Rip Curl Wetsuits Review: Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off?

In recent years, the wetsuit market increased and evolved with new brands and styles coming out, but Rip Curl wetsuits remain one of the best-sellers.

The Rip Curl brand has been in the manufacturing industry for more than 50 years, creating cutting-edge wetsuits with the most innovative technology and designs than other manufacturers and brands. Some of the innovations that Rip Curl created remains one of the highest standards in the wetsuit market, like the polypropylene lining, glued and blind stitched seams, and double-lined neoprene fabrics.

Wetsuit manufacturing and creation is a highly competitive market, especially with the industry gaining more reach and popularity. However, it’s not surprising why Rip Curl remains relevant in the business, creating the ultimate surf wetsuits that athletes and enthusiasts rave about over the decades. If you are on the market for one, our Rip Curl wetsuits review will guide you through the brand’s collection of aquatic sport-based garments.

Top 9 Best Rip Curl Wetsuits Reviewed

Check out nine of the all-time favorite wetsuits from Rip Curl, from its classic designs to modern innovations, to make your purchase as hassle-free.

  1. Rip Curl Flash Bomb Wetsuit – Best All-Around Wetsuit
  2. Rip Curl Flash Bomb Heatseeker Wetsuit – Best Cutting-Edge Design
  3. Rip Curl E-Bomb Wetsuit – Best Performance
  4. Rip Curl Aggrolite Wetsuit – Best Value for Money
  5. Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Warmth Wetsuit
  6. Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Performance Wetsuit
  7. Rip Curl Omega Wetsuit
  8. Rip Curl G-Bomb Wetsuit
  9. Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Wetsuit for Kids

#1. Rip Curl Flash Bomb Wetsuit – Best All-Around Wetsuit

Rip Curl wetsuits have become a staple for a lot of watersport athletes and enthusiasts. One of the brand’s flagship wetsuit is the Rip Curl Flash Bomb suit, and it’s simple to know why. The brand wants to produce an all-around wetsuit that will fit all types of athletes and all levels, and the Flash Bomb wetsuit collection started.

This wetsuit line from Rip Curl has been around for a long time, but it’s coming better with the latest innovations. The Flash Bomb Wetsuit now features a combination of E5 neoprene fabric with an E5 flash lining all over the design. If you are familiar with the older Flash Bomb suits, you’ll know that they all feature a colored and fuzzy flash lining in either orange or red. The same feature is present in the newest Flash Bomb wetsuit, making it extremely comfortable and quick drying. You won’t have to wait for an hour for your wetsuit to dry as it takes only around 15 minutes, especially in warm weather.

For over ten years, the Flash Bomb wetsuit line has been a huge favorite, especially with its offered durability. The E5 neoprene fabric of the suit is soft and comfy on the skin. It’s also robust and long-lasting, especially with the taped and sealed seams for added strength.

The Rip Curl Flash Bomb Wetsuit is available in different styles to fit your preference. You can get the suit in a 3/2mm, 4/3mm, or 5/4mm thickness with wither a chest zip, back zip, or a zipperless entry.

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#2. Rip Curl Flash Bomb Heatseeker Wetsuit – Best Cutting-Edge Design

The Flash Bomb series from Rip Curl is an impressive collection for all-around use in the ocean. However, if what you are looking for is an excellent thermal garment against the chilly air and water temperature, then the Rip Curl Flash Bomb Heatseeker Wetsuit is a far better option.

This wetsuit line from the brand is its most cutting edge yet, in terms of wetsuit design. It follows a lot of the same features from the Flash Bomb series but is far better in keeping you warm and insulated. Although it’s technically part of the Flash Bomb collection, the Heatseeker performs like no other Rip Curl wetsuit.

The Heatseeker features a more innovative Flex Energy fabric from the E5 neoprene of the Flash Bomb wetsuits. The material is smart and unique, generating increased heat and warmth the more you stretch it. The Flex Energy lining, a smooth skin-like material, covers your chest, back, and shoulders, the parts of your body that quickly fills the chill from the breeze or water.

The smoothness and lightness of the fabric are also impressive, although it’s incredibly durable. However, unlike other wetsuit collections from Rip Curl, the Heatseeker is only available in two styles: the 3/2mm and 4/3mm wetsuit thickness, and both come in a zip-free full suit only.

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#3. Rip Curl E-Bomb Wetsuit – Best Performance

The best wetsuits are not only for protection against the chills from cold water and wind or the harmful rays of the sun. It should also help you perform better, especially in competitive sports. With over 50 years of experience, Rip Curl knows that athletes need performance-based wetsuits, so here comes the E-Bomb Wetsuit collection.

The brand’s mid-range option is designed using the market’s highest-performing materials at an affordable price tag. In this wetsuit line, Rip Curl let go of the fancy technology and designs, leaving only a stretchy and extremely light suit that is all about boosting your performance. Cutting those bells and whistles in the design of this product kept it reasonably priced as well.

The Rip Curl E-Bomb Wetsuit features a new fabric from the brand, the E6 Thermoflex. This material is still neoprene, but the most flexible type Rip Curl produced to date. With the perfect fit for your size, this wetsuit clings to your body like a second skin.

Rip Curl also offers the E-Bomb wetsuits now in a zip-free design, which provides more flexibility compared to those with a rigid zipping system. This wetsuit model comes in 3/2mmand 4/3mm thickness only. There’s also an E-Bomb Pro wetsuit with lacking external tape on the seams and no smooth skin panels, making the lightweight design of the E-Bomb wetsuit even lighter.

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#4. Rip Curl Aggrolite Wetsuit – Best Value for Money

A good quality, durable, and long-lasting wetsuit doesn’t have to empty your bank account. If you are in the market for a new and improved watersport garment but has a limited budget, Rip Curl offers its Aggrolite wetsuit collection. This line is the brand’s most affordable wetsuit yet, perfect for budget-conscious surfers and athletes.

Although the wetsuit is budget-friendly, you can expect that Rip Curl still offers the same high-quality features to the Aggrolite model. It uses the same E5 neoprene fabric similar to most wetsuits from the brand. Aside from that stretchy and durable material, the Aggrolite wetsuit also features Rip Curl’s triple-glued and blind-stitched seam technology for durability and strength.

Aside from that, this wetsuit model includes an internal tape sealant on the high-stress points for extra durability, even in extended and frequent use.

Overall, the Aggrolite wetsuit has impressive features and quality. It will make an incredible beginner wetsuit or an affordable extra suit if you need one for traveling. The wetsuit is available in a chest-zip design only with either 3/2mm or 4/3mm thickness.

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#5. Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Warmth Wetsuit

Another all-time favorite and best-selling wetsuit from Rip Curl is from the Dawn Patrol collection. Although the old design and technology of Dawn Patrol wetsuits already got a massive following from many athletes and watersport enthusiasts, it didn’t stop Rip Curl from finding new ways to make the line better than ever.

Now, the Dawn Patrol suits don some of the impressive features from the Flash Bomb line, Rip Curl’s flagship wetsuit, making it more valuable and affordable.

For one, the new Dawn patrol wetsuits now use the E5 neoprene fabric similar to the Flash Bomb. This material provides extra padding on the shoulders and arms of the wetsuit. The Dawn Patrol Warmth, in particular, offers both warmth and performance features. It’s an incredibly durable garment despite its fair price tag.

Aside from the better neoprene fabric, the wetsuit also features E5 Flash Lining on the upper half of the garment, making it extra comfy as it fits snuggly in your body. The bottom legs of the suit, on the other hand, comes with E4 Thermo Lining to keep your legs toasty, shielded against the chilly air and water temperature in the ocean.

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#6. Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Performance Wetsuit

The Dawn Patrol wetsuits from the Rip Curl brand is a massive line with a lot of styles, sizes, and features for your taking. They come in different price levels as well. The Dawn Patrol Warmth wetsuit above is a more expensive option in the collection. If you are in a market for a wetsuit from the series but has a slightly lower budget, the Dawn Patrol Performance Wetsuit is an incredible alternative.

The wetsuit’s fabric is 100% made of E5 neoprene material that is performance specific. It clings to your body like a second skin, giving you a full range of movement. The design also features a top-notch quality E5 tape sealing technology on the stress points to make it comfortable and durable.

Overall, the Dawn Patrol Performance Wetsuit offers athletes a garment with excellent function at an affordable price. With its innovative features and design, this wetsuit resembles an expensive suit twice its price from other brands. It’s available in 5/4mm, 5/3mm, 4/3mm, and 3/2mm thicknesses with an option for a hooded suit and either a chest zip or back zip style.

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#7. Rip Curl Omega Wetsuit

Rip Curl is a reputable brand, one of the top choices for aquatic-based apparel for many athletes and watersport enthusiasts. The brand is also a go-to for many beginners and sports fanatics on a budget. Rip Curl offers high-quality wetsuits with all essential features you’ll need, all at an economical price.

One of its quality wetsuit line that doesn’t break the bank is the Omega collection. It’s the brand’s classic offering, made of the latest E5 neoprene fabric, which is exceptionally snug and durable. The neoprene material offers 30% more stretch than others, all at 10% more warmth and 20% less weight.

The wetsuit’s design properties are complete with advanced technology to boost your performance while doing your favorite sport. It has mesh skin panels and sealed seams with triple-glued and double-stitched technology. Overall, the wetsuit has high strength against water, preventing it from entering the suit. Meanwhile, the mesh panels are efficient in reducing wind chill and in absorbing the sun’s heat. Plus, it features 50+ UPF sun protection, so you’re protected any time of the day.

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#8. Rip Curl G-Bomb Wetsuit

Rip Curl is all about innovation in its wetsuit products. They continually provide better technology and creations, whether for the designs or materials used for their wetsuit. From the popular E5 neoprene fabric that the brand used in some of its cutting-edge models, Rip Curl also created the latest E6 neoprene for the G-Bomb Wetsuit line.

This wetsuit comes with a thermal lining all over the suit, keeping you toasty and comfy, far from the chilly air and water temperature in the ocean. It feels fantastic against the skin and snugs perfectly to your body without being too tight and restricting.

The G-Bomb wetsuit is also extremely lightweight that you won’t even feel like you’re wearing it. It feels like your second skin and dries rapidly, so you don’t need to wait for hours under the sun. More than that, the wetsuit also offers maximum padding to keep you protected from the elements. It has the new zip-free entry system that Rip Curl laid out for all its performance-based wetsuits.

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#9. Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Wetsuit for Kids

Watersports are not only for the older ones. Kids can enjoy them as well, and when they go into the ocean, whether to go surfing, scuba diving, or surf skiing, they need to wear an appropriate garment. Rip Curl offers quality wetsuits to fit all types of athletes, young or old. Their Dawn Patrol Wetsuit Junior is a top choice for kids.

It has the same top-notch feature from the Dawn Patrol Wetsuit, only smaller. It uses a similar E5 neoprene fabric that is extremely stretchy, soft, durable, warm, and lightweight. This wetsuit can protect them from the elements, both the chilly air and water temperature. The 50+ UPF sun protection quality of the wetsuit is also incredible for added protection for the kids, keeping them away from sunburns.

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Types of Rip Curl Wetsuits

Before you buy any wetsuit, check out some style options available. Especially if you are buying a wetsuit for the first time, this general started guide will walk you through the different wetsuit forms and shapes in the market.

Full Suit

The most basic type of wetsuit is a full suit. It covers your entire body from the cold and the sun’s rays.

Full wetsuits are perfect for use in an extremely chilly water environment. Some full suits can also include a hood for more protection.

Short Arm Steamer

The short arm steamer looks a lot similar to a full wetsuit, only with shorter sleeves. Your forearms are exposed, but it will still be warm throughout your upper body and legs.

Spring Suit

Spring suits are perfect for use in the summer or when the water and air temperatures aren’t extremely chilly. This type of wetsuit can either have short or long arm coverage.

Long John

Long Johns wetsuits provide full-body protection and coverage, although it leaves your arms uncovered with its sleeveless design. This type of wetsuit is ideal for use when you are doing a lot of paddling.

Short John

The Short John wetsuit is a lot similar to the Long John, but only covers the bottom thigs instead of the entire legs. It’s excellent protection from the chill without becoming too hot.

Wetsuit Jacket

Jackets provide full arms coverage from the elements, especially against the harmful rays of the sun.

Wetsuit Vest

Wetsuit vests are best for use during the summer when you only need a little protection from the chilly air. It doesn’t restrict your arms from paddling as a jacket would.

Rip Curl Wetsuits: Company & History

The Rip Curl brand started in 1969, launched by two surfing friends after they decided they want to make surfboards together and spend more time in the ocean. They started creating four surfboards a week at the garage. Later in that year, another local surfer joined the duo, and they started creating quality wetsuits to complement with their surfboards.

Many years later, Rip Curl became one of the most popular wetsuit brands worldwide, well-known for its innovation in designs and wetsuit materials.


Rip Curl is a famous Australian brand when it comes to aquatic-based apparel. All their wetsuit collections provide top-notch quality and performance, so it’s not surprising that many athletes and watersports enthusiasts use its products.

The brand continually creates some of the most iconic lines in the wetsuit industry, like its Flash Bomb and Dawn Patrol collections. Rip Curl is also famous for its exclusive wetsuit material, like the E5 and E6 neoprene fabric, that offers maximum warmth, comfort, and stretch, at the least weight possible.

Rip Curl offers a wide variety of its product from expensive to more affordable options in different styles from full suits to bikinis. Our Rip Curl wetsuits review should help choose the best watersport garment for you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How long is the warranty period of Rip Curl wetsuits?

A: Rip Curl doesn’t have any published warranty period for all its products, including wetsuits. The brand advises the return of their products if you’ve received it with faulty materials or manufacturing defects. Its tech team will review what you sent and decide if they can consider the item for warranty. However, Rip Curl expressed that their warranty remains a case-to-case basis, but it will not cover defected products used under normal conditions.

Q: What styles are available for Rip Curl wetsuits?

A: Rip Curl offers a wide variety of wetsuits from different sizes, thicknesses, and styles. In terms of design, the brand has full suits, spring suits, wetsuit tops, jackets, long pants, short pants, long sleeve vests, bikinis, and many others.

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