XCEL Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off?

XCEL wetsuits have decades worth of history when it comes to creating and innovating top-quality surfing apparel designed for maximum comfort and performance. It’s no secret that XCEL is one of the top-rated brands for wetsuits and other sport-based accessories in the market today.

From making wetsuits in a bedroom to becoming a renowned international apparel brand, XCEL continues to provide excellence in the material and construction of its products. It’s why a lot of best-selling wetsuits right now come from the brand. 

With decades in the business, XCEL now has a massive collection of quality wetsuits, full suits, spring suits, surfing jackets and top, and many others. They come in a variety of styles and smart technologies to ensure maximum performance.

If you are looking for a high-rated surf suit from a famous brand, our XCEL wetsuits review will help you choose an excellent value for your money.

Top 10 Best XCEL Wetsuits Reviewed

Check out ten of the all-time favorite and best-selling wetsuits from XCEL with their features and specs to help you choose what best fits your needs and preferences.

  1. XCEL Infiniti 3/2 X2 Chest Zip Steamer Wetsuit – Best Overall
  2. XCEL Drylock X 5/4 Hooded Full Suit – Best for Cold Water
  3. XCEL 1mm Axis Pullover Vest Wetsuit – Best Summer Suit
  4. XCEL 3mm ThermoFlex TDC Scuba Wetsuit
  5. XCEL Infiniti 4/3 LTD Chest Zip Steamer Wetsuit
  6. XCEL Comp Thermo Lite 4/3 Full Wetsuit
  7. XCEL Women’s Racerback Aqua Fitness Shorty Wetsuit
  8. XCEL Polar Hydroflex 8/7/6 Hooded Full Wetsuit
  9. XCEL Chuns Long Sleeve Ventx Wetsuit
  10. XCEL Kids 4/3 Revolt TDC X2 Full Wetsuit

#1. XCEL Infiniti 3/2 X2 Chest Zip Steamer Wetsuit– Best Overall

XCEL is an award-winning wetsuit brand and one of its top-favorite collection is the Infiniti wetsuit series. In the last decade, the wetsuit line from the brand earned several Wetsuit of the Year awards from SIMA, and it’s not surprising why.

XCEL’s Infiniti wetsuits don’t compromise anything, especially in terms of performance. It is one of the most stretchy and flexible surf suits that you can find today, especially within its price range.  

If you are looking for a high-performance wetsuit that fits you like a second skin without being too tight, then the XCEL Infiniti 3/2 X2 Steamer wetsuit is ideal. It features the Japanese limestone-based neoprene that XCEL is famous for using. It’s an eco-friendly material that minimizes oil use during the manufacturing process. Plus, it’s incredibly light, warm, and soft.

This Infiniti wetsuit is also naturally hydrophobic and fast-drying, thanks to XCEL’s exclusive smart technology. It features a Thermo Dry Celliant Lining, the warmest surf suit lining from the brand. It provides maximum warmth and overall performance by turning your body heat into infrared energy. The quick-dry lining is also earth-friendly as it comes from recycled polyester materials.

Warmth aside, you get 100% sealed when using this surfing suit. It has full glued and blind stitched seams for a maximum watertight finish and flexibility. The inner seals made of NexSkin technology or liquid neoprene keeps the wrist and ankle enclosures waterproof to avoid flushing. 

For its price range, the XCEL Infiniti 3/2 X2 steamer suit offers the best value and high-performing surfing suit.

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#2. XCEL Drylock X 5/4 Hooded Full Suit – Best for Cold Water

Growing in the chilly climate at the Atlantic coasts, it’s not surprising that the founder of XCEL ensures that the brand has a collection of wetsuits ideal for cold water conditions. XCEL developed surf suits that could provide maximum warmth if you want to brave the frigid water. The Drylock wetsuit collection is one of the best options for colder climates.

Whether it’s the chilly wind blowing or the hypothermia-inducing water, the XCEL Drylock X 5/4 Hooded Full Wetsuit can keep you warm and comfortable. Aside from its lightweight and insulated design, this surf suit also provides incredible flexibility to give you 100% maneuverability while surfing.

For this wetsuit, XCEL used the latest Thermo Dry technology to create the warmest lining available in wetsuits. It can help you conquer even the most challenging waves with freedom and comfort, even in the most frigid temperatures.

The high-quality seam seals efficiently recycle and retain your body heat, keeping you warmer for an extended time. The DryLock X design using Japanese limestone-based neoprene fabric gives you a watertight construction, so there are no worries about water leaking inside the suit. The textured paneling on the chest also helps keep the wind chill out.

For a relatively thin wetsuit, compared to 6mm or 7mm wetsuits in the market, the Drylock X 5/4 offers superior comfort and warmth.

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#3. XCEL 1mm Axis Pullover Vest Wetsuit – Best Summer Suit

Some surfers only use wetsuits when the water temperature is colder and go for rash guards during the warmer season. However, not everyone feels comfortable and protected wearing rash guards during the summer. If you are one of those who get rashes from the rash guard rubbing your skin raw, then the XCEL 1mm Axis Pullover Vest Wetsuit is an excellent alternative.

This wetsuit vest features premium quality materials and construction, an incredible quality that XCEL is known for in all its surf suit products. It uses 100% UltraStretch neoprene fabric that gives your maximum range of movement, so you won’t feel like your clothing is restricting you. Like any other wetsuit from the brand, this pullover vest also fits you like a glove.

What’s even better is the inner lining made with SmoothSkin hem seals. It is incredibly soft and comfortable to the skin, eliminating those chafing issues you get from rash guards or other surfing suits. With protection from external and internal elements, you can stay in the water for an extended time. 

The 1mm neoprene fabric is incredibly lightweight, so it wouldn’t be bulky or too warm to use, perfect when surfing during the summer season. Plus, it has well-designed armholes, making it easier to wear or take off the wetsuit vest.

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#4. XCEL 3mm ThermoFlex TDC Scuba Wetsuit

Through the years of providing the market with only the best quality wetsuits, XCEL made sure to innovate its all-time favorite wetsuit collection. The ThermoFlex wetsuit line is a best-selling option for scuba divers, although you can also use it for other extreme watersports like surfing, snorkeling, and water skiing.

The 3mm TDC Scuba Wetsuit from XCEL’s ThermoFlex line now features the cutting-edge and exclusive Thermo Dry Celliant interior lining. The wetsuit becomes much better at recycling and retaining your body heat, turning it into infrared technology that you can use to keep your body warm for an extended time. This new lining also ensures that the wetsuit has a shorter drying time.

With a rating for use in water temperatures from 20 degrees Celsius and up, this 3mm wetsuit is suitable for most of the year.

Aside from maximum warmth and protection, the ThermoFlex wetsuit gives you 100% flexibility deep in the ocean. It uses XCEL’s famous Super Stretch neoprene fabric that fits your body snugly without being too tight. This material is also incredibly stretchy, moving with your body without any discomfort.

Itchiness and rashes are not an issue with this wetsuit as it comes with a quick-drying poly-fleece lining that is soft and comfortable to the skin. You can also avoid flushing with the GlideSkin seals on the wrist the keeps the water out. Other features that you can get from this ThermoFlex wetsuit are an adjustable collar for the best fit, ankle zippers with inner paneling for extra cushion and comfort, and DuraFlex knee pads.

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#5. XCEL Infiniti 4/3 LTD Chest Zip Steamer Wetsuit

This 4/3 LTD Chest Zip Steamer Suit is under XCEL’s cutting-edge and award-winning Infiniti wetsuits line. It can keep you protected in colder waters better than the 3/2mm Infiniti wetsuit above. It has a rating for use in water temperature as low as 14 degrees Celsius.

This thicker wetsuit features the same top-notch quality and features that XCEL fitted its Infiniti surfing suit collection. It uses 100% Ultra Stretch neoprene fabric to give you maximum freedom when chasing and riding the waves. This wetsuit is all about performance, boosting your skills in the ocean with its warmer, softer, and lighter design that fits your body like a second skin without being too tight. The neoprene fabric comes derived from Japanese limestone, a premium and eco-friendly material that appeals to all earth-conscious surfers and divers.

You can get maximum performance and comfort from this wetsuit, especially when you stay in the water for an extended time without feeling chilly. All of that is possible thanks to XCEL’s luxurious Thermo Lite inner lining at the lower body for extra insulation. Meanwhile, the upper body of the wetsuit features another smart technology, the Thermo Dry Celliant, that is famous for its warmth and quick-drying properties.

The sealed seams topped with FusionX seam tapes, chest zip entry with magnetic enclosure, and the NexSkin seals at the wrist and ankle enclosures all create a watertight seal. There are no issues about flushing in this suit, perfect for cold water temperatures.

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#6. XCEL Comp Thermo Lite 4/3 Full Wetsuit

Cool waters don’t have to slow you down, especially when you wear the Comp Thermo Lite 4/3 Full Wetsuit from XCEL. The 4/3mm thickness of the wetsuit fabric provides enough insulation to keep you toasty even in a frigid water environment. It’s a perfect wetsuit, especially when you frequently go surfing or diving before the sun rises when the water and air temperatures are still low.

However, despite its thickness, this wetsuit won’t restrict your movement. XCEL designed this surfing suit to offer the best performance, something that pro surfers and divers need in a wetsuit. The Nanoprene Lite neoprene fabric derived from limestone is not only environmentally friendly, but also ensures you get maximum softness, flexibility, and lightweight. 

Meanwhile, the plush lining made of XCEL’s famous ThermoLite material on the torso and knees provides incredible warmth where it’s needed most. The glued and blind-stitched seam construction provides the wetsuit its watertight feature, keeping the chilly air and water out. 

Combining all that warmth and water-resistant elements with an incredibly stretchable construction,  you’ll get a top-quality wetsuit rated for use in water temperatures as low as 11 degrees Celsius. Plus, the front zip entry system makes the wetsuit easy to wear and take off.

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#7. XCEL Women’s Racerback Aqua Fitness Shorty Wetsuit

Wetsuits are not always the most stylish sports apparel. However, with the XCEL Women’s Racerback Aqua Fitness Shorty Wetsuit, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice style and beauty for a great performance and protection from the elements.

XCEL designed with shorty wetsuit for women to use in lap swimming and water fitness. However, it’s also incredibly comfortable to use when doing other extreme watersports, like surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and water skiing. The sleeveless and racerback style provides additional warmth to your torso, back, and legs, without sacrificing the mobility of your arms and shoulders.

This 2mm wetsuit is suitable for use in warmer water conditions. The neoprene fabric is exceptionally stretchy, giving your body a perfect fit without being too tight. The side panels also ensure that the suit conforms to your frame, catering to every woman’s curves. This wetsuit has a scoop neck design that isn’t too low or too high, giving a modest cut suitable for everyone.

What’s even better is XCEL made sure to cater to all females in this wetsuit line, providing an extremely varied size range from six to 24. It offers excellent sizing options for short, tall, or plus size women.

The long zipper at the front is also watertight and makes it easy to wear and take off the wetsuit.

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#8. XCEL Polar Hydroflex 8/7/6 Hooded Full Wetsuit

Many wetsuits can keep you well-insulated in cold water conditions, but only a few can provide ultimate warmth for use in the ocean during winter. The XCEL Polar Hydroflex 8/7/6 Hooded Full Wetsuit is suitable for water temperatures as low as seven degrees Celsius.

It’s a perfect wetsuit for winter use. Also, it’s a budget-friendly option that is more affordable than other wetsuit brands with the same material thickness. 

However, despite its fair value, XCEL didn’t scrimp on the material and construction of this diving suit. It offers the same level of flexibility with extra warmth from the brand’s other wetsuit collection. This beast uses 100% SuperStretch neoprene fabric for the outer layer, which is incredibly water-resistant, flexible, and lightweight. Meanwhile, you get more of the insulation from the poly-fleece inner lining on the chest. It retains body heat efficiently and wicks moisture, keeping you toasty for an extended time.

The hooded design ensures that your head, face, and ears get protected from the hypothermia-inducing water. Meanwhile, the sealed seams provide that no leakage happens, a feature that is critical for all diving suits.

If you are conscious about your carbon footprint, then this eco-friendly wetsuit will appeal to you. The neoprene fabric and water-based glue used to make this wetsuit are from limestone, which is more earth-friendly than petroleum-based neoprene materials.

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#9. XCEL Chuns Long Sleeve Ventx Wetsuit

During summer, you won’t need to use a thick wetsuit. The water temperature is often warm enough that any wetsuit wouldn’t be necessary. However, the sun is another problem you have to consider. When you keep yourself unprotected while surfing during summer, you’ll end up with a sunburn, among other long-term damages from the sun’s UV rays. 

When your sunscreen simply isn’t enough, keep your upper body protected from the sun’s harmful UV radiation with the XCEL Chuns Long Sleeve Ventx Wetsuit.

It’s the perfect summer wetsuit top with its anti-UVA and UVB properties, giving you a 98% shield while surfing or swimming. Aside from that, the wetsuit top is also extremely breathable with its 4-way stretch fabric that fits snugly to your body without being too tight. 

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#10. XCEL Kids 4/3 Revolt TDC X2 Full Wetsuit

Extreme watersports are not only for the older sportspeople. Kids can have fun in the ocean too, so it’s only right to get them the ideal wetsuit to protect them from the elements.

The XCEL 4/3 Revolt TDC X2 Full Wetsuit is a stylish surfing suit for the kids with its color block design.

Style aside, this wetsuit offers incredible performance as well. XCEL equipped with a surfing suit with its cutting-edge Thermo Dry Celliant lining, making the wetsuit incredibly warm and comfortable at the same time. The textured chest panels also offer extra warmth for gusty days in the ocean. It’s the perfect protection for kids when they go surfing or diving in colder water temperatures.

The Thermo Dry seam tapes and Dry Lock wrist seals keep the wetsuit watertight, so there should be no flushing issues.

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Features to Look for When Buying XCEL Wetsuits

Before buying any wetsuit, check out some essential features you need to consider first.


Compared to pools, open waters have harsher water temperature. If you go diving or surfing in the ocean, you need a wetsuit that can keep your body heated and protected from the chilly environment. Neoprene wetsuits should keep you comfortable and well-insulated. A good quality inner lining will also add extra warmth, especially with luxurious panels placed in your torso and knees.

Thickness and Water Temperature

Wetsuits come in varying material thickness, which defines its ideal water temperature of use. For example, a 3mm or 2mm wetsuit is suitable for warmer water with a temperature of 14 degrees Celsius or higher. Meanwhile, 4mm or 5mm surf suits can provide warmth in colder waters with temperature as low as eight degrees Celsius. On the other hand, much thicker suits with 6mm, 7mm, or 8mm fabric can provide enough insulation even in a water temperature of five degrees Celsius or lower.


Wetsuit buoyancy helps you stay afloat in the ocean without so much effort on your part. It makes it easy and quick to paddle out when you go surfing. Wearing a wetsuit with high buoyancy will allow you to swim higher and faster.


Durability is necessary for a wetsuit, especially if you are using it frequently. It should use high-quality materials and take the beating and strain from the elements, such as saltwater, UV radiation, and even sharp objects.

Fit and Flexibility

Getting a wetsuit that fits snugly to your body is essential. Loose surfing suits are irritating and can leak. On the other hand, super tight wetsuits can constrict your movements. When buying an XCEL wetsuit, you should first check out the brand’s sizing chart to know your perfect size.

XCEL Wetsuits: Company & History

Xcel started in 1982, from humble beginnings of working in the bedroom, Ed D’Ascoli brought the brand to worldwide fame.

Ed grew up surfing, making it easy and second nature to design and create high-performing wetsuits. The brand’s success is also thanks to his enthusiasm in the industry and experience in helping establish Japan’s Victory Wetsuits brand.

XCEL has a reputation for producing some of the market’s exceptional quality wetsuits that caters to men, women, and kids. Its surfing suit collection ranges from models ideal for cold water and tropical weather. All of the wetsuit products from the brand boasts maximum flexibility, durability, and overall performance.

In 2007, XCEL first received the highest wetsuit of the Year award from SIMA.

XCEL wetsuits use cutting-edge and exclusive technology. Two of the brand’s famous innovations are the ThermoCarbon or ThermoBamboo neoprene lining and the Limestone-based neoprene fabric. Aside from is eco-friendly products, XCEL also manufactures in an environmentally friendly solar-powered facility in Hawaii.


XCEL is an award-winning wetsuit brand, so it’s not surprising that its products come with top-notch quality materials and construction. 

XCEL wetsuits offer incredible overall performance from its limestone neoprene fabric that is exceptionally lightweight, warm, and stretchy. The inner lining of its wetsuits also provides extra warmth and comfort.

Plus, the brand has a wide range of styles and sizing options available for men, women, and youth. If you are looking for an award-winning and performance-based surfing or diving suit from a famous brand, our XCEL wetsuits review should help you with your purchase.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Where should I hang my wetsuit to dry?

Hanging your wetsuit to dry before storing it in the closet is necessary. However, make sure to dry it away from direct sunlight to help preserve its quality.

Q: Is freshwater necessary when cleaning a wetsuit?

Yes. Using fresh water when rinsing your wetsuit is essential to avoid salt buildup, which can damage your wetsuit in the long run.

Q: Should I use a wetsuit shampoo when cleaning my suit?

Sometimes, even a rinse or two using freshwater aren’t enough to completely take out saltwater and other particles from your surf suit. Using a wetsuit shampoo will help clean every crevice that you missed while rising.

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