Synergy Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off?

A good-quality wetsuit is a must-have for professional athletes and anybody who loves all types of watersports. Synergy wetsuits are a bunch of excellent options in the market.

Synergy is one of the top names when it comes to creating top-quality wetsuits and other gears worldwide.

Top 8 Best Synergy Wetsuits Reviewed

  1. Synergy Endorphin Full Sleeve Men’s Wetsuit – Best Overall
  2. Synergy Endorphin Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit – Best Triathlon Wetsuit
  3. Synergy Adrenaline Full Sleeve Wetsuit – Best for Use in Open Water
  4. Synergy Volution 3/2mm Full Sleeve Triathlon Wetsuit
  5. Synergy Volution Sleeveless Quick John Wetsuit
  6. Synergy Endorphin Quick John Wetsuit
  7. Synergy Endorphin Full Sleeve Women’s Triathlon Wetsuit
  8. Synergy Women’s Hybrid Full Sleeve Wetsuit

#1. Synergy Endorphin Full Sleeve Men’s Wetsuit – Best Overall


The Synergy Endorphin Men’s Wetsuit is one of the pricier options from the brand, also on the expensive side compared to other brands. However, nothing beats this model when it comes to a high-quality wetsuit. You wouldn’t mind the high investment in the end.

This Synergy Endorphin offers a long list of design features that could maximize your talent, giving you a massive advantage over others. This model comes in a 5mm wetsuit that provides maximum buoyancy, perfect for use in triathlons. It has almost double the lightness that you can get from any 3mm wetsuit in the market.

It’s the best value wetsuit choice of various triathlete magazines for a reason, suitable for all sports levels, and comes with USAT and Ironman approval.

Buoyancy aside, this Synergy Endorphin full sleeve wetsuit also comes fitted with a corrosion-resistant internal zipper.

Another excellent thing about this wetsuit from Synergy is its flexibility, which is what matters in some sports like competitive swimming. This model features a massive 680% flexibility, giving you maximum movement and functionality. The full range of motion that this wetsuit can offer is unprecedented.

Another advantage of this product is its 30-day money-back guarantee. However, it’s unlikely that you’re going to use that as the Synergy Endorphin wetsuit is an excellent purchase. The only downside is its incredible and top-end features come at a high price.

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#2. Synergy Endorphin Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit – Best Triathlon Wetsuit

If a full wetsuit is not your best option, then the Synergy Endorphin Sleeveless Triathlon wetsuit is an excellent alternative. The brand is famous for providing athletes and sports enthusiasts exceptional comfort, and that’s what you get from this wetsuit by Synergy.

This wetsuit has Ironman and USAT approval, similar to its full wetsuit counterpart. It also fits various body sizes and suitable for use at all levels, which makes it an outstanding wetsuit option.

The Endorphine Sleeveless wetsuit features #39 and #40 Yamamoto material with a quality SCS silicone coating, which provides the product its top-notch performance. The buoyancy panels of the back and legs are excellent to boost your movement while you’re in the water.

Like its full wetsuit version, this sleeveless model also offers 680% flexibility, so you will never find it a hassle to wear or remove as necessary. The triple-stitched seams of the wetsuit add to its overall comfortability as well.

Thanks to its Bio Align Panel feature, you get further boost when swimming. Another feature that makes this wetsuit a best-seller is the low neck-style, which is very comfy to use and is lightweight around the neck area. Overall, this 5mm sleeveless wetsuit from Synergy has double the buoyancy of other 3mm suits, so you can float higher and move faster in the water.

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#3. Synergy Adrenaline Full Sleeve Wetsuit – Best for Use in Open Water

Another top wetsuit, especially for triathletes, is the Adrenaline Full Sleeve wetsuit model. This suit is well-known for boosting your agility, which is perfect for use when swimming in open waters. It provides maximum resistance, thanks to its core buoyancy panel that makes you float much higher than when using other wetsuits.

Aside from that, the Synergy Adrenaline wetsuit helps enhance your speed, which is a massive advantage for race swimming. Plus, it saves your energy.

Like other Synergy wetsuits, this model is also ideal for all levels and all types of athletes, from novice to professionals. With Ironman and USAT approval, you can be sure that the Synergy Adrenaline suit is competitive in all aspects, from quality materials to provide a full range of movement.

The lightweight feature of its low-neck design also makes the wetsuit a comfortable option for a lot of athletes. You wouldn’t feel restricted with this wetsuit, which is a bonus. The neoprene material of the suit is also smooth to the skin, upping its comfortability levels.

Plus, Synergy offers a 2-year warranty period and a 30-day money-back guarantee for this wetsuit, so you can make sure that it’s the perfect one for you without risks.

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#4. Synergy Volution 3/2mm Full Sleeve Triathlon Wetsuit

Another best-seller wetsuit from Synergy is the 3/2mm Triathlon Wetsuit from the Volution wetsuit series of the brand. Endorsed by a lot of athletes and sports enthusiasts, there are many reasons to love this product. The model holds an Ironman approval, making it extra competitive compared to the suits from other brands.

What makes this model an all-around wetsuit is that it fits all types of athletes and is suitable for all levels. With a wide range of sizes available, you can find what best fits your frame.

This Synergy Volution wetsuit boasts the brand’s proven technology to offer nothing but superior performance. The primary material of the product is hydrodynamic neoprene with a quality silicone coated SyPrene that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The core buoyancy panel is 3mm thick while the back and lower legs get 2mm panels, giving you incredible buoyancy and movement while in the water.

However, the most extraordinary thing about this wetsuit is it offers a full range of motion, especially with its smoothskin feature on both sides and the low-neck style. What’s even better is the 3-day money-back guarantee you can get from Synergy, a one-year warranty, and a lifetime replacement warranty.

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#5. Synergy Volution Sleeveless Quick John Wetsuit

Synergy offers a quality line of Quick John wetsuits for men if you prefer less material sticking to your skin. The Synergy Volution Sleeveless 3/2mm Quick John wetsuit is among the favorites of athletes from all levels.

Like other Synergy wetsuits, this model gives you the quality material and craftsmanship that the brand is well-known for in the sports world. It has an anti-chaffing low-neck design to provide you with optimum comfort while wearing the suit. It uses SyPrene Neoprene material with SCS Nano coating with a 3mm thick buoyancy panel at the core and 2mm thick panels on the back and legs.

This Volution Sleeveless Quick John wetsuit has exceptional buoyancy and flexibility, allowing you to float higher and move faster while conserving your energy throughout the game. It offers a full range of motion also provides you with exceptional functionality and not restricting your movements.

Comfort is also a primary consideration for Synergy in creating this wetsuit. It comes equipped with an incredibly soft lining to offer you optimum comfort while keeping you warm. Plus, the Bio Align panel gives you extra support. With 16 sizes available, you can choose one that best fits you, and the adjustable Velcro feature ensures that you get a custom fit.

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#6. Synergy Endorphin Quick John Wetsuit

Another top-selling model in the Quick John wetsuits by Synergy is the 5/3mm Endorphin wetsuit. It’s a great option for women athletes and sports enthusiasts who are looking for a suit that offers a full range of motion. It features the same 680% flexibility that most Synergy wetsuits offer, so you can be sure that there is no restriction in your movement.

The flexibility that this wetsuit offers remains unsurpassed by other brands, making it the most competitive option. It is USAT and Ironman approved and endorsed by a lot of athletes.

This model is a lot similar to the Quick John wetsuit from the Volution series by Synergy. It has the same anti-chaffing low-neck style, SCS nano-coating, and YKK zipper, and the only difference is the thickness and wetsuit material used. Also, the Endorphin model features a Yamamoto#39 neoprene with 5/3mm thickness compared to the 3/2mm thick SyPrene neoprene of the Volution model.

This Quick John wetsuit also features a 5mm thick Aerodome panel at the core for maximum buoyancy and 2mm HiFlex neoprene at the chest area for increased flexibility. Plus, the super-soft lining of the suit ensures you are warm and comfortable while in the water.

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#7. Synergy Endorphin Full Sleeve Women’s Triathlon Wetsuit

This Synergy Endorphin Full Sleeve wetsuit is one of the best models from the brand that caters to all women athletes. It is a 5mm wetsuit that gives females maximum buoyancy to float higher and move faster. This feature helps you conserve your energy to finish the race.

This model boasts the quality of Hydrodynamic neoprene material, one of the most advanced technologies that can provide athletes and sportspeople superior performance. However, unlike the men’s version of this Endorphin Full Sleeve model, this one has a core buoyancy panel that is 5mm thick, while the back and legs feature a 3mm panel and 2mm on the shoulders and arms.

Buoyancy aside, this wetsuit also offers maximum flexibility and comfort, thanks to its dual-smoothskin feature, super-soft inner lining, heat-taped joints, and Bio Align panel. It also features a Powermax panel on the arms, which provides maximum propulsion.

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#8. Synergy Women’s Hybrid Full Sleeve Wetsuit

With approval from USAT and Ironman, you can be sure that this Hybrid Full Sleeve wetsuit for women is competition ready. It’s also a top choice of Olympians and ITU World Champions, which says a lot about the quality of this wetsuit.

Synergy proved its cutting-edge technology again with this hybrid wetsuit. It’s available in several sizes, so you can choose one that will fit you like a glove so you can perform like a true champion. Thanks to the Powermax traction featured in this model, you get exceptional functionality from it. It boosts you to your optimal potential with the unprecedented flexibility and buoyancy it offers.

This Hybrid Full Sleeve wetsuit from Synergy features an ultra-flexible SyPrene material and the newest and cutting-edge 4th generation of the famed Aerodome Rubber. With these materials, the suit makes for most energy-efficient but rapid swimming performance.

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Things to Look for When Buying Synergy Wetsuits

If you want to get the best wetsuit, it’s not enough that you buy the most rated or the most expensive model outright. You need to consider features when buying a wetsuit that is suitable for your needs and preferences.


The primary consideration for a wetsuit is the type of material used. Most models use neoprene because it offers the best performance out of other fabrics, although some wetsuits come in nylon, polyester, and lycra materials.

Synergy uses neoprene on all its wetsuits, although the brand uses three types: SyPrene, Yamamoto #39, and Aerodome. All these types offer maximum buoyancy and flexibility.


The thickness of the wetsuit is another primary concern of athletes. It affects the overall performance and comfortability of the wetsuit, which can make or break competitions. There are four different thicknesses for wetsuits: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, and 5mm.

The key takeaway in terms of wetsuit thickness is the thicker the material is, the higher buoyancy it has, which allows you to float higher. Some Synergy wetsuits feature panels with different thicknesses to provide an increased lightness without compromising the flexibility of the material.

Range of Motion

For a better swimming position, getting a wetsuit that offers a full range of motion is a must. Fortunately, all Synergy wetsuits have this feature.


The wetsuit’s panels will primarily affect its breathability and support when making transitions. Most of these buoyancy panels are on the core, chest, legs, shoulders, and sometimes on the hands. The better buoyancy panels a wetsuit has, the better it will be to achieve your full swimming potential.

Zipper Panels

Although they make look insignificant, zippers are crucial when choosing the best wetsuit. When it’s large and bulky, it can be uncomfortable. Also, getting a wetsuit with a corrosion-resistant zipper is essential if you want a gear that can last for a long time, especially since your wetsuit is going to get soaked most of the time.

Synergy Wetsuits: Company & History

Synergy wetsuits are a brainchild of Stefan Laursen, a professional Danish-American triathlete. He started competing at a very young age, placing third overall at 13 years old, which was also his first triathlete competition.

At 16 years old, the founder of the now world-famous brand claimed his USTS Pro License, using the wetsuit he sewed himself during homeroom at his school. After racing all over the world, his friends and other athletes started to request the same suits that he uses in competition. Soon enough, the wetsuits he created became well-known for better performance and speed than other more established brands.

Now, Synergy is one of the most preferred brands by athletes and World Champions. Tested as the fastest wetsuit worldwide, Synergy got featured in top magazines like Triathlon Magazine, LAVA magazine, and Triathlete magazine.

Synergy also offers different types of wetsuits to fit your preferences and needs. They have a range of full suits, hooded suits, Long and Short John wetsuits, and Spring suits, which can come in full sleeves or sleeveless.


Synergy is a top brand built by a professional triathlete and is one of the favorites of World Champions and Olympians. It is famous for producing some of the fastest wetsuits in the world, as tested and features in big triathlon magazines.

The technology featured in the materials, design, and construction of Synergy wetsuits is cutting-edge, providing flexibility that stays unsurpassed by other brands. The brand’s suits are well-known for its increased buoyancy and a full range of motion that makes swimming fast and energy-efficient.

Although Synergy isn’t the best option for affordable wetsuits, the money you pay for them is worth in terms of optimum swimming performance that the wetsuit offer.

With the wide variety of options for Synergy wetsuits, we hope that we’ve given enough information to help you choose the best suit by the brand that is perfect for you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the best way to store my Synergy wetsuit when I’m not using it?

The best way to store the wetsuit in good condition and for it to last a long time is by hanging it inside your closet. Folding the suit should never be an option. Also, make sure that you rinse and dry it properly before storage.

Q: What is the best tip to preserve my Synergy wetsuit to last for a long time?

One of the best advantages of using a quality wetsuit is it fits like a glove, especially if you bought one that is in your size. You must preserve its quality, and that includes never folding the suit for storage. Otherwise, you may end up with unwanted folds, defeating the comfort and fit that the wetsuit should offer.

Q: Is it okay to wear over 0.20-inch thick wetsuit?

The recommended thickness for wetsuits is 0.20 inches or anything below that. It is not advisable to go over the 0.20 thickness limit, especially if you are buying a wetsuit for triathlons. Some other options for ideal thickness in wetsuits are 0.6 inches, 0.8 inches, and 0.16 inches.

Q: Can I wear undergarments under my Synergy wetsuit?

If you are wearing a wetsuit, there isn’t a need to use any undergarments. However, it’s still optional, so you can use one if that’s what you prefer. A sports bra is one essential, but always optional, undergarment for women.

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