Quiksilver Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off?

Quiksilver wetsuits are one of the all-time favorites of athletes and many watersports enthusiasts for decades. The manufacturer is one of the original surf brands in the industry, now holding a long history of creating and designing innovative products specifically for use in the water.

A quality wetsuit is essential for every athlete, especially for surfers, and Quiksilver knows that. Although the brand’s wetsuit collection is excellent for all types of watersports and at all levels, Quiksilver primarily designs and innovates quality wetsuits for surfers.

From cold weather during the winter to warm and sunny summer months, Quiksilver provides a wide variety of neoprene wetsuits that offers maximum protection and comfort. The brand’s designs are also varied to fit all styles and preferences.

Our Quiksilver wetsuits review will guide you through the brand’s all-time favorites if you are in the market to buy top-quality surfing apparel from a well-known brand.

Top 8 Best Quiksilver Wetsuits Reviewed

Check out this review of eight of the best-selling and high-end wetsuits from Quiksilver and find what best fits your surfing style and needs.

  1. Quiksilver 3/2mm Syncro Plus Full Wetsuit
  2. Quiksilver 4/3mm Highline Zipper-Less Full Wetsuit
  3. Quiksilver 4/3mm Syncro Full Wetsuit
  4. Quiksilver 2/2mm Syncro Short Sleeve Springsuit
  5. Quiksilver 5/4/3mm Syncro Plus Full Wetsuit
  6. Quiksilver 1mm Syncro Wetsuit Top
  7. Quiksilver 6/5/4mm Highline Plus Hooded Full Wetsuit
  8. Quiksilver 2mm Syncro Junior’s Shorty

1. Quiksilver 3/2mm Syncro Plus Full Wetsuit

Quiksilver 3/2mm Syncro Plus Full Wetsuit

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Quiksilver is one of the oldest surf brands worldwide and it designed some of the cutting-edge wetsuits in the market. One of the brand’s longest-running wetsuit collections is the Syncro series. It became Quiksilver’s top-selling wetsuit model year after year, and it’s not surprising why.

The Quiksilver Syncro Plus Full Wetsuit features all the quality and features you need for optimum protection from the elements. The wetsuit material that Quiksilver used for this model is top-quality F’n LITE neoprene fabric. Compared to petroleum-based neoprene from other brands, Quiksilver utilized air-cell-rich limestone, which provides more warmth without added weight. Because of that, this Synchro Plus remains light on the skin, especially with its 3/2mm thickness.

You won’t have a problem feeling the chill from cold air and water temperature when you wear this wetsuit. It has the latest design technology to keep you warm throughout your surfing session. For example, the lining of the wetsuit features WarmFlight Far-Infrared thermal technology. There is also a Thermal Smoothie panel that repels water and air to keep you even warmer.

However, that’s not all you’ll get from this best-selling wetsuit from Quiksilver. It has Liquid Flex Seal as well, making sure there’s zero leakage. The taped seams are another reason this wetsuit is exceptionally comfortable to wear, smooth to the skin, and doesn’t cause any itchiness when worn.

Flexibility is also not an issue with this wetsuit. Before taping, the seams got their maximum stretch from the blind stitches and a layer of glue.

Overall, Quiksilver got their design right with the Syncro Plus wetsuit, perfect for adventure-seeking individuals.

2. Quiksilver 4/3mm Highline Zipper-Less Full Wetsuit

Quiksilver 4/3mm Highline Zipper-Less Full Wetsuit

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Another wetsuit line from Quiksilver that a lot of watersports novices and pros rave about is the Highline collection. It’s another series of Quiksilver wetsuits that boasts quality materials and craftsmanship.

The 4/3mm Highline Zipper-Less Full Suit model, in particular, comes with an impressive list of features. It has a thicker 4mm material, suitable for use in cold water temperatures between 11 to 14 degrees Celsius. This Highline model is an excellent option if you are looking for a perfect wetsuit to use for winter surfing.

Like other Quiksilver wetsuits, this product uses the same F’n LITE neoprene material based on limestone for lightweight warmth. However, the best insulation feature of this wetsuit is its smooth thermal fleece lining with WarmFlight technology. It does an efficient job of keeping the chilly air and water out and the body heat inside.

Aside from incredible warmth, this Highline full wetsuit also gives you a sleek and impressive design. The wetsuit features a stitch-less technology, giving it a flawless finish. Without the holes from the stitches, the wetsuit also has optimum water resistance. Combine all that with blind stitched and glued seams, and you’ll get surfing apparel that prevents water entry 100%.

The zipperless design of this wetsuit gives you a lot of advantages as well. Without that large zip enclosure, the suit is considerably lighter and more flexible, giving you more freedom to move.

3. Quiksilver 4/3mm Syncro Full Wetsuit

Quiksilver 4/3mm Syncro Full Wetsuit

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Surfing during the cold weather is now possible, thanks to the innovative wetsuits from Quiksilver that provide maximum warmth. If you are planning to brave the winter waters for a fun and exciting surfing session, getting a thicker wetsuit is essential. A 4/3mm surfing suit can provide you with enough warmth for hours in the cold ocean.

Similar to the Highline wetsuit, this Syncro Full wetsuit from Quiksilver features a much thicker material at 4/3mm. It’s ideal for use in cold water with a temperature between 11 to 14 degrees Celsius. There are also WarmFlight Far-Infrared panels on the chest and back for extra warmth. However, aside from providing warmth, this Syncro model ensures that you get maximum performance from it.

For extreme watersports like surfing, your wetsuit must be stretchy enough to give you a full range of movement. The neoprene fabric that Quiksilver used for this wetsuit has 100% StretchFlight technology, making it two times more stretchy than other wetsuit fabrics. Hence, using this wetsuit is like wearing a second skin without being too tight. It gives you a lot of freedom to move and chase the waves.

Quiksilver doesn’t take the quality of their wetsuit products for granted, so you can make sure that the one you get will last long under normal use. The brand incorporated features on the wetsuit to make it more durable and stronger, such as the glued and blind-stitched seams with tape sealants on critical parts.

4. Quiksilver 2/2mm Syncro Short Sleeve Springsuit

Quiksilver 2/2mm Syncro Short Sleeve Springsuit

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Full wetsuits may be essential when the weather is too cold. However, donning a full suit during the summer or warmer months can be a bit too hot on the inside. That is where spring suits come in. It has less fabric clinging to your skin, giving you warmth only where it’s necessary.

Quiksilver offers different styles for its wetsuit collection, and one of the top choices for summer use is its Syncro Short Sleeve Spring Suit. It’s another model from the Syncro series, which is not surprising as it’s the flagship collection of the brand.

This wetsuit, in particular, only covers your upper arms, body, and your thighs. It has a thinner fabric at 2mm, which is perfect for use if you want to surf during the summer.

It’s thin enough to protect you from harmful UV rays to avoid sunburns without keeping you too warm. The more lightweight material also means it’s softer to wear in water temperatures between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius.

This wetsuit uses the same high-quality F’n LITE neoprene fabric from other Quiksilver products. It has flatlock seams for maximum air and water resistance. Also, the wetsuit comes with a Hydrowrap enclosure at the neck that is easy to adjust for a perfect fit and extra protection.

5. Quiksilver 5/4/3mm Syncro Plus Full Wetsuit

Quiksilver 5/4/3mm Syncro Plus Full Wetsuit

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Quiksilver understands the need for surfers to have the appropriate apparel to protect them all year round. After all, surfing is not only something you can enjoy during the summer. You can chase the waves even during the cold winter season now or if you happen to visit great surfing spots in Canada.

It is why Quiksilver offers a line of wetsuits with enough thickness to protect you in freezing water. With the 5/4/3mm Syncro Plus Full Wetsuit, you’ll feel toasty and comfortable even in water temperatures as low as nine degrees Celsius.

The warm features of this wetsuit are due to several innovative designs that Quiksilver used to create this product. For one, it features the light but warm F’n LITE neoprene fabric. The lining on the back and chest panels comes with WarmFlight Far-Infrared thermal technology for efficient heat retention. There is also Thermal Smoothie that repels wind and cold water from entering the suit.

Surfing can be an intense sport, especially for the pros riding massive waves. However, there’s no issue with leaking when using this Syncro wetsuit. It has glued and blind-stitched seams with Liquid Flex Seal tapes for zero leakage.

It’s a great suit overall, perfect for braving the waters even during the cold season.

6. Quiksilver 1mm Syncro Wetsuit Top

Quiksilver 1mm Syncro Wetsuit Top

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Summer is usually the best season to go surfing. A dip in the ocean and riding waves can be excellent ways to ward off the heat. During the warm season, wearing a full wetsuit can be too hot to handle. Some surfers go for sleeveless shirts, but when the sun is too high, you may need better protection than that.

With decades of being in the business, Quiksilver understands the needs of surfers. That includes the necessity of having enough protection against the sun during summer without wearing something too thick and too warm. Hence, the 1mm Syncro wetsuit top, is suitable for a water temperature between 21 to 23 degrees Celsius. It’s thin enough that wearing the suit is lightweight and still breathable.

However, with its long-sleeve design, you get ample protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

And while you might think that it’s low-quality because of its thinness, you’re wrong. Quiksilver included excellent features to make this product as high-quality as its other wetsuits. This surf shirt has coil B-Lock stitched seams to give you more flexibility and freedom of movement. The flatlock seams are also soft, strong, and durable for long-lasting use.

7. Quiksilver 6/5/4mm Highline Plus Hooded Full Wetsuit

Quiksilver 6/5/4mm Highline Plus Hooded Full Wetsuit

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If the 5mm thick wetsuit from Quiksilver doesn’t provide enough warmth and protection against the chilly air and water temperature for you, the brand has a much thicker model to offer. Its Highline Plus Hooded Full Wetsuit comes in a 6/5/4mm thickness. It is suitable for use in frigid water with temperatures as low as eight degrees Celsius.

Unless the water temperature turns negative during winter, you can still use this wetsuit and get enough protection, so you don’t experience hypothermia. The full wetsuit can provide your entire body with enough warmth, including your neck, ears, and head, thanks to its hooded design.

It has the same features that give other Quiksilver wetsuits their warmth and efficient insulation. Like the WarmFlight Infrared x2 Thermal lining and Thermal Smoothie on the back and chest panels.

However, this wetsuit features the latest version of the fabric that Quicksilver uses for its other products, the F’n LITE 2 neoprene. It includes a new surface texture that provides the wetsuit with quick-drying capabilities.

Another excellent feature of this wetsuit is the Flush Lock 2.0 Stretch seals on both the ankles and wrists to prevent flushing. There are also lightweight, flexible, and durable Ecto-Flex knee pads for added protection.

8. Quiksilver 2mm Syncro Junior’s Shorty

Quiksilver 2mm Syncro Junior’s Shorty

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Surfing is for all ages, and Quiksilver knows that. Hence, the brand designs and innovates surf apparel to fit all types of athletes and watersports lovers of all ages. Quiksilver has a Junior collection of high-quality wetsuits, like the 2mm Syncro Junior’s Shorty.

This Shorty Spring Suit is ideal to use for kids during the summer when they want to learn how to surf. The 2mm suit comes rated for use in water temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius. It’s thin enough for a lightweight and comfortable fit, thanks to its 100% SuperStretch neoprene fabric, giving you maximum freedom of movement.

The wetsuit is also extremely easy to wear and take off with its full-length zipping system at the back. Plus, it has flatlock stitched seams that are durable and resistant to air and water so that the kids will stay warm and comfortable throughout their surfing session.

Things to Look for When Buying Quiksilver Wetsuits

Not all wetsuits are the same; some are ideal for use in cold weather, while others are for the warm season. They can also differ in style and features it has.

To make shopping for the best Quiksilver wetsuit easier for you, here are some things you need to look out for before you buy one.

Wetsuit Fabric

Wetsuits can come in different materials, but the most common is neoprene. It’s also the high-end fabric for surfing suits, and you should never settle for anything else. Quiksilver wetsuits use neoprene for all their wetsuits as well, but it comes from limestone instead of petroleum-based like others. Hence, it’s much warmer but lighter. This type of neoprene material is also extremely durable and flexible.

Fit & Durability

The best wetsuit should fit your body like a second skin without being too tight. Otherwise, it can be uncomfortable to wear, especially for an extended time.

Do keep in mind that brands have different sizing guidelines, so it’s essential that you check out Quiksilver’s size guide, and base your purchase on that. Getting a wetsuit that perfectly fits your frame is vital, especially if you want to surf better.

Stitching & Seams

Properly stitched and sealed seams are essential in keeping the water out of the wetsuit. Additional sealing in critical areas of the wetsuit is also crucial to avoid leakage.

Quiksilver Wetsuits: Company & History

The Quiksilver brand started in 1969 in Australia. It began by manufacturing board shorts to becoming one of the massive and prestigious apparel manufacturers, not only in the country but worldwide.

Quiksilver hopes to elevate the lifestyle of all athletes, especially surfers, by providing top-notch quality products to fit the demanding outdoor sports lifestyle.


Quiksilver is one of the famous and well-established brands in the surf community. It started in Australia, but the business earned worldwide success for its high-quality wetsuits with cutting-edge features.

Quiksilver provides neoprene wetsuits that are better than most other brands, and more affordable options as well. The Syncro series, in particular, is the brand’s top-selling line and a favorite of both novice and pro surfers. They are available in a wide array of styles, sizes, and thicknesses.

With many choices available, our Quiksilver wetsuits review should give you a closer look at how to choose the best surfing suit.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How long is the warranty period for Quiksilver wetsuits?

Quiksilver offers a limited 1-year warranty for all its wetsuits, but all claims are subject to their warranty policy limitations. Warranty claims for their wetsuit products should include the original receipt of your purchase from their authorized dealer. All replaced or repaired wetsuits will follow the coverage of the original warranty.

Q: What makes the Syncro Plus different from Syncro wetsuits?

Syncro and the Syncro Plus wetsuit belong to the same line. The only difference is the Syncro Plus features an additional LFS or Liquid Flex tape that is not present in Syncro wetsuits. This extra feature provides an additional barrier to prevent air and water from entering the seams. It also makes the stitching at the seams more durable and robust. Without the LFS tape, the two wetsuits are identical.

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