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Wakeboarding has many flocking to wake parks worldwide to experience the excitement these places provide to young, old, pro, and beginners. The best wake parks in the world are popular attractions, and various cities are finding places to build the next bigger and better one to attract visitors. With so many wake parks available, wakeboarders have several places to consider and visit.

There are over fifty wake parks in the U.S. alone and hundreds worldwide. Wake Parks attract thousands of visitors annually and provide various water sports activities, including cable rides. Cable rides provide a wakeboarding opportunity without the financial burden of having or renting a wake boarding boat. In this post we share the 9 Best Wake Parks in the World, both cable parks and boat parks.

Wake parks allow everyone to enjoy the thrill and experience of wakeboarding without the risk of serious injury or embarrassment. You must visit a wake park if you are a wakeboard pro or considering taking it up as a sport. Here are a few wake parks to visit if you want to explore wakeboarding.

What Are the Best Wake Parks in the World?

Hundreds of wake parks are worldwide, each with something different to offer. Before taking your next trip, consider going to a wake park and expanding your horizon to something new.

Top Cable Wake Parks in Europe

If you’re a wakeboarding enthusiast, check out some of Europe’s top cable wake parks. Al Forsan Cable Park in Abu Dhabi, Terhills Cable Park in Belgium, and Liquid Leisure in the U.K. are three great options.

1. Terhills Cable Park

Terhills, originally called Eisden, was a mining site in the city of Dilsen-Stokkem until it closed. The 365 hectares were changed into an exceptional tourist-recreational destination with a global image and for those who love wakeboarding a unique experience. Terhills Cablepark, located adjacent to Flanders National Park, used to be a coal mine, but one would never guess it by its current appearance.

Previously Eisden supported the Limburg community financially through gravel extraction and coal mining. Today the amazing scenery, plant life, and beautiful bodies of water attract visitors and wakeboard enthusiasts worldwide. Terhills provide a great shopping experience for those who love to dive into the shops after an exciting day of wakeboarding.

Since 2013 wakeboard enthusiasts and thrill seekers have visited Terhills Cablepark to ski on its beautiful water. Friendly, helpful, and well-trained instructors are ready to assist and guide beginner and professional wakeboarders to ensure everyone experiences a thrilling adventure.

Terhills Cablepark is also a favorite wakeboard destination for experienced wakeboarders to enjoy and test their skills on the park’s large range of obstacles. Even beginners can experience less difficult obstacles and lower speeds after helpful instructor tips and guidelines.

Overall, Terhills Cablepark provides a thrilling wakeboard experience to young, old, beginners, and pros and guarantees that it will be an unforgettable experience. The wakeboard, life jacket, helmet, and wetsuit are included in the price, and anyone over the age of 8 is welcome. Only the obstacle board is excluded from their wakeboard packages.

Wakeboarding at Terhills Cablepark is great fun but does not stop there. Terhills Cablepark has various other fun things and activities to keep you going all day, like:

  • Waterski
  • Wakeskate
  • Kneeboard
  • Aquapark: Floating Obstacle Course

Terhills Cablepark also provides Restaurants and Beach Bar with Food & Drinks.

2. Al Forsan International Sports Resort

Khalifa City is home to Abu Dhabi’s Al Forsan International Sports Resort, located close to its National Exhibition Centre and International Airport. No visit to Abu Dhabi is complete until you visit the 1.6 square kilometer fun and exciting Khalifa City and its Al Forsan Cable Park. Wakeboarding is the highlight of the sports resort, but there are various other sports and activities to enjoy.

Al Forsan has beautiful and luxurious accommodations, top restaurants, and unforgettable scenery, providing a festive atmosphere. If you are a wakeboard enthusiast, add Al Forsan Cable Park in Abu Dhabi to your list of best places to wakeboard.

Al Forsan Cable Park ensures every family member can enjoy an action-packed wakeboarding day on the water and guarantees an unforgettable experience. Al Forsan Cable Park is the first wakeboard facility in Arabia, and no expense was spared in this leisure destination design.

Al Forsan Cable Park features a cable around its banks and caters to beginners and professional wakeboarders. With speeds between 29 and 38 kilometers per hour, all skill levels are tested, and wakeboarding is taken to a new level of fun and excitement. According to the World Wakeboarding Association, Al Forsan Cable Park is among the top-rated cable parks worldwide.

Al Forsan Cable Park accommodates thirteen riders on the cable per minute, making waiting time significantly faster. The park requires all wakeboarders to be eight or older before they are allowed to wakeboard; plus, they must be able to swim. Going to Al Forsan Cable Park and enjoying the wakeboard activity will leave you exhilarated and wanting to return for more.

The Al Forsan International Sports Resort has various activities to enjoy other than wakeboarding for those who want to explore other options like:

  • CIK Karting FIA-approved track
  • Road track
  • Jogging and cycling track
  • Outdoor and indoor Paintball arenas
  • FIFA football fields
  • BHS and FEI accredited Equestrian Centre
  • Polo field
  • Swimming pool and Gymnasiums
  • State-of-the-art archery and shooting ranges

The Al Forsan International Sports Resort also provides the following:

  • Deluxe 5-Star Marriott Hotel with 400 bedrooms
  • Japanese and Italian restaurants
  • Conference and ballroom facilities

3. Liquid Leisure Windsor

Windsor is home to Europe’s biggest aqua park, and its spectacular scenery and breathtaking lakes in Berkshire provide Liquid Leisure with the perfect spot to enjoy wakeboarding. Liquid Leisure makes every wakeboard enthusiast’s dream come true with its various floating obstacles that add to the excitement and adventure.

Liquid Leisure also has a beach and bars for visitors to lay back, relax and enjoy while the rest of the family experiences the full dynamic of its activities. Liquid Leisure uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that every wakeboard ride is unforgettable. Most wakeboard parks require riders to be at least eight years old, but Liquid Leisure lets you partake at six but must be at least 1.1m tall.

Learning how to wakeboard has never been easier, and Liquid Leisure will get you on a wakeboard in no time without it costing you a lot. The park’s two-cable system has a coach that will get beginners up to speed and ready for the larger five-tower cable that takes up to eleven riders. The two-tower cable system is a great opportunity to improve your skills and test advanced tricks.

Under the watchful eyes of coaches and professional staff members, every family member can enjoy the full experience of Liquid Leisure’s activities without fearing injury or embarrassment. All partakers must know how to swim and not fear deep water. At Liquid Leisure, we offer buoyancy equipment and helmets. If you possess the required equipment that meets the necessary standards, you can use it.

Overall Liquid Leisure is the largest in Europe and one of the world’s best-designed and professionally run wakeboard water parks.

Liquid Leisure Windsor is designed to give everyone the chance to enjoy wakeboarding. If wakeboarding is not your thing or you want something else to enjoy, Liquid Leisure does not stop there and provides activities like:

  • Waterski
  • Wakesurf
  • Wakeskate
  • Kneeboard
  • Wakefoil
  • Tubing
  • Main Aqua Park
  • Junior Aqua Park
  • Ringo Rides
  • Boat water sports

Liquid Leisure Windsor provides a comprehensive experience and has the following:

  • Camping and beach resort
  • Lakeside Bar & Restaurant
  • Coffee shop
  • Water Sports Shop

Best Boat Wake Parks in the World

Suppose you love wakeboarding but want to change from riding a cable and experience what it feels like behind a boat. In that case, you must consider visiting Orlando Watersports Complex in Florida, Camsur Watersports Complex in the Philippines, or the Miami Watersports Complex. These three water parks provide a professional experience with top personnel that ensures customer satisfaction.

4. Orlando Watersports Complex

Nothing beats the excitement of wakeboarding behind a boat with the water splashing while experiencing the adrenaline going at high speeds. In 1999 the state of Florida opened the Orlando Watersports Complex, where visitors can experience wakeboarding all year. The water sports complex is designed to challenge the most experienced wakeboarders in the world.

A popular cable ride provides hours of fun to visitors, but the boating experience is the ultimate rush for wakeboarders, and the Orlando Watersports Complex provides it all. Being one of the largest wakeboard parks in the U.S. says a lot about the Orlando Watersports Complex, and some of the biggest names in the wakeboard arena visit yearly to test and improve their skills.

The Orlando Watersports Complex boasts two large cable systems, two smaller training and practice two-tower systems for beginners, and a boating lake to provide an exhilarating wakeboard ride.

With four lakes available to enjoy all the activities and visitors, its fun atmosphere leaves little doubt that Orlando Watersports Complex is the best wakeboarding destination in Florida.

Wakeboarding behind a boat takes some skill, but the exhilarating feeling and freedom to hone your skill and take on the open waters are worth every moment. Visiting the Orlando Watersports Complex is a must to experience a wakeboard boat ride with well-trained personnel and advanced facilities.

Orlando Watersport Complex has various activities to enjoy, and spending only one day there is almost too short to get through all of it and includes:

  • Waterski
  • Wakesurf
  • Wakeskate
  • Kneeboard
  • Dockside Grill
  • Basketball
  • Ping pong
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Volleyball court
  • Aqua park
  • Lessons

Orlando Watersport Complex also provides:

  • Performance Ski & a Surf Pro Shop
  • A beach with hammocks and lounge chairs
  • Summer camp
  • Group events

5. Miami Watersports Complex

Miami Watersports Complex delivers on its promise that every wakeboard enthusiast can enjoy a fun, action-filled day out on the water. The water park has a cable for those who want to enjoy the various obstacles or want to get a safe wakeboard experience under the watchful eye of professional personnel.

Known as one of the largest, safest, and environmentally conscious wakeboard parks in the U.S., experienced wakeboard fanatics could test and improve their skills behind a boat. Miami Watersports Complex is the world’s most recognized wakeboard water park, boasting various water activities to provide fun for the whole family.

Miami Watersports Complex has two full-size systems plus a two-tower cable system designed with the latest technology to ensure wakeboarders’ success and an exhilarating experience. The two-tower cable system is ideal for beginners to get the hang of wakeboarding, plus it is great for experienced wakeboarders to try new tricks.

With 90 acres of crystal-clear freshwater, wakeboard enthusiasts can test their skills behind a boat or enjoy the beauty of Amelia Earhart Park Lake. If you want to leave the cable system and try to wakeboard behind a boat, there is no better place than Miami Watersports Complex.

Miami Watersports Complex provides wakeboarding lessons with the award-winning Super Air Nautique G23, providing all the necessary gear to make it an unforgettable experience.

Miami Watersport Complex provides something for everyone to enjoy and does not stop at wakeboarding; such activities include:

  • Waterski
  • Wakesurf
  • Wakeskate
  • Kneeboard
  • Aqua Park
  • Lessons

Miami Watersport Complex also provides:

  • A Pro Shop
  • Group Events
  • Summer Camp
  • Holiday Inn Hotel

6. Camsr Watersports Complex

The Philippines boasts the first watersports complex in Asia, and wakeboard riders worldwide are flocking to this amazing watersport attraction. The six hectares, six-tower Camsur Watersports Complex, is world-class and provides cable wakeboarding and other skiing activities. The weather provides great fun to enjoy wakeboarding for riders and spectators alike.

The Camsur Watersports Complex provides wakeboards, safety equipment, and basic equipment for anyone who wants to enjoy a day out on the water. CWCs instructors are ready to help beginners get the hang of wakeboarding, plus they oversee that everything runs without any hassle while you test your skills. The water complex is designed so all age groups can enjoy and participate in their activities.

If you’re looking to challenge yourself or experiment with new techniques, you will love their obstacle, which allows advanced wakeboarders to push their limits and try new tricks in a safe environment. Suppose you want to take your wakeboarding to the next level and try it behind a boat. In that case, there are wakeboarding boat rides to provide an exhilarating and adrenaline rush opportunity.

After a fun day wakeboarding on the cable ride or behind a boat, visitors can relax and enjoy a good meal at their clubhouse or sit on the elevated area to watch others partake in the activities. After a long day, the Camsur Watersports Complex visitors can arrange accommodation within walking distance to rest for another day of fun and excitement.

Camsur Watersport Complex is an all-in-one fun and exciting park that is packed with fun things to do other than wakeboarding, and such activities include:

  • Waterski
  • Wakeskate
  • Kneeboard
  • Swimming pool
  • Skate park

Camsur Watersport Complex also provides:

  • Luxury villas and suites
  • Clubhouse restaurant and bar
  • Cabana rentals
  • The Ecovillage
  • The Governor’s Mansion

The Biggest Wakeboard Park in the World

Giving visitors the best wakeboard experience is essential to cable parks, and nothing provides size, luxury, and a world-class venue to explore water sports, like Sliders Cable Park in El Gouna. Slider Cable Park is the largest wakeboard park and has a variety of wakeboard activities for all to enjoy.

7. Sliders Cable Park

Slider Cable Park is the ultimate in wakeboarding, and it is built on ten kilometers of beach that boasts 18 hotels spread across lagoons and islands. The beautiful site of the red sea and white beaches provide an unforgettable scenery that leaves every visitor speechless.

Wakeboarders stream to Slider Cable Park to experience its enormous cable rides and various water activities. Few wakeboard parks compare to Sliders Cable Park’s Olympic standard, the best in the world. The park has two clock and anti-clockwise cable systems that feature five towers, plus two Easy Ride 2.0 cable systems for beginners and those who want to practice tricks.

Proven as the best cable park builders in the world, Rixen Cableways are the hands behind Sliders Cable Park design and construction. Getting the ultimate wakeboard experience and enjoying this enormous wakeboard park is one opportunity no wakeboarder should miss.

Wakeboarding at Sliders Cable Park is fun and exciting, but the park’s activities do not stop there and include:

  • Aqua park
  • Oversized leisure pool
  • Volleyball court
  • Table Tennis
  • Playground

Sliders Cable Park also provides the following:

  • Shisha House
  • Open cabanas and sunbeds
  • Restaurant and a waterside bar
  • Golden Shell pool club

How Many Wake Parks Are There in the U.S.?

Wakeboard parks are a big attraction in the U.S., and the number of water parks where enthusiasts can enjoy wakeboarding is growing continually. There are more than 50 wakeboard parks in the U.S., and the number keeps growing every year, and places like the Texas Ski Ranch and The Projects Camp in Florida are two great examples.

8. Texas Ski Ranch

The Texas Ski Range takes fun and excitement to a whole new level. Visitors worldwide visit the Texas Ski Range annually for 70 acres of sporting pleasure. Beaches, skateboard areas, a trampoline park, and a rock wall are just a few activities to enjoy. If all that sounds exciting, here is the kicker!

The Texas Ski Range has two cable lakes where wakeboard fans can enjoy learning and mastering the art of wakeboarding. The Little Bro cable system is ideal for beginners and youngsters to explore and improve their skills. Wakeboarding behind a boat is a different experience than riding a cable, and the Texas Ski Range provides lessons to wakeboarding behind their MasterCraft boat.

Nothing creates an appetite like an exhilarating day on the water, and Wahoo’s Fish Taco provides some of the best Mexican and Brazilian flavored food. A full bar completes the day with a stunning view of the lake and beach to complete the Texas Ski Range experience. If visiting a water park is on your list, going to Texas Ski Range is a must if you want a guaranteed fun experience.

The Texas Ski Ranch provides enjoyment for every member of the family, and there are activities for young and old to enjoy including:

  • Waterski
  • Wakesurf
  • Wakeskate
  • Kneeboard
  • Paintball
  • Loki’s Axe Haus for Axe Throwing

Texas Ski Ranch provides:

  • An Event Center
  • Summer & After School Camp
  • Azalea’s Fiestas indoor entertainment
  • Texas Malibu Boat Dealer
  • Silver Spoon Dinner Theater

9. The Projects Camp

If you want to explore new experiences or options, such as wakeboarding, and avoid potential embarrassment, consider visiting The Projects Camp. It’s a fun and exhilarating experience that is worth trying.

The Projects Camp has a Sesitec 2.0 cable system. In this straight-line cable, you can learn, get better, and attempt new maneuvers on a wakeboard while under the direction of professional instructors. The Projects Camp has three 2.0 cable systems, each catering to a different level of rider.

There is a Sesitec 2.0 cable system specifically designed for beginners who wish to learn and build their wakeboarding skills and confidence, while the second caters to intermediate riders ready to improve their skills. A third Sesitec 2.0 cable system caters to advanced wakeboarders who want to perfect or learn new tricks.

The Projects Camp provides brilliant and professionally designed rails by Pat Panakos. The latest cable system is landscape-free to ensure riders get a better, more controlled environment to hone their skills. With instructor Shaun Murray in control, wakeboarders are pulled behind a PWC, and the Boarding School experience is one of The Projects Camp’s best activities.


Wakeboarding has an enormous fan base, cable parks worldwide constantly improve, and cities are building new ones to satisfy wakeboarding enthusiasts. There are more than 50 wake parks in the U.S. alone, and each has something different to keep visitors interested. Wakeboarding at wake parks is popular, and young and old love the excitement and the thrill it provides.

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