Gul Wetsuits Review | Epic Suits or Rip Off?

We’ve put together an in-depth Gul Wetsuits review to help you consider if you need a better-quality wetsuit for your next surfing, triathlon or watersports adventure. 

If you’re thinking of surfing this weekend, you should think about the wetsuit you’ll be wearing too, and Gul is one of the best options out of many wetsuit brands in the market. It doesn’t fail to satisfy customers with high-quality products. There are many options you can consider whether you prefer a shorty wetsuit or a full one.

Gul also offers other surfing essentials, such as wetsuit booties, surfboards, racks, bags, and other clothing. 

gul wetsuits review

Top 10 Best Gul Wetsuits Review

Surfing is always better when you’re wearing a suitable suit to push you to your best performance. 

  1. Gul Flexor 5/4mm BS CZ Full Wetsuit
  2. Gul Flexor Ladies 5/4mm BS CZ Full Wetsuit
  3. Gul Response 3mm FL LongJohn Wetsuit
  4. Gul Flexor Ladies CZ 3/2mm BS Full Wetsuit
  5. Gul G-Force 3mm FL Full Wetsuit
  6. Gul G-Force 3mm Flatlock Shorti Wetsuit
  7. Gul Response 3/2mm BS Full Wetsuit
  8. Gul Response 3/2mm Flatlock Short John Wetsuit
  9. Gul Response Echo Ladies 3/2mm FL Wetsuit
  10. Gul Response Junior 3/2mm FL Wetsuit

#1. Gul Flexor 5/4mm BS CZ Full Wetsuit

Gul is one of the popular wetsuit brands because of its collection. If you’re looking for an appealing wetsuit, you should consider buying the Flexor 5/4mm BS CZ Full Wetsuit. It’s available in two designs, which are in black or orange/yellow color. 

If you’re going for surfing in colder water temperature, it’s a suitable wetsuit for you because the thickness is 5mm on the upper body and 4mm on the lower. It provides exceptional thermal control to keep you from shivering underwater. 

Durability is one of its edges because it comes from a premium quality of neoprene material. There’s no immediate tearing even if you wear it frequently. Plus, it’s flexible enough for executing tricks. 

Surfers recommend this wetsuit because it features the Magma Air-Insulation. It makes it the lightest wetsuit, yet it doesn’t compromise sturdiness and performance. It may give a lightweight feeling, but your body gets the ideal body-warmth. 

When it comes to convenience, it features the Quadrate bib for the front-entry system. It also adds the Blackout zip technology, which secures the wetsuit as you wear it (read more here about what to wear under your wetsuit) , but it doesn’t let excessive water in. 

The inner Neotape seams and blind stitch-construction keep water from entering the wetsuit, providing optimum comfort as you have fun in the water. Plus, these advantages contribute to its flexibility and performance. 

Another feature of this wetsuit is the key pocket for easy access to small accessories you need to bring. 

#2. Gul Flexor Ladies 5/4mm BS CZ Full Wetsuit

Another full wetsuit to add to your list is the Flexor Ladies 5/4mm BS CZ Full Wetsuit. Women admire how this wetsuit by Gul is an exceptional fit for most female body-forms

It uses excellent neoprene material with Fx: Lite technology for maximum comfort while you’re surfing. You can move with full ease because there are no restrictions as you swim. Also, there are no worries about its sturdiness because it’s long-lasting, letting you save money from buying another one. 

Unlike most wetsuits, it features a front-entry system. It comes with a Blackout zip entry to provide convenience in wearing and removing after use. Plus, it doesn’t let excessive water in, which surfers love because it doesn’t give them discomfort while wearing it.

Besides that, the inner Neotape seams also avert water-entry no matter how long you stay in the water. It also helps maintain the warmth your body needs as you go surf in colder water temperature.

Surfers also recommend it because it provides added relief inside because of the Magma lining. It gives a lightweight advantage for lesser drag. Plus, the air-insulation advantage of this lining contributes to the wetsuit’s thermal control. 

What makes it a top pick for women is because of its shoulder design. One design comes in a black-base color, yet the shoulder has an abstract style. Another design available is purple, black, and orange color combination. Any of the designs can make you look attractive as you wear it. 

#3. Gul Response 3mm FL LongJohn Wetsuit

Surfers also consider buying a long john or sleeveless wetsuit because it doesn’t limit the user’s movement, especially on the shoulder and arms. One of the best options from Gul is the Response 3mm FL LongJohn Wetsuit. 

It’s elegant by style because it comes in all black. The front zip-type of matches its style for easy-wearing and easy-removing. Despite its zip-type, it doesn’t compromise comfort because it averts water-entry for better thermal control. 

It comes from quality-neoprene material with 3mm thickness. It provides flexibility and comfort as you wear it while surfing. Also, it uses X-Flex and Powertext technology for sturdiness and buoyancy, which enhance your swimming position for acceleration. 

The Thermospan advantage of this wetsuit for inner lining assures relief because of its material. Your skin is safe from neoprene irritation because it’s gentle, yet it contributes to maintaining the warmth you need when it comes to colder water temperatures. 

Aside from that, it features flatlock seams for its construction, and it’s one of the best seal-type because it doesn’t give a bulky feeling as you wear it for longer hours. 

As you swim in open water, you’ll find it handy because it pushes users to move effectively on every stroke. Paddling is also not an issue with this wetsuit because it provides a less-tiring feeling despite powerful kicks. 

#4. Gul Flexor Ladies CZ 3/2mm BS Full Wetsuit

Gul has been meeting the expectations of surfers by introducing high-quality wetsuits. If you’re having a hard time deciding what to buy, you can consider the Flexor Ladies CZ 3/2mm BS Full Wetsuit. 

Women surfers love this full wetsuit because of its optimum performance. It provides efficiency as you swim towards your surfboard. This wetsuit’s quality-neoprene material features an Fx: Lite technology to assure relief as you wear it for longer hours. Plus, it has exceptional flexibility, making it favorable for users to do their tricks. 

The Quadrate bib as its entry system in front provides convenience as you wear and remove it as you surf. Zipping it is hassle-free as well, thanks to its Blackout zip technology. You can guarantee a reduced water-entry.

The Magma lining with air-insulation advantage helps in keeping excellent thermal control in colder water. As you swim, the cold temperature will not meddle with your performance because it retains the ideal warmth your body needs. Also, the inner Neotape seams contribute to preventing excessive water while enhancing flexibility. 

You’ll love it more because it comes with a key pocket, letting you reach an accessory without any hassle. Plus, it doesn’t cause any drag during water-entry, which is a plus point for surfers. 

When it comes to its design, it’s meek, yet it doesn’t fail to amaze users because it has a classy look. The dark green highlights complement the black-base color of the entire wetsuit. Plus, it has silver highlights on the collar and wrists for visibility. 

#5. Gul G-Force 3mm FL Full Wetsuit

Men will always look for a wetsuit that can give them exceptional performance during surfing, and Gul has something to offer. Out of its competitive collection, the G-Force 3mm FL Full Wetsuit is the top pick for performance.

This wetsuit features a Titanium 2 technology to push you to your maximum agility as you swim in open water. With its exceptional buoyancy, there’s minimized drag. Plus, the neoprene material it uses assures durability, preventing it from tearing despite frequent usage.

It comes with a manly design that men surfers admire. It comes in blue, black, and dark gray color combination. Also, the shiny fabric on the chest with a leather-look makes it more appealing. 

Surfers love this wetsuit because it’s affordable, yet it doesn’t compromise its quality. There’s exceptional relief as you wear it because you can move freely, especially your arms and shoulders. Also, it lets you paddle with power for improved acceleration without giving you fatigue. 

Wearing or removing this wetsuit is more convenient than other wetsuits because it comes with a back zip-type. The zipper at the back glides smoothly for a faster transition. Plus, zipping and unzipping it is hassle-free because it has a long strap for easy reach. 

Aside from that, the flatlock seams of this wetsuit add further relief while wearing the wetsuit. It averts excessive water-entry for a lightweight feeling. Regardless of any big movement in the water, it stays sturdy. 

#6. Gul G-Force 3mm Flatlock Shorti Wetsuit

Gul is versatile in its collection because you’ll also find shorty wetsuits for warmer climates. One of the bestsellers to consider is the G-Force 3MM Flatlock Shorti Wetsuit because it’s one of the top-performing wetsuits.

It comes with an exceptional style in blue, dark gray, and black color-combination for a masculine vibe. Plus, it keeps a classy look with its short cut on the arms and legs. 

This wetsuit is ideal for triathlon, too, because it’s 3mm thick. If you’re looking for the best entry-level suit, it will not be a disappointment because it’s not expensive, yet it’s very comfy. 

The neoprene material it uses lets you swim without movement-restrictions. Every paddle and stroke is effective because it pushes you to your maximum performance. Plus, it’s tear-resistant, a plus-factor for all surfers because it will last longer than other wetsuits

You can guarantee a minimized drag for added acceleration because of its buoyancy. As you move through water, you’ll feel lesser tired even if you paddle with full force. Also, it promotes an exceptional swimming position.

It’s one of the favorite wetsuits because it gives excellent thermal control, especially when the water has a colder temperature. The Flatlock seams prevent water-entry, which retains the water inside the suit for body-warmth. 

Besides surfing, others also consider it for triathlon because the short leg-cut makes it easier for triathletes to paddle. 

#7. Gul Response 3/2mm BS Full Wetsuit

If you’re into water sports these days, a quality-wetsuit will help you push your performance to an optimum level. Gul has something to offer from its wetsuit-entries, and one is the Response 3/2mm BS Full Wetsuit. 

It has an elegant style with a touch of modern design. Plus, its black color makes it very attractive. It gives a matte-finish, which most men surfers admire. 

What makes this wetsuit one of the top picks is that it features X-Flex technology on its stretchy neoprene material. It gives excellent elasticity on every movement, from arms to legs. Also, it’s favorable to any swimming stroke because of its zero-restriction and Powertex technology. 

You can guarantee its durability because it comes with a blindstitch construction. It adds to its overall flexibility, but it doesn’t compromise thermal control because it averts excessive water-entry. Plus, the blindstitched seams come with glue to make it very sturdy, even when you’re under the sun. 

Aside from that, it’s responsive to any movement without giving distress to the user. The Thermospan liner adds relief as you execute tricks on your surfboard. Also, it features an S-Lock system to prevent water from coming in your wetsuit. Worry less on dragging with a weighty suit because this advantage keeps it lightweight. 

#8. Gul Response 3/2mm Flatlock Short John Wetsuit

If you’re not fond of full wetsuits, Gul has something for you coming from its collection. The Response 3/2mm Flatlock Short John Wetsuit is also an exceptional choice if you’re under a warmer climate.

The short cut on the legs will let you move your upper body with full ease, regardless of if you’re paddling or running. It’s also sleeveless, which provides exceptional mobility on the arms and shoulder. 

Despite having shorter cuts, you can guarantee that it will keep the body-warmth you need as you stay in the water for too long. It gives an excellent fit to most body-forms, which minimizes water-entry on these holes. 

Another reason why users love this wetsuit is because of its sturdiness. The flatlock seams make it very durable even for big movements. Plus, this construction makes it tear-resistant, which is favorable if you use it frequently. 

It comes from high-quality neoprene material, which comes with D-Flex and X-Flex technologies. Moving in the water is less tiring yet effective because its buoyancy profile pushes the body to better positioning. Also, there’s a lesser drag, providing agility as you swim for miles. 

What adds further comfort inside is the Thermospan lining. It’s one feature that surfers admire because it guarantees no discomfort while wearing it for long hours. 

#9. Gul Response Echo Ladies 3/2mm FL Wetsuit

Any triathlete would prefer a performing wetsuit, but if you can get one that’s also appealing, you should check out the collection of Gul. Another wetsuit that women surfers should check out is the Response Echo Ladies 3/2mm FL Wetsuit. 

This wetsuit has an attractive design on the sleeve to the side-part of the upper body. Plus, the design complements its base color, which makes it a head-turner in the field. 

It will not be a disappointment when it comes to performance because it uses high-quality neoprene material for optimum buoyancy and sturdiness. It lets the user surf without restricting any movements. 

Aside from that, this wetsuit has an affordable price. It may not be as premium as other brands, but it delivers agility and effectiveness on every paddle and stroke. There’s a minimized fatigue even if you move with full force, which is why pros recommend it while surfing. 

Paddling is hassle-free because it’s flexible enough to push your body to the best swimming position. Plus, the panel on the knee makes it more comfortable to move the legs. 

Another feature that you’ll love about this wetsuit is its neck collar, which reduces water-entry as you dip in the water. The zipper on the chest-part also prevents water from coming in, maintains the ideal body-warmth you need when you’re in colder water temperature. 

#10. Gul Response Junior 3/2mm FL Wetsuit

Aside from adult-sizes, Gul also offers a collection for the junior wetsuits division. If you can’t decide where to buy one for your son, you can consider the Response Junior 3/2mm FL Wetsuit. 

This wetsuit also features the Powertex, X-Flex, and D-Flex technologies for exceptional comfort. If your daughter or son is starting to surf frequently, he’ll love how comfy and performing this wetsuit is. Plus, the neoprene material it uses can stretch at any movement, making it best for paddling. 

It also provides excellent thermal control for colder water temperatures, thanks to its flatlock seams. Even when your son is in water for long hours, it doesn’t let excessive water in, keeping a lightweight feeling as he swims. Also, it makes the wetsuit very durable enough to not tear from any big movement, especially on the legs. 

This wetsuit features a back-zip entry, making it easier to wear and remove it. The zipper comes with a strap for a smooth and quick zipping. Plus, the zip system doesn’t meddle with the thermal control-advantage of this wetsuit.

Your son will undoubtedly love its style because of its black, blue, and orange color combination. It also has a modern touch, making it look very stylish. 

Getting the Best Gul Wetsuit – Buyers Guide

Wetsuits are necessities for most water activities, which is why you have to invest in one. Yet before you spend money on a brand, here’s a buying guide to keep in mind as you decided what to buy. 

Know the Type of Wetsuit You Need

There are different types of wetsuits, and before you buy one, you have to decide what suits you well. Most people consider how warm or cold the climate and water temperature to know what type they need. Here are the frequent ones in the market. 

Long Jane or Long John Wetsuits

This wetsuit-type is sleeveless, yet it covers the lower body, down to the ankle. It’s advantageous for mobility and agility because there are no sleeves to cover the shoulder and arms. However, it’s not as effective as full wetsuit when it comes to thermal control. 

The top pick from Gul’s collection is the Response 3MM FL Long John. 

On the other hand, this brand offers a short version, which is the Response 3/2mm Flatlock Short John. It’s sleeveless, yet the cut is up to the user’s thighs. 

Shorty Wetsuits

This type has short legs, yet the cut on the sleeves vary. Some brands offer it in short sleeves or long sleeves. Nonetheless, this type is suitable for warmer climates, and most have thinner material, from 2mm to 3mm. 

If you need a shorty wetsuit, you can buy the G-Force 3mm Flatlock Shorti. 

Full Wetsuits

This type covers both the upper and lower body, from your neck down to your ankles. It’s suitable for many water activities, yet it’s frequent in triathlon, scuba diving, and surfing. Plus, it’s ideal for colder water temperatures. 

The Flexor 5/4mm BS CZ Full Wetsuit is the bestseller from Gul’s collection. 

Gul Wetsuits: Company & History

Gul is one of the most respected brands in the industry as it has been providing satisfaction to every customer for 50 years. It had a humble beginning back in 1967 when a surfer, Dennis Cross, founded the company. His passion for surfing pushed him to introduce a collection of a wetsuit. 

Cross introduced his first wetsuit, and it started with two pieces; a separate trouser and a jacket with a beavertail. After the success of his first model, he introduced more until the business grew in the 1980s. 

This brand has been consistent with its quality that it continued to support professional surfers, including Todd Prestage, Russel Winter, and Christian Fletcher. It doesn’t fail in meeting the expectations of every customer up to now. After selling four million wetsuits, it began introducing other products, like luggage, watches, surfboards, and stationery. 


If you’re yearning for maximum performance, you should buy from a reliable brand, like Gul. Every wetsuit it provides from its collection is suitable for all surfers, regardless of any skill level. Also, some wetsuits are versatile that you can also use these for scuba diving or triathlon. 

This brand will never be a disappointment when it comes to performance, comfort, and sturdiness. If you can’t decide where to buy, you should check out what it has to offer. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q: I always surf during weekends. How should I take care of my Gul wetsuit? 

A: Some wetsuit care instructions to consider are the following: 

  • Rinse or wash your wetsuit every after-use and use nothing but freshwater. 
  • Don’t dry it by hanging it from the shoulders. 
  • Hang your wetsuit in a shady area or somewhere without direct sunlight. 

Q: Does Gul offer warranties if I buy a wetsuit? 

A: Yes, it offers a warranty but only for wear and tear products. It will fix or replace it if the product is under typical use and proper care. However, the decision for replacement depends on the Gul Warranty Department. 

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