Roxy Wetsuits | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off?

It’s demanding to choose the best apparel to go surfing, diving, or swimming for ladies, which is why Roxy wetsuits are here.

There are now a lot of brands, styles, and colors of wetsuits you can choose. However, one of the top choices, especially for women, is Roxy. The brand has been in the business since the early 1990s and now has an impressive collection of wetsuits that have become invaluable to female athletes and watersports lovers.

Roxy wetsuits are well known for providing excellent protection against the elements, keeping you toasty even in cold water. Their products are especially incredible for the female form, clinging to your body comfortably like a second skin.

With decades of experience in the business, Roxy has come up with an extensive collection of high-quality and durable wetsuits for women. To help you choose one that fits your needs and preferences, we’ve put together this Roxy wetsuits review and guide.

Top 7 Best Roxy Wetsuits Reviewed

Take a closer look at the top ten of Roxy’s high-rated and best-selling wetsuits throughout the years to make your shopping as seamless as possible.

  1. Roxy Syncro 3/2 Back Zip Wetsuit – Best Overall
  2. Roxy Performance 3/2 Chest Zip Wetsuit – Best for Summer
  3. Roxy Syncro 4/3 Back Zip Wetsuit – Best for Winter
  4. Roxy 3/2 Pop Surf Chest Zip Wetsuit
  5. Roxy 2/2 Syncro Long Sleeve Springsuit
  6. Roxy Syncro 5/4/3 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit
  7. Roxy Girls 4/3 Syncro Back Zip Wetsuit

#1. Roxy Syncro 3/2 Back Zip Wetsuit – Best Overall

The Syncro series by Roxy wetsuits are, by far, one of the most famous collections from the brand. This type of suit is well-known for providing the best flexibility at an extremely affordable price. It is also one of the warmest materials for wetsuits in the market.

The 3/2mm Back Zip Wetsuit from this collection by Roxy has a massive following. Many women athletes use this suit for swimming, diving, surfing, and other similar sports. This model boasts unprecedented adaptability and warmth that can protect you in cold waters with a temperature as low as 14 degrees Celsius.

One of the best parts about this wetsuit is Roxy didn’t scrimp on making sure you get toasty and comfy while wearing the suit. It features an exclusive WarmFlight Far Infrared thermal lining that doesn’t only ensure your warm while in the water but provide soft and easy-on-the-skin apparel with maximum flexibility.

Since the thickness of this wetsuit is only 3-mm, it’s also lighter on your skin, so you won’t feel like it weighs you down. There are also six colors you can choose from for this model to find one based on your style and preference. Plus, it has all the basic features you’d want in a wetsuit, like blind stitched and glued seams to make the suit as watertight as possible. The Eco flex knee pads are also sturdy and abrasion-resistant, which adds the overall durability and lifespan of the wetsuit.

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#2. Roxy Performance 3/2 Chest Zip Wetsuit – Best for Summer

Even when surfing, diving, or swimming during the summer, the water can still get cold out in the surf. Choosing a thin but high-quality wetsuit is the best option during the season, and Roxy made the thinnest and lightest but still the warmest wetsuit. The Roxy Performance 3/2 Chest Zip Wetsuit is excellent for use during the summer. It’s the best example of how warmth in wetsuits got lighter.

The 3/2mm wetsuit is thinner than most models. It’s built with performance in mind, giving you a full range of movement, thanks to its high-performance technical features. Using FN Lite neoprene from air cell-rich limestone, this wetsuit boosts warmth while decreasing the weight of the material. It also repels water efficiently, so your wetsuit dries quickly.

It also features a fleece lining that is super warm and will keep you toasty in cold water temperatures as low as eight degrees Celsius. The Ecto flex knee pads of the wetsuit are also a lovely addition. They provide extra protection but remain flexible and lightweight not to hinder your movements.

Also, the design includes a watertight chest zip seam with the most flexible seal and liquid tape to avoid leaks. Plus, there are Flush lock 2.0 seals on the ankles and wrists for added protection.

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#3. Roxy Syncro 4/3 Back Zip Wetsuit – Best for Winter

If you want to brave the waters mid-winter, you must get a thicker and much warmer wetsuit to keep the cold water and weather out. Compared to the 3/2mm wetsuits from Roxy, this Syncro 4/3mm Back Zip Wetsuit can handle much colder water temperature. It can protect and keep you warm even in waters colder than 14 degrees Celsius.

Although this wetsuit is a bit thicker compared to others from Roxy, it doesn’t compromise on flexibility and lightness. Made using FN Lite neoprene, the suit provides extra air bubbles to boost the insulation without adding weight. The Dry Flight lining at the back also efficiently reflects the heat to your body, creating an impressive degree of warmth than other wetsuits.

Aside from warmth, Roxy also made sure that it provides a unique watertight design on this wetsuit. The seams get blind stitching and topped it off with three layers of glue, so the water stays out of the wetsuit, and you stay warm for an extended time.

What’s even better, you can show off your style with this Syncro 4/3 Back Zip Wetsuit. It comes in multiple styles and colors, so you stay warm in the water but remain looking cool.

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#4. Roxy 3/2 Pop Surf Chest Zip Wetsuit

If you want to dive, surf, or swim in cold waters up to 14 degrees Celsius, the Roxy 3/2 Pop Surf Chest Zip wetsuit is an excellent option. The wetsuit can keep you warm and comfortable without restricting your movements, made to protect you from the elements.

The wetsuit material is from an air cell-rich kind of limestone, creating a fabric that provides maximum warmth and flexibility at the lightest weight possible. This suit is all about keeping you warm, especially with the thermal fleece lining that keeps the cold water at bay.

The 3/2mm thickness of the wetsuit means it’s light on your skin, so you won’t even feel like you’re wearing it. You’ll get a full range of motion while wearing this one, among other impressive features. It has a Flush Lock 2.0 Seals that protect your wrists and ankles from flushing, a massive bonus if you go surfing.

Compared to the Syncro series from Roxy, the Pop Surf collection has the zipper at the front and offers more fun designs. Wearing this wetsuit in the ocean, you’ll surely get noticed for both your skills and style, thanks to the fancy Pale Dogwood color of the suit. If you want a more fabulous suit for your adventures after getting tired of the plain and monochromatic old ones, this one is for you.

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#5. Roxy 2/2 Syncro Long Sleeve Springsuit

If you don’t prefer wearing full gear when you surf and swim during the warmer season, you can consider getting a spring suit. Roxy has an incredible one, the Syncro 2/2 Long Sleeve Springsuit for women, made of limestone-based neoprene with the brand’s 100% Stretch Flight technology. This fabric is warm but remains incredibly flexible, light, and soft to the skin.

This spring suit is perfect for use in seasons where the water temperature is between 21 to 23 degrees Celsius.

In terms of durability, Roxy didn’t scrimp on this one. It has a Hydrowrap feature that provides the wetsuit a watertight sealing technology. The flatlock stitched seams are also durable but stay flexible and soft as well, so it won’t hinder your movements.

The snug fit of the wetsuit is also perfect. It feels like your second skin when you wear it. Plus, the wetsuit is available in several sizes, so you can choose one that best fits your frame.

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#6. Roxy Syncro 5/4/3 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit

Total protection from the elements and the cold temperature is essential to enjoy a more extended time in the water, and the best option for that is getting a hooded wetsuit. It doesn’t only cover most of your body, but your head as well. Fortunately, Roxy produces excellent quality hooded wetsuits for women at a very reasonable price. The Syncro 5/4/3 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit is the brand’s best-seller for this category.

It utilizes the WarmFlight Far Infrared thermal heat system that Roxy is famous for, retaining the optimum body heat. These features are on the back and chest water shield, a strategic placement to keep you comfy and toasting even in cold water temperatures as low as nine degrees Celsius.

The wetsuit is super warm with the combination of the air cell-rich limestone-based neoprene and fleece lining. Both materials provide excellent heat retention and insulation to keep you warm. The materials are also lightweight and efficiently repels water for quick drying.

This wetsuit from Roxy’s Wetty collection provides top of the line features at an extremely affordable price tag. Other specs that make this suit excellent are its hydro shield water barrier, hydro wrap, and the adjustable neck closure for comfort and fit.

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#7. Roxy Girls 4/3 Syncro Back Zip Wetsuit

Extreme water sports are not only for moms, aunts, and big sisters. Little girls can have some fun swimming, diving, and surfing too, so it’s only fair that they get to wear an appropriate outfit in the water. Good thing that Roxy caters to athletes of all levels and ages. One of its top-rated wetsuits for girls is the Syncro 4/3 Back Zip Wetsuit.

Roxy provides the utmost quality to all its wetsuits, so this model for little girls will have the same top-notch features as the others, only smaller in size. This Syncro wetsuit for girls features the same soft, light, durable, and warm FN Lite neoprene fabric from limestone. Little girls can enjoy hours in the water, even in cold temperatures, with its 4/3mm thickness.

Warm, comfy, and flexible are the primary features of this wetsuit. It has Roxy’s WarmFlight Far Infrared thermal lining on the back and chest panels, including the Thermal Smoothie. Combine all that with the blind stitched and triple glued seams, and the water will never seep through the fabric, keeping you warm and dry.

The fit of the wetsuit is also incredible, perfect for a girl’s frame. It’s snug and feels soft like your second skin.

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Things to Consider for When Buying Roxy Wetsuits

Picking the right wetsuit can be tricky with tons of brands, designs, styles, and colors you can choose. But more than what a suit looks, there are far more essential features that you need to consider when buying one.

Wetsuit Material

Wetsuit fabric can either be rubber, Lycra, or neoprene. The first two are not very common, and you can mostly find them in cheap wetsuits. The famous material for good-quality wetsuits is neoprene, which can either be petroleum-based or from alternative materials.

Roxy wetsuits use neoprene fabric derived from limestone, which is petroleum-free and more eco-friendly. It’s an excellent option for its stretch, durability, softness, warmth, and lightness.


The wetsuit’s thickness will define its insulating properties. The thicker the wetsuit material is, the better insulation it can provide, the warmer it will be. The options you have for wetsuit thickness from Roxy are 5mm, 4mm, 3mm, 2mm, and 1mm.

The key to finding the ideal wetsuit thickness is basing it on the water temperature where you are likely to go surfing, diving, or swimming. If you are planning to surf on summer months or in moderate climates, get a wetsuit between 1mm to 3mm range. However, if you are looking forward to braving the waters during winter or in Canada, Iceland, or Norway, it’s better to get a wetsuit that’s at least 4mm thick.

Zip System

For Roxy wetsuits, you have three zip system options: chest zip, back zip, and zip-free. There is no perfect zip system for wetsuits. It primarily depends on your preference. However, do remember to check the zipper’s quality and durability. An abrasion-resistant and sturdy zipper will add to the overall lifespan of the wetsuit.

Seam Technology

The stitching and sealing technologies are essential to make the wetsuit’s seams as watertight as possible. A weak seam is where water may enter, compromising the wetsuit’s strength, flexibility, warms, and overall performance.

There are different seam technologies used for Roxy wetsuits.

The cheapest are flatlocks, which provides the right amount of stretch, but it’s not very watertight. The water can still go through where the stitching went through. Flatlock stitching is only advisable for wetsuits for summer use.

GBS or glued and blind-stitched seams have the same stretchiness as the flatlock but are more watertight and warmer. GBS seams can also come with internal tape to serve as reinforcement, making the seams more water-resistant and durable.

Some wetsuits can also feature a liquid tape on the interior or exterior seams. This sealing feature is more sturdy than regular tape and provides better waterproofing for an extended period.

Lastly, there are welded seams, which are the most expensive of all. There are no stitches in the wetsuit, so there are no needle or thread holes where water can seep through. Instead, seams get glued together, offering the highest flexibility, durability, and waterproofness.

Roxy Wetsuits: Company & History

Ladies can often find them in a bind when looking for a wetsuit for surfing, swimming, or diving. Now, there are Roxy wetsuits that cater to female athletes and watersport fanatics.

Owned by Quicksilver, Roxy is now a prominent brand that designs and manufactures wetsuits for women. The brand got its stated when Quicksilver launched a sister brand to cater to all sports-oriented females in 1991.

During the 1980s, Quicksilver already got a top spot as a manufacturer in the surfing industry, but most brands then mostly cater to women. Quicksilver saw the lack of a women’s line in the market, so they built Roxy.

Right now, Roxy brand has gained massive success, becoming one of the most significant action sports apparel manufacturers specifically for women worldwide. Roxy makes some of the most cutting-edge and top-notch quality wetsuits for ladies of all ages and sizes. Aside from that, the brand also produces a wide range of sports products from snowboards, surfboards, and other snowboarding and surfing accessories.


Since the early 1990s, Roxy has been producing top-notch quality sports-oriented apparel for women, and its wetsuits are among the best-sellers in the market.

As the brand is specific to women, Roxy was able to provide a cutting-edge technology that makes their wetsuits snug to the female form. The fit of their apparel is incredible. The materials they used are high-quality, well-known for creating the market’s softest, warmest, comfiest, and stretchiest wetsuits.

Over the decades, Roxy built a massive collection of incredible wetsuits with different styles and colors, which makes it tricky to choose. However, our Roxy wetsuits review should give you the idea of what and how to choose the best wetsuit.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How long is the warranty period for Roxy wetsuits?

Roxy wetsuits, both the glued and blind stitched and stitched styles carry a limited one-year warranty from the date of purchase. However, that will only cover faults in material and quality defects. The warranty doesn’t include defective products due to improper care or regular use.

Q: Is there a difference between surfing and swimming wetsuits?

You can use the same wetsuit for swimming and surfing, in most cases. However, if you are looking for performance-based apparel, there is a technical difference between a swimming and surfing wetsuit. For one, flexibility, low resistance, and buoyancy should be top features for a swimming wetsuit. Meanwhile, if you go surfing, durability and warmth always come first.

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