliding. 

The best entries of BZ for surfboards are the BZ 6ft Ripper Soft Top and BZ 7ft Soft Top Surfboards. 


Skimboarding is not very popular with a lot of surfers. However, it’s an exciting water activity because you need to come from the shore to meet an approaching wave and glide back. Also, these boards don’t require fins, and they are shorter than surfboards by length. 

In skimboarding, you’ll need speed while running, as well as exceptional balancing skills. It’s not as easy as typical surfing, yet it’s fun. Also, most sizes range from 40 inches to 45 inches. 

BZ is famous for its unique skimboards, such as the BZ Pro and BZ Fiberglass Skimboard 48″. 


Bodyboards can be smaller than skimboards as these range from 33 inches to 46 inches. Some don’t come with fins, while other surfers add these for propelling. It’s an excellent way to start practicing your balancing skills on the water. 

If you need reliable bodyboards, some of BZ’s best boards are the BZ Pro and BZ T-10 bodyboards.


Overall, there are many factors why BZ Surfboards are one of the top choices in the market. Their boards consistently feature dual maple wood stringers integrated with a highly durable PH core. The said stringers fortify the boards, preventing them from breaking or snapping due to constant use. It’s also what gives BZ boards a reliable and stable ride.

Most of BZ’s products feature the same unique features when it comes to board construction. Their boards possess elements that provide excellent stability, buoyancy, and maneuverability. Incorporating a squash tail into their designs make their products versatile and accessible to all surfers, in any type of condition.

More importantly, BZ surfboards are incredibly resilient. They have the capacity to withstand constant wear and tear, so you won’t have to worry about spending your precious time and money on repairs or replacements. You can even bounce them off the ground, surf right onto the shore, or drop them accidentally. Their durable materials give their boards the capacity to endure constant use for a long time.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: Who started BZ?

Surfer Bobby Szabad started working at Tom Morey’s factory (inventor of the bodyboard) and decided to leave Morey’s company to start his own company.

Q: What does BZ produce?

BZ produces a world-class range of bodyboards, and excellent surfboards, as well as a number of accessories for both. Most of their products incorporate a squash tail, so they’re accessible to pretty much any surfer.

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