NeoSport Wetsuits Review: Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off? [2023]

Last Updated March 17, 2023

Neosport is known to produce innovative designs and a value line of thermal protection products. They offer durable wetsuits not only for adults but also for children and juniors.

They also offer durable protection products from head to toe, which is essential and appropriate for scuba diving enthusiasts as well as the beginners, triathlons, and all water adventure/sports lovers.

Top 8 Best NeoSport Wetsuits in Review

Let’s all see the top Neosport Wetsuits that are most recommended for you to try. Read each review carefully for you to know what suits you most.

  1. NeoSport Men’s Triathlon Short Sleeve Triathlon Wetsuit – 5mm
  2. NeoSport Men’s Premium Neoprene John Wetsuits
  3. NeoSport Men’s Premium Full suit
  4. NeoSport Women’s XSpan Wetsuit
  5. NeoSport Women’s Sprint Triathlon & Open Water Swimming Full suit
  6. NeoSport Women’s NRG Long Jane Triathlon Wetsuit
  7. Neosport Full Body Swim Skin
  8. Neosport Waterman John Wetsuit

#1. NeoSport Men’s Triathlon Short Sleeve Triathlon Wetsuit – 5mm

NeoSport Men's Triathlon Short Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit - 5mm Ultra Light Neoprene - Anatomical Fit, Superior Range of Motion and Competition Approved

This wetsuit is available in two designs: an all-black suit and the black/yellow combined and offers different sizes. It is made for triathlons that are hardworking and dedicated to their competitions and, as well as to their training for this is made up of heavy-duty YKK metal zippers and reinforced spot taping in stress areas.

The seams are also glued and sew for extra durability, ensuring reliability and longevity. It is also made with an exclusive super-soft speed skin neoprene material for comfort and the flexibility of the user. It features an anatomical cut pattern where each wetsuit moves with your body to maximize comfort.

The adjustable Velcro allows you to find your ideal collar size, and because it’s skin-in and locks out water, it helps prevent scooping. So this is a must-have if you are a triathlon enthusiast.

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#2. NeoSport Men’s Premium Neoprene John Wetsuits

NeoSport Wetsuits Men's Premium Neoprene 3mm John

This wetsuit has unique features such as thermal-bonded knee pads for abrasion resistance, adjustable collar, and internal key pocket. It is available in color black and sizes from x-small to xxx-large.

The durability of this product cannot be questioned because it has taped seams at the stress points and flatlock seams for smoother interior and exterior surface to maximize comfort and reliability during dives and other water sports.

It is also designed to keep you warm in any kind of water sports you would like to try, such as diving, snorkeling, standup paddleboarding, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, and other watersports.

So for those who look for comfort and durable wetsuits for your favorite water activities, this one is a good buy.

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#3. NeoSport Men’s Premium Full suit

NeoSport Wetsuits Men's Premium Neoprene 1mm Full Suit

The Men’s Premium Full Suit is the most durable and long-lasting wetsuit yet. It has a heavy-duty design with thermal-bonded knee pads, which allow better wear. It also has a YKK back zipper and a Velcro collar that makes it easier for you to wear.

Its collar is adjustable to your body, making it secure from water getting in. The seams of the suit are also sewed and glued. It is a perfect fit for men, and its 5mm thickness makes it comfortable for diving into colder water without worrying about freezing. It also helps you to move freely, and it provides excellent mobility of your arms and legs.

It has an internal key pocket, making it safe for you to bring any of your essential keys if you are worried about loss keys. If you are a wild explorer of the sea, then this wetsuit is best for you.

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#4. NeoSport Women’s XSpan Wetsuit

NeoSport Wetsuits Men's XSPAN 5mm Full Jumpsuit

If you have a hard time getting in and out of non–zipped wetsuits, the XSpan wetsuit would is your best bet. You can choose from its two colors – blue and black. These vests run big due to the stretch neoprene, so it is advised to order one size down for the best results. It offers more warmth than any other available vests in the market.

Suitable for any water activities/sports, especially water aerobics, paddling, and pool rehab lady customers. This product is perfect for you if you want to get rid of the hassle of bringing heavy wetsuits. It is also made with soft and flexible neoprene material.

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#5. NeoSport Women’s Sprint Triathlon & Open Water Swimming Full suit

NeoSport Men’s and Women's Full Body Triathlon Wetsuit - 5/3mm Ultra Light Neoprene - Anatomical Fit, Superior Range of Motion, Competition Approved

The Sprint Triathlon & Open Water Swimming full suit is a budget-friendly wetsuit available for those who love to swim in the open water or even just having an exercise in the water with 50 to 70 degrees’ temperature.

Being a budget-friendly wetsuit, it does not compromise its quality because of the features that it has. The suit has a 5mm central buoyancy panel and a flexible neoprene material to reduce chaffing and maximize flexibility.

The zipper is also an easy-out zipper that will make any user quickly suit up and take off the suit. It is a must-have for colder temperatures.

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#6. NeoSport Women’s NRG Long Jane Triathlon Wetsuit

NeoSport Men's Podium or Women's Jane Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit - 5/3mm Lightweight - Anatomical Fit for Range of Motion and Faster Transitions,4

This suit is the most recent innovation of Neosport. It offers excellent features, especially if you are a first-timer triathlete. The neoprene material has excellent flexibility and has a speed skin rubber layer that will lower the drag coefficient.

Its mid-calf openings help you reduce cramping, which is very useful, especially for a long swim. It also has a buoyancy panel designed in the front that allows you to float on top of the water while its thinner back panel reduces submersion and increases mobility.

It is good to use for excellent floatation and will keep you warm during your swim. You will also not worry about losing your mobility. It will be a unique gear to use in your first ever Triathlon.

Even if the suit is a newly released one, you can’t complain about the price for it is so much more affordable than any other wetsuits.

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#7. Neosport Full Body Swim Skin

NeoSport Wetsuits Full Body Sports Skins - Yellow Trim, Diving, Snorkeling & Swimming

The Neosport full-body Swim Skin uses the new technology that upgrades your wetsuit. Although many people believe that it is technically not a wetsuit, the Swim Skin still has main features that are wetsuit-like.

The Swim Skin uses a comfortable, premium, neoprene material that is snug enough for the user but does not irritate the skin. Although it looks more like a wetsuit, the Swim Skin does not keep the heat of your body too long, making it not technically a wetsuit.

The primary purpose of the Swim Skin is to become a form-fitting “wetsuit”, which should be worn inside a wetsuit if you are not comfortable with it. It also provides a sliding effect when wearing a wetsuit making it easier for you to get in and out.

It has a very long zipper on the front and has foot stirrups to prevent the suit from going up to your ankles. If you are diving in warm water, the Swim Skin can be worn as is.

So why did we put the Swim Skin on our list? It’s because many people must know about this new technology, especially the deep sea divers and other advanced water sport enthusiasts.

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#8. Neosport Waterman John Wetsuit

NeoSport Men's Premium Neoprene 5mm Waterman John Wetsuit

One of the most versatile wetsuits of Neosport is the Waterman John. It has three variations for the thickness and can go from small to 3X-Large in sizes. From the name itself, the Waterman John is best for those who love to be in the water most of the time.

The Waterman John wetsuit comes in 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm thickness, depending on the water temperature. The wetsuit’s material is made with soft and premium neoprene that is comfortable enough for any water sport activity. It also has an anatomical pattern that creates a good fit for any user.

You don’t have to worry about your extremities being painfully hit from any knocks since the Waterman John has Lycra-trimmed ankle seals and also thermal-bonded kneepads. Both features will create better protection on your knees and ankles in case of hard knocks and extreme water splashes. Plus, the knee pads are diamond-plated, so it’s a sure win for you.

The inner and outer layers of the wetsuit are connected with 3mm flatlock seams that eliminate rashes and chafing on the skin. You won’t also feel irritable with the seams.

All the stress points of the suit are protected with a soft tape, so you’re sure to move without the worry of tearing your suit.

The best part of the suit is the value for your money. Since it’s meant to be used and abused, you don’t need to worry about replacing your suit now and then.

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What to Know When Buying a Neosport Wetsuit

Buying and choosing what wetsuits are worth the price would be overwhelming, and you might end up buying wetsuits that don’t give you comfort at all.  These are some guides for you to consider when it comes purchasing quality wetsuits:

#1. Thickness

You must consider the thickness of the wetsuit before buying because water can be cold, especially deep waters. The coldness of the temperature might immobilize you or lessen your speed, causing discomfort or, worse, giving you problems.

The material used in making the wetsuit, the neoprene, is measured in millimeters. So in buying wetsuits, you should check the thickness that is good enough to keep you warm, but at the same time, doesn’t hinder from being flexible. The thicker the neoprene material of the suit, the better protection against cold.

#2. Zipper

Since wetsuits are designed to fit the body perfectly, it essential that the user could quickly get in and out of the suit. Long zipper length means that you can quickly suit up and take off the wetsuit.

Zippers are usually designed to be in the back, but the market now offers wetsuit that has chest zippers. It is intended to be more flexible at the back. But having chest zippers makes it harder to suit up.

#3. Style / Cut

Wetsuits have many styles and cuts. Whatever kind of wetsuit to buy depends on what activity you are into and what styles are most comfortable to use. The usual wetsuit cuts are the shorty, full-body suit, and the spring suit.

From the name itself, the shorty has a neoprene material covers only the core and upper parts of the limbs. With the full-body suit, the neoprene material extends to the wrists until the ankles. Other wetsuits also have hoods attached to its neckline.

Wetsuits can also be sleeveless with long pant legs, while others can have long sleeves with short pant legs. The spring wetsuits are great for people who want to have more flexibility in some parts of the body while the other parts remain warm.

NeoSport: Company and History

NeoSport is part of Henderson Sport Group. This group of companies is dedicated to offering consumers high-quality thermal protection products and focusing on the innovation and development of neoprene products.

During the 1990s, Henderson created its first surfing wetsuit called the Surf East to expand outside the Sport Diving market. It also sponsored famous surfers like Tom Holland and many others.

It also produced the first Triathlon wetsuit in the 90s. Triumph then sold the wetsuit, which called Speedsuit, and Henderson expanded to the brand, Neo Sport, which has the thermal technology.

As of today, the company is based in Millville, New Jersey. It is now distributing products worldwide but still focused on its vision to make stylish, affordable, and durable wetsuits for every water lover.


NeoSport offers quality yet budget-friendly wetsuits to the consumers, especially beginners and kids who are starting to learn different water activities. It uses good quality neoprene and offers a distinct style that suits your preference and suits the proper gear you need on particular water activities. It also widened its market by offering different styles and offering their products to kids and teens.

It continues to innovate and improve its quality as it listens to the consumers’ demands and preferences. Overall, it would be the right decision to try purchasing NeoSport wetsuits.

We hope that we have provided enough information for you to purchase the most comfortable, budget-friendly, yet high-quality wetsuits.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What activities can we use the NeoSport wetsuit with?

NeoSport wetsuits can be used in several water sports activities, including kayaking, scuba diving, triathlons, and fishing. It is well-known to produce affordable yet durable wetsuits for both triathletes and other water sport enthusiasts.

Q: What are the Neosport Brand Wetsuits best in?

Neosport is known to cater to many types of water sport activities, and each has different wetsuits for the users’ best movement. It has a specific wetsuit for Triathlon, for Paddlesports, and many more. Its wetsuits were explicitly designed to give the users a unique wetsuit experience.

Q: What Neosport wetsuit would best suit me?

Whatever your body type, you must remember that all Neosport wetsuits have available sizes from small to 3X-Large. Also, you should note that the best wetsuit that would fit you should be snug enough to let your skin breathe and not be too tight. Wetsuits that are sufficiently snug create good insulation and comfort to the user.  You should also be able to move without restrictions when using the wetsuit since it is used for extreme sports. The neoprene should be able to move with you as you tackle and take the waves of the water.

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